While activist woke tear into Uffindell the banks made an obscene $1.7b profit in 3 months


While activist woke tear into Uffindell (while ignoring Sharma) the banks made an obscene $1.7b profit in 3 months!

Banks made $1.7b profit last quarter despite economic headwinds

Bank profits are holding at near record levels in defiance of a slowing economy, rising interest rates and strong inflation.

Middle class identity politics rage is great at virtue signalling against heteronormative patriarchy – not so good at dismantling neoliberal economics!

The banks in NZ are so clever and devious that they can turn paying gst on financial services they provide as a tax on your KiwiSaver and we are all dumb enough to believe them!

That’s real power, when you can masquerade your profit margins as everyone’s interest.

This country is built economically upon stealing Māori land and never paying it back, exploitation of migrant workers to ensure a low wage de-unionised economy and the criss-crossing old boys network of monopolies and duopolies that dominate NZ industry.

Normally this crony capitalism goes unnoticed because everyone is benefitting, but with Covid killing free market capitalism and the climate crisis interrupting the economy, people are stressed out and frightened and feeling poorer.

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Suddenly the exploitative nature of NZs under regulated free market is under scrutiny like never before.

Why are we paying international prices for Dairy that is produced in this country using a monopoly?

Why are the Supermarket Duopolies killing us on food prices as food inflation explodes?

Why has the Medical Cannabis oligarchy market failed?

Why did the Gib board market fail?

Why is the drainage industry held to the same demands of a duopoly? 

And why the fuck are the Banks taking billions in profits while we suffer?

It’s time the Government had the balls to do what it’s supposed to fucking do!


The great jackboot of the State is constantly on the throats of the little people and the taxation yoke is pulled by them when the jackboot of the State should be on the throats of the powerful and rich with the taxation yoke lifted from workers onto corporates!

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueller to corporations!

Yes Government should buy and own and back Kiwibank and here is a list of other things that should be done to ensure NZs economic sovereignty in an age of geopolitical shockwaves which will demand more local infrastructure be it energy, pharmaceuticals, an expanded military, more manufacturing AND our own Bank!

  • Take the Government contract for its banking needs from Westpac and give it to Kiwibank to boost our own.
  • Open a KiwiBank branch in every town in NZ alongside other public services and use it as a community hub as well as banking.
  • KiwiBank launch new flexible mortgage platforms for owner occupier first time home buyers that is Government backed AND offers to take any stressed out first time home buyers from other banks who are threatening to take them to a mortgage sale.
  • Windfall tax on bank profits.
  • Financial transaction tax that makes so much money from speculators and the super rich that it allows us to lower GST to 10%.

The Australian Banks have had it too good for too long, as late stage capitalism continues to implode and crash, we need new ways of ensuring our independence and self reliance.

Being at the mercy of Australian Banks in an under regulated market ripe for annual plunder is not a fucking economic policy!

We need to start regulating these monopolies and duopolies and oligopolies because that’s the job of a Government in a Democracy, to regulate capitalism so that its benefits are harvested and shared by everyone, not just by those making obscene profits at our collective expense!

The Banks made another obscene profit, and what are the woke middle class activists focusing on?

What Sam Uffindell did in a student flat when he was 19.

We gave become a farce of a political movement!

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  1. The banks might be devious on the GST issue but who helped them out….the National Party. That has been pointed out by Seymour by the way, and Labour were too gutless to point out the real issue.

    Yes woke activists are a pain in the arse but I don’t think you can hang Nationals stupid “another tax” angle and Labour being gutless (they even had support from the right in Seymour) on wanky wokeness

  2. Go you @ MB. You’re a rare and wondrous beastie.
    There are customer owned AO/NZ banks in AO/NZ. Use them instead.
    The four foreign owned psychopathic banksters are the problem. And I mean THE problem and in my opinion they should be driven out of AO/NZ after they’re asset stripped and all mortgages to them should be annulled and we should literally declare war on them should they try to return to prey on our good nature and our trusting ways and, of course, our economy again.
    Just look at what they did to Iceland. Appalling stuff, but they did it to AO/NZ first.
    Watch the first 10 or so minutes at the very least.
    Inside Job.
    “Ferguson, who began researching in 2008, says the film is about “the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry and the consequences of that systemic corruption”. In five parts, the film explores how changes in the policy, environment and banking practices helped create the financial crisis.”
    michael fay and david richwhite’s bnz plaything caused terrible and enduring harm to us. They should both be in prison in my opinion.
    Farmers. Ultimately, it was your money they stole to brag about making record net profits with. If I were you, I’d be super fucked off about that.
    What to do, you ask? Why, it’s simple. Get together. Email, phone, stop to say gidday. Then do collectively do nothing. No rams, no bull sperm, no grains, wool, meats, vegetables… nothing. Then wait. You won’t be waiting long.
    You might also find this interesting.
    The Corporation.
    “The Corporation is a 2003 Canadian documentary film written by University of British Columbia law professor Joel Bakan, and directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. The documentary examines the modern-day corporation. Bakan wrote the book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, during the filming of the documentary.”
    A sequel film, The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel, was released in 2020.[2]

  3. ” It’s time the Government had the balls to do what it’s supposed to fucking do ”

    Well posting blogs aint gonna make it happen. Robertson and co are products of the neo liberal third way new Labour that don’t , can’t or won’t do anything regarding the banks or anyone else you highlight Bomber.

    Real change has to be forced and the banks are just a symptom of the greater malaise of how this country is governed and run for the benefit of the powerful and vested interests.

    Adern , Robertson and your mate chippy are simply caretakers for the elite and oligarchy and keeping the middle class property millionaires safe from harm.

    The rest of us below that demarcation line have no power or influence and that of course has been compounded due to identity celebrity politics. And in a years time when Adern and Robertson want our vote to ” build back better ” nothing regarding the issues you have been raising will be confronted by LINO or the defenders of the wealth the Nasty Natz.

  4. An anti capitalist approach needs to replace much of the infantile Labour vs National style debate here, which is about as much use as the “Chevs suck, Fords Rule” of my youth. There is a Parliamentary neo liberal consensus amongst all the main parties which needs to be broken by new gen voters if not in 2023, then a serious campaign in 2026.

    Re the private school basher with the big schnoz–most of us surely can handle more than one issue at a time. Global capital and the Aussie Banks trail of exploitation and damage of course should take precedence, but I for one will not let this particular Natzo off the hook on account of that.

  5. I started watching ‘The Corporation’ last night. Oh dear Jesus. https://youtu.be/Y888wVY5hzw
    Don’t watch it on a week night and only watch it in the morning. That’ll give you time to rationalise and process what you’re about to see before you try to go to sleep.
    Basically, the United States Politic created a psychopathic monster and I’m not exaggerating. ‘Corporations’ have person status thanks to amendments to the constitution ( the 14th I think it was.) but unlike most persons Corporations only have one objective and that is growth helped by being unfettered by a conscience.
    I finally understand how Corporate’s in collusion with others have managed to sequester farmer goods away from farmers after paying them a stipend then taking those goods, piling them up then rorting our trading partners to make massive profits while barely lifting a fat, pink, finger.
    I found reference to ‘The Corporation’ paired up with another documentary titled ‘Inside Job’ on Boingboing.net.
    We should stop the four foreign owned banks from trading here because they’re colluding with the Corporations to keep us down trodden while we’re forced to work ever harder for them. We’ve effectively become enslaved. Our lovely homes we bought by mortgaging have imprisoned us.
    We should actively befriend our farmers. Sure, many of our farmers are gruff, aggressive and arrogant but that’s just fear. We all strike out when afraid. Lets try friendship and inclusion instead. You can tame a lion if you treat it well.
    For example: Fletcher Challenge have just held our entire country to ransom by stalling production of Gib Board. ( Check out Fletcher Challenge’s inner workings in Wikipedia. You might be surprised and shocked.)
    I think we need to reverse the trend of bullying, greed and fear. I think we need to start killing off the psychopaths and I think we should start with the banks.


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