Details of Nakba Day protests today – Sunday 15th May


Rallies and protests around the country will take place tomorrow to mark Nakba Day (Nakba is Arabic for “catastrophe”) which remembers the ethnic cleansing of up to a million Palestinians from their land and homes by Israeli militias in 1948.

This ethnic cleansing has continued every day since. Within the last two weeks an Israeli court has given the go ahead for further ethnic cleansing and the continuing building of illegal Jewish-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

The protest will also focus on this week’s murder of Shireen Abu Akleh and the barely believable attack on pall-bearers and mourners at her funeral yesterday.

The New Zealand government is complicit in this murder and mayhem against Palestinians through their wall of silence.


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Auckland: Aotea Square at 2pm. Facebook event page here

New Plymouth: Puke Ariki Landing 2pm to 3pm. Facebook event page here

Christchurch: Bridge of Remembrance 12 noon, Facebook event page here


Speakers include:

Palestinian students Shams Elhanafy and Rawaa Elhanafy

Anglican Bishop of Christchurch Peter Carroll

Press columnist Donna Miles-Mojab

Christchurch Central MP Duncan Webb


A minute’s silence will be held for Shireen Abu Akleh and everyone who has been killed in the struggle for Palestinian human rights this year.

Protests in Nelson and Napier are taking place today and the Dunedin protest took place last weekend. In Wellington Justice for Palestine is holding a Palestinian cultural event at the Thistle Hall in Cuba Street from 1pm to 3pm. Further details on the poster below. Facebook event is here

Media are invited to attend and report on these events.



  1. Interesting duncan webb can turn up for this but refused to meet the anti mandate people protesting at Cranmer Square even though they were only. block away from his office.

    What I witnessed last night at the funeral was outrageous especially attacking the pall bearers, I lost my sh1t when I saw that but I don’t know if i want to be a part of anything duncan webb is part of.

    • This is called mouthing off, Palestinians are more important than your feelings about Duncan Webb. Of course I will be there, I am not a fan of Duncan, but in this instance he is on our side.

    • Poor Gaby – ever the apologist for a crime that, were the tables reversed, she would not defend it for a second. So thousands of Jew were expelled from Arab countries after 1948 – Really? What would she expect from those countries after they witnessed the appalling treatment the Arab population of Palestine was subjected to by Jews then. And how extraordinary that she clearly cannot see, or chooses not to see, the cruel irony of Jews doing to Palestinians exactly what Nazis did to them. When it comes to describing people as “deranged loonies emerging from under rocks,” I think you should look in the mirror Gaby.

    • Hey, GOBBY,
      Coming from you there could be no higher commendation.
      Thankyou for your heartfelt support and endorsment.

    • Not too sure its “deranged” to witness videos of the IDF using Palestinians as human shields or their persistant and esculating crimes, and make a informed decision based on personal values and beliefs.

      Just to be clear Gabby my Father was born in Leiden in the Netherlands, after witnessing his childhood best friend get shot for stealing bread, and living through his 11 month old sister dying of starvation. I consider myself Anti Nazi and not Antisemetic. Despite the numerous accusations to silence me.

      Im sure there will be Whataboutism with no acknowledgement of Israels actions that pale beyond the norm of any Human decency, or respect for their fellow Man.

      Theres right, and theres Wrong.

    • It wasn’t hugging as you know Nathan, it was a 17 year old with the mental age of 10 year old. Cutting any one’s finger is a crime.

  2. No Arab country, save Qatar (which is hand-in-hand with the misogynists’ in Tehran and their puppets, the vile anti-LGBTQI crew running Gaza for their own benefit), now cares a jot for the Palestinians – who themselves have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Sure, go to the event and enjoy a falafel – nothing said or done there will make the slightest difference.

  3. Nathan I hope you mean the 15 year old girl. Let’s be clear she is the one that assaulted Mr Burr in his bed.

    • Depends on what you term assault Wheel? Breaking into people’s homes is a form, stealing numerous items time and time again is a form of assault, threatening someone with a knife is a form of assault…especially while you are breaking into someone home, threatening them, while trying to steal from them….again

      • Threatening is indeed a form of assault. By saying “in their beds” Nathan I assumed you were referring to the actual assault with the wine bottle. That is were the 15 year old girl did the assaulting, of a physical nature and otherwise.

  4. The Palestinian refugees of 1948 are the only ones in history to have their descendants born as refugees.

    Arab nations could have built homes for them in Gaza the West Bank (1948-1967), but chose not to. They could have given them them the right to work and own homes in Arab nations, but again no.

    In 2000 Arafat was rejected a state insisting on right of return of the refugees into 1948-1967 border Israel – the suffering of those refugees in Lebanese and Syrian camps since then has been appalling. They could have had Palestinian passports and homes.

    Since then there has been the intifada (leading to a security fence) and Hamas undermining land for peace with their rockets leading to Israel aggregating land around Jerusalem and now Hebron as part of a permanent occupation strategy.

    Palestinians have managed to become the permanent victim of a continuing Nakba and thus cast a shadow over the Jewish state. None of this was inevitable.

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