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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. And the French election too!
    I’m gonna say Le Penn. Nationalism, Right Wing voters and the left will turn out for her. The left don’t like Macron. This will be fun! She’ll go full retard in the EU!

  2. Elsewhere on the ‘Net I’ve read yet another vacuous article with the same puerile claims that it is “too hard” to remove the GST from healthy foods.

    It is essential to the wellbeing of our children and to everyone who is not in the “comfortably well off” bracket, that this tax, which should NEVER have been imposed in the first place, be removed as soon as possible!

    In the UK, eg,
    3.1 Basic foodstuffs
    You can zero rate all supplies of unprocessed foodstuffs such as:
    raw meat and fish
    vegetables and fruit
    cereals, nuts and pulses
    culinary herbs
    It does not matter whether you supply these unprocessed foodstuffs direct to the public or for use as ingredients in the manufacture of processed foods, provided they’re fit for human consumption.

  3. I’ve observed before that NZ men seem to be casual about safety procedures while operating adventure tourism.

    The recent accident of boat turning over when five men were drowned seems a case in point. Going north of Cape Reinga the two oceans meet and swirl and winds sweep over you with no land to be a baffle. There was bad weather forecast, someone who knew the area might be hesitant to go out but not these hearties. And the skipper had gone beyond the set operating limits before, with others, and been fined for it. It could be wise not to take any chances when thinking of venturing out on a trip where your life is in some long-term experienced operators hands – they have avoided disaster so long that they think they are bullet-proof.
    He was one of four fishing vessel charter operators convicted and fined for working illegally outside their safe operating limits in 2009.
    His charter business at the time was called Bay Fishing Charters Ltd.

    2021/22 Also this crash – a container vessel and a launch.
    …There was also no one keeping watch in the wheelhouse when the crash happened.
    TAIC’s report said the container ship did not properly give way to the fishing boat, and the fishing boat’s skipper was probably too tired at the time [4 am].

    Seven men, including Mr McNatty, died, while another is presumed drowned after the fishing charter vessel capsized in the Kaipara Harbour. Three men survived.

    2019 When someone dies it is seen that better practical safety measures might be taken!
    However, the regulations did require storm covers to be available if required, Neil Rowarth, Maritime NZ’s northern compliance manager, said.
    “Following the recommendations of the report, Maritime NZ has worked in collaboration with Yachting NZ to amend the safety regulations to require storm covers to be positioned on windows over a certain size on sailing vessels.”
    Rescuers battled severe weather and high seas, including six-metre swells and 40- to 50-knot wind gusts, in a bid to save Pedersen and three other sailors.

    It’s good that people turn out for others being strong, brave and concerned in terrible conditions in the outdoors. I wish that ordinary people could be helped as kindly in their travails in life on land!

  4. Fascinating story about abandoned house, bit spooky, and people with more money than is good for them.

    There was a spooky Maori series in 002 called Matuku. which had a paranormal approach. It was very good for those who like a shiver and a jolt.


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