MEDIAWATCH: The woke cancel Ellen for micro aggression crimes against humanity

Based on the subjective micro aggression policing accusation, the behind the scenes work environment at the Ellen Show is sandwiched somewhere between the Chinese Uyghur Internment camps and Soviet Union era gulags.

The Wellington Woke Twitteratti

Ellen DeGeneres bids farewell in final episode of talk show

The final episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show has aired after almost two decades on-air.

The 64-year-old TV presenter, who first hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2003, fronted the season 19 finale on Friday, where she dropped a bombshell about a word she was banned from saying when the show first started.

“I couldn’t say ‘gay’ on the show. I was not allowed to say ‘gay’,” DeGeneres told viewers.

“I said it at home a lot. ‘What are we having for gay breakfast?’ Or ‘pass the gay salt.’ ‘Has anyone seen the gay remote?’ — things like that,” she joked, before revealing what else about her private life she was banned from mentioning when the show started.

The decision to quit came after a woke crusade against her in 2020.

In the millennial culture of woke micro aggression policing, everything is subjective. The ability to escalate an innocuous event into a hate crime is only ever one tweet away.

Maybe in a complex system of neoliberal economic hegemony, millennial culture micro aggression policing is the only power individuals feel they have left, but the distortion of objective facts by personal emotion legitimised by the grim wheel of intersectionism victimhood has birthed an ocean of social media cacophony all proclaiming their scars as the worst wound.

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Subjective micro aggression policing is warping the space time continuum.

I was astounded at the manner in which Ellen was on endless news repeat 2 years ago within our mainstream media.  On and on it went, as if Ellen was the single worst human being in Western Civilisation.

I remember Ellen as a crusader for Lesbian identity and her coming out was a really big deal. Her show seems to be loved by people and she tries to inject some smiles in a pretty depressed world.

In the post me too world where the evidential threshold is whatever anyone says on twitter, Ellen’s crimes against humanity was not giving a make up artist their own toilet, she didn’t make a body guard feel welcome, she was mean spirited about some cracked nails on a waitress and a host of other bullshit events which if true amounts to nothing more than someone pushing past you at a shop and you deciding that amounts to genocide.

So what if Ellen is at times rude, how does that take anything away from her legacy or the joy her shows have generated for millions. The grim wheel of intersectionism victimhood denotes that Ellen is a white cishet passing lesbian with enormous wealth so fuck her for making people smile when she is in fact grumpy behind the scenes.

The language of catastrophe that most of those throwing accusations against Ellen are truly hilarious and have that whiff of emotional support peacock safe space preciousness about them.

The phrase ‘Toxic workplace’ should be reserved for Chernobyl or Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room, not Ellen’s show.

Look at how quickly the micro aggression policing Twitter mobs jumped on a previous tweet by Ellen to prove that she’s secretly Hannibal Lecter…

…turns out Ellen had given the worker a huge cash donation and the staff member was crying because she was happy.

Based on the subjective micro aggression policing accusation, the behind the scenes work environment at the Ellen Show is sandwiched somewhere between the Chinese Uyghur Internment camps and Soviet Union era gulags.

It’s sad that crusading micro-aggression policing has replaced appreciation of the art and creativity created.

Ellen will be fine, but the glee and excitement of so many when the woke Lynch mob rides is an alarming new development for a culture that was already pretty shitty.


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  1. Fear not @ Martyn. We have the same sort of thing going on in ‘lil ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight.
    Problem is that given our smaller population and degrees of separation, the consequences can be much worse for people.

    We’ve become a nation of petty jealousies, and people desperately trying to find ways of being offended for the silliest of reasons – such as a bruised ego or feeling we’ve been hard done by, or having how clever we think we are being challenged..

    Grow the fuck up NuZull

  2. Hmmm okay I stayed up too late last night. Watching a old movie, The Bridge Over The River Kawi, then watched The Ricky (or is it Vicky?) Gervse show on Netflix.

    It’s probably best when I’m at work tomorrow, I don’t mention that I watched either.

    I’ll play it safe and say that I stayed home, had a vegan dinner, put on my favourite Twin set & Pearls and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show …

  3. Having been “furloughed” from my workplace for quite serious abuse of my rights as a worker, I agree wholeheartedly that a woman who became an icon for a community when it was still being bashed; and in many places around the world continues to suffer, should be lauded as a pioneer. But then social media is made for such personality assassinations and whatever other evil that can be put upon a group or a person or a movement. In a neo-liberal capitalistic global community connected by memes and Musk and Bezos etc; woke is like bespoke, too damn late. Some of us have been lifetime insomniacs so waking is a debatable action. Better than being a sleepy hobbit however.

    • This is hardcore Left/Socialist politics unravelling in accordance with its own internal logic. Nothing to do with Capitalism or Neo-liberalism.

      The Woke under 40yo crowd are what the Red Guard were to Mao’s Cultural Revolution. I think Mao final stomped on them bc they had become less useful idiots and more a threat to his Socialist regime.

    • Social media is used in society like an eggbeater is when stirring up a meringue. Meringues are supposed to be light confections and enjoyable. Social media could be like that, but the cooks are heavy-handed and some are thugs.

    • @DB No identity is the just the mobilising ploy, belief and compliance is the aim.
      You could have all the intersectional victim points in the universe but if you go against the ephemeral and shifting tides of woke sensibilities you face excommunication.

      For example a black person who does not agree with the ideology may be “black” (race) but not “Black” (political – note capitalisation and racist assumption that there is a ‘correct’ way for a black person to think politically). Worse you could be white-thinking or white-adjacent or far more offensive ‘slave’ labels I won’t repeat here.

      Wrongthink will also loose you your gay-card, same for Trans, Buck Angel, Blaire White, Rose of Dawn all receive the vitriol of Trans activists. Even former woke hero Contrapoints suffered a pile on for daring to gently step outside the boundaries of acceptable woke discourse. As Martyn says the right look for recruits the left look for traitors.

      When the mob shouts “Witch” identity is no protection, only struggle session confession (dubious) and compliance.

  4. If De Generes wanted real status and acclaim she should have done something honourable like run a shop selling assault weapons. Or for REAL status, owned a company making those guns.
    Then the whiners about trivialities could fete her every utterance.

  5. when she came out it was a brave marketing strategy but whining about network strictures on the word ‘gay’ which she was happy to go with as a career move is disingenuous to say the least.
    She wasn’t a very good standup but turned into the pied piper of karens on afternoon tv so so did well in her field
    Let’s not lionise her or forget the likes of her used ‘sexist’ or ‘—–phobic’ when it suited them in the past.

    but as always none of this absolves the twitterati from their monumental levels of pious stupidity

  6. An eternal favourite satirist Tom Lehrer had this to say about changing trends and mires (typo but funny, meant mores.)
    in a 1982 article in the Washington Post , Lehrer wrote “As for language, almost everything goes now. That is not to say that verbal taboos have disappeared, but merely that they have shifted somewhat. In my youth, for example, there were certain words you couldn’t say in front of a girl; now you can say them, but you can’t say ‘girl’.”

  7. Is this cancellation thing done by algorithm like the decisions to ‘uplift’ grab and take away) human babies by Oranga Tamariki? Do the woke censors have items running past some pseudo brain in a machine programmed to control humans? Have we been taken over by stealth by humans which have gone beyond being human after drinking a poisonous brew of essence of hate which has warped their capacity for self-knowledge and self-criticism and accceptance of unpleasant things that we all can do with our gifts in our natures? Quote from Mark Twain – “Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

    We build our culture ourselves, and work at strengthening or weakening it every day in our small way, so I suggest that today women start behaving with respect for themselves and give respect to men who deserve it. And try to reach their full potential positives of self without constantly worrying that other people might be judging them. People do like judging others so perhaps we could do it more kindly, so it fits the seriousness of the case.

  8. Is Chernobyl or Weinstein your own barometer for out of line behaviour? For anything below that line, protest is just babyish whining? Because if that’s the case, and I dont believe it is, its time for the boot camp of being routinely treated like shit, and not being able to walk away because it is your job.

    I don’t know what is happening on a TV show thousands of miles away, but I do know about abuse. The big ticket items, the only ones that apparently count for you, are not the most corrosive force. People who have been beaten in their homes have tried for decades now to say that this is just one manifestation of something far more sinister and damaging.

  9. it’s interesting though that the cancelled aren’t ‘cancelled’ anymore they just get a bigger audience..cancelling has become futile, not that it ever wasn’t.

    • @Gagarin Only if they already have a large public profile and can take the social stigma. The Chapelle’s, Gervais’s and Rowlings’s of the world will be fine as are the Nick Buckley’s and Nick Sandman’s who have the stomach, time and legal support to take on false accusations. Average Joe and Jane public are not so fortunate.

  10. Gay is SO last year Martyn!

    At this years NewYork pride parade there are no gay people on the organising committee because being gay is just so normy.

    • Yes gay is the new cis-heteronormative. Notably (non-woke) lesbian YouTuber Arielle Scarcella’s event was “disassociated” from Sydney Mardi Gras back in 2020 because of her problematic views on Trans activism (nothing to do with Trans people).

      • I thought ‘queer’ had been ‘reclaimed’ thus making ‘gay’ obsolete it’s hard to keep up, must purchase the latest edition of the Newspeak Dictionary at the weekend.

  11. There’s no reward in it comments-wise, apparently, but leave this crap ‘woke’ shit aside and push on for ‘t’Cause’ like Sanders, ignoring everything else.

    It cost Sanders the Black vote in the last two Democratic American primaries. Yet all of us circle around him as our Pole.

    I hate your and Trotter’s diversions, from a lack of a success, as so it was our Cause’s fault. The fault lies in momentary factors. Upcoming is the cliff of climate change after these idle well-fed times (comparatively).

  12. You can’t say ‘be kind’ and be unkind. Ellen dealt with.

    Jacinda made us upchuck with that. The hypocrisy made us bleed out our eyes.

    Still haven’t heard where the attempt at hobbling the children’s commissioner came from. If it came from a Labour that doesn’t like to have its hypocrisy pointed out I expect the Greens to rark up or I’ll have no more to do with them.

  13. They cancelled her for contradicting her professed belief of being kind. Why are all 3 ‘Left’ blogs within those speech marks? Shoooor you three are right. One way or the other.


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