Guess who’s back, back again, Winston’s back, tell a friend


The spluttering shock and surprise from pundits and academics that NZ First has managed to sidestep the SFO investigation into fraud will have enormous political ramifications.

This failed prosecution became political because of the timing of the charges just before the election and follow other attempts to screw NZF over like the Superannuation leak and Trev’s attempt to trespass Winston from Parliament.

The curveball in the 2023 election will be Winston and NZ First, if he gets over 5%, he will be the Kingmaker/Queenmaker and Mallard’s bizarre desire to trespass an institution like Winston will sow a bitter harvest at negotiation time.

Winston could bring a genuine isolationist stance to NZ politics by reviving Muldoon’s Think Big anti-free market economic sovereignty. At a time of global financial collapse, economic nationalism will be extremely populist.

The last poll had NZF on 3%, Winston is a campaigner like no other and if NZF are 3% 18months before the next election he has a real chance of crossing the 5% threshold on Election Day.

This SFO investigation implosion was the last albatross around Winstons neck and now it has been cut from him, expect his vengeance to be blistering.

The NZ First handbrake is back.

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  1. Time and time again the value of an elder statesmen like Mr Peters is dismissed by the hoons on the hill. But if I were him, I’d be more concerned about Te Puapua being surreptitiously developed unbeknown to him when he was Deputy PM, and importantly, a trained legal mind, than the boorish antics of the PM’s diplomat-in-training, Trevor Mallard, master of the hose pipes and vacuous noise.

  2. NZ First have to be low odds of getting back in, not quite a sure bet but near as.

    If Labour remain the incompetent collection of well meaning goofs it is and the hidden co-governance plans remain and reading Grant Robertson’s evasive comments this morning, they are, then NZF will get my vote and for the first time ever, the candidate vote to will not go to Labour either, nor any of its associated parties. And the thought of Labour/Green/Maori coalition is a total vote killer.

    Looking back on this government, it achieved far more with Winston there and the handbrake accusations Labour hint at were only to temper Labours more stupid whims.

  3. Hahaha, yep Ol Winnie’s of the hook again
    Won’t be surprised to see a re-invigorated NZ first 2023, maybe team up as the Blues brothers with BB Tamaki!

  4. If NZ first get 5% — then, Labour is going to be in trouble — why? The Speaker (Mallard) attempted to have him trespassed —- and Jacinda from announcement has never spoken about this in public.

    • So where will the NZF vote coming from? Current ACT supporters? I don’t know. I hardly think it makes any more trouble for Labour at all. I think ‘trouble’ is already in abundance for them.

  5. That bad smell that just wont go away.
    All he does is help boomers, they have a big fancy pension that allows them to have their cake and eat it too, assets shares money and property but the rest of the benefit system gets means tested, they even have a gold card to get discounts on everything while everybody else does it tough.
    Scandal after scandal yet this guy seems to get out of trouble through litigation, its like they let him off just to get rid of him.
    The medicinal cannabis fiasco was all his doing, total refusal to help or do what he was meant to in coalition, his partner Jan Trottman was General Manager of Jensens Pharma who supples us with Fentanyl, a competing product yet conflicts of interest never seem to hit these pricks.
    The guy is so crooked he cant lay straight in bed, hes the last thing this country needs.

  6. Good news. He can ride a horse and catch a fish and has a fine head of hair to stop his brains evaporating. A fellow who frightens both the self-serving National and Labour neolibs, and has ex and future estate agents blabbing about him both when over-imbibed and sober, has to be worth a vote or two.

  7. Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Hehehehe!

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’ll be first to kiss my arse!?”

  8. It would be delightful if Labor got a 3rd term with the help of Winnie so that both parties are sent into oblivion long term.
    The toxic hideous mess that Labor has metastisized into cannot be allowed to get a seat at the adults table ever again.

  9. Interview Tracey Martin on the real dealings of NZ First. She stated it was an “old boys network” much like National.

  10. That’s right. Winston and NZ First are back — Thank God!! I asked it before, and I’ll ask it again: Can someone explain to me what they think is wrong with economic nationalism? What is wrong with taking care of your own economy first? No, you can’t…because there is nothing wrong about it!

    • Absolutely nothing wrong with economic nationalism. Winston, like I grew up in the 1960s the Holyoake years, the best of times. Real free education, real full employment, quality full health care with a GP in every small town. Yes you had to wait to buy a NEW car but that was not that big a deal. All of that has gone under neo liberalism. Winston wants to go back there, so do I and many others.

      • The only issue Clifford is should Winston go with National he will commit economic and political sabotage.

  11. ” If this is legal, then there’s no way that it should be. You can’t have a country’s political system run in this way and be considered the second least corrupt nation on the planet. Or, at least, you can’t do it for long ”

    Today the high court found that it was indeed legal (and granted those involved permanent name suppression, because being rich means never having to face the reputational consequences of your actions). Which means that it is worse. A political party can literally sell policy, taking donations in secret, then using its influence within government to benefit the donors, without even the usual paltry warning signs from our pathetic disclosure laws. It is a sign of the total corruption of our political system.

  12. Winston Peters is the past and personally I think he should step down, retire and hand the reigns of NZF over to younger more progressive politicians. Shane Jones can do the same as well. There are never any new policies to emerge from the party. The relics of Peters and Jones are handbrakes on the party, with the lingering, decaying smell of the old preventing NZF moving forward.

    Yes, Peters delivered the Gold Card when in Helen Clark’s government, but that was coming anyway to align with other nations with the same. So of course many of those of my own boomer generation, think he’s God’s gift. Fortunately I don’t fall into that category, instead preferring to see NZ move towards the future (the best way it can given present circumstances), not being held back by looking backwards into the mouldy old crypt of the past, which NZF is in its present form!

    Tracey Martin was the best thing to happen to NZF. But she’s gone now, more’s the pity.

  13. Any time I had for Winston evaporated after his treacherous appearance on Sky news Australias show Outsiders crawling to those 3 ignorant right wing fuckers who mock Mahuta’s moko, confuse weather with climate, trumpet the 501 policy, dump on our military and snigger at our accent.
    If you want to see who their fan base is check out the comments section on their Youtube channel.
    Disenchanted Trumpian bible belt rednecks who think Fox News has gone soft.

    • that was the icing on the cake for me, the pork barrel politics of his last tenure was just… sad.

  14. Battle of the egos, the worlds greatest princess vs the kiwi terminator. Both would swap their grannies for a mirror.

    • Really MFP?
      Jacinda is “the worlds greatest princess”.
      I’m assuming that your misogyny is directed at Ms Ardern? Or did you mean Nicola Willis?

      Are you yet another misogynistic right-whinger party acolyte like Eggstien or Donnarumma harassing women again?
      Didn’t the judge ban you from being on a computer?

      Did Mummy hurt you as a child? Did your first and last girlfriend laugh at your uncircumcised penis.
      Did a woman compare your to a 5 day old breakfast sausage that had been left out in the sun and even the starving local pussies wouldn’t even eat it?

      Either way, what’s your real name Moon Face Pratt?
      You really need some help with your misogyny MFP, and if you reply to me and print your real name, address and mobile number and I’ll text you a list of great therapists in your area.

      You’re welcome for your new pseudonym too, no royalties needed.

      • Michelle Judge - outing creepy, inadequate male attitudes towards women with a very strong magnifying glass

        Dear Moon Faced Pratt,
        I wrote:
        “Did a woman compare your to a 5 day old breakfast sausage …..?”
        I missed “your chode”, which is easy to do, I would imagine, with the run of cold, inclement weather we’ve been having in Aotearoa.

        You are, however MFP, in a very elite group of men with a chode and that is a group of 2.28% of the male population. Well done on your elitist views and your physical peculiarity. Good luck talking to women, with all that is going on for you MFP.

  15. Who said I am not a woman? How sexist can you get? Surely I am not the only lady in here who does not give her real name for obvious reasons?

  16. So worlds greatest princess is not a compliment? I know I wish I was one? Maybe Michelle is a bit too touchy and needs help? Is it because her goddess is failing badly? Poor lady.

  17. Fuck me! I just looked up the Dooms Day Clock!!
    We’re fucked because it’s at 100 seconds to Midnight!!

    So fuck up with talking about Climate Change!

  18. He looked very happy and healthy when I saw him on TV after the court case. Not tense, tweaking and tinctured red as he used to. He has definitely been of political use to the Left but overall he’s one 40 year sigh of long-sufferance for social democrats.

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