MEDIAWATCH: When the wokest media in NZ are against Mallard, things just went from bad to worse for Jacinda


Firstly, isn’t it embarrassing that the NZ Herald outsources its opinion section to the bloody Spin-Off? Does that count as its commitment to NZ on Air Funded social engineering?

I digress.

When the wokest media in NZ are against Mallard, things just went from bad to worse for Jacinda.

You will remember The Spin-Off ran the false rape complaint story that destroyed a Parliamentary Staffers life.

You will remember the Spin-Off’s readership are made up of the Wellington Middle Class Marxists who screamed that Andrew Coster bash the dirty filthy lumpenproletariat Nazis because their work from home privilege was pricked.

You will remember that the Spin-Off is the Government’s favourite taxpayer funded social engineering platform and when they aren’t taking huge money from the State, they are writing Mommy Blogger sex toy reviews and DWTS recaps.

They are the wokest of the woke and are utterly humourless in their pursuit of the holy trinity of woke dogma – All white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi – that they have turned on Mallard’s trespassing of politicians bodes very ill for Jacinda.

When Jacinda’s greatest culture war defenders are turning on the excesses of Mallards abuse of power, Labour need an urgent wake up.

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  1. She can’t stop. Our Glorious Leader went down the rabbit hole and so did Poor Man’s Gordon Brown, Steamboat Willy, The Hallensteins Sales assistant and even slow Trev.

    Make no mistake both “Our Glorious Leader’ and poor man’s Gordon Brown would have known about the trespass notices before they went out however because they are still in the covid rabbit hole (A new voluntary vaccine pass folks) they still believe the sheeple want protection and their hand held when they go to the toilet.

    Unfortunately for the Blairite the world and even the sheeple of New Zimbabwe have moved on. The cost of living/crime wave/co-governance shit storm is now the main attraction playing. And that is a battle that they can’t win just ask Slowmo across the Tasman.

  2. It was a nauseating piece by Manhire and more of a “damning with faint praise” and soothing reminder other people have been trespassed before, than harsh critique on erosion of democracy.
    Mostly it was all about Manhire and how he spent his trespass settlement money on an OE, just in case you didn’t know he’s wealthy and middle class and doesn’t know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck.

  3. Ardern on her decision to send military hardware to Ukraine: “New Zealanders would want this”.
    Ardern on the decision to trespass former deputy Prime Minister for meeting with peaceful protesters (at that time): “Trevor wanted this (who himself said Parliamentary Security wanted this)”.

  4. It’s just fashionable to be woke. Under the likes of woke green members and associates trans rights and Maori / indigenous rights are going backwards. They didn’t do anything to raise their situations instead leaning on the idea that the poor are envious of the wealthy. No, the state is pooring billions into the already wealthy. The moment a new bridge needs to be built it’s all oh it’s wasteful spending, what are the parents doing blah blah blah. Where’s Hone?

      • Doesn’t take much to inflame Hone. JT has the potential to win Tamiki and I’d atleast put Hone on his coat tails at the very least. What ever you thought of the Maori party – the conservative vein is truly dead.

  5. I’ve got to ask. Who is this ‘Sam I am?’

    Sam knows a lot about a lot and says a lot, says Sam I am, green eggs and ham. Ay Sam?


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