Oranga Tamariki’s Critical Race Theory in all its ugliness

The material well being of these Māori children, the ones snatched at birth and the ones who are taken and told they will stay with a new step family forever but are then uplifted again are all being done for an ideology that either sees them as only a cost or only as a skin colour.


The awful Oranga Tamariki Critical Race Theory case of ‘Moana’ enters its latest dreadful  twist, this time the mothers lawyer is trying it on…

‘Moana’ case: Appeal over Māori girl placed with Pākehā couple

The question about whether a young Māori girl should be removed from her Pākehā caregivers so that her cultural needs can be met has been the subject of another hearing this week.

…to bring you up to date on this abomination of social policy, you need to appreciate the madness that has led up to this insanity.

There are effectively 3 cases to OT’s CRT madness.

The first case was the dreadful exclusive on Newsroom by the brilliant Melanie Reid that exposed the horror of at birth uplifts by Oranga Tamariki using nothing more than an algorithm that states anyone who has had one child uplifted automatically has any new child immediately uplifted as well. The cruelty and lies Oranga Tamariki staff used while Melanie films their malice shocked the nation and Māori Labour Caucus demanded answers.

Oranga Tamariki was freaked out by Labour’s fury because OT had been created as a neoliberal welfare experiment by Bill English to use big data to automate processes to intervene early in life when the data warned it would cost the State more money downstream in Court and Jail costs.

Oranga Tamariki was always about the welfare of the state, not the welfare of the child.

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After such a backlash to their usual racist profiling for uplifts, Oranga Tamariki spinelessly attempted to curry favour with the new Government by starting controversial ‘reverse uplifts’ of Māori children who had been placed with white step families because fuck cracker and the heteronormative colonial patriarchy.

I’m only half joking with that last line, but it is true that woke CRT was the driving core philosophy of these new woke social workers.

The argument was that white people could not look after brown children, so all Māori children who had been placed with white step families were rounded up and reverse uplifts attempted to show the new Government that OT was now slavishly concerned with the identity politics of their actions.

This became the two other cases, ‘Moana’ and the ‘Māori siblings’.

In the case of ‘Moana’, Family Court Judge Peter Callinicos destroyed OT’s case by cross examining one of their woke social workers and devastatingly picked apart lie after lie after lie spun by OT to justify taking a recently placed Māori child – Moana – with a white step family.

Family Court Judge Peter Callinicos cross examination was so brutal in revealing the insidious racism of OT and their deceitful tactics that OT had other Judges intervene and attempt to sway Callinicos and complain about him.

Most recently the Law Society censored a letter condemning this woke abuse of power…

…how former Law Society president Tiana Epati came to the conclusion that a damning report written by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, several QCs and various law professors didn’t add anything to a debate where Oranga Tamariki were intervening in a Judge because his questioning of an OT staff member was devastating for a test case they were building is a tad beyond me.

In the third case, Oranga Tamariki have gagged Newsroom and other media covering the case of 4 Māori children who were placed with a white step-family for 4 years and told it was a ‘forever home’. The white step parents sold their home and bought a bigger house so the kids could have their own rooms only to have the exact same woke critical race theory ban them from having the 4 children despite being told they were.

We now find out that the Whānau they were being moved to had a sex pest living there and this was hidden to get the uplift through.

If dogma is trumping the actual welfare of children, we have entered a quasi religious belief system as social policy stage and the Identity Politics Left have to be taken harshly to task for such egregious conclusions!

I have called for a very long time for Māori providers to take over Oranga Tamariki because I believe Tikanga values are far more healing and beneficial to all vulnerable children than the hollow costed values of our neoliberal welfare system that sees clients of their services as opposed to children in need.

However, what is happening here in Oranga Tamariki IS NOT tikanga, it is woke critical race theory the dogma of which declares no white family can give a brown child a good life.

No one is arguing that there isn’t a long a vicious history of white agencies taking indigenous children, and we have moved heaven and earth to ensure that moving forward, Māori welfare providers are contacted before any uplift is authorised, but that’s not what is happening here, what is happening here is OT are reverse uplifting Māori children WHO ARE ALREADY IN THE CARE of white step families and who have been told they are in ‘forever homes’! The psychological damage OT has no problems inflicting on these children by uplifting them again DESPITE BEING TOLD THAT IS THEIR HOME simply to fulfil some weird Critical Race Theory Dogma is fucking disgraceful as social policy.

The material well being of these Māori children is being determined by an ideology that either sees them as a cost or a skin colour.

We are re-traumatising children for dogma.

This is insidious.


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    • Pope P……my god. This is what we are up against. In a race against CC can’t we just let the scientists get on with it. MM free to add what it can to fight CC as well

  1. what exactly are ‘cultural needs’? just a buzz word trotted out with no definition attached?(too many of them in general)…if anyone can enlighten me as to what exactly ‘cultural needs’ are I’d be most grateful.

    it seems to be, no child should be placed with/raised by any ethnicity other than the childs own…that’s just racist it implies one culture is somehow ‘better/superior’ to another thus becoming an exact mirror of ‘colonial assumptions’ about race…..OT are the true inheritors of colonialist attitudes.

  2. Please discuss this on The Working Group.

    Also would be great to see the David Seymour vs Willie Jackson debate happen on TWG.

  3. OT has been a cash cow for so many organisations, especially churches over the years. They just don’t want to sever their lifeline to that revenue.

    As for the operational aspect. Deliberate chaos is built into the operational manual. Legislation enables fuckwitted decision making which is assisted by a Nuremberg style Family Court!

    OT needs dismantling completely.

    • DP
      I said that. Yuri shouted me down:…”and leave the kids in abusive home situations….genius solution, only a cabbage”.

      • yes I did ‘only a cabbage’ because shutting it without a BETTER replacement condemns kids to abuse in their current situations…how many kids need to die for you to be happy about OTs end? 20? 30? 50? we can do it we’re quite good at child murder here in NZ.

  4. From post – ‘how former Law Society president Tiana Epati came to the conclusion that a damning report written by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, several QCs and various law professors didn’t add anything to a debate where Oranga Tamariki were intervening in a Judge because his questioning of an OT staff member was devastating for a test case they were building is a tad beyond me.’

    It is interesting that there have been three female lawyers in a row as President of the NZ Law Society. Now I think that there needs to be a formula so that the pendulum doesn’t swing too far. I think men should have an equal chance no matter what the current gender craze may be promoting, say a woman replace a man, and then vice versa unless there is some outstanding reason for not doing that and this would have to be agreed to by a vote 60% one way or the other.


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