Political Caption Competition

Happy dead day to the Queen.


Happy dead day to the Queen.


  1. Lou Reed – ‘You’re going to reap just what you sow.’ Most of us won’t deserve from our service to our country more than a pine box, some tears, and a bit of earth that will later be under the foundations of a housing speculator’s project. Honour the Queen who earned the respect of all intelligent citizens with her activities in life, for that Eight million pound funeral. (Was that expenditure her choice or King Charleslll’s?) It’s partly honouring her, partly self-aggrandisement from the leading administrators, public relations people, and upper class in the United Kingdom).

  2. Is what the royals do actually work ? I suppose after you have sweated your guts out all day every day you can choose what opulent palace or hotel residence , government house with staff to look after your aches and pains , cook your meals and do your washing and know you have millions to fall back on in case it all goes pear shaped. Not a bad job I recon.

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