MEDIAWATCH: The depth of National Party racism is always surprising


Wow. Just.


Christopher Luxon’s Māori tribute to Joe Hawke under attack

A Facebook tribute from Christopher Luxon mostly in Māori and dedicated to the late Joe Hawke has earned the National leader a backlash from disgruntled social media users, resulting in a tirade of anti-Māori, anti-te reo and full-blown conspiracy theorist racist remarks.

Luxon’s post started with a Māori tribute to Hawke and then an English part, which showed an appreciation for Hawke’s life and his work.

…it is righteous that Luxon is making the attempt. A simple message of respect in Te Reo to a legend like Joe Hawk is the absolutely appropriate response by the Leader of a major NZ political Party, especially in light of National’s role in the conflict at Nation Point, but look at the vile racist bullshit National Party voters vomited up…

The post was met by a large number of commenters objecting to the use of te reo Māori to remember a Māori leader who fought for Māori rights.

Maurice Fletcher said: “Really? Chris why are you also trying to placate the minority by talking Māori? Joe Hawke was not in any way great to a lot of New Zealanders.”

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Craig Stace said: “Stop talking and pandering to a minority, you just lost my vote.”

Arthur Eagle said: “Speak English ffs (For F**k’s Sake) so sick of Māori stuff.”

Cheryl McGinness said: “Please – English only – perhaps this once it is ok.”

…let me see if I can get this completely straight.

Almost 50 years ago, National had Māori dragged from Bastion Point, the leader of that movement dies, the current National Party leader marks his passing with a Facebook post in te reo and National Party supporters lose their shit because he wrote in Māori?


What can one actually say?

I roll my eyes at the extremes of woke dogma with the best of them, but then there is just basic garden variety bigotry that really has no place in a modern world.

Always trust National Party voters to accidentally show you who they really are.


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  1. I thought it was an appropriate piece by Luton as I imagine many National supporters do.
    Those you quote above are completely out of order,inexcusable.

    • Loved the heading Martyn “MEDIAWATCH: The depth of National Party racism is always surprising”

      One questionable headline single word, if I may respectfully add a correction or suggestion?

      “MEDIAWATCH: The depth of National Party racism isn’t always surprising”
      But, equally willing to concede, a “STET”, because, as we know:

      Dirty politics, racism and sexism in the National Party’s DNA, the gift that keeps on giving!

    • Some would say comments represents all National and ACT Bob?

      A Groundswell of them? “Stop ramming Maori down our throats!

      “Signs like: “Free NZ from bitch rule”, “Cindy→Stalin”, “Black utes matter”, and “We live in New Zealand not Aotearoa! Stop ramming Maori language down our throat” caused controversy online, with people calling the signs “racist” and “misogynistic”.”

      Were these “National Party voters” cherry-picked too @Bob?

      What about National Leader Don Brash @Bob? “Iwi/Kiwi”-style National Party. Don Brash? Orewa Rotary (Any Maori, or even dark-skinned Rotary members?) Were these “National Party voters” cherry-picked too @Bob?

      What about David Seymour @Bob? “Co-Governance” speech ACT Milford Rotary Club (National’s coalition partner) (Any Maori, or even dark-skinned Milford Rotary members?)

      Any idea why these speeches were given at ‘White, Aertex-wearing and pearl/twin-set venues” @Bob?

      Careful what you think the left wish for Bob, the right have already “been there, done that and had ‘t-shirts, excrement, and dildos’ for their overt National ACT’s of racism?

      Maybe the next Chris Luxon Speech or David Seymour Speech about racism should be at Te Tii Marae on Waitangi Day 2023? Make sure they “appropriate protection” for their racist speeches to inspire Maori to ‘pull themselves up by their bootstraps’

      Go on David Seymour and Chris Luxon! Please, please, please speak at Te Tii Marae on February 2023 for Waitangi Day. Please tell us all why co-Governance doesn’t work? Please tell us why tax cuts for the rich will benefit urban Maori and rural Northland Maori?

      I f%c!ing double dare you too Bob, to be standing between David and Chris when they give speeches which you think are “Cherry-Picked!” racism!

  2. Te Reo in all his shining glory. A woke virtue signal if ever I saw it. Cmon Te Reo wouldn’t even know who Joe Hawke was if they bumped into each other in the street.

    What it does show is the anger and hatred that is fermenting and simmering under the lid of our country. The harder the woke push the greater the blowback when it comes. The only just lacks a figurehead……

      • Bullshit Bob. And the silly way this website works, it is quite likely that my comment will finally appear where it is unrelated to those around it.
        Division in this country was caused by Labour when they were hijacked by Act in the 1980s, and Ruth
        Richardson and National afterwards.
        Ardern’s government has never been divisive – that is dumb National propaganda.

      • ‘Has become’ what does that mean Bob? Yet another dig. Those feral c*nts that wrote in didn’t just become, they have always been there.

    • This was my take as well.
      I read the Facebook post and noted it was only a few people angered by the speech and posting negatively but they got quite a few likes.

      It is sad that paying respects like this triggers some people, but that is the consequence of the division being forced on us, being split apart by race – as per the oranga tamariki post on TDB today.
      Many people are unhappy with CRT and co governance and some appear to be quite angry. Plenty of conservative Nat types want to see Luxon pushing back on Maori separatism – I doubt he will,to win the election his job is to target the female middle vote, and they quite like their te reo brown washing.

    • Its so sad after so many years that these people are scared of “ Te Reo”. We should be proud to have a language that is indigenous to New Zealand. There was a comment the other day on a radio program that New Zealand children only learn one language English which is detrimental to a well rounded education. So maybe its about time Te Reo became compulsory in all schools.

    • Nah don’t see the hatred just a lot of misinformation from Booby because he hates a Labour government, end of story, no debating that. Oh wait, yes there is hatred my mistake.

      • Pale, stale, male, racist, sexist bullshit right through the National Party from young to old. Don Brash’s “Iwi/Kiwi” campaign and Orewa Speech, really set Brash and National’s ‘brown line in the sand’, which incidentally jumped up and smacked Brash on the face.

        From young Nats, Eggstein and Ronnadummass harrassing women, through to “Hone” Carter ringing a radio station as a ‘dumb Maori’; to Roger Bridge’s racism against Nuwanthie Samarakone’s campaign for the Auckland Central seat.

        And what about “Judith Collins’ move to force Todd Muller to resign after he was dobbed in for making unflattering comments about Harete Hipango to Newsroom? Last year [2020], when National’s Judith Collins smugly asked, “Is there something wrong with me being white?”, she was trying to dismiss the shameful lack of diversity in National’s caucus.

        And it’s not just males who lack racial insight: “Muller and deputy Nikki Kaye were asked which members of their shadow Cabinet were Māori. After listing Paula Bennett and Dr Shane Reti, numbers 13 and 17 in the party’s rankings respectively, Kaye said fifth-ranked Paul Goldsmith was “obviously Ngāti Porou”. Minutes later, Goldsmith said he had connections to the iwi, but he wasn’t Māori.”

        Chris Luxon, just another foot-in-mouth moment from a ‘John-Key-appointee’, who is as much in touch with Maoritanga, as John Key was to a waitress’s hair – love the feel, hate the smell.

        He huahuatau tēnei tū kupu e whakataurite ana ki tētahi momo tangata e aronui ana ki tētahi kaupapa hei whakatutuki, ki tētahi momo tangata rānei e noho hongehongeā ana, e whakatoi ana, ka mutu ka kaha te pōrahu. Māhau tonu te whakaaro mō āhea mahia ai me te mōhio hoki ki tētahi tangata pēnei.

  3. Typical tory racism going back to Muldoons days. remember “if Maori can fill out TAB tickets, they can complete voting forms, Send Maori back to their Marae/Reserves, South Africans were their kith and kin”. Don Brash’s racist Orewa speech allowed NATZ to improve their polls from 22% to 47% and gave John Key an easy path to government.

  4. “A simple message of respect in Te Reo to a legend like Joe Hawk is the absolutely appropriate response by the Leader of a major NZ political Party,”
    Te Reo – the language. Te Reo Maori – The Maori language.

  5. “A simple message of respect in Te Reo to a legend like Joe Hawk is the absolutely appropriate response by the Leader of a major NZ political Party,”
    Te Reo – the language. Te Reo Maori – The Maori language. Te Reo Samoan – the Samoan language.
    Maori is a language. Whether it is the language is debatable


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