It is completely unacceptable for Jacinda and the Greens to pass the buck on Mallard over grotesque abuse of power


It is completely unacceptable for Jacinda and the Greens to pass the buck on Mallard over his latest grotesque abuse of power…

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks to Trevor Mallard about trespass decisions

The Prime Minister says she has spoken to Speaker Trevor Mallard about the decision to trespass former MPs, including New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

“I have encouraged him to give the opportunity for all of the parties within Parliament to discuss the issue,” Jacinda Ardern said.

She said the Parliamentary Service Commission, a group made up of representatives of all parties, would meet on Tuesday afternoon to discuss “how the issue of trespass notices is dealt with on Parliament’s grounds”.

The Speaker has responsibility for Parliament’s grounds, Ardern said, but “it is an issue where he is ultimately having to decide whether past members of Parliament are treated exactly as everyone else is”.

It was reported earlier on Tuesday that the Speaker said he didn’t make decisions about the notices himself and instead delegated it to Parliamentary security. Newshub has contacted Parliamentary Services for comment.

Ardern said ultimately, the decision sits with the Speaker.

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…no no no!

After all the shit Mallard has done, the false smearing of rape against a Parliamentary staffer because Trev was getting down with the kids and their new woke definition of rape, his provocation on Thursday Stupid Thursday that created a 10 hour live stream recruitment video for extremists, his basic bitch warehouse bargain basement psy-ops using the spraying of water and loud music at night which provoked the riot on Parliament’s lawns and now his trespassing of politicians from Parliament all combine to make Trevor YOUR problem Prime Minister.

This is now on YOU Prime Minister.

You have a control freak who is obscenely abusing political power in a manner that if performed by the right would have every member of the Left screaming.

The Left’s collective tribal silence is a stain on our collective honour which is why I have called Mallard out from the beginning.

At least one left wing commentator has to have some honour moving forward past the Dumb Lives Matter protest and I intend that person to be me!

The reason the wider Left are so silent is because many of the Middle Class Wellington Marxists screamed for the Police to bash the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis because they had their work from home privilege threatened by angry scary brown poor people whom they claim at Wellington dinner parties to care about.

This is woke edge lord Clint Smith, high priestess of the Wellington woke demanding Andrew Coster be sacked for not bashing the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis…

…the Woke Left never enjoy having their hypocrisy pointed out when they are so busy virtue signalling their righteousness.

If John Key had started trespassing politicians from Parliament, the Left would have been in an uproar – Mallard does it and everyone is tribally silent.

What is the point of being political if you have no values?

What Mallard is doing is madness and covering for him is unacceptable.

As for the Greens!

The disgusting manner in which they have capitulated to Mallard’s trespass abomination vomits in the face of every protestor and shits on their long history of protest!

For shame Greens for shame!

Once again it is embarrassingly ACT who have stood for our civil rights when the State abuses its power!

Mallard must quit or be removed, that’s the only way this madness ends.

You can’t trespass politicians from Parliament for meeting with protestors no matter how much you dislike the protestors.

I did not agree with the Dumb Lives Matter protest, you all know that, but I fiercely defended their right to protest. That so many on the Left have ignored those values to get some vengeance punches into the lumpenproletariat because they had the audacity of upturning woke aesthetics of the Left being everyones saviours is crass and so very fucking middle class.

What a surprise the Greens caved in.


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  1. Well listening to Luxon and the way all other party’s voted it seems it’s not just the left Martin (when it comes to ex MPs)

    The Speaker is nominated by the House and appointed by the Governor General. Is it as simple as saying the Prime Minister can have him booted? You seem to think so Martyn but is that the case?

  2. I must say I was very disappointed (again) with the stance taken on this issue by the greens

    I thought the greens understood the importance of the right to protest but it seems they have fallen into the tribal stance taken by so many these days: “it’s OK when our lot do it but not when our enemies do it”

  3. Jacinda? But is she actually in charge? Or is the Maori Caucus running the country? Maybe you need to talk to Willie or Nanaia.

    • Mallard is a bully and mongrel the qualities one needs to be a speaker, not a limp conservative colonial like carter was. Mallard is the best speaker I have seen in parliament – he can deal with the bullies and mongrels in the house. Jacinda is a world leader – she lead Aotearoa thru the biggest threat to Aotearoa from a foreign invader COVID since WWII and was the only leader not to raise the white flag and surrender and desert the trenches like the rightwing governments. This is the first time media and others have focussed on polls. The polls are all managed by right wing NATZ dirty politics team – wait until next year.
      Jacinda 10 Luxon 1.5

  4. Seems to me that Jacinda’s saying that Mallard’s the guy who calls all the shots, and that she’s just the little woman in the background encouraging him to share. Bullshit.

  5. Stop calling them the left! They aren’t the left.
    They are a Frankenstein Nazi Latte Woke Marxist Stasi neoliberal party on the right of the political spectrum!

    And that duck needs slaying.

    • I think Prof. Bryce Edwards nails it.

      “The big problem for Mallard in sending out trespass orders to figures who came to observe the protest is that it is entirely arbitrary and issued without justification. Over the course of the weeks of the protest, the site was visited by dozens, if not hundreds, of journalists, politicians, academics, public servants, and so forth.”

      Go after the Journo’s and observers too!

  6. Is there anything at the moment done or proposed by Labour or the Greens that is actually really popular? Can anyone name or list a few things – but they must be meaningful, so things like ‘woke gender leadership rules’ or ‘warning gangs well in advance that police will crack down on them’ don’t count! Anyone? I’m looking myself…

    • Cannabis from Chloe ? Tax home-owner “ millionaires” from Marama? Marama and the Green girls’ spin on the tragic Muslim massacres?

    • Sour kraut – Anything really popular from Labour and the Greens ? Well I gather that Marama Davidson tweeted that men – maybe white men – should delete themselves. That would have been very popular with some women. PM Ardern might have made Marama the minister for for domestic violence on this basis. Seems a bit radical to me, bu there we are.

  7. And yet you still support Adern.
    I sure as eggs won’t be voting Luxon, but I won’t be voting Greens or Labour either.

  8. What a surprise the Greens caved in?

    Entirely predictable. Middle class wankers.
    That’s why they’re shining in the polls…

    • At last someone agrees on that point–do many middle class people really hold a marxist world view where by the capitalist class and finance capital are replaced via an organised and mass supported fundamental shift in class power? i.e a revolution. I would not have thought so.

      Using “marxist” as a pejorative in this way as post modernists and alt rightists do just encourages confusion. It is important to use political terms accurately, the right do it on purpose, but avowed lefties should not buy into such “Jordan Peterson messaging”.

      • I’m not sure how “Marxist” can be read as anything other than pejorative by anyone who has read Orwell, and who knows about the gulags, the Cultural Revolution, and Pol Pot’s Killing Fields.

        • Grow up laddie, Marxism is a form of materialist philosphy, on class left lines, that includes dialectical and historical methods from the Greek and German schools. It is an invaluable way to analyse society and world events from an international working class perspective.

          Regimes that got it wrong and took an authoritarian route, usually with US and European imperialism’s, or local reactionarys foot on their throats, deviated from marxism in varying ways.

          The bastion of democracy (joke) USA was founded on genocide, and its economy on horrific slavery, and residual racism to this day against African Americans and Latin X.

          How about the “potato famine” and British Slavery and neo colonialism through out Africa? This take is not “what aboutism”–it is “as wellism”.

          The point is that marxism is not an accurate term to apply to woke Wellingtonians, they probably would have your take on it.

          • Ah yes, all Marxists say the same thing – the Soviets got it wrong, the Chinese got it wrong, Pol Pot got it wrong … and it was The Imperialists’ fault …

            TM, how many more tries do you think should we give to an ideology with such an appalling track record?

            When I was teaching English in Spain, one of my older students told me about his father’s experience during the Spanish civil war. He fought on the Republican (left-wing) side, but he was a moderate and was uncomfortable with the excesses of his Marxist “comrades”. They called him a traitor, and he was sentenced to death by a kangaroo court. Ironically, his life was saved by the Nationalists (right-wingers) who captured the town on the eve of his execution. Orwell couldn’t help but notice similar fanatical behaviour by Marxists during the civil war, and similar results elsewhere led him to wonder if maybe there was something inherently flawed about this ideology.

            Your reliance on the strawmen of Victorian Britain and the USA shows the weakness of your case – who in their right mind thinks they’re the only alternative to Marxism? The best places to live in all have mixed economies, with flourishing private sectors, progressive (but not punitive) taxation, and strong public services (e.g. Denmark, Germany, Austria). The evidence is very clear, but then ideologues (whether Marxist, radical feminist, or free-market fundamentalist) aren’t terribly interested in evidence.

            I agree it is inaccurate to say the Welly Wokes are Marxists. But the social justice ideology they half-believe in is undoubtedly a descendant of Marxism, tracing its lineage through Gramsci and the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School. And the evidence is there in your own post, in your use of the ridiculous woke-ism “Latin X” (which most Latinos reject).

        • Just conveniently ignore the US’s track record of the last 70 years. 280+ wars or, regime changes, ‘conflicts’ and invasions etc…millions of dead and millions of refugees as well the world today is more unstable than it has ever been. Ay?

          • @Denny, what you say is correct about the US. However this is not a zero-sum game and whataboutism doesn’t negate the failed experiments and predictable outcomes of implementing Marxist ideology at a state level (IMO localised communes are more suitable).

            Mikhail Bakunin nailed it decades before the Russian revolution.

        • does orwell actually mention marxism in 1984? he doesn’t in animal farm which is about the ussr….the whole poit of 1084 is totalitarianism which can be left or right….airstrip one is clearly a US outpost.

          • sorry shithouse proof reading again, I can see typos on paper but less well on screen, not eyesight but brainfart…I’m a pre computer hangover..

            should read

            ‘point’ and ‘1984’

          • @gagarin
            Yes, and “Middle Class Wellington Marxists” are “Middle Class Wellington NEOmarxists”.

            You could also argue that
            Stalinism = Leninism 2.0
            Maoism = Leninism 3.0
            Wokism = Leninism 4.0 or 5.0 (we’ll get it right this time, utopia awaits!)

            However while the Marxist-lens is useful as diagnosis, the prognosis is reliably disastrous when the ideology is implemented in the real world. Mikhail Bakunin was right.

  9. I read somewhere that 30% of the NZ public supported the overall aims of the protest, so this might be interesting come election day.

    Anyway props to Martyn for being the lone voice on the left calling this out

      • Berts very selective memory strikes again. It wasnt the Nats who had their President flying offshore to try and get dirt on the opposition.

        The Nats and Labour only differ in the colours of their billboards.

        • Peter’s selective memory, are you Maggie’s husband?

          Dirty Politics stands on its own,don’t let the last page of the book hit you in the face on the way out.

      • Given the current circumstances I think you need to rewrite your comment to read ‘ Vote Labour vote dirty politics.’

    • Yes, I cant help wondering if they have considered this in terms of breaching the ToW? Equal treatment under the law for all the ordinary people of NZ. How about Race Relations or Bill of Rights?

  10. Weak of Ardern.

    I have two friends who are pro vax who visited the protest, cause they wanted to see for themselves what was going on. Will they now be trespassed.?

  11. The solution is simple for the Greens. All James Shaw needs to do is identify as a woman and then accuse the greens of trans phobia if they try and get rid of him. Hell he can keep his suits, his genitals and even change his birth certificate.

    And everyone here thought this was going to be unfair for men….

    • Email him this piece of advice Anker! Just to see if they realise they’ve dicked themselves with their own skullbuggery and religion!

      This would be funny but…he probably doesn’t have the cahones for this?

  12. Ultimately Labour decides the Speaker of the House. Mr Mallard is also a Labour MP.


    Imagine being that person (PM Ardern) and trespassing the man whom allowed you be become Prime Minister..

    Trespassing leaders of political parties, former MPs, even the former deputy Prime Minister.. a man whom countless times represented NZ on the international stage.

    The only low rent in NZ is the Labour Party.. #Despot

  13. The USSR, Yugoslavia, China and others all had vaccine mandates. And everyone accepted them. And all QAnon types were sent to the gulag.

    Vaccine mandate are more Marxist than the anti-vax filth ever will be.

    • millsey the other countries not on your list for some strange reason.

      AUSTRIA: all over 14s from February 2022; holdouts can be fined up to 3,600 euros every 3 months read more

      ** ECUADOR: obligatory, except for people who have a relevant medical condition or incompatibility read more

      ** GERMANY: plans to make mandatory for all adults from February read more

      ** INDONESIA: all adults, with fines or refusal of social assistance or government services for the unvaccinated.

      ** MICRONESIA: all adults

      ** TAJIKISTAN: all over 18s

      ** TURKMENISTAN: all over 18s


      ** CANADA: all federally regulated workplaces from early 2022

      ** COSTA RICA: all state workers read more

      ** CROATIA: all public sector employees, citizens who need**
      CZECH REPUBLIC: police officers, soldiers and some other professions from March read more

      ** DENMARK: workplaces allowed to require a digital “corona pass” for employees

      ** EGYPT: vaccination or weekly COVID-19 test required from public sector employees to work in government buildings read more** RUSSIA: workers with public-facing roles in Moscow; read more

      ** SAUDI ARABIA: public and private sector workers wishing to attend a workplace; people entering government, private, or educational establishments

      ** TUNISIA: officials, employees and visitors accessing public and private administrations read more

      ** TURKEY: some sectors including teachers and domestic travel employees read more

      ** UKRAINE: public sector employees including teachers read more ; extension to medical personnel and municipal employees under consideration read more

      ** UNITED STATES: all federal workers, contractors (temporarily blocked from enforcing nationwide), private sector workers in companies with 100 or more emplo

      ** FIJI: public servants, employees at private firms

      ** FRANCE: public officials or employees, including civil security pilots, flight personnel providing care for victims, soldiers permanently assigned to civil security missions, firefighters

      ** GHANA: targeted groups including all public sector and health workers from Jan. 22 read more

      ** HUNGARY: employees at state institutions read more

      ** ITALY: all workers, school staff, police, military read more

      ** LATVIA: required for lawmakers to be able to vote and to receive full pay; businesses allowed to fire unvaccinated workers read more

      ** LEBANON: all civil servants and workers in the education, tourism and public transport sectors from Jan. 10 read more

      ** NEW ZEALAND: workers of border, prison, police and defence force sectors; education sector by Jan. 1 read more

      ** OMAN: public or private sector employees for entry to workplace read more

      ** POLAND: teachers, security personnel and uniformed services from March 1, 2022

      ** RUSSIA: workers with public-facing roles

      I could go on…………………..but you’ll notice no socialist/communist/marxist countries


  14. Rule are rules Marama said. It seems the left have lost their will to resist anything. The Greens were a vote option in next election but after this woke capitulation and James ‘Noah’ Shaw going on the telly yesterday saying we need to build an ark because sea level rise is going to kill us all (well maybe just inconvenience a few rich seafront landowners, in the unlikely event that humans could ever influence ocean depth anyway) I may veer away from the left for a while. NZ First?

    • Jody. Dumping Labour may be a small price to pay for getting rid of the socially destructive sex-obsessed Greens. NZ First could be an option but they’ve previously had some dubious candidates, and were not necessarily appreciative of a couple of their good ones. TOP have consistently mustered up high quality candidates with solid track records as achievers out in the real world – no professional politicos that I’m aware of, some, or maybe all of them have professional and work qualifications which most of the myopic bunch up in Parliament wouldn’t even understand. Getting onto their emailing list might be enlightening. The ghastly Greens, and I’m not sure to what extent Labour, exemplify the worst of the wokeness which is impacting majorly and madly on undeserving folks lives in the UK, USA, and elsewhere. The National Party aren’t even mediocre, but they could win by default, or by having greater expertise in dirty politics than in anything else. It’s all quite depressing.


  15. Fair comment, except, please change the Marxist bashing record. Every Marxist I know, including myself , supported the anti mandate folks right to protest.

  16. The anti-mandate crowd had every right to protest but setting up camp and blocking streets was idiotic and a major own goal because of course the leftist government would seize upon the opportunity to use it as a mini Jan 6th insurrection and a stick to wield against their political enemies. With the partial benefit of hindsight, the minute a mallet was raised over the first tent peg, the police should have cleared Parliament grounds and towed every illegally parked vehicle. Police hesitation to act decisively only made the situation worse as the days turned into weeks in my opinion.

    • fredonas
      All rights must by their nature, have boundaries. Protesting reasonably is a right but there needed to be an end and other people who have accepted the protest even applauded it, have a right to see it concluded especially when it was a diffuse group of miscontented people. If it was to achieve something that benefited all then it would have had more support for continuance. But just to complain and show the finger because people were upset – huh?

      I’m bloody upset most of the time but probably a majority of NZs are and the government knows it and they know they are skating on thin ice which is why they watch the polls closely to see what they can get away with or whether they have to do some placating policy actions. Unfortunately it’s a sport and badly plaid old boy! What do we do, violence amongst the poor in wealth, mind and spirit is increasing, and their numbers also, and neither logic, or values or good practice or efficiency sway this army of mercenaries with their attendant machiavellian goblins grown and trained in wealth nurseries of the world’s unseen universities, creating a hegemony that pulls in more good people who find it hard to synthesise their values and culture and the prevailing sheen of the tinsel.. We are simple Hobbits, a bit cunning but losing so far,. We need to do better or will be ushered out before we realise it fully.

    • Fredona Blaming the police may be an error of judgment. The protest could have petered out the first weekend if Mallard, probably aided and abetted by Jacinda and Grant, hadn’t polarised the situation and behaved like a juvenile hoon. This brought sympathisers flocking to Wellington from all over New Zealand, including rubber neckers and the permanently disgruntled. If there was nothing to hide about the mechanics of what went on, Ardern would not have assiduously avoided having any sort of review of that protest, apart from
      the IPCA inquiry into the conduct of the police, which will take months to be completed, by which time the inept politicians hope that the dumb populace will have forgotten about it. Not so.

    • rightists can throw in, marxist, socialist, communist as much as you like, it don’t make it so-especially not in the case of this LINO govt
      ….but what it does do is make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about, which mostly you don’t

  17. I have a joke for you.
    What’s the difference between Labour, National, ACT, The Greens and the Maori Party?
    Answer: Nothing.
    I didn’t write that it was going to be a funny joke.
    If to vote remains a choice rather than a legal requirement then our politics will veer towards the money and the power the rich can afford themselves because the rich understand the power of marketing to achieve an ends that most advantages them and that is to become even richer and that philosophy applies to our politicians who put money before us.
    That’s why we have wretched poverty at one end of the scale and obscene wealth at the other end.
    Adern doesn’t care about you and me. She’s being paid about $480,000.00 a year. Her front bench MP’s are on about $250,000.00. Back benchers are on about a mere and measly $160,000.00.
    Neoliberal Labour and The Greens ( Brought to you by the HSBC Bank in the form of wee jimmy shaw. )
    are playing games with us. They have no intention of getting rid of mallard, he’s far too useful a tool for distraction and debate while we reel in horror at how nasty and bullying he is.
    Compulsory voting might galvanise those voters who at the moment can’t be bothered with the charade that’s their politic.

    • If voting becomes compulsory stand by for the void votes to skyrocket.

      You can no make sane people vote for fuckwits, especially on a form so easy to intentionally void.

      • The yoofs got to the Supreme Court to put their case to be able to vote at the mature age of 16. Guess which parties are hoping for this decision to turn out in favour for the yoofs.

  18. You’re screwed either way you vote? Labour are just Neoliberal lite, while National is Neoliberal Medium & Act is Neoliberal extreme? Labour & National, one is the left cheek & the other is the right cheek, but both cheeks are on the same ass? Labour is just a virtue signalling, woke, cancel culture party run by University elites who never worked a real job in their entire lives & have no empathy towards everyday peoples concerns! And National is just as bad, a one trick pony of Tax cuts for the Rich funded by austerity for the poor, the Rich Natz voters get a whopping $18,000 Tax cut & you get $800 & your supposed to be grateful to baldy Luxon for this pittance? I’m not voting for any of these bastards, your damned either way!

    • It is a bit revolutionary for these days but we could go back to bringing in fixed amounts, not sliding scale changes. $30 more per week increasing every six months would not be inflationary I should think. It is too plebeian though I suppose. It’s not how Daddy Professor Ekonomiks would do it.

  19. We’ll that’s resolved nicely hasn’t it. Jacinda washes her hands but will she be a boss and fire Mallard? No. Winston is the big winner as all of NZ is on his side.

  20. At this point Labour must be intentionally trying to lose? Everything they are doing is driving different groups away. The only people who still love them are rich scumlords like Luxon?

  21. As Minister of Education under Clarkenfuhrer, the vile Mallard closed our Grey Valley schools and is long past his use by date

    • That someone could even use a term like “Clarkenfuhrer”–I actually laughed for a split second–is pretty dim.

      Grow up some of you fuckwits–ACT are not fascists, thought they lean towards corporatism as evidenced by their role in the Supercity, and parking wardens are not “parking nazis”. Terminology is important if you want to be taken even half seriously.


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