Political extremism in NZ is a real threat, that’s why Professor Kidman’s crowdsourced enemies list isn’t a solution

The threat of extremism to NZ is too important for virtue signalling appointments. 


The new National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (aka The Ministry of Truth) has had woke activist Professor Kidman appointed as chief witch hunter.

The advice from the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism will be used by the Government and Intelligence Apparatus to focus the mass surveillance Eye of Mordor on any deemed a threat.

The problem with  Professor Kidman’s appointment is that we already have a clear track record from her Twitter activism as to the Professor’s very brittle definitions of hate crimes.

Her criticism of the Listener 7 scientists, her criticism of Auckland University naming their cat after a ‘colonial mass murderer’ and her infamous cancelling of Trelise Cooper for a ‘genoicde dress’ suggest a very micro aggression policing wokeness that finds everyone guilty of something.

Who will the Professor add to her enemies list and will it be places like The Daily Blog who have challenged her?

We already know woke activists have used SWATTING tactics to attack Rachel Stewart, will there be a nark line established for the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism so woke activists can crowdsource an enemies list for Professor Kidman?

Put aside the easily triggered thresholds of our woke comrades, the truth is we are seeing an explosion of dangerous radicalism in NZ.

There seems to be a disconnect between the way Trevor Mallard and Labour mishandled the Parliament Lawn protests and the sudden explosion of predictable radicalisation.

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Newshub reports that threats against the Prime Minister have tripled in 3 years.

Violent political extremism is a real threat in NZ now thanks to social media hate algorithms, pandemic mental health trauma and economic insecurity,  I believe there is a 50-50 chance of political violence by fringe elements before the 2023 election which is why any advice going to the SIS or GCSB must be well targeted.

Professor Kidman’s list of threats will be so long and never ending, she will remove attention from the real extremist threats to our democracy.

The threat of extremism to NZ is too important for virtue signalling appointments.

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  1. If what you’re saying is that Kidman is as frivolous as Trelise Cooper’s ethereal frock, then I agree 100%. I find it hard to believe that she criticised the name of a cat, a disproportionate response to the footprints of history unrelated to the realities of contemporary societal problems, suggesting to me that she’s out of her depth. No surprises there, but an intellectual lightweight as she seems to be could cause trouble that nobody needs, but which she seems to like doing. I thought that she was just trying to look intelligent, but am now querying whether she’s part of some diversionary or divisive political tactic.

    • @Snow White

      An intellectual lightweight like Kendi, professor and multimillion dollar author of “How to be an anti-racist” who is unable to define “racism”
      Who doesn’t notice an obvious flaw in the “white privilege” narrative

      The sad reality is that large swathes of western academia are now populated by lightweights where success is not based on intellectual rigour but alignment with a very specific kind of ideological nonsense.

      “but am now querying whether she’s part of some diversionary or divisive political tactic.”
      Yes and yes

      • Tui. I believe that at Victoria University, Wgtn, now, staff in the Indigenous Studies Dept( or whatever it’s called) know that they can’t query anything without being accused of racism, and I’m talking about staff and, I think, post-grads, not students. I believe that their HOD is aware of this.

        I see Kidman as socially disruptive ( and a pain in the butt), but perhaps more importantly she has the potential to be a giant-sized nuisance to the bona fide security services – SIS, police etc- who do the real work in keeping society safe and free from harm – and whose responsibilities are legally bound. They’re the ones who we hang out to dry whenever something goes wrong – while the tedious media morons zip off to their handpicked academics for predictable comments.

        Meanwhile, Rome burns, kids live in sheds.

        • so snowy you ‘believe’ something about a dept you don’t actually know the name of….well I’m convinced by such a cogent and well thought out post…

  2. “social media hate algorithms, pandemic mental health trauma and economic insecurity”
    All things when inflicted on a population have entirely predictable social consequences.

    To make a prediction Kidman is the perfect ideological zealot for these times, a stooge who will discourage questioning of neoliberal cause and effect and blame the people themselves. She will deflect from actual power structures and frame genuine grievance not as expressions of economic or social insecurity, but in identitarian terms such as patriarchy, white supremacy, toxic masculinity or cis-heteronormativity.

    In doing so she will help set ordinary people against each other by divide and conquer, justifying the state taking more control while doing little or nothing to help the material well being of most.

    In a few years time when today’s gathering economic and geopolitical storms have passed and she has demonstrated the ineffectual even counterproductive nature of her ideology, she will be removed from office with a taxpayer funded retirement. Underlying power structures will remain unchanged, we hope you enjoyed your circus show.

    • “a stooge who will discourage questioning of neoliberal cause and effect”

      She is NOT Neo-liberal, she is on Team Woke Left. You old skool Lefties need to take ownership of your part in this sh!@ show.

      “In a few years time when today’s gathering economic and geopolitical storms have passed”

      We have now entered the killing phase of Climate Disaster, what makes you believe this is a passing storm? There is no coming back from this. Prepare accordingly.

      • “She is NOT Neo-liberal, she is on Team Woke Left.”
        I agree she is Team Woke Left and sufficiently immersed in the ideology that she doesn’t qualify as a “useful idiot”. I didn’t say she was a neo-liberal I said she was a stooge, meaning a puppet for neo-liberal concerns.

        “You old skool Lefties need to take ownership of your part in this sh!@ show.”
        Please elaborate, we’re not all cultural marxists and not all cultural marxists are woke.

        “what makes you believe this is a passing storm?”
        I might be optimistic here, at a minimum I think collapse of globalisation and famine conditions effecting more than 1 billion are on the cards.
        However my point was Kidman is one distraction among many while we transition to a post-globalised system, keeping the focus on “cultural theatre” rather than poverty, broader conflicts, economics and geopolitical restructuring etc.

    • Entirely possible Tui but scary. If one tries tallking, explaining, to closed minds even if they are prepared to listen, and the explanation just adds fuel to their fire. In these moments of despair I tend to think what would Chinese General Sun Tzu have done? He came up with many ideas, and made the point that if the mind is open enough to imagine and plot some new course you can be a winner. I hope we will find a way through all the prosaic moans and groans of observers not thinkers. Politics as a sporting contest, doesn’t just confine itself to one arena, it spills into the streets, homes and hearts and when it goes bad it’s horrid.

      (Put fellow-workers in place of ‘soldiers’ and that is the spirit hard times ahead will need.)
      Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.
      Sun Tzu
      Benjamin Franklin Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.

  3. Don’t be silly Martyn.

    This Government is only capable of hollow virtue signaling appointments based on the most base kind of political cronyism.

    Will the real Left wing please stand up?

    • Off White. But now that they have blatantly set up their bizarre Ministry of Truth, and hijacked a university to do so, they have revealed their hand a bit too soon, and they need to be shown the door, politely. Deal with the next wave as it comes.

      • The Government’s new Ministry of Truth, Mahi Minita Mo Te Whakamamae Me Nga Korero Pohehe, everything sounds better in Te Reo. 😉

        • Richard S. That’s all very well, but I was going to buy orange-coloured citrus fruit with tacky little labels stuck on, naming it only in Te Reo, but as it was a word with which I am not acquainted, and I value both the taste and the reputation of my marmalade, I declined to buy it.

          • You are very correct, almost everyone can understand what the Transport Agency, Housing New Zealand & Ministry for Children do (it’s in the name) but can easily be confused by Waka Kotahi, Kāinga Ora, Oranga Tamariki. Renaming things can easily be use to obscure the truth or hide the function.

            Ministry of Truth – Manatū Mo Te Whakamamae Me Nga Rūkahu?

            • Richard S. Just wait until the cruise liners start revisiting the capital city, and those foreign tourists trying to master English as a second language find that it’s a Te Reo city, that’ll learn them. At least they won’t have to worry about trying to read their bus destinations as the buses are largely invisible, but they will have lovely rainbow pedestrian crossings if they have to slog it by foot, Wellington being the greatest and windiest little LGBTQ friendly city north of the last one.

  4. Any analysis of extremisim has to start at the centre of power. We have extreme ideologies and technologies and “solutions ” being generated from the centre of the global western establishment, well above the heads of elected “democratic” leaders. Their agenda is prosaic – stay high and wealthy and in power while everything else collapses. And we see this extremism as the policies and technologies being exacted on our populations from far above without any input or directive from the people – digital currencies, elite serving carbon systems, digital passports, mass surveillance, mandated mass injections. Their extremism is open, in highpowered groups and forums across the world, including the World Economic Forum and its spin offs, the IMF, WHO. You can easily find it without going down a single “conspiracy hole” – it’s their own publishing. They plainly are designing and edging and coercing towards a global western totalitarian system, for our collective good. But it is not considered a discussion deemed fit for mass media coverage to the people.
    Opposing this is not radical extremism. It’s basic self-defence.

  5. This is sounding very similar to that famous German party organiser by the name of Gobbles or something?
    The guy that run the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment. If that’s what it is. Does the role come with a uniform? Hugo Boss does a line in that type of job. Boots, ridding crop and all!

    • Grey Warbler. “Who or which human algorithm “? It could be that in fact Kidman is a bot controlled by an algorithm herself. This could explain her being triggered by a cat apparently being named after a mass murderer, even more so when a multitude of cats are mass murderers themselves, making it a not inappropriate moggy moniker. A real person would know all this, but an algorithm-controlled bot mightn’t.

      The Te Rauparaha swimming complex being called after a mass murderer who “ slaughtered man, woman, girl and boy… no gentle arts for him had any worth, bloodshed was his delight without alloy” * before he banqueted upon them, is the sort of name which I’d object to if I were a sociologist, but an algorithm-controlled bot mightn’t. This is a public recreation centre where family groups gather, and not only is a name commemorating such a violent man wrong, but the savagery of this particular mass murderer could give children nightmares, and it appears very inappropriate naming to me.

      A.W. Reed’s ‘ Dictionary of Maori Place Names’ also lists a few namings which could be of concern to a sociologist, but which would be beyond the scope of a bot functioning according to an algorithm. The algorithms governing GP’s hospital referrals are patently inadequate, so expecting any better elsewhere may be unrealistic.

      *Arnold Wall. A Century of New Zealand’s Praise. XX1X. Te Rauparahara

  6. What these wokesters don’t seem to grasp is that their self righteous attitude and desire to have everyone all into line with their woke beliefs is actually causing more societal stress/division and pushing people into actually becoming pissed off with the causes continually proclaimed by the woke cult as being unquestionable.

    If you keep telling some broke white guy who is barely getting by that he has “white privilege” don’t be surprised when this guy pushes back

  7. So! I hope that she can jump on to this pronto with her Stasi units! All dressed up in their slick Hugo Boss uniforms and boots and riding crop!

    These guys really are crazy!

    “Texas Republicans also voted to declare homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice” and gender identity disorder a “genuine and extremely rare mental health condition,” as well as to have schoolchildren “learn about the humanity of the preborn child.”

  8. Professionals making dresses and university professors are the new middle class targets of woke hate crime government appointed investigators that the government seems to be addicted to.

    Don’t solve the problem, appoint another lot of extreme committee members to spew out soundbites to terrify the middle class populous. These woke groups don’t worry about rooting out the next Tarrant or Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen because semantic crimes from Trelise are (in their minds) the real problem and they are attacking the middle class going about their jobs as being the true enemy, and literally the opposite of what they should be doing for social harmony. It really has become a George Orwell & Kafka situation.

    Then government don’t seem to wonder why professionals don’t see a working future here and are leaving in droves even the incoming are 501’s don’t want to be here either, as NZ seems to be becoming a criminal and poverty dumping ground and even the school kids are deemed too racist to protest about climate change via the woke kids spokespeople.

    NZ should be an incredible country and it’s a shame that it’s being destroyed deliberately into a low wage economy, a hatred of freedom of speech and laissez-faire crime becoming the norm, fuelling greater poverty, division and victimisation.

    Growing social disarray around casual and serious crime, while bizarrely it’s hard to get police to solve and investigate many crimes as it’s no longer much of a priority such as stealing, drug smuggling, fraud and identity theft. When people can easily loose what they worked so hard for, it becomes very disheartening to live here.

    The lack of resources and urgency for traditional crime is at odds with the prethora of funding for all the woke witch hunt and surveillance groups and so called leaders who seem to have plenty of hate to pet causes, and possibly should be dobbing themselves in.

    Police talk about community involvement but part of that, surely is stopping people committing illegal acts before adding more task force groups and more fines and taxes, while adding in new task forces that see terrorism in a dress and have made the government, government departments and even the police force more akin to a woke mockery.

    • saveNZ We can’t blame the police for the laws passed by government – and policing had always been with the consent of the people, which isn’t a concept dreamed up by Andrew Coster.

      Our concern here has to be the antagonism of government towards professionals and experts more achieved and qualified than lack-lustre politicians with woolly qualifications from second-rate institutions, such as with PM Ardern’s inexplicable rejection of the Office of the Commissioner for Children. This could be because the Commissioner for Children has been doing their job so well, and that this discomforts self-protective politicians – that’s a benign explanation anyway, but it’s still not good enough.

    • if you’re going to make literary allusions snz
      winston smith had actually committed thought crime
      joseph k had done nothing

  9. richard thanks for the link all it proves is boss snr was a nazi supporter it says nothing about the ‘design work’ because there wasn’t any as I said procurement had to adhere to strict ‘patterns’ even more so with the pedantic chicken farmer himmler.


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