Wait, what? New woke Stasi knifed their own for woke crimes?

The National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

Anyone else feel a tad nervous about the Orwellian named National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism?

At a time of intense political polarisation, we face economic anxiety that is mixing the ingredients of political extremism and violence.

We need our Intelligence Apparatus to be using their vast powers with surgical precision, which is why the appointment of Professor Joanne Kidman has been so controversial.

Her previous woke activism on NZ Twitter shows an academic with extraordinarily brittle trigger threshold for what she proclaims as a hate crime.

She lambasted the Auckland University for calling their Cat Governor Grey (because you know, heteronormative white cis male patriarchy) and started a cancellation of Trelise Cooper for what the Professor alleged was cultural appropriation of a Native American In dian genocidal forced march.

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The idea of putting someone who sees hate crime every time they blink in charge of a unit that will be helping direct the Eye of Mordor upon us is deeply concerning, but then we find this out…

PM’s terrorism, extremism expert Prof Richard Jackson hired then dropped

A top-flight academic selected for a key national security appointment was quietly let go weeks after he was meant to start in the role after an unrelated media story raised concerns

…wait, WHAT?

Just as the team directing the Eye of Mordor are put together, a damning report gets suddenly spun out into the public?

AT THE EXACT TIME as positions were being appointed?

I’m glad Comrade Trotter has noticed the same thing.

The lead person being appointed is suddenly smeared with allegations of crimes against woke dogma and then the most triggered and most socially active in woke lynchings becomes appointed?

I thought this whole National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism was highly questionable just in the appointment of Professor Joanne Kidman, finding out her predecessor was shanked for not being woke enough makes the whole thing way more frightening.

We need an Intelligence Apparatus focused on legitimate threats of political violence with the resources to immediately move against those threats, what we do not need is a State sanctioned enemies list of everyone the tragically woke feel triggered by.

This ahhh, this needs some inquiry.


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  1. ther name is redolent of the burroughs/bowie cut up method…write buzzwords on a stack of cards, throw ’em on the floor and see what appears.

    • I think it sounds even more appropriate if we change “national” to “peoples” so we get the full stasi effect :
      “ Peoples Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism”

      Perfect fit.

        • Tui. Nope. “People’s Centre For Extremism and Monitoring Ladies’ Frocks and the names of Academic Pussy Cats”.

          • @KCC and Pip how about
            People’s Centre for Frocks, University Cats, Kidman, Witch-hunts and Incensed Tweeting.

            I can see the acronym on a business card.

            • Tui. Brillliant. Only problem is my sincerely held belief that the woman is a either a total nutter, or a case of arrested development. Plus a bully. Maybe:

              “People’s Centre for Bullying, Frocks, University Cats, Kidmanised Tweeting, Twerping, Twitching Excellence.”

              That’ll need to be popped into Te Reo or that vet chappie running VUW might cry – he’s already spent a fortune trying to rebrand all over the place.

  2. How can anybody be surprised by this? The woke tumour has metastisized in the Greens and to a slightly lesser extent Labour.
    Nothing can save the Greens now and only a massive electoral defeat MIGHT save Labour.
    As Johnny Rotten said, the right used to be the authoritarians looking to police everyone. Now it’s the left.
    The one thing I like about Seymour is that he wants to largely leave me the fuck alone, which is why I was so annoyed when be supported the mandates.
    The biggest shame over the mandates is that no politicians were assassinated because of them.

    • using left and right to make a point is err pointless – it’s now called the spectrum – you are either on it or you aren’t. the thing about libertarianism is that it’s all live and let live until someone loses a golf ball.

    • Jays you are off tap there- a politician killed in NZ would be a terrible thing and absolutely no one would be better off.
      God forbid.
      Where did all the common sense and common ground go?

      • Beg to differ.
        When a Government universally agrees to suppress basic human rights such as the right to decide what does and does not get injected in your body, then having a few or all of the MPs shot would send a powerful message that they might actually listen to.
        Goodness knows they paid no attention whatsoever to the cries of anguish from the parliament grounds protesters.

        • With posts like that you can be certain your now on a few public servants lists. Your right to spread disease had to be balanced against your grandmothers right to get her groceries without getting sick and dying. Admittedly some of the restrictions may have gone a bit far, but we were dealing with delta and an vaccinated population and a lot less information to make our decisions with. Besides its not like they held you down and banged you up with it, you had and made your choice. Hardly a scenario worth shooting anyone over, just move on and enjoy life.

          • Undoubtedly I am on some public servant’s watch list, despite having done nothing wrong. It just goes to show you how corrupt the security apparatus is.
            A right is not a right if it can be suspended.
            I can guarantee that plenty of people who demanded people shut up and take the vaccine are pro-choice for abortion.
            Principles aren’t principles if you change them when scared.

    • The left and right are exactly the same type of sociopath; just the uniforms vary.

      While self describing oneself as a fascist will get a person widely banned and even arrested in some countries, the same is not true for calling yourself a communist. Apparently the 100 million dead at the hands of communists in the 20th doesn’t count.

      • oh and your trying to say spooks don’t keep tabs on lefties and none have ever bin fitted up….it’s got bells on son.

  3. Now do you see why I can’t vote for the current left?
    If this is what passes for left I only have two choices:
    1- Vote ACT or far right.
    2- Don’t bother voting for anyone.
    What a complete crock of shit.

    • Winston Peters could come back, and keep an eye on TOP. But no way vote these clowns back. Kidman apart – and giving academia a trash reputation – the axing of the Commissioner for Children should see these reprobates kicked out of Parliament for good, as should their insane predilection for putting questionable and incompetent dingbats into important positions. Stuff them.

    • Maybe some time in the future it will be revealed that the left were penetrated by Righties pretending to be Woke..

      It is just about that level of idiocy.

    • oh come on – a few tax dollars dished out to placate the disaffected and it’s back to the chardonnays. it’s westminster politics we’re talking about here, not some egalitarian society for high roads travellers.

      speaking of roads and potholes – been doing some high k’s lately and have done 2 wheel bearings and a tyre – anyone done an analysis on wheel bearing and tyre imports with regards to the road toll? or is it global warming and cheap bitumen? or private contractors? or monopoly operators? or waka kotahi incompetence? all of the above?

      • all of the above. with the closure of the refinery NZ no longer has access to affordable quality reliable bitumen. Meghan Woods take a bow!

    • I’ll be voting ACT purely for the reason to get rid of this sick hate speech bullshit.
      But yeah, I agree regarding having no good options.

  4. It’s worse that that, because Prof Kidman was appointed to select the candidates and had done interviews with the lead candidate, that she suddenly took the job at the mid/end of interview period and decided to apply for the job herself!

    And at the same time, there was suddenly a leaked document that came to the committee’s attention.

    It gets worse and worse Prof Kidman has an appalling record of division on Twitter, then somehow gets on a committee appointing for a terrorism, extremism expert but then takes the job herself with no experience apart from being a bit of an extremist herself.

    With tweets like, “Settler/coloniser, we are your worst nightmare. And coming soon to a university near you.”

    I guess that means Jacinda, Chloe and Grant need to go. What universe is Labour on when they appoint through a flawed process, someone so divisive in this type of role?

    If you see what has happened in the US, that sort of person is going to help create division and civil war in NZ.

        • XstraightXedgeX. “Teenage brain,” absolutely. This is Mao’s China according to Joanna, when the adolescents could be the most destructive revolutionaries and wreak terrible havoc in undeserving citizens’ lives. Her attack on pretty creative successful dress designer Trelise Cooper wasn’t just mean girl speak, it was chillingly primitive.

          Lock her in a room with James Baxter and Shakespeare. That’ll learn the silly bint. Is that hate speech?

    • “with no experience apart from being a bit of an extremist herself.”
      @SaveNZ Perhaps she is the candidate with the most experience in extremism. The Woke admonish us “to do the work” and clearly she has been.

      • Maybe she can run Settler/coloniser Jacinda, Grant and Chloe out of parliament, so that less white candidates like Paula Benefit (Tainui), Simon Bridges, Ngāti Kinohaku and Winston Peters, Ngāti Wai, can take their woke rightful place leading the country.

        • I see what you mean but it’s about confessing the faith more than being one of the sanctified identities (ideally both).

          One forfeits the sanctified Identity Card for wrong-think so anyone that is not ideologically woke is white-adjacent or thinking-white (actual terms).
          Therefore Paula Bennett, Simon Bridges and Winston Peters along with their internalised oppression are out.

          On the flip side despite their sin of white privilege, Jacinda, Grant and Chloe may be able to stay if they are sufficiently woke or advance woke causes. So they get to stay for a few more cycles of the purity spiral till they are found wanting and morally deficient. Probably for disallowing a Hector’s dolphin entry into the swim team for 2024, bigoted cetaceanophobes!

      • You appear to have hit the nail on the head to use a maleist term Tui. The person in contention appears to be a ‘has been’ and fits within my marked down criteria of using 20th century methods and thinking when nearly all from that century has failed. Labour is only using approaches from the failed lucky dip because they are a lacklustre lot and though having searched the net for some useful positive policy approaches to the various continuing sensitivities and grievances, they have run out of time. One of their aids/aides has been eyes down over the computer but unsuccessful. She/he/they thought they were told to spend time pouring over the computer and have come up with a soggy mess and ruined the keyboard. What a bunch of jerks/jerkesses.

    • Savenz Agree. Some of Kidman’s cheaps resemble a fourth former trying to look clever, but from an academic at tertiary level, they are unbelievable. I can’t think of academics I’ve known in other disciplines being as trite, and nor would they have had the time to cavort around on social media. I think that disturbing or threatening others as an HOD should be raised as a bullying issue with her employer.

      • Yep you have to wonder, Dr Kidman is a very polarising individual, there are claims that her accounts of history are misleading, and her (one) research project into indigenous children is about how they engage with science knowledge in their classrooms. (Also controversial).

        It is unclear how Dr Kidmans CV has somehow got herself into hiring and then placing herself into the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism.

        Most people would prefer someone heading research excellence to actually have some research excellence into countering violent extremism or at least a defence background.

        I’m pretty sure that indigenous children are not NZ’s terrorist issue so shouldn’t the government try to get people who have knowledge of actual terrorism to recruit and run the committee?

        If they are looking for a Maori knowledge, maybe someone like Rongowhitiao Maaka (Ron Mark) who faced significant obstacles in his life (foster care), been a Major in the NZ defence force and also in politics…. There are plenty of more qualified people in this area that also support the woke co-governance model and are much more likely to get a good result and respect in the role.

  5. You keep telling funny stories just to keep us awake Martyn. The above could never happen, it is just too foolish and poorly thought out. Judgment of personal behaviour in these trying and unhappy times along with a great likelihood of people taking extreme attitudes and actions would say to anyone with powers that this is not appropriate or the right time to be considering sweeping change. And also behaviour that would be damaging, rabble-rowsing, fuelled by rotten minded people on the internet who are totally uncaring and desiring trouble and attention and drama — the situation appals me. Can’t be true – can it?

  6. I thought we had passed this inflammable, reckless,irresponsible, scapegoating stage. In some countries they stone people to death, males as well as females, for upsetting norms and rules especially relating to sex.

    This in NZ in 1984 – western educated with state paid education.!
    In February 1984, Thompson, then a lecturer at Auckland University, was abducted, threatened to have his penis cut off,[2] and left tied to a tree in an Auckland park wearing a sign labelling him a rapist. The abduction was allegedly staged by a feminist action group based at the University following an accusation by one of his ex students. [3]Thompson vigorously denied the accusation, admitting he had an affair with the ex student but claiming it was consensual. The abduction imitates the plot of a stage play Setting the Table by Renée, a friend of Thompson. Thompson had acted as dramaturg at the workshopping of the play. The incident made headlines for some time[4] and had a major impact on Thompson’s career, with protests at many performances of his solo show Coaltown Blues. The controversy inspired the novel The Shag Incident by Stephanie Johnson, published in 2002.[5]

    2016 https://thespinoff.co.nz/books/15-09-2016/the-mervyn-thompson-affair-he-was-bitter-angry-

    https://www.playmarket.org.nz/playwrights/mervyn-thompson/ Mervyn Thompson 1935 – 1992

  7. The sad thing is all these woke task forces are costing a bomb, leading to more division, continually more and more people into little nazi empires, not delivering what they are supposed to do for the vulnerable customers they are supposed to help.

    Look at State housing. They are destroying something very positive with these growing woke idiots running everything through woke and neoliberal construction eyes. NZ Construction is a basket case, they can’t even build a road and when they do, it can be the most expensive in the world, just like our houses and our mystery Gib.

    Who would have thought that construction costs might get out of hand, when run through woke and neoliberal idiots looking to make massive profits?????

    Government faces 60-year debt blowout after building costs explode

    “A leaked document from the Ministry for Housing and Urban Development shows that spiralling construction costs have led to a debt blowout at Kāinga Ora, with fears the Government will be unable to completely repay the increase in debt over the next 60 years.

    The document, dated June 17, says Kāinga Ora is “investigating” cost-cutting measures such as pausing a programme to improve heating in homes or retrofitting old homes with improvements that make them accessible to people with disabilities. Officials said the ideas might result in some “cost savings” but they will not address the root cause of the blowouts.

    National’s housing spokesman Chris Bishop said the document shows Kāinga Ora has become a “basket case”.

    “In the last four years they’ve spent $24m on their own office renovations, hired 1700 official staff and these documents show they’re planning on hiring an additional 485 in 2023 alone,” he said.”

    COMMENT – Can anyone stop fucking Kainga Ora hiring more people – they have hired more staff than deliverer houses! Can someone stop them renovating more and more offices for themselves and start fucking organising state housing and getting some rents in?

    But nope, guess what, they are taking the budget from the most vulnerable and being the most hypocritical (as usual), “The document, dated June 17, says Kāinga Ora is “investigating” cost-cutting measures such as pausing a programme to improve heating in homes or retrofitting old homes with improvements that make them accessible to people with disabilities.”

    Ok cutting the warm, dry houses they have spent 10+ years obsessing about and stopping housing for disabled then! Fuck me!

    Not just State Housing, same thing with Auckland Council, also run by woke/neoliberals, and also spending up big on their premises. Auckland Council has more and more staff while going into debt and cutting services to the rate payers!

    This woke Terrorism group has been set up to fail and for the same reasons as the above, the people at the top are in it for themselves, stupid, bullying and totally out of touch with the rest of the population.

    Too many task forces with people who don’t know anything and are a danger to the organisations they head and people they represent!

    • Thanks savenz we have to keep exposing ourselves to the freezing cold winds of present politics and administration, can’t be called government as that would be dirtying that word which we want to keep intact in its positive meaning. We have to be case-hardened so we know what we are up against.

  8. Extremely suspicious stuff, aimed at a decent, responsible man like Dick Jackson. This ‘woke’ garbage is never more than a sneaky cover to pinkwash or greenwash the enemy’s genocidal ambitions.

  9. I’m strongly opposed to setting up such an organisation. But there is something I’m not sure anyone has mentioned, and maybe its just too obvious.

    It is the terrifying idea of a government setting up a quasi truth commission in which one of the targets is the so-called misinformation of those opposing itself; its policies, actions, decisions and utterances.

    This goes beyond misjudgment, beyond hubris, and enters right into the belly of the Orwellian beast.

    And what strikes me about appointing someone so dramatically unsuited especially in preference to the wise, level-headed, and self -reflective Richard Jackson, is how easily manipulated an already – looking for a polite word here – compromised appointee could be (assuming the stories about her are correct, including the apparently shady circumstances around her application and appointment).

    • What Now. Totally agree. Axing the independent Commissioner for Children and incredibly, replacing them with public servants from a second-rate government department is also part of this draconian scenario.

  10. Turns out the explanation for Jackson being stabbed in the back is a lot simpler than it initially looked.

    The bloke the shills are putting in his place, Professor Paul Spoonley, is a really nasty piece of work. He’s the sicko who wrote the questions for that silly ‘antisemitism survey’ from back in March that defined anyone who agreed “Israel is committing mass murder” or “Israel is an apartheid state”, which anyone with a fragment of moral fibre agrees are factual statements, as antisemitic. He also defined anyone who disagreed that ‘Israel’ had the right to deny non-Jewish Palestinians democratic rights in their indigenous land as antisemitic.

    He’s far more extreme than anyone this so-called excellence centre would be writing long academic papers about.

  11. Kidman’s a classic vulnerable narcissist … a financially-privileged & ruthlessly ambitious opportunist playing the role of eternal victim.

    She has displayed a tendency in her tweets to turn on her academic colleagues at the drop of a hat & allege ‘marginalisation’. She knows she has a ready-made audience among the affluent, fantasist Woke Pakeha activist cadre, imbued, as they are, with a highly paternalistic ‘Noble Savage’ Romanticism & a deeply deluded sense of themselves as heroic rescuers.

    The Woke are an absolute perversion of what the Left was always about.

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