MEDIAWATCH: Does Stuff’s revamp seem desperate?


Isn’t all this revamp of Stuff a tad desperate?

Independent thinkers?


The wokest of the woke?

Independent thinkers?


It’s not a NZ on Air funded social engineering megaphone?


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You get the feeling that Stuff have lost a lot of subscribers because they are perceived to be very woke and in the pocket of elites.

They certainly don’t come across as independent thinkers.

They beg their readers for subscriptions and then reflect the world view of the loudest Identity Politics factions within those subscriptions.

Their weird interactive pamphlet proclaiming their brilliance misses that time they goaded a broadcaster into suicide, their appalling coverage of the Dumb Lives Matters protest and that time their lifestyle Editor went on that rant about gay furniture and free speech.

I like this one…

…you mean like a column where the feminist writer proclaims men are biologically set as rapists?

She argues that men and women are biologically different and that rape is somehow hard-wired into some males.

Could you imagine a male claiming women are biologically hard-wired to give birth and that is the totality of their existence?

The entire Stuff editorial line is to appease their angry woke readers.

Follow no one?

Have you seen their crazy twitter woke Lynch mob?

They follow you and burn you from the face of the planet for breaches of middle class dogma!

I think Stuff’s NZ on Air funded identity politics and social engineering editorial policy is deeply alienating and male readers are walking away in droves which is why Stuff are suddenly publishing interactive pamphlets defending their content and pretending to be independent.

I like how desperate it smells.

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  1. Stuff being both free and (unfortunately) relatively wide read has a greater responsibility, I would argue, than most media to present a diversity of views and challenge centres of power (which 100% includes woke-soaked institutions and views).

    Instead, it is utter filth. Beyond garbage. It is identity politics infested sewer-water that has almost single-handedly destroyed once reputable papers and professional, objective journalism. I hold it responsible for a great part of the cluster fuck that is media, slush funds, public debate, and social engineering in NZ. I would love to see it simply, disappear.

    • It’s a great comfort to me now that I never gave them a cent. A few years ago they were my go to for NZ domestic news.

      Unbelievable & shameful hypocrisy from an organisation that blocks any comments that strongly disagree with their editorial lines.

  2. ” independent thinker’s ” what a hoot ! they really believe their bullshit.

    We are all independent thinkers when it suits to label us ” independent ” to suit their own means and agenda.

    They are sounding more and more like politicians’ during an election campaign.

  3. Yes I noticed their inclusive multicoloured STUFF banner had been changed to black & white and wondered what was going on? Must be feeling threatened by The Daily Blog.

  4. Independent is as comical as the extremist group at VUW describing itself as a centre of excellence. Hopeless self-serving poppycock.

  5. Yes what absolute bollocks.
    Black is white, up is down and the trite institutionalized woke clowns at stuff are all about independent thought.
    I’m sure there is a growing awareness in certain media circles that they have lost the room, so yes desperation for sure.
    What there hasn’t been though is a realization that they themselves are the problem, so the decline will continue but now with fictional self advertising.

  6. do we have ‘false advertising’ laws in NZ? serious question I really don’t know…we all know the complaints process is a waste of time….but surely this blurb from stuff constitutes false advertising?

  7. Stuffed simply does not cut it as a media outlet…they receive stories from the wire, without question, they do not cover important stories, such as Yemen, Syria, Julian Assange…

    • Stuff will publish articles on Palestine written by guys who were in the IDF at the same time as the current Israeli PM, and pretend they’re ‘unbiased’.

    • Nathan. “ They do not cover important stories” – that’s probably why their new logo has a hollow “ S”. Where’s TS Eliot when they need him ?

  8. Stuff’s Frontpage Today:

    “June 6 2022
    Kia Ora, Aotearoa!”

    “Inside New Zealand’s most notorious sex commune”

    “ANZ introduces paid gender affirmation leave for staff”

    “Lydia Ko finishes fifth as US Women’s Open”

    “Cupcakes fit for royalty: Kate shares cute baking photos with kids”

    • you forgot charlatan saphiro honoured for helping frame innocent man with her personal opinions not supported by any research…

      yes I know she’s a ‘feminist artist’ and ‘lesbian icon’ whatever they mean…..the fact is she railroaded someone in the first NZ woke witch-hunt and now she gets a gong…

  9. hi yeah is that high priced graphics ltd, this is the boss at stuff, yeah we have an issue people don’t trust us and we’re up to our necks in shite…we’re thinking a million dollar redesign of our notepaper…kewl.

  10. If you think ‘wokeness’ is the only or even the biggest problem with what passes for journalism, you are missing the main issue.
    Journalism, was once called the called the fourth estate of democracy. And for Good reason. Information is essential to discernment, decision-making, judgment and participation in anything claiming to be democratic. Not spin, opinion, advertising copy, celebrity gossip, diversion, patronising ratshit (PR), or propaganda. Without information there is no citizen. The people are just passive consumers of the above. Or they give up. Or look elsewhere, and put in a whole lot of hard work themselves to find information.

    Journalism of yesteryear, and for all its flaws, required a team of fulltime workers. So the second option is pretty time consuming.

    Journalism been gone for a long time now.

    • I think you’ll find they go hand in hand, or rather, wokeness has accelerated the decline. Identity politics cum critical justice disbelieves in an objective truth; all is merely one’s lived story and the primary objective of any professional is to uncover seats of oppression in the endlessly racist/sexist/transphobic sea that is the West. It is ultimately a massively self-centred, victim based narrative.

      This fits very nicely with pre-existing trends in journalism: the decline of beliefs in an objective truth and dispassionate relay of information in journalism, a saturation of opinion, ancedotal events paraded as evidence of said systemic oppression, puff pieces on self-care, and journalist as the activist at Stuff (and others).

      We won’t be in any position to recover some semblance of effective, independent journalism until woke identity politics ideology is pushed back on. Unfortunately, journalists are ground zero, self-righteousness foot soldiers for this ideology. Better to consider them activist-writers.

    • remind me when the ‘golden age of journalism’ actually was, dates appreciated.

      yes it’s become glaringly obvious and cack handed in the age of the incompetent hack…BUT is it really more biased?

  11. I have written to our local paper twice on non-controversial subjects and not been published yet there are regular writers who have been writing for years saying the same things, usually objecting to spending by Council.

    Their international page is taken up with USA news or info about USA interests. The Texas shooting led to a full page of tabloid size with personal reports from those involved. It would have been appropriate if it was a
    NZ tragedy but they found some reason to feed it all to us. There is the apparently normalised choice of news which is mostly negative and that ensures the public remain stressed with an unbalanced view of the present. We are not getting good reporting from our purchased NZ paper. One has to ask who put up the money to get the business together and running after the $1 was paid?

  12. i have no idea what you’re talking about. My cousin in the govt is similar to you about Stuff. I’ve opposed the freemarket experiment since 1984. I trust my judgment. Happy to be proved wrong by you novo-inspired insightful up on the present people, but I’ll wait til then.

  13. I hate the colour scheme, the new logo looks very childish and the new font is hard to read. I thought most news sites had realised that serif fonts (ie Times New Roman) are far easier to read long screeds of text even on screens.


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