MEDIAWATCH: Good riddance to Susie Ferguson


Susie Ferguson steps into new role at RNZ

Susie Ferguson has chosen to leave her long-time role as Morning Report presenter in September to take up a new position created within RNZ as senior presenter and journalist.

Radio NZ’s fetish with female hosts who have an Irish accent continues.

Good. I’m glad she’s leaving Morning Report.

I never liked her.

It was 2014. Ferguson was interviewing Laila Harre in the wake of the release of Nicky Hagar’s Dirty Politics and Susie falsely claims that I handed Laila an early copy of the book and the insinuation is that the book is a set up against John Key by me, Nicky Hager and the Internet Party.

This is after RNZ had banned me for life for ‘defaming’ John Key.

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I immediately contacted RNZ and told them that of Ferguson didn’t issue an apology immediately for this lie then I would proceed with defamation action.

RNZ backed down the next day.

Unbeknownst to me, RNZs lie that I was involved was part of the Police allegation that I was Rawshark and led to the case I took against them after they breached my civil rights.

So yeah, good riddance to Susie Ferguson.

Kamahl Santamaria should replace Susie Ferguson on Morning Report just for the reaction.

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  1. I agree it’s good riddance to Suzie, but for different reasons.

    Her interviews always made clear who she liked and who she didn’t, and if she disagreed with their views. Which was a dis-service to the RNZ mandate and its listeners.

    • Agreed, she was sorely lacking in professional impartiality. And just plain obnoxious.

    • Key ? Horrible isn’t he, but you guys should have noted his damehood, awarded for being the archetypal pasty male who doesn’t even impress the clothes that he wears, just ignorant immigrants like himself.

  2. I lost a bit of respect for Susie, with her snide tone, and contempt in her voice over people having questions about the Government vaxx rollout.

    • Or when she tries to outdo Mad Dog Mary Wilson by pretending she’s doing a Hardtalk interview except the person she’s interviewing is the vicar’s wife talking about the annual church gala.

  3. Reading that old Scoop article is a reminder of what an absolute turd the Slime Minister of the time was.

    I think Adas comment is spot on.

  4. RNZ badly needs a refresh. Woke, relentless, no, obsessive for finding a Te Reo alternative name for everything, as a priority, a key performance indicator. Its proven difficult to listen to much less follow. What are their ratings?

    Their concern about news, not so much. Not at all.

    But Kamahl, yes, definitely!

  5. As a side issue here, any insinuation that Hager’s Hollow Men was a set-up against John Key is pretty dumb, and I think it suggests Susie is oblivious of the meticulous and painstaking research involved in reports like Hager’s; I return to his well-referenced work frequently, and have little patience with writers who emote and pontificate with little to support their views; Hager’s not one of these, he’s intelligent and not a narrative-twister at all.

    Susie might have just been being a bit of a cow, but all the same it’s weird. Any “ conspiracy” looks to me as if it could have come from Key himself; I think it was after the publication of Hager’s Dirty Politics that Key dubbed Hager a conspiracy theorist and the majority of the useless press chose to believe Key rather than addressing the substance of what was published.

    • Danger danger Will Robinson. A new spatial bubble is forming that scientists are labelling TDB2.0. Heavily influenced by the human ego, it’s apparently lacking in humility.
      Social scientists are busy studying whether or not to put it in the narcissist, sociopathic or psychopathic category. Research so far thankfully indicates that it doesn’t come anywhere near enough for psychopathy although they’re seriously concerned that image and the pre-programmed ambition towards the 15.75 minutes of fame are tipping the scales out of the narcissist towards the sociopath.
      Libraries around the motu have noticed an increase in numbers researching kinsprissy theories and Dale Carnegie’s “How to win Friends” (and be influencial) in the electronic age.
      Similarly, Unity books have noticed an uptick in males in walk shorts and bobby socks perusing the management theory section

  6. “and the insinuation is that the book is a set up against John Key by me, Nicky Hager and the Internet Party.”

    Unlike all the other pre election books by Hager. 😉 LOL

  7. Nothing wrong with a red head with a Scottish accent, even if she is one eyed!
    Funniest thing was her speaking to a reporter in Scotland exchanging greetings in Māori (with a Scottish accent) surely Gaelic their indigenous language would have been more appropriate?

    • Gaelic is one of two surviving indigenous languages of Scotland – the other is Scots (some call it a dialect of English, others a language). The kingdom of Scotland arose from the coalescence of four peoples – the Picts (whose language is now extinct), the Gaels of Dalriada, the Britons of Strathclyde, and the Anglosaxon kingdom of Bernicia in the southeast.

  8. ” Which was a dis-service to the RNZ mandate and its listeners ”

    No the mandate that Radio New Zealand pre 2008 had was an independent one and despite being criticised by the right that completely dominate the media landscape as ” red radio ” which it never was that independence changed dramatically when the then gangsters of the National , Maori , ACT , Peter Dunne government changed the board and the chief executive to ensure that the man who could walk on the Waitemata harbour saint John would face very little criticism or negative news stories and instead directed all their fury and anyone who was associated with the so called left.

    Over time all the right wing Nasty Natz supporters in the media took their appointments to RNZ from tv and elsewhere and demolished any opposition to the National , Maori , ACT . Peter Dunne government.

    That was the last bastion of independent radio before the advent of sites like TDB who unfortunately cant reach the numbers that MSM does more the pity.

    So I preserved wanting a New Zealand news perspective in the mornings and afternoons but it deteriorated along with the overt cover ups of Key’s corruption and that of his government after no change in post 2017 I stopped listening.

    I agree with the comments here about Ferguson but you have to remember that you are never going to get as lefties ( most of us on here ) any other perspective , fairness or impartiality listening to these talking heads.

    The only exception is Kim Hill who never fails to firmly push for the answers whoever the neo liberal spokesperson is when I used to tune in.

    • 2nd mention of Kim Hill
      Agree about both mentions. She has the only tuned and working, educated brain amongst all those other blathering young idiot interviewers.
      If I remember rightly, she graduated from university with an MA in German. Do we have something to learn from that?

      Maori are busily suggesting at the moment, from what I hear, that learning a second language is a big advantage, and adds to brain-power.
      Maybe Kim Hill is proof?

  9. Gosh the word Machiavellian comes to mind about this Martyn. A chocolate fish for everyone who manages to bring to light a current mach’ian example every day. Payment by fish in bottle. (Look out after high tide each day – one day your fish will come in.)

  10. Truth pushed hard as possible supports the (rational) people’s cause, sensationalist (by definition) short-termism supports the powerful. That’s a criticism of your manner.

    Don’t know why I put this here. Have very little to say about Ferguson, except I never had any objection to her. Can understand your objection to RNZ — it should be as wide as the world in its opinions and the whole of our media has killed dead the old Welfare State perspective.

  11. she did pretty well at picking up te reo but that was about it really. Still, liked her better than Dann – be interesting who they pair him with. A raging socialist I hope.

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