GROAN – In defence of Sam bloody Uffindell

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National Party leadership learned of Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell’s dormitory attack yesterday – Nicola Willis

The National Party leader Chris Luxon and his deputy Nicola Willis only learned of Sam Uffindell’s school teenage dormitory assault yesterday afternoon, it has been revealed.

Willis told RNZ said she found out about the incident just after lunchtime and she believed that Luxon also found out then.

She said while Uffindell had disclosed the incident to the pre-selection panel, made up of local and national party representatives, and they had made the decision about not precluding him from standing for Parliament.

“That’s a party matter. That’s their judgement. Where I stand on this today is that I have advised Sam that what he should do now is be completely upfront with New Zealanders about this because ultimately it is the people of New Zealand and the people of Tauranga who will be the judges of us.”

Oh for the love of Christ, are we really doing this?

Comrades I have difficulty not rolling my eyes when the woke want to destroy someone for a 10 year old tweet, I can’t believe we are wasting time on crucifying a new MP for something he did when he was 16.

Look, I can’t stand National MPs at the best of times, and it pains me to defend one, but the mistakes a child makes can’t be held over them forever.

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That is not to diminish the violence he meted out at a private school hazing. I’ve met guys who suffered this kind of ritualistic humiliation and the pain they carry as men stays as a shadow on them, I despise that shit, but again, this is the action of a 16 year old dickhead privileged boy and he paid that price.

Uffindell has gone on to make a contribution to his community, to his society and to his Whānau, attempting to hold this act up for political purposes is cheap and lazy.

He is not like the cavalcade of other political circus freaks that National have had because Uffindell’s sin was committed as a child, where as Michelle Boag, Hamish Walker, Roger Bridge, Andrew Fallon, Todd Barclay and Jake Bezzant’s sins were all very recent and of the moment.

Of course this revelation of private school hazing has spawned a feeding frenzy of ‘As-a-survivor-of-bullying’ level selective outrage olympics on Twitter which just comes cross like a shrill puritan Christian public stoning session. I get that we on the Left are having some polling lows right now, but hanging someone for a childhood crime and praying that virtue signalling makes us more electable is a giant mistake.

Woke activists on Twitter ready to cast the first stone

He fucked up, he paid his price, it would be churlish to hold it against him.

The attempt to whip up focus on him not revealing it is equally desperate.

The Bank of England expects the UK economy to tank after inflation peaks at 13% in the fourth quarter this year and remain elevated throughout 2023 despite the economy already entering a recession in the fourth quarter this year as well.

This is before the impact of Russia cutting gas and the impacts that will cause Europe and Italian Banks spreads as inflation ruptures throughout the Eurozone.

Bank of America is predicting a deep American recession this year and the mega droughts caused by catastrophic climate change are impacting food growing nations.

China is facing economic carnage from their zero covid plan while a looming property market collapse could cause untold damage inside the Chinese economy.

Poverty, crime and economic pain is running rampant domestically.

That our attention is being taken up by a new MP and something he did when he was 16 is beneath the challenges we face.

Can we get back to the issues that matter FFS!

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      • What we really need is an ACT candidate win in Tauranga!
        That would really put the ACTs among the pigeons.

        A mutually beneficial deal between Chris Luxon and David Seymour would be just the tonic the right alliance needs.

  1. Totally correct Martyn, as a Christian who believes that forgiveness (to give & receive it) is essential to the faith I would suggest that any Christian who will not forgive Sam Uffindell is apostate to the faith.

  2. Luckily for Uffindell there is precedent of the most appalling behaviour by and elected MP that will allow him to remain. His name is Trevor Mallard.

    • Salacious Crumb. Trevor Mallard was hauled into court for throwing a punch at Tau Henare, within the parliamentary precinct. Sure it was a private prosecution brought by Graham McCready, but it happened. Trevor’s assault with watering hoses and loud noises inflicted upon children, women, men, and others demonstrating within the Parliamentary precinct seems to have been rewarded with a nice diplomatic posting abroad. So it looks as if the paradigms have changed, and Labour are certainly in no position to cast aspersions at this Sam person and should maintain the same sort of silence as they did for Trev.

  3. I am not in the realm of twitter so no idea what is being said by the public. I don’t think any political figures (Nats aside) have said anything have they? This is a non event sparked by the unfortunate recipient of the “bashing” thinking the apology was purely triggered by Uffindell deciding to run for public office.

    He acted like an a’hole (amongst a pack of a’holes) a long time ago and got expelled. He was punished at the time so lets all move on.

  4. Wait what. Who does that? Four big kids bashing a 13 year old with bed legs to celebrate the end of term. Hoorah!
    Q. Which ministry would Sam be eminently suitable for:
    a) Minister of Children/Women
    b) Minister of Education
    c) Minister of Welfare
    d)None of the above

    • If Act get in most of those Ministries will be gone by lunch time. Aussies are kicking people namely Kiwis out for being of bad character. the issue is he has flawed character firstly he didn’t declare this properly and secondly it took him 20 odd years to put it right and lastly his views on violence etc suck given he was bloody violent himself

      • He should fit in quite well then in Tearanga, the Moa and Aloha’s Te Puke eh? I’ve no doubt he’ll be showered in baubles if and when he goes around a few Kiwifruit plantations and pack houses feigning concern for exploited workers.
        I probably shouldn’t say this for fear of getting on some list somewhere – but if one of the exploited natives gets a tiny bit more desperate and decides to act on their feelings, it’ll be

  5. Imagine the shit storm if he was a Maori male! Fuck me!
    He’d be called a rapist, child abuser, a woman basher and convicted by the public already!

  6. The incident says more about King’s student culture of the time than it does about Sam. The school obviously took the incident seriously. What stinks here is the obvious selection comitteee requirement for a 20 year late forced apology.
    If the comittee believed the incident warranted such an apology the electorate should have also been told; I doubt it would have changed the result.
    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!’

    • The issue is about Sam not Trev don’t distract and avoid, face it, fix it and try and make sure it doesn’t happen again at least until the next time as this party has a track record in this area. If you weren’t getting beaten in these types of boarding schools you were getting raped and molested no wonder we so many fucked up men in our country what do you expect when so many have turned a blind eye to this type of behaviour.

      • Well you are in for a disappointment then because National can and will distract from the issue by using Mallard whether you like it or not and the points being made from all sides will be lost.

          • C I pa You’re missing the point. If Labour had addressed Mallard’s bovver boy behaviour instead of ignoring it, then they wouldn’t have left themselves open to criticism about him now. And I seem to remember you brushing off his antics with the sprinklers as no big deal. It was, and it exacerbated a fragile situation and brought more demonstrators from all over New Zealand sympathy with the demonstrators, not all whom were one issue persons.

  7. 1) Do we call it dirty politics when the left dig up this stuff

    2)The greens want to give that 16 year old immature kid the vote

      • Certainly the correct questions to be asking Gus.
        When do you think the Nicky Hager book will come out?

          • Poor Gus. You mistake me for a tribal righty because anyone saying anything that isn’t pro Labour must be a hard line righty.
            The world is black and white for you.
            Just to be crystal clear:
            I loathe Judith Collins, I think Slater has mental health issues.
            Shoveling muck is pathetic whoever is doing it.
            I have never party voted National in my life but I have for Labour. I most certainly will not vote Labour ever again on their current trajectory.
            And the left has zero moral high ground descending in to the gutter over the current National pillock “scandal”.
            I sure hope no one in Labour ever raised their voice at their dog or slammed a car door either.

            • Good for you but the last sentence proves you condone his actions because others in Labour may have done something bad also. Not a great argument.
              I could never back a National party with such a long history of appalling MPs. If you want to debate the numbers and names I’d be more than happy too.

  8. He should be condemned for his member’s bill to ban g̶a̶n̶g̶ ̶c̶o̶n̶v̶o̶y̶s̶ funeral processions, not this unfortune part of his history, which does less to demonstrate sociopathy than Luxon does every day.

  9. How fitting you reference the current economic climate and banks….Ufindell has just come from Rabo Bank,which has an impressive list of convictions and shares with the other Anglo/American banks the blame for the unfolding catastrophy.

    • Lol, where did James Shaw come from before he became the Quota heterosexual white man of the Green Party?
      Oh he was in consulting and such in England mainly. lol lol lol
      “Prior to becoming an MP, James had a successful career in management consulting, primarily in London, where he lived from 1998 to 2010.”
      and dear Jacinda lol
      “In 2005 she went to London and worked in the Government Cabinet Office of British Prime Minister Tony Blair as an Assistant Director for Better Regulation Executive in the Department for Business and Enterprise, and on a review of Policing in England and Wales. In 2007 she was elected President of the International Union of Socialist Youth”
      Lol, that would be noted war criminal Tony Blair, and looking at the state of the Left in the UK her work was well uninspired? lol lol lol
      And fwiw, we are still waiting for Jacinda Ardern to publicly self declare as a women – a cis woman at that – cause nothing says progressive then making oneself a subset of one owns category so that that category can now be defined by Men with Ladydiques.
      LOL lol lol
      Politics is fucked, but the MPs on the right are as fucked and as shite as the ones on the left and that is the problem for he tangata, that left or right, they have no choice, its all the same in a different color.

  10. I feel Uffindell’s violent crime over 20 yrs ago is noted but should be left where it is in the past. Martyn could have made a meal out of it but hasn’t to his credit, although I’m sure the media will want more blood. Melissa’s righteous judgmental BS on the AM show this morning didn’t impress me either. The political fuck heads here, are the board of Nat MPs that scrutinised Uffindell’s credentials before letting him stand for Tauranga. Most likely the same people that thought deceiving the public of Luxon taking a holiday in two places at once was a good idea. Luxon must be wondering who in his own party is going to fuck him over next.

    • If only life was that easy aye new view that is exactly how many PAKEHA feel about our TOW leave it in the past not good aye!

      • CIP. You’re in your own little whiny victim world. As if Maori aren’t capable of the mistakes Uffindell has made. Pakeha bad, Maori victim eh. How your reply to me has anything to do with anything has mystified me. In your mind I’m a racist I suppose. Start looking at yourself CIP.

  11. You do your arguments great credit by this Bomber.
    No, seriously you do.
    The old “punish ’em forever” of Kiwi thinking is as flawed as it is fucked. This is the logical outcome of a twitter based economy shaping our current news media. Sucks don’t it…
    Enough people have difficulty rehabilitating themselves from imprisonment without the biblical stoning mobs murkying up the waters as well.
    For Christ’s sake this is driving voters to the extreme right. You know cancel culture etc. The right are already heading toward political power as it is without this kind of histrionic assistance.

  12. My thoughts as well…unless you are on the receiving end of a 3-4 person beating with wooden bed legs, you cannot say it’s okay now…also, what happened to the kid he and his mates assaulted??

  13. He made a mistake fair enough but does this mean we should not let 16 year olds vote and it took him 22 years to apologize a long time and he did this for a personal reason. Also he appears to be a bloody hypocrite when it comes to is valedictory speech about the increase of violence and gangs. He should have left the matter to others in his party to raise. Perhaps he could be part of Luxons protection squad him and the mercenary Mitchell we can call them the goon squad.

    • Valedictory speech ? Has he quit ? That was very quick. Off to Te Puke ? Nudge nudge wink wink…

  14. No you can’t go back to the issues.
    Tthe issues really make Labour look bad.
    So, there go play with this shiney new toy and be a good and quiet peasant.

  15. This dickhead apologised 22yrs after the event, only when he needed to protect his record to get into parliament. He also hid the fact of his attendance of the private school on his CV. Give us all a break Martyn. The guy doesn’t deserve your defence. The attack was completely unprovoked, and they used chair legs for heaven’s sakes.

  16. In talking about life in boys boarding schools in the 1990’s is Mr Uffindell attempting to minimize his behaviour? My boarding school days were late 1940’s and early 1950’s. The behaviour he describes was absent.
    Boundaries were clear, learning was expected. Punishment was minimal. Change was the goal. Emphasis on acceptance of responsibility, rather than obedience to rules was where the emphasis lay.
    Apart from that, Mr Uffindel’s timing of the admission and apology appears quite manipulative. He owed his victim, and yet he waited until he had political intentions and connections before engaging in conflict resolution. That is, when it was in his interests to do so.

  17. Fuck him. I had a career in teaching destroyed by a requirement to put the fact that i did 3 months jail for dic 20 years previously. So no. If they can use a none violent mistake when i was 20 yrs old to kill off my dreams why shouldn’t beating up a little kid in a unprovoked gang attack effect this clown. Besides. Its shows more about the man in the way he went about the apology which even the victim is cynical about and felt it was a apology of convenience.

  18. In politics, as in life, nothing is as it seems. To paraphrase Roald Dahl, more a ” A dream within a dream.”
    A Natzo Tauranga $ix figure man has remorsefully admitted punching a fellow kid at school. As @ MB’s ably pointed out and I paraphrase again ” So the fuck what. Who didn’t. ”
    What I find interesting is that ‘modern’, First World schooling hastens a delicate process; the transition from the parent-child to the peer-group groupie. Personally, I believe that, that process of assimilation into a broader , and in our case, capitalised, monetised money-earner-robot kidault is a grossly damaging and emotionally warping process. We look around at our general environment and we think what we look at is normal, usual, comforting etc for its familiarities etc when in another, perhaps more emotionally evolved society people might see dreary, depressing, ugly, exploitative, emotionally imprisoning and pointless. To me, that describes Tauranga specifically and AO/NZ generally and interestingly the further south you go the less intense the feelings of dreary, depressing, ugly, exploitative, emotionally imprisoning and pointless it seems.
    Now… Mr $ix Figures Uffindell. All advertising is good advertising. He bullied a kid? “Great!”, fellow bullies will argue. He can mix it with the boys. He apologised. Excellent. He’s now more than welcome at the bleached perineum poodle cuddlers club where the Dahlings will fawn over his manly vulnerabilities. And vote for the fucker.
    Great photograph by the way. Two anti-Abby Road Dung Beatles.
    The Guardian.

    • You ‘always’ make me giggle. The lingo.

      Words are the magnificence of our soon to be gone species.

  19. Those of us who were bullied at school are less willing to give him a pass on this. Child bullies usually become adult bullies.

    • Knarf Yes, and we who were bullied at school, especially in this case bullied by a group, and by a group of older pupils, know that the shame alone can linger for years. Nigel Bloody Latta would corroborate this.

      Just a kid ? These are the kids who certain politicians are desperate to enfranchise, who can drive cars, who can legally marry, but for whom it’s just a youthful indiscretion if they bully, and therefore the facts are best kept buried. Bullies invariably function in cycles. Victims think that it has all stopped until the next time that it happens again. This is how women get trapped in abusive marriages. Nigel Bloody Latta would corroborate this.

      The facts are out and this laddie will just have to deal with it. Most boys don’t beat up smaller kids.

  20. In agree with Martyn.

    While doing so what chance that some of his staunchest defenders will demonstrating the camp of movable feasts? You know, we’ve all been to that movie…
    Some 13 year old does something wrong: “He’s old enough to know better, he should be charged as an adult … lock him up, throw away the key … what about his parents, they should be held responsible …” Whatever the behaviour, the incident, it is to be stamped on his forehead as the sign that he is persona non grata, forever. There is no moving past it.

    Uffindell’s parents baled him out and the incident disappeared.

    Yes, the whole incident is a totally minor event. When Uffindell is in caucus meetings after the next election, when he and his colleagues are into smashing youth who from the base of their dire social circumstances commit offences it will still be minor. And when they want more punishments, prisons and cops and boots on necks, and benefits to parents cut remember that.

    • Yes Peter and there is the crux of the matter, its not what you are its who you are, if you come from a family of beneficiaries / blue collar worker you are a useless thug and will always be one. If you come from a position of privilege we can all forgive and forget. The right wing constantly blast out soft on crime but quickly start making excuses of forgiveness and he didn’t really mean this act of violence. You can’t have it all ways. Yes by all means let’s forgive and forget all of these young people who get into trouble at 16 not just the child of a wealthy parent who can make it go away.

      • Covid. Arrogant Andrew was never charged with anything, nor found guilty of anything, apart from having a singularly sleazy friend, and some questionable accusations made by a professional hooker. His elderly mum let him off nothing. She doesn’t have the power to do so.

    • Randy Andy will never be off the hook again! He’s been all tied up and tethered to his mansion. Lot’s more in that gem of a scandal to be revealed yet!

    • Well that begs to differ based on all the info now coming out, the fact is can we trust him as he was very hesitant when asked by Guyon this morning if there was anything else and his stuttering implied there is more.

  21. Bloody hell, these days he could ram raid a jewellery store at 16 and not get even a wet bus ticket……

  22. Lets not forget that he used a wooden batten to beat this poor kid. Surely allowing him off the hook will tell every school bully out there that t’s open season on young ones as its not gonna effect you later in life. Holy crap 16 isn’t 10. 16 year old’s want the vote. Never mind the fact that if he was in any public school (or of darker skin) he would have faced charges. No you have this wrong and were obviously never subjected to this type of abuse. I will give it a week before the next person comes out to accuse him of more abuses as this this type of behavior is never a one off.

  23. It’s not about the bank its about the poor and corrupt culture that exist within these types of organizations

  24. Maybe, if he fronted this with voters rather than waiting for this skeleton to fall out of the closet!

    But it was brutal and he was a young person, not a child.

    And he did call the victim 9 months ago, to apologise, and I cannot possibly guess why that was. Rather cynical of him though.

    He got the benefit of the Kings of old boy network because it should have gone to the police but can’t have the old school tie stained, eh?

    Fine, penance done for virtually most other jobs, if he wants to be the CEO of a corporation, par for the course really, or the Sergeant at Arms with his local Bandidos, a hit man, a night club bouncer or a debt collector, but a law writing MP? For the party of law and order? I don’t think so.

    National have a nasty habit of not vetting their candidates, don’t they?

    • If he had attended the school across the fence from his he would have been summonsed to the Otahuhu court. Once an ahole always an ahole.

    • 100%-you are completely wrong on this Martyn- your hatred of woke bullshit has clouded your judgement. An entitled bully- from a school that produces ‘captains of industry’ and probably sees this sort of behaviour as ‘character building’, rather than cowardly. So he apologises to his victim just before running for Tauranga- coincidence or cold? God defend NZ cos cowards like Effindel won’t, that’s for sure.

      • How is that even a choice? I take MP salary, take the media whip, dump most of it into property, the rest on various image inhancers (such as lapbands), and then live an easy life. Since I never need to do manual labour I can just devote time and money to learning whatever skill interests me and throw a fraction of my returns at any cause that diverts attention.

        MPs really aren’t that great anyway. Being in the top 2% of people on knowledge of biology for instance basically just means you’re a master’s student with good grades. Being in the top 2% of boxers means you’re probably still inferior to the average professional.

  25. Well said Martin, New Zealand and the world face larger multi black swan issues than this woke crap.

  26. Sod ’im. If Mr “born to rule, don’t you know who I am” Uffindel, had apologised at the time or even closer to the time upon some reflection, I could be persuaded to adopt my general position of who among us does not deserve a second chance?

    But, this toff waits until he knows damn well he is running for political office–opportunism pure and simple–No get out of jail free for you Mr Uffindel.

    • Tiger Mountain. He’s not a toff. Uffindell is a Brit working class name, typical Nat wannabe, that’s a big part of the Nat problem: sods concerned only about themselves and scorning what they came from.

  27. He’s probably gunna be the next minister of Child Yoof & Family if the Nats win the next election or, and, the Minister of MSD.

  28. If we can overlook his misdemeanour as not good but a minor fault as part of being human
    then we would be on our way to acknowleging that we are all prone to being human, and that our faults show up in different ways. Then we can stop beneficiary bashing and this capitalist puritanism that gets in the way of being kind and helpful to each other in a balanced way.

    One way to restore the balance of course is to get together with beneficiaries, have a special polytech class for those who want to attend and go for a certificate in life and practical skills. Ask the others what training would be beneficial to their lives, with or without a job at the end of it. Also have land in areas in suitable places where they can build their own tiny houses off plans available with help and supervision and checks on work, that will result in tidy tiny houses that don’t leak and the windows work and there is a permanent air flow for health reasons and that will stay theres for a long time, or be able to be negotiated.

    How wonderful if we forgive Sam and he becomes a front man for doing that on a wide scale – passing that on and moving on, and in his case it could be devoting his time to those who are being punished for not being up to the mark some time in their lives. We can get past that as individuals, as people in a small nation, and as a Labour government that has been sadly at fault but was led astray by official greedies, and the National Party as a whole will have to work hard to see they don’t slip back to the 1800s.

    I suggest you watch the struggles and misdemeanours of all the people written and acted in the tv series Poldark based in Cornwall. To look at its stunning landscape etc. But the hardships that ordinary people feel are also stunning, and I believe it is authentic.
    Here is a trailer of part 2.54m –

  29. once again the truth has to be dragged out of a pollie…no weapon, well yea actually a bit weaponey, one incident except the other repeated instances of bullying that eventually got him expelled…and it takes a fair bit to be expelled from a bully-positive environment like private school.

    when will pollies understand the cover up unravelling is often more damaging than what your trying to cover up.

  30. These three gutless cowards assault a child and we are supposed to forgive and forget, and even worse let this piece of shit into government to manage our country? What the actual fuck? I thought National were going after the gang bullies, not recruiting them.

    • Bro, compared to Uffindell you are hella emotional and compelled by trauma and shit. Its just not the same thing. If you get it you get it.

  31. I’m confused. You keep saying ‘he paid the price’. Exactly what price did he pay? He just went from one privileged private education to another one where, rumour has it, he just carried on with the the same behaviour. And now he’s an MP sitting pretty. Tell me, what was the price he paid?

    • Indeed. Karma-geddon be unfolding now, me thinks. I could be a bit more forgiving if he had truly evolved from being a bully, IF he had been forthcoming about his past to the public BEFORE the Tauranga by election. But he wasn’t, he was deceitful and by this deserves some punishment because he clearly hasn’t got the message yet.

  32. The only point is if it reveals a pattern personally.

    To contradict, it does reinforce the new situation of the privileged dictating from on high. He went on to National and piled in on gangs and welfare, or the usual crap which no intelligent person sincerely believes. To add to Luxon Millionaire dictating to the neediest.

    • Will be interesting to see how the enablers and apologists describe this event. Perhaps still too young to know what he was doing? Perhaps just student high jinks? Maybe we all did that when we were at uni? Maybe it was still a long time ago?
      Whats that thing about leopards and spots?

    • but leigh there’s none so blind as those that will not see….and while I’m at it ‘be sure your sin will find you out’

  33. Having played rugby at Auckland Uni in the under 18’s I can say without a shadow of a doubt that all the private school “boys” in our team were…. sociopaths – except for the Welsh one. lol.

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