UPDATE: MEDIAWATCH: Regarding Kamahl, remember the last time Stuff claimed inappropriate comments of a broadcaster?


I know, I know, I know.

Stuff are suggesting the reason Kamahl left TVNZ Breakfast was because of inappropriate comments.

Before we start the Lynch mob and ritualistic crucifixion of Kamahl, does everybody remember when Stuff made the exact same claim against Martin Devlin and it turned out that the inappropriate comments they alluded to were Devlin dressing down an employee who was shitting all over NZME at work?

Remember how Stuff’s allegations goaded Martin into a suicide attempt because of the lies?


So Stuff, who are always trying to find the next MeToo monster, are doing the exact same thing they did with Devlin to Kamahl and no one is pausing and just charging ahead with the witch burning?


Could I humbly suggest we don’t actually know what has happened here and maybe before going full Lynch mob, we should wait until we actually know anything?

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Once upon a time people were innocent before being proven guilty.

UPDATE: So far all we have are rumours, more speculation and gossip provided as ‘evidence’. Post MeToo the evidential threshold is now whatever someone says on Twitter, the Salem Witch Trials had more jurisprudence. Stuff have claimed he sent a ‘lewd’ email and kissed a co-worker. That’s what his career is being crucified over? A ‘lewd’ email and a kiss? Wow.


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  1. Stuffed — is only alive due to Government funding on Covid messaging…they (Stuffed) needs to be shut down ASAP…they provide very limited service to the community…

    • Wow, it’s the governments fault, I am simply at a loss to draw the connection to the main story. Governments fund roading, does that mean every accident is the governments fault. Look we get it you despise Labour ,like coward, but funding on Covid messaging is the reason for Stuff jumping to conclusions, well you’re in the same alternative facts boat as Trump. You really look stupid.

      • You are correct bert, the government does fund the roads and looking at the state of our roads, maybe they should be held accountable for a lot of the accidents that do happen.

        • They were a shitload worse @Yobi when people learned, and actually knew how to drive – admittedly at a time when there was a lot less traffic on the load.
          Now, people see driving as a competition and speed is the only thing that gets policed (probably because it’s the aggregate of failings that worsen when speed is involved).
          – 2 second rules are now 1 second
          – Hard-to-the-floor throttle up to the next red light
          – Indiscriminate lane changing in order to outdo my competitor, and dangerous lane changing
          – misunderstanding of the intended purpose of indicators, and rear and side mirrors. Sometimes they don’t even exist apparently
          – complete muppetry at roundabouts
          – ownership of the right hand lane(s)
          – the expectation that texting while in command of a mobile castle is possible when most can’t even walk down the street and txt without causing disruption to flows.

          Sorry Koiwois, as far as driving skulls, we seem to rank among the worst in the Whurl

        • Yes Yobi you are correct.
          State of the roads a large contributor to the accident rate.
          As Bert says government funds roading.
          Not sure how Trump got into the debate.

      • Thanks Bert….but there’s a lot more to this John Campbell, Stephen Power and Kamahl Santamaria story and back-story than meets the critical eye.

        The Standard 13/4/2015 wrote: Key: I want that left wing bastard gone

        … Prime Minister John Key and Mark Weldon had a phone conversation in regards to John Campbell. Mr Key was overheard saying “I want that left wing bastard gone”. The prime minister had insidiously conspired with Mark Weldon to end John Campbell’s broadcasting career and have Campbell live taken off the air. …

        7 Years later, with ‘that left-wing bastard’ was about to take Key’s protege Chris Luxon to the cleaners on a Breakfast news show. Up steps a new CEO of TVNZ and Campbell is removed by Simon Power, an ex-John Key Cabinet Minister.

        The sub-heading of NBR 2/3/20222 reads “New CEO Simon Power says broadcaster ready for whatever plan put before it.”


        Unfortunately, I don’t have an NBR Login, but there may be others here who can join the dirty politics dots and plot The rise of Simon Power and The demise of John Campbell.

        How about you Martyn B? Do you have an NBR login and can track the vindictiveness to get rid of a “left wing bastard”?


        “TVNZ has repeatedly refused to answer a stack of specific questions this week. That includes new chief executive Simon Power, who did not respond to emails from Stuff.

        Power was appointed to TVNZ’s top job five months ago, after previously being acting chief executive of Westpac bank and a Cabinet Minister in John Key’s National Government.

        After Santamaria’s resignation was announced on Saturday afternoon, Stuff called TVNZ’s top lawyer, Brent McAnulty, who is also director of corporate affairs and a member of TVNZ’s executive”

        Simon Power arrived in March 2022….and John Campbell was axed from the Breakfast show.

        And now, Simon Power has gone turtle while waiting for John Key to tell him what to do next?

        John Key, and the dirty, vindictive politics of Power. Nothing to see here, move on. Maybe this is lie 436? And just in case you forgot what the first 435 were….. https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2016/06/04/435-lies-by-john-key/

        There’s something rotten in the state of New Zealand’s television.
        Bring back Campbell

          • Thanks @Magician, M&M Judge do our best, as I recover from a debilitating case of Covid.

            Mrs M sometimes does grab my blog-name in the spirit of familial bloggery for a higher cause! WWG1BWGBA … where we go one blogger, we go blog all! I’m back!!

        • Well the looney right has Qanon so you are perfectly entitled to your own lunatic left wing conspiracy.

  2. Stuffed — is only alive due to Government funding on Covid messaging…they (Stuffed) needs to be shut down ASAP…they provide very limited service to the community…

    • and sadly a well respected broadcaster is lost to the industry, we should be condemming the person making the complaint not the broadcaster

      • Exactly. When I want to know the news, I watch Al J, and turn on a slight religion filter. It’s impossible to get unbiased news on the TV in NZ. I keep a careful ear on RNZ too, and let them know when they stray.

  3. In absence of evidence I am speculating. He probably said something like “That’s a nice dress”. Boom…outrage, call HR!

  4. The stuffed article alleges “inappropriate behaviour” which is a very broad term. With regard to being “innocent before being proven guilty”, we live in an age where the accusation is the crime and sometimes the crime itself is largely imaginary. I suspect that the presenter will return to Al Jazeera with his tail between his legs.

  5. So I guess his ‘Woke’ Crime is …

    1. Speaking in Arabic?
    2. Small talk?
    3. Being a man?

  6. /agreed!
    Hence my comment on https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2022/05/29/mediawatch-the-woke-cancel-ellen-for-micro-aggression-crimes-against-humanity/ made partly with Kamahl S in mind.

    Stuff has its good and bad ‘journalists’ just as any other platform, but sometimes I wonder whether the worst of them are driven by their comments section in order to be popular/populist. Not one of Simon Plumb’s better moments for sure. Perhaps he’s angling at a job with Dan Wootton. (Here’s hoping)

    And Kamahl probably is having a family emergency – all of them wondering what the fuck hit them returning after 20 or so years.

      • Mid 20th century there was a close control kept on bad language. Certain words were no-nos but actually afvising what was said was difficult as it was illegal to utter them on public communications channels, ie telephone or by mail. We seem to have trouble being practical. pragmatic and appropriately polite about what is reasonable to do or say.

  7. 100% Bomber, as soon as I read it, I thought MD all over again!

    Couldnt help initially thinking, I wonder if he quit because he found out that he was now in Wokestan and not free to pursue genuine journalism? How embarrassing for TVNZ if that was the case.

    Hence the family issues agreement. Except maybe it wasnt good enough for some of the staff that work there and so the insidious ‘inappropriate behaviour’ rumour was born.

    Someone else suggested, that the ‘inappropriate recruitment practices’ comment is at the heart of it. How about the militantly woke ladies (sorry Matty) on the show didnt like that having seen Campbell off at last, they didnt get a shot at the prize because 16 years at Al J and a NZer meant they couldnt compete. So they ‘saw him off’.

    Vicious supposition I agree but no worse than what Stuff has done to yet another veteran broadcasters career.

  8. I totally agree with Martyn, I am not in the habit of watching breakfast TV although I suspect he could have made a comment along the lines of “the show would improve if the current female presenters left” thinking it was just giving an honest opinion only to be caught in the backlash.
    I have not watched the show enough to pass any opinion on how valid the comment could be so I want to make it clear that I do not have any personal opinions about the presenters.

  9. Well, this is some “Hard Copy News”. The Daily Blog needs to get a journo and a camera out there and door-stop those TVNZ Breakfast Woman 4:30am Mon morning. Ask them all are you the female complainant? Are you doing this for a woke gender reason or a woke race reason? Did one or all the females threaten to quit if Kamahl wasn’t cancelled? Then the weak kneed Yarisich needs to explain why he gave into blackmail and how much the taxpayers are on the hook for his woke decision making. Please get to the bottom of this before the taxpayers union.

  10. It’s pretty much a given that if you join a media organisation or associate with people of that ilk, you’re going to be surrounded by narcissistic backstabbing wankers. Far better to get a real job, with real people.

    Tell me I’m wrong Martyn.

  11. Innocent until proven guilty.

    But sounds like justice is running even slower and less efficiently in NZ as they keep clogging up the system with more ‘thought based or subjective’ crimes that woke have added and poor investigations of traditional and non traditional crimes.

    Is it a 2 year wait for justice now in NZ?

    Sounds like we are heading for the US injustice via massive times to get a court date and they keep prosecuting more and more people.

  12. Sean Plunket at the platform, at the end of his Maurice Williamson interview on fb (sorry can’t link) is claiming that a “certain person” resigned from TVNZ the day after the budget – and the broadcasting minister was notified.

    • Update:the story appears true, why on earth is the broadcasting minister now asking for details over an employment matter at TVNZ?
      Does the minister require total control of the propaganda outlet rather than letting media run at arms length?
      Isn’t this an operational matter at an organization with managers who deal with this?
      This looks very North Korea.

  13. And while STUFF and a couple of others are busy attempting to justify their jumping to conclusions – probably based on what they see as being in the ‘public interest’, I hope they’ve got their ducks all lined up.
    (although if they haven’t, there’ll be no qinsequences)
    It started with the “appearancy” of one or two AJE employees also claiming inappropriate comments from Komahl S.
    If you know how AJE works, big chances are the complainants are fellow Koiwois – relatively cadets by comparison with KS. (Bless their fragile cotton socks)
    JESUS! and the plan is to merge RNZ and TVNZ?
    An RNZ takeover of TVNZ might be a better proposition

    Kamahl – get the fuck out of this insular, unsuphusticated lil nayshun that punches above its weight while you can. The aggro and effort in just doing your job ain’t worth it.
    TRT or DW maybe? Possibly even Canada

    • it SEEMS only SEEMS there were complains against him at AJ, did TVNZ know, did TVNZ check with AJ did AJ lie and say no…or did TVNZ make a political appointment disregarding any checks, were checks even made…maybe the reason for TVNZs tight lips on the issue is ‘jobs fer t’lads’ being publicly exposed.

      I’d prefer it to be sheer incompetence and slackness but fear more suss motives…that’s if any of the above actually pans out.

  14. looks like it might be ‘panning out’ whilst we don’t know the exact nature of the alleged offences it does seem he got a high paying TVNZ job ‘on the nod’.

    TVNZ are scared enough to open an ‘internal inquiry’ which they can hide behind if questioned, which is of course the entire point of bunging money at expensive lawyers.


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