MEDIAWATCH: Ummmm, NZ on Air just gave Spinoff $160 000 to cover the local elections???


Wait – what the fuck?

The Spinoff, Local Elections 2022, up to $160,187 – a dedicated team of writers and contributors to cover the elections throughout the motu.

Very, very quietly, The Spinoff has been awarded $160,187 to cover the Local Elections?

Is this a very sick, very expensive joke?

Look, I love Efeso, we went to Uni together, he’d make an amazing Mayor, but sweet Jesus on a unicycle, how the hell is The Spinoff – who has post after fawning post loving Efeso while having angry post after angry post denouncing Leo getting Taxpayer money to cover the fucking elections?

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It’s like giving Cameron Slater $160000 to cover the general election, I mean sure, you could give Cam $160 000, but wouldn’t that just be a donation to the National Party?

The Spinoff have shat repeatedly on Leo – which is fine and dandy, let’s be clear, but you can’t then give them $160 000 to cover the elections, they’ve just shat all over one of the candidates while supporting another.

How the hell is NZ on Air just endlessly shitting gold bullion straight into the mouth of The Spinoff?

Again, no issues with The Spinoff attacking Leo and supporting Fes, that’s not the issue, but you can’t hand over $160 000 to a partisan media outlet and pretend that money is covering local fucking elections!

Despite this wonderfully aiding my mate Fes, this is just so outrageous!

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  1. This is all the left has got. Spin, spin, spin and hope <40yr old females remain naïve and base their vote of "feelz".

  2. But, the Spinoff is biases against non left parties…They (Spinoff) are stlll asking for money from their readers as well.

  3. I think they would have been better off giving the $160k to Newsroom. At least they can make a claim to be balanced!

  4. The only surprising thing is the surprise.
    Bought media bias is real, we all know it.
    Now investigate Newsroom funding and their constant anti farmer articles.
    And Stuffed for their government propaganda on any topic, both recipients of government silver I believe.

    The buying of media to toe Labours co governance line has also been well covered at The Platform.

    Buying undoubtedly favorable coverage for your chosen candidate with public money, it’s called corruption in other countries, as is inserting family members in to plum government contracts all over the place.

  5. Isn’t it obvious Martyn?
    The fix is in for local elections, by funding biased media.
    You know, just like the US election was arranged…

  6. The Spinoff may be known to favour Efeso, but that doesn’t mean the coverage itself would be biased.

      • What past experience of covering elections has there been? I think we need to distinguish between factual coverage and opinionated commentary.

  7. I think it’s an enormous compliment that the left wing media, and Labour, are so transfixed by me
    Clearly their polling is telling them that I’m #1 and I’m going to prevail in this contest
    I’m equally bemused that the same left wing media seem to ignore the fabricated road rage story described by Efeso last week

    • He’s pulled the same stunt twice. Worked once so why give it another go.

      Those of you fronting against the labour machine need to have a chat. A split vote does no one any favours.

      • Didn’t Duncan Grieve not just a week or so ago swear black and blue to The Platform he received stuff all NZoA funding!

    • ” Er Martyn, do you want money from NZ on Air??? Easy, just be like the Spinoff ”

      He needs the money but not that badly !

  8. Fortunately few follow Spinoff. Just unfortunate we have to gift money to them!

    Anyway, every judder bar I bounce over, every bicyclist who runs a red, every carpark lost to cycle lanes or bus lanes, and every street in the Auckland CBD used as a pseudo bus depot just reminds me to vote against the current regime!

  9. Wow that 2% Woke, really clean up with the government donations! Of course people rarely watch/reads spinoff and is actually turned off, by the majority of what they produce.

    It is criminal how much money Spinoff gets when they are just the younger woke sister of Granny Herald!

    Unless you are a trans, beneficiary or are a middle class, Grey Lynn 100 who suffers from a deep hatred of ones middle class identity with a side body/race/gender/class dysmorphic disorder, you probably don’t tune into the Spinoff.

    No wonder professional people are leaving. Many are tired of the same people who represent a tiny amount of support, getting the grants and money while heralding some woke ideal that will destroy society.

    Someone has to work a real job at the end of the day! (In Australia).

  10. I see the loathsome Chris Darby of Devonport is now an Auckland Council crime expert on the latest robberies/smash n grabs at New Lynn. His solution? “There’s a lot of multi-agency support that needs to be given and that’s for all of us to participate in”. Chris, get fucked, you tool! You give them a cuddle and wrap around blankets and what ever. To me that is why God created the big house, fella.

    Will the Spinoff come out in support of councillor Darby? You bet!

    Chance to rid ourselves of that pill once and for all come October! Let’s do it!

  11. “There’s a lot of multi-agency support that needs to be given and that’s for all of us to participate in”.

    translates as lots of govt funding and research grants to be had by me and my mates…not to mention bogus ‘community initiatives’


  12. Go NZ on Air. Redress the imbalance and even the playing field. Show those woke neo liberal gangsters that their money and flash media won’t work. Use their taxes against them and give power to the peopl… err .. private media company.

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