Texas Child massacre now attempts to blame their Police worship for a far deeper Obscenity


The cult of Police worship in America is as evangelical as their Christianity.

The new details emerging from the horror of the Texas mass murder of school children has up-ended America’s fall back position when confronted with the regularity of mass shootings which is ‘more good men with guns will beat bad people with guns’.

Not in Texas apparently…

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he was ‘misled’ about the Uvalde shooting police response

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said during a press conference in Uvalde that he was “misled” about the police response to the shooting at the Robb Elementary School.

He said the information that he provided at a press conference two days ago was a recitation of what law enforcement had told him in a room beforehand.

He said he’s livid that some of that information has turned out to be wrong and he expects law enforcement to thoroughly investigate what happened.

…the culture of Police worship sells them all as heroes who bend the rules to nab the bad guys. They are the brutal bulwark against those left behind by a ruthlessly capitalist society and those huddled frightened under Police protection don’t care how many are killed for their sense of protection.

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For these héros to stand by while children are shot is almost as shocking to America as the inability to have a rational debate about gun laws.

Put aside the failings of these Police in determining the management of an active shooter vs a barricaded one because that doesn’t answer the base issue at hand, which is that teenagers shouldn’t be able to buy bloody machine guns!

When Clinton banned assault rifles in 1994, mass shootings dropped by 43%.

After Republicans let the ban expire in 2004, mass shootings increased by 243%.

Stop. Selling. Machine-guns. To. Teenagers.

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  1. Standard Police procedure, secure a perimeter, wait for specialist teams to arrive, establish communications with offender, negotiate… Storming the building with assault weapons is well down the list, that puts Police lives at risk. If you’re trapped inside that perimeter with a killer, you’re on your own, hide or run, just make sure the Police mistake you for a suspect.

    In Christchurch, we were lucky that we had anti-terrorist units training here on the day, though that caused potentially deadly confusion when a Police officer opened fire on an SAS trooper at the hospital due to lack of inter unit communication. The Police also managed to let Tarrant escape from the first mosque, missing him leave as they arrived and that cost more innocent lives. In the end it was 2 ordinary Police officers acting alone took down with terrorist without any specialist interventions.

    • Oh, and if you find yourself on an erupting volcano, collapsed building or burning coal mine, you probably won’t want to rely to heavily on being rescued by the blue team.

  2. all we need is ‘a good man with a gun’ 50 odd ‘good men’ with a guns (and kitted up to the teeth with military gear) DO NOTHING AS SHOTS CAN BE HEARD…if the perp is shooting kids it’s not a ‘hostage situation’ but an ‘active shooter’

    ok anyone can fuck up but transparent lies don’t help the police cause.

  3. The Police were a buncha pussies!

    But maybe if the gunman was a black American? I wonder?

  4. To protect, and serve — themselves…watching the Police arresting the parents for getting in the way of a investigation, the parents begging the extremely well armed Police, who were wearing body armor to get their babies out, and the Police not moving, made my blood boil…
    Turn out Federal agents gunned him down…not Police.

  5. Americans live in a weird bubble world where they have been convinced jo public has the right to bear arms. Add to that the situation where the sheriffs and marshals will supposedly always do the right thing to protect them. Add to that the republican influence in Texas. Amongst the news clips showing the victims parents and their despair was a woman who remarked support our mourning but don’t interfere with our politics. I have to assume she believed jo public having side arms was sweet. After 150 years of that thinking their politicians aren’t going to change their thought processes. It will take a republican Senator’s family to be gunned down for that to happen. Sorry.


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