MEDIAWATCH: Stuff double down demanding more blood for Santamaria

New TVNZ Woke sitcom, 'two and a half pronouns'.

‘I warned him’ – Kamahl Santamaria’s former co-host tells of years of harassment

Days before he left the Al Jazeera news network in Qatar for a new life hosting TVNZ’s Breakfast, Kamahl Santamaria sent a final text to his former co-anchor.

“That’s what she said,” the text read – a reference to the sexually-themed ‘joke’ flogged time and again by actor Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott, in the US version of The Office.

It hasn’t been a great month for Stuff.

Plummeting subscriptions requiring a new brand caused by a sense they are nothing more than a corporate woke social engineering cancel culture club for middle class aesthetics coupled with the Amber Heard trial result that the B-E-L-I-E-V-E all women moment has passed would be greatly upsetting for the woke at Stuff.

Luckily they have Kamahl Santamaria to keep holding up as a recreational sex fiend to keep selling papers.

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You’ll remember the last Broadcaster Stuff went Harvey Weinstein on was of course Martin Devlin whom they insinuated as having ‘inappropriate behaviour’ with a female staff member. Turns out that ‘inappropriate behaviour’ was Devlin dressing down a jumped up female staff member who was shitting on NZME while on the news room floor.

Of course Stuff didn’t tell anyone that was what the ‘inappropriate behaviour’  was because, you know, patriarchy, so they smeared Devlin and goaded him into a suicide attempt.

How charming.

Now it’s Santamaria’s turn.

TVNZ staff were angry he had been appointed without their agreement and wanted him gone. One version of events has Santamaria saying something offensive about the Israeli Defence Force after they assassinated his Aljazeera work colleague Shireen Abu Akleh and this comment has been manufactured into ‘inappropriate behaviour’ which was then flooded with other anonymous sources who said he tried to kiss a work colleague on the cheek and messaged someone from an instagram account that has a lot of females on it.

I’m not joking, these are his ‘crimes’.

Without knowing what Santamaria actually said, all that’s happened is a journalist with 16 years experience has had his reputation destroyed by a TVNZ News room who were angry he had been appointed in the first place because as glorified $250 000 autocue readers, they have the RIGHT to decide who gets hired.

Meanwhile the Stuff Lynch mob howls for more blood.

I can’t tell the difference between a Sensible Sentencing Trust Lynch mob and a Woke Lynch mob operating out of Stuff any longer.

Can you?

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  1. he was happy enough to take a salary for working in the NZmedia with the wokeness that entails so don’t bitch when it happens to you, so TVNZ cannibalise there own paid propagandists….quelle surprise.

    how exactly he and his boss got to be APPOINTED is the story here.

  2. I dont know about you, but if I emailed a woman I worked with and told her she ‘sexy AF’, I would be out as well.

  3. The ‘stuff,’ vigilante lynchmobster
    Statsi hit team haven’t butchered a man for a while so they’ve collectively bubbles-up a storm!

    The which hunters are heating up the cauldron to broil a brown bloke just to get off.

    I guess those muddle class wifies don’t get much these days from their ole man who they’ve castrated and a bit bored with their ‘dinner’ nights with ‘friends’ from the outer burbs.

    Oh how life is so hard for them in the CBD with no one to look at out the window.

    • sumsuch. Maybe not. It’s how the daughter wants to be treated which is important – fathers need to butt out and be ready to whizz back if necessary – generations differ.

      • Fair enough. Treated as you’d like to be treated can be nebulous. I think a lot of our respect for attractive women is down to having daughters rather than principles gathered from phee-losophising.

        • But deers there’s a thing called fellow feeling, the basis of democracy, that comes from personal interactions mostly. See how the old go rotten in retirement for the rich from lack of interaction.

  4. Shouldn’t this be a private employment matter? Unless he committed a crime isn’t it an employment issue that should be kept confidential.


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