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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. No one looks good in this situation but many people are going to feel sympathy with the pensioner who after being woken up by offenders with a knife seeking to harm him – fought back and overwhelmed the home invaders.

    No doubt the woke will be on the side of the home invaders but the pensioner did call the police to pick up the offenders.

    Note the offenders had broken into this pensioners property at least 4 times before and burgled him, stealing his car etc, then went to attack him in his bedroom (maybe to obtain his PIN number/banks details) who knows. The pensioner called his son, and they appeared to have given the home offender a hiding while waiting for the police to arrive.

    The police have charged the pensioner on higher charges than the home invaders, it seems.

    Many people might think it could be a wake up call to the offenders even if it went too far.

    Too many burglaries not being dealt with by police allowing lawlessness to break out.

    Bay of Plenty family fears they’ll never sell home after buyers put off by Kāinga Ora tenants next door

    People including kids are going around ram raiding, shop lifting at any opportunity now because they seem to be allowed to.

    Then it escalates into home invasion and worse.

    In addition less police in rural areas and it could have turned out worse for the pensioner.

    80-year-old died after ‘frenzied and vicious’ home invasion

    Pensioner stabbed in Picton home invasion

    Police search for murdered pensioner’s purse

    Pensioner sleeps in car after alleged home invasion near Hamilton

  2. Not good. How did we get to this. Where does respect for an ordinary person in their home go to? Protection and the chance to have a good peaceful life is what the plice are supposed to uphold I thought. The people running the country are learning evil ways from someone. Corruption grows. Civil disobedience with sheriffs who have their own idea of legality were bad but don’t our original police force have any integrity now – operating in a fog.

    A young artist had some diehards phone police about her painting a mural on a bridge – she was putting up graffiti they said. She was very upset as it was part of an arts in the public program and was made to feel like a criminal. I have met similar constipated complainers, they can’t wait to get brownie points over reporting someone moving and doing something while they sit frozen. But when people are outright offenders, ignoring others’ rights, and violent the public can’t be allowed to take any action even when it is surely justified. Where does all this shit come from? And how can we bag it and compost it and get a reasonable sort of life while we wait to be dessicated or drowned?


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