MEDIAWATCH: Q+A – Chris Luxon train-wreck while Willie Jackson shines


Wow, this was a train wreck interview by Luxon!

Why on earth did Luxon’s handlers think he was ready for Jack?

This interview was a brutal take down of National’s bullshit claim that Labour are causing inflation, Jack kept pushing him on what exactly he would cut in terms of spending and as he did, Jack kept adding that total up and pointed out it’s a few percentage points of total spending!

This is less an interview and more a homicide – Luxon is good at the spin and talking points & hopeless at details!

He stumbles poorly with the tax cuts issue.

The problem with the rights tax cut argument is the pittance given to the poor always looks pathetic when you see how much they are getting! Average wage earners will gain $800 per year while Luxon will get $18000 each year!

Why haven’t Luxon’s handlers given him the answer to the tax issue which is Luxon should offer to donate his tax cut to a charity.

Luxon refutes the premise of Jack’s question while Jack is grilling Luxon on National’s Covid response suggestions and Luxon fails appallingly

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All Luxon has are ZB talking points! He has no solutions whatsoever- moving tax brackets should be a vote winner but he has tripped himself up on all the other contradictions – he can’t do a serious interview with a baller like Jack and not look stupid.

This was a tragic decision to put Luxon on with Jack.

No one can look at that interview and feel confidence in Luxon. He’s great at the spin and good at the sale pitch but as soon as he starts getting grilled it all falls over.

Dare I say he has David Shearer disease?

Wow that was bad.

Willie on the other hand shone.

Finally on the show after the funerals of his Mother and Uncle and after being struck down by Covid, he’s back and came out swinging on co-governance.

Willie remains one of Labour’s best communicators and Ministers. He has class, he has wit and he has the answers.

He’s a Woking class bloke who started on the floors of the Freezing Works and has cut his political teeth using blunt language.

He unfolds the co-governance issue and explains that there is no Māori take over and that it is a partnership that pakeha doesn’t have to fear.

There is vigorous debate over the values of democracy, Willie points out it isn’t superiority Māori are looking for, it’s equality.

Jack pushes back and it’s a great exchange of ideas.

The difference between the Willie interview and the Luxon interview is that Jack is hard on both of them, but Willie is the one with the actual answers.

Brilliant public broadcasting.


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  1. Baldy sounds just like LINO have been in their 5 years in government.

    They have no idea of governing/government or how to count.

    • Also what seemingly is becoming apparent is; is his no.2 and possibly no.3 inline setting him up for a fall? You know, like Humpty dumpty?
      They’re not feeding him important information on issues, or they don’t know either. Too busy celebrating the victory over getting rid of collins?

      His honeymoon is over. He’s an automaton.

  2. The whole nation was glued to the TV so it’s all over for Luxon. Can’t wait for the interview with Tamati Coffey over the Rotorua story.

    • Glad you agree that Chris Luxon had a ‘mare Sour Kraut. I’m beginning to like you SK!

      I had my eyes closed listening to Luxon today, and Jack Tame could have been interviewing John Key. Luxon has that same smarmy intonation and nasality, same “the reality is!” Same gobshite National Party front man.

      At least John Key could lie better and cover up the BS. John Key’s shoulder-tapped PM-in-waiting had a nightmare today. To fix it, Luxon needs to watch every video interview with John Key and then go to bed and read John Key’s National Party manifesto aka
      Can we fix it with a “Bring back John Key campaign?”

      Even Todd Muller wearing a Trump hat, on a bad day, was better than Chris Luxon today, without a Trump hat! Can we fix it with a “Bring back Todd Muller campaign?”

      How would Judith have handled Jack Tame? And Judith? “Don’t bring back Todd Judith Collins’ campaign!”

      Chris Luxon, the needs to be taught to lie better, by his handlers.
      And about now, Sir John Key will be giving himself, and getting Chris’s handlers to give themselves, a Will Smith selfie-slaps!

  3. Luxon appeared, that’ll be enough.
    One mention of “Three Waters,” one reference to He Puapua will wipe 700 bad appearances from Luxon in terms of making an electoral difference.

        • Duh Pope? Playing the Homer Simpson card?

          Act’s Principles are freely available on their website:
          These are the previous Leaders of the ACT Party. Previous leaders have beens (sic.) include ….
          Roger Douglas and Derek Quigley.
          Richard Prebble (I’ve been thinking)
          Rodney Hyde
          Don Brash
          John Banks
          Jamie Whyte
          David Seymour

          PS – here are some ACT principles, just in case clicking a hyperlink is beneath you, yourpoopliness pimpliness “Popeliness!”:

          Income taxes should be levied at one flat rate and capital should never be taxed.

          Neither central nor local government should own, operate, invest in, loan to, or make grants to any entity that seeks to compete in the private sector; (PS Pope – this one is privatising health)

          Employment should be by private contract between employee and employer, and membership of any association of either employees or employers should be entirely voluntary;

          Foreign investment should be restricted only if an investment threatens national security;

          Trade should be free of tariffs and non-tariff barriers other than those necessary for national security and biosecurity;

          Pollution and natural resources should be managed with free-market solutions such as polluter-pays and tradable quotas; (PS Pope – this one is privatising global warming mitigations)

          Wherever possible, conservation measures should be undertaken by private means rather than by government programmes;(PS Pope – this one is privatising the conservation estate)

          Every child should be allocated an education account through which they may direct all taxpayer education funding to their choice of public or private provider;(PS Pope – this one is privatising education)

          Welfare entitlements other than for sickness and disability should be time-limited and thereafter should be in the form of managed assistance.

          God help us if David Seymour or ACT get anywhere near the reins of power in league with National. Ooops, didn’t Don Brash jump the ACT/National leadership divide? Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the New Zealand National Party from October 2003 to November 2006, and the Leader of ACT New Zealand from April to November 2011.

          Is this what David Seymour wants? Get rid of Chris Luxon and become leader of the National Party? Sir John Key is not going to be a happy bunny when he finds out this little plan, is he?

          • Mike Judge I was just gonna post the mission statement of Act but you’ve beat me too the punch and neo-conservatives like Pope are all for selling our country out to the highest bidder

          • Don’t be disingenuous – I’m well aware of ACT’s unfortunate attitudes to education and health. When has Seymour said he will privatize our WATERS?

          • Bullshit.
            Why not just link to ACTs actual policy on water?
            Instead of lying.

            “ *Return water assets to councils.
            *Allow councils to enter into voluntary “shared services” agreements, gaining the benefits of scale, while retaining local ownership and control.
            *Establish 30-year central-local government agreements to plan water infrastructure upgrades tailored to specific regions.
            *Share GST revenue with councils to fund infrastructure upgrades.
            *Establish public-private partnerships to attract investment from financial entities such as KiwiSaver funds and ACC.
            *Expand the exemption from domestic supply for a single dwelling to also include all small water suppliers supplying fewer than 30 endpoint users.”

            “While retaining local ownership and control” did you read that?

            You and Stephen are being dishonest and spreading misinformation.
            On the other hand where is the real information on iwi control and guarantees on cost and non sale under 3 waters?

  4. I don’t think there’s any “fear” involved other than as ratepayers and taxpayers we’re going to be charged more for a lower quality of service from an unnecessary and inefficient additional layer of parasitic bureaucrats and “elites” from indigenous political pressure groups. It’s extremely rare that adding bureaucracy results in a better service at a lower cost.

      • I didn’t say that. I think the current regional councils should already be doing anything that Three Waters is proposing to “fix”.

    • every kiwi is a ‘ratepayer’ renters pay landlords rates for them…even bennies pay tax on their benefits
      all this oh ratepayers should get ‘special consideration’ is frankly the product of an equine fundament.

    • It’s just politics fredonas. It’s the party line, for whatever party wants to undercut, undermine, kvetsch, moan, grizzle, whinge. Its adversarial politics 101, blue party, dark blue party, yellow party, green party, red party, pink party, black and white party, sensible party, whites only party, rainbow party… …

      It’s a talking point, “14,000 more bureaucrats”…w@nk w@nk.
      It’s like ACT’s “tax the rich less and the money will trickle-down to the poor”
      It’s like ACT’s “Flat tax rate!”
      It’s like National’s “The reality is…: (mentioned many times by Chris Luxon in the Jack Tame interview) …

  5. So did National lose any votes due to the interview – no. Did Labour gain any votes due to the interview – no.

    Nothing to see here…

    • “Nothing to see here”.. What are you so afraid of? That the nats are finally being shown up as the hollow shell of self interest they have been for decades, and fell ibn willingly with an agenda that has, and is continuing to hurt NZ to the point where it’s touch and go as to whether NZ ever gets over it, or we get taken over by the US because of becoming a “failed state”.. Thus giving them a great staging point for the war against China, and us the illusion of wealth and freedom.. Yay..

  6. CEOs issue directives not so good at convincing especially with ‘alternative facts’

    it’s a poor lookout when someone as banal as willie comes over as savvy

  7. how? what are putins pronouncements on NZ public spending..or are you avoiding festers public embarrassment by conjuring the current ‘saddam of the week’?
    WEAK ek WEAK

  8. co-governance is race based politics/power structures and race based privileges

    anything race based is racist

    or have we conveniently forgotten that?

    co governance is a great way for more social upheaval and tension and more political ammo for labours enemies.

    “but but maori will be the handbrake on out of control neoliberalism” yeh but the likes of nga tahu are heavily entwined in aggressive capitalist endeavours so dream on

    • But the current democratic system is only good for the oppressive majority whom believe Maori belong on an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean as long as those Islands don’t included their own lands that the oppressive majority call home!

      • The “oppressive” majority! Wow.

        Has it occurred to you, Stephen, that attitudes like that might just help Luxon’s and especially Seymour’s electoral chances?

      • Are you still living in the 1800s?
        I’m not.
        Assuming the government system is inherently racist is Critical Race Theory, an American fringe theory.
        It’s pretty obviously not true but my word doesn’t it suit some peoples motivations.

  9. We must of watched a different interview because I saw a man neglecting to answer questions of importance especially accusing the govt of wasting money but couldn’t answer a single question on how?

    • Oh boy, this from the learned academic who belittled Thomas for not finding the hidden He Puapua files on the internet. We must of? Of what? Since when is ‘have’ spelt O F. Maybe try we must HAVE watched a different interview.

    • Just like floundering Willis the day before making up numbers again – doesnt recognise NZ unemployment is best in world – less than the tories ever achieved in the best of world trading/economies. Only mentions Australia 3.5% inflation from Dec – quarter might be a bit more by end of this week.

    • Luxon was a dithering fool who avoided answering simple questions just like Willis the day before. He was as foolish and incompetent as Simon Bridges who was asked what created domestic inflation and he answered it was the $6 billion labour budget that has not even been spent yet – no wonder he retired. NATZ wont get rid of Luxon as they have no one else or any able MPs to take his place. Robertson runs rings around the entire NATZ party and their 5 finance has beens. Imagine if the NATZACT were in power when Covid broke out and opened the borders and closed MIQ and at same time didnt fund jobs, projects, health, etc, helping NZers. What a disaster it would have been. Thank you Jacinda for saving me and 15000 other NZ citizens’ lives.

      • Lol – The rings the poor man’s Gordon Brown can run around are burger rings. There is no financial skill in printing money and spending it on shit. Didn’t watch Te Reo Luxon’s interview however neither did the sheeple. The beltway have already made up their minds one way or another. Te Reo has 12 months to get his shit together. At that stage it will be Poor man’s Gordon Brown he will be up against trying to explain how he turned a “rockstar” economy into economic stagflation.

      • You are right on the money Nikorima .Well articulated.
        The Nats are all bullshit and bravado…. massive egos …no substance….
        Couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery.
        God help us if they had been in charge when Covid hit…people should be made aware their press statements at the time and then have them analysed ….result… carnage
        Confucius say….Self praise is no recommendation..

  10. Luxon was so bad, Willie looked good.

    But if you listened carefully to his arguments and what he didnt say after being asked a few times. It was clear, he wasnt being honest and wouldnt answer the questions. It was the same old answer “People dont need to be scared of co governance” rather than addressing the heart of the issue.

    Maori should have more representation of 3 Waters as they bring more to the table? Really? Democracy is still democracy but its a new democracy – you get to vote and in his new democracy, your vote wont be equal to ours.
    Also all the argumentum ad hominem against Seymour – another political manoeuvre to distract away from what he doesnt want to talk about. Tame was great but he could have gone harder on Jackson, like Jackson’s BS claim that there are no Maori on Rotorua Council as there are 2 that I know of. And letting him get away with the “but we live 7 years less than you” as a justification for a move away from equal suffrage. If white people live 6 years less than Asians then does that mean an Asian voter should have their vote be worth 1/4 of that of a Maori??

    There was a lot of BS and obfuscation in that interview and Jack Tame should have gone harder. But Kudos to Tame for having the fortitude to address our latest taboo subject, Why we should abandon equal suffrage and what we get instead.

    Finally, if anyone then switched over to 3 and caught Nicola Willis, you will be asking yourself why Willis is not leading National. The contrast between her and Luxon couldnt have been greater.

    • Willis for PM, when (not if) Chris Luxon is rolled! Thanks Fantail.

      You’ll know Nicola’s coup is coming when you hear the phrase “I have every/100% confidence in our leader of the National party…..”

      Waiting for the next Dirty Politics gaffe. Dirty politics, the gift that keeps on giving…

  11. Obviously the take on this interview is in the beholder. I thought Luxon came across as a regular person not a polished politician with bland answers drawn from years of experience at saying a lot and achieving nothing . He makes mistakes and then owes up to them few politicians do that. CEO are in the role because they can make desicions he just needs to take some breaths before he speaks . On the other hand Willie Jackson was entertaining but I would not trust him to give the same answers tomorrow.
    Perhaps Luxon would have not won any swinging voters over but doubt if he would have lost any. Willie would not have made those worried about the threat of a Maori takeover

    • So Trevor if the mistake is thinking that government spending is driving inflation, when it’s not, his solution is presumably to cut spending then once again infrastructure issues get kicked down the road and social services become even more inadequate. The cherry on top being more fuel on housing price fire when Luxon cuts the bright line test etc.

      Except it’s not a mistake at all. Luxon is just saying things that he hopes people will fall for, rather than actually believing his solutions will do anything but enrich himself and others similar. He’s not stupid and he’s not “regular”. In my book he is a con artist ( which probably makes him a reasonably polished politician)

  12. There is one unfortunate aspect of the interview. Nowhere near enough people watched the interview. Luxon has been fluff since he became National Party leader. He’s done one thing superbly well. He’s hidden who and what he is. I said early on the three reasons Luxon was raising National in the polls.

    1) Ardern had tanked in her popularity.

    2) Luxon was not the despicable Judith Collins.

    3) Luxon was doing a superb job of disguising who and what he is.

    Here is why Luxon will never be PM.

    1) The ill feeling as a result of Covid toward Ardern is calming down.

    2) Ardern has 18 months until the election to turn things around. She’s highly motivated but up until now has been way too busy to run an extended campaign. Luxon on the other hand has had ample time on his hands and has until now been gifted a free pass by our media.

    3) Luxon can’t hide his true self for another 18 months. The more people learn who and what he is, the more they will recoil. Courtesy of Jack Tame, that process is now under way.

      • There are similar empty wallets all around the world, because of: Covid; supply issues; a Ukrainian annex by Russia; and a creaking, worn-out capitalist system that needs new rings.

        And just when I was starting to like you Sour Kraut, you go and blame New Zealand for the impending collapse of world-wide capitalism. I didn’t know New Zealand was such an influential financial world leader?

        Just wait till currency is replaced by crypto. Apparently there will be 1,000 FFS’s to 1 Communist Crypto. And 4 million NZ Dollars to a FFS.

      • Sour Kraut,

        When I dream, it’s about beautiful ladies, beautiful fishing spots or both together :). Politics never feature in my dreams.

        Easily the worst achievement of this Government has been in housing. This however will not cost them the top floor in Wellington. Why? because the main alternative to Labour were equally woeful in this area. At least Labour acknowledged there is a housing crisis! People will not quickly forget the previous Government’s complete indifference in this area. It should be remembered that we’ve been enduring a Pandemic and nobody expected tens of thousands of kiwi’s looking for a home returning to NZ. Even the experts adamantly stated house prices would drop by 15%. As we now know, prices actually increased by around 30%. If experts in the field didn’t budget on this and got it so badly wrong, how can anyone realistically expect politicians to?

        If you’re correct that people will vote with their wallets, do you look at the whole picture or just the part that suit your “wishful hoping”.

        Here’s so more data to digest. National created and ran a low wage economy. Business lapped it up and the Government displayed complete indifference to those doing it hard. That’s a fact. The current Government has redressed this with meaningful increases to the minimum wage. National has bitched about this every step of the way. Luxon is on record as being opposed to the increases. Do you know how many people are better off as a result of the increases? How bad would their lot be now without those increases? Do you think a meaningful percentage of those folk would now vote National?

        Covid support has been enormous to Kiwi’s during the pandemic. It helped people and business survive and put food on the table. Do you honestly think National would have looked after kiwis in the same significant way? No far king way! They would have done their usual and said there was nothing in the kitty while spouting about the mythical “Rock Star Economy”. More importantly, many Kiwis know this as factual.

        Supermarket prices are obscene. So far the Government has done virtually nothing to put a stop to price gouging. Most Politicians are highly motivated by power and self interest. You just know they will be addressing this issue in a meaningful way well before the 2023 election.

        Gas prices are well over the top but the war in Ukraine will not continue long term and fuel prices will calm down.

        Inflation is at very high levels around the world. Those that blame Ardern for NZ inflation are displaying a high level of ignorance and or bias.

        Labour have 18 months to make significant improvements and “appear” to be on the right track. The don’t need to fix anything, just look as if they are headed in the right direction. How motivated will they be to achieve this?

        There is 0% chance of Luxon can hide his true self for another 18 months. The more he is exposed, the more people will recoil.

        Much of the contempt displayed toward Ardern in recent months by a % of misguided vested interest haters is calming down. This was never going to cause a change in Government anyway.

        When people vote for a new leader mostly motivated by getting rid of the old leader, you end up with the debacle the United States now has with their worst President and VP ever in Biden and Harris. All over the world people are now recognizing the danger of “anyonebutTrump”.

        We all witnessed the anti Macron protests in France. How could he get another term? Today he receives another term.

        Ardern will get another term in 2023. Biden won’t in 2024. I very much doubt Biden will even complete his term let alone run again in 2024. Like it or not, Ardern will win again in 2023 and Trump will win again in 2024.

        • Ardern won’t even be there in 2023. When the country goes into recession the blame fairly or not, gets put on the government of the day. Labour will be lucky to start with a 3 come the next election.

    • TM – you have under estimated the ability of the NATZ dirty politics team to manipulate the right wing media, jounalists, tory talk ZB, tory times herald, bloggers and make a mountain out of a mole hill eg last Tuesday MIQ report. If I was in the afore-mentioned group I would make sure I didn’t feature in Nicky Harga’s next dirty politics book.

  13. ” All Luxon has are ZB talking points! ”

    Of course he does that is where he gets to read the mood of his audience that inflicts this same old tory bullshit through our un biased media.

    Looks like 2023 is just a re run of the last 4 election campaigns.

    Status quo , cover up , lies and salacious sound bites.

    My god we need a revolution !

  14. ” All Luxon has are ZB talking points! ”

    Of course he does that is where he gets to read the mood of his audience that inflicts this same old tory bullshit through our un biased media.

    Looks like 2023 is just a re run of the last 4 election campaigns.

    Status quo , cover up , lies and salacious sound bites.

    My god we need a revolution !

  15. ” The whole nation was glued to the TV so it’s all over for Luxon ”

    The whole neo liberal nation is not and does not give a shit.

    Waste of air time and tax payer money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I thought Luxon did ok. Even though Tame was being his usual smart arse self, Luxon pointed out Labours spending habits which don’t show a lot of satisfactory results. This time next year our indebtedness and continued social chaos will be worse. I’m almost hoping National doesn’t win the next election because who would want that hospital pass. We should let this shambolic government keep going and let you lefties get what you deserve. Unfortunately the rest of us will have to go down with the ship.

  17. I didn’t watch the Q&A interview with Jack Tame and Chris Luxon. To me Luxon is a Walking Talking Human Contradiction.

    He, like many leaders before him, haven’t learnt lessons from the past and that is Constantly Beating the Now Out-Dated NZ National Mantra Drum of Blaming others and not the faces staring back at them in the mirror of their lives has way passed its Best Before Date(s).

    Luxon in his pure stupidity blames this government for ALL the WOES in the world eg inflation. He makes comparisons of other countries with bigger populations and compares those bigger countries with little Olde NZ.

    He will probably harp on yet again of having once ran an airline even though THAT very airline was bailed out by the NZ taxpayers a number of times over the years especially by a National government.

    I, like many low income NZers, are way below the Average Wage. And so whilst $800.00 seems alot to us low income workers(the bottom feeders as Luxon calls us) I am sure we low income workers would have to suffice with an extra say $80.00 a year under a National government.

    Therefore I don’t National have yet again made a good choice in Luxon. Maybe because he has the backing of John Key is reason why Luxon got to being leader. But he just isn’t good enough. He is a reflection of John Key and that puts me off ever wanting to trust the guy.

    Key had an amazing ability to lie and break promises and I get the feeling Luxon would do the same thing. But then National hardly have any honest politicians that haven’t resorted to lying when it suits them.

  18. The interview was typical Wall of Sound Willie – blarney, bluster, bull dust and bumf. He slid off all questions and explained and justified nothing. Where is Geoffrey Palmer when Labour needs some constitutional rigour?

  19. Looks like Do Nothing National haven’t changed. Still with a charlatan leader with no clue thinking they can smile and bullshit New Zealanders blind.


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