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Meet the New Boss, (same as the old Boss)
Taking a sporting analogy, in every competition there are winners and a losers. In a competitive free market economy, competition between rival producers and manufacturers also results in winners and losers. The losers are driven out of the market, the winners go on to become monopolies. Monopolies go on to dominate national economies (with ambition to dominate world economies).

Monopoly producers link up with banks, gain influence over the banking system. Through control of the financial sector, Finance Capital gains control of economic policy and influence over government policy, (including foreign policy). This web of economic and political influence is known as Monopoly Capital.

Monopoly Capital is the driver of imperialism. Imperialism is capitalist competition writ large on the world stage.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Is your nation feeling constrained by the domination of the world’s markets and economy by the US and Europe?

Then the Multipolar World maybe for you.

The Call for a Multipolar World

After the collapse of the USSR, and the end of the Cold War, the US was hailed as the world’s sole remaining superpower bloc. Since those heady days, we have seen China rise as an economic and military power with ambitions to empire.
We have seen the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship, expressing a revanchist desire for Russia’s lost empire.

The supporters of Russian and Chinese imperialism, cover up the naked truth about these new global powers imperialist ambitions, as being about creating a multipolar world, free from domination of America and Europe. We hear talk about the rise of the Brics and the replacement of the US Dollar with a new global reserve currency.

The sharpening of imperialist divisions caused by war, some of these ambitions are being realised.

What the supporters of the Multipolar World theory, don’t tell you about the multipolar world they are fighting for, is that it will not be a meeting of equals, but of a new hegemony by China and Russia, over the rest.

Even the fragile, off again on again, alliance between Russia and China, would not long survive the multipolar world, before one or the other sought complete hegemony.

Imperialism means war

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The rise of Brics

BRIC is an acronym for the developing nations of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. They are countries that some believe will be the dominant suppliers of manufactured goods, services, and raw materials by 2050. China and India will become the world’s dominant suppliers of manufactured goods and services. Brazil and Russia will become similarly dominant as suppliers of raw materials.

In 2010, South Africa joined the group and it became known as BRICS.
In the wake of war, Brics challenge the dominance of the Greenback
In June 2022, the BRICS countries announced plans to introduce a new reserve currency as an alternative to the US dollar. Will we see the new currency in the forex market to compete with the US dollar and the euro?

Pat O’Dea is a trade unionist and human rights activist.


    • The iron law of capitalist economics is we must have growth. Capitalist economies are not a steady state economies, it is either growth or recession.

      If that need for endless economic growth is constrained in some way – either, by the natural carrying limits of the planet, or the boundaries and borders of rival capitalist economies, those natural and man made barriers will be breached even it it leads to environmental collapse and world war.

      The point is; Just as a World War 1 was not fought because an Arch Duke in some country we never heard of got shot.

      World War III will not be fought because some old American lady visited Taiwan.

      China using drills to ‘prepare for invasion’, says Taiwan Foreign Minister: news agency AFP
      China using drills to “prepare for invasion”, says Taiwan Foreign Minister: news agency AFP

      This is a breaking news story. Details will be added soon. Please refresh the page for latest version.

    • “Currencies don’t compete in the way you are suggesting.” Bob the first

      Really, Bob?

      Follow the money.

      While military hostilities and war, are the most dramatic (and last most desperate), form of imperialist rivalry,  monitory aggression and domination is the way imperialism is carried out between wars.

      Financial war takes a nasty turn
      May 6, 2022·Alasdair Macleod -Goldmoney

      The chasm between Eurasia and the Western defence groupings (NATO, Five-eyes, AUKUS etc.) is widening rapidly. While media commentary focuses on the visible side of the conflict in Ukraine, the economic and financial aspects are what really matter…..
      The economic and financial aspects are what really matters to the competing capitalist imperialist blocs. Human lives and hopes are irrelevant.
      ….The Chinese have viewed the US’s tactics under which she has ensured her hegemony prevails. It has led to a deep-seated distrust in her relationship with America. And this is how she sees US foreign policy in action.

      Since the end of Bretton Woods in August 1971, for strategic reasons as much as anything else America has successfully continued to dominate the free world. A combination of visible military capability and less visible dollar hegemony…..

      (Established in 2001, Goldmoney is a precious metal investment company).

            • But Bob. It’s only your claim that I don’t understand the issues. I have put up a clear case that imperialist competition over trade barriers, markets, financial domination, goes to the heart of the reasons for global conflict and war, not petty disputes over the visiting rights of some old American lady.

              Your complete lack of any rebuttal, is indicative to me that you have a profound ignorance of the issues.

              You are obviously hiding your total inability to make any sensible comment at all.

              Bob I gotta ask ya, Bob. Are you a supporter of the ACT party?


              “I think my argument is so powerful that it’s not necessary to talk about it.” Rick Giles, Act on Campus, climate change is a myth.

  1. If the multipolar world scares you, look into the great Reset: our current overlords plan to maintain their global domination despite Western imperialism’s catastrophic collapse.

    • The Magician August 8, 2022 at 6:50 pm
      If the multipolar world scares you….

      The multipolar world doesn’t scare me as much as the means to achieve it.

      When Germany, Italy and Japan attempted to challenge the existing British Imperial hegemon, to achieve a multipolar world, involved world war.

      The first war for the imperial redivision of the world cost 18 million lives. The second war for the imperial redivision of the world cost 63 million lives. WWIII will cost many more lives than that.

  2. Can a BRICS currency compete with the US Dollar? I’d suggest that the question be inverted. The US$ is no longer regarded as “safe”, backed by petroleum and unbeatable military might. It’s not considered a safe haven either when it can be confiscated or devalued by massive money printing.

    The current uncertainty will continue. The US won’t flop over, as empires do they will resist all the way. Resistance however is going to push more of the world to adopt fair reciprocal trade based upon perceived value of commodities and manufactures. Expect whatever currency used to be tied to physical reality (eg one barrel oil equals x bushels wheat etc).

  3. Meet the new multipolar boss

    …China’s behavior in Africa provides the rest of the world with insight into how it will behave towards other states, particularly the states of the Global South, as it becomes equal in power with the United States. Third, what China is doing in Africa does not augur well for the rest of the world. China’s activities and behavior in Africa may only be described as neo-colonial and exploitative of African peoples and the environment….

    …There are copious examples of the negative consequences of Sino-imperialism. One archetypical case is the China National Petroleum Corporation, the state-owned oil and gas company, which is a major investor operating in South Sudanese oil fields. The Chinese pollute the local environment with impunity, resulting in children born with deformities, the poisoning of livestock, destruction of fertile land, and the pollution of rivers. Additionally, the Chinese cause environmental destruction in the Northern Upper Nile and Ruweng states affects the indigenous Dinka Padang communities of South Sudan…

    ….. In 2018, Addis Ababa negotiated with China and structured its loan terms from fifteen to thirty years. In next door Kenya, as a result of heavy borrowing by the government, China may seize the port of Mombasa. According to Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper, the terms are Draconian and state “neither the borrower [Kenya] nor any of its assets is entitled to any right of immunity on the grounds of sovereignty, with respect to its obligations.”

    In addition to these abuses, the Chinese presence in Africa is defined by a purposeful isolation from the indigenous population. Chinese firms bring in their own drivers, construction workers, and support staff, denying these employment opportunities to Africans, and often live apart from the African societies in which they reside.

    In southern DR Congo, soldiers beat and whipped two miners who were trespassing on a site managed by the Chinese-owned Commus company in Kolwezi, as site managers looked on. The incident shocked many after it was captured in a video that has been circulating on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp since July 21. However, several NGOs say that the incident is nothing new, the video highlighting the stranglehold foreign mining companies have on local communities.

    During the 30-second video, a soldier in uniform, accompanied by one of his colleagues, uses a rope to whip two people who are lying on the ground. The soldier lingers over one of them, hitting him repeatedly as three Chinese managers from the mining company look on.

    Due to the shocking nature of the video, we have chosen to only publish screenshots.

    • And? Not to minimise it but to put in perspective tell that to the children dead in Iraq due to US policies. They would sympathise as victims of imperialist bosses. They wouldn’t care if they were Yanks or Chinese. It’s the nature of the beast. So are we supposed to support one imperialist boss over the other? Or show no favours and reject all?

        • In that case Pat we Kiwis probably need to become non aligned bloody fast.
          Overnight Turkey discussed a $100 billion trade deal with Russia despite them being a NATO member and EU aspirant. Hungary has told the EU where to go re Russian gas and oil. The USA centric world is massively threatened.

          We went to war for an Empire in 1914 and 1939, we’ve had imperial entanglements in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. The prior empire joined the EU and cast us adrift, the latter empire restricts our mutual trade massively. I say we sell to whoever on a mutual fair trade basis. No bosses, new or old.

          • The crunch will come when, (not if), the dispute between the US and China deepens and the US demand their allies cut all trade with China.
            Despite the fact that this would destroy our economy, bring hardship to many, our military and intelligence services who are tightly bound to the US hegemon, will exert covert and even overt pressure on the government to comply. And they will.

            • That is the major problem Pat, any politician moving against the status quo will be toast. Its down to popular rebellion or US defeat, will be instructive to watch Germany this winter when cold and hunger bite. If I were a betting man I’d put some money on the collapse of the EU

              • I agree with you Nick. it will be very instructive to watch Germany when cold and hunger bite.
                And yes the people of Ukraine will have to be on their guard against a stab in the back from an EU not prepared to meet the hardships imposed by the war.
                While I accept that EU collapse and capitulation is a possibility.
                Being an optimist with a deep faith in the best of humanity, while the governments and elites in the EU may want to make a deal, my feeling is, the people of Germany and Europe will rise to the occasion, and will make the sacrifices and endure the coming hardship willingly rather than let Ukraine go under to the Russian invader, and will forgo the soft life and creature comforts of peacetime and not bow down to Russian pressure, no matter what the cost to their economies.
                I also have faith that the Ukraine people’s resistance to the invasion, despite massive internal repression, the peace movement in Russia will grow bolder and find its voice.
                And Slava Ukraine will be on their banners.

    • Engines of destruction
      Endlessly pouring CO2 into a finite atmosphere until the planet overheats, pouring plastic waste into the finite oceans until it outweighs the total weight of all fish. Expanding capitalist economic blocs till they clash with other competing capitalist economic blocs.

      Humanity will not be liberated from the curse of imperialism and war, by siding with one bloodthirsty imperial capitalist bloc or the other.


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