China lab leak theory refuses to die


Last months Vanity Fair expose on the machinations of China, the Wuhan Lab, Fauci and the insanely incompetent EcoHealth Alliance forces all rational minds to re-examine  the Wuhan Lab Leak theory…

“This Shouldn’t Happen”: Inside the Virus-Hunting Nonprofit at the Center of the Lab-Leak Controversy

Chasing scientific renown, grant dollars, and approval from Dr. Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak transformed the environmental nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance into a government-funded sponsor of risky, cutting-edge virus research in both the U.S. and Wuhan, China. Drawing on more than 100,000 leaked documents, a V.F. investigation shows how an organization dedicated to preventing the next pandemic found itself suspected of helping start one.

the craven China worship by quisling website Socialist Equality Group decry any criticism of the largest human rights abusing regime on the face of the Planet, China, by attacking anyone challenging their authoritarian abuses.

The SIS should openly investigate Socialist Equality Group as Chinese enablers and for possible treason.

The deep suspicion of China is legitimate.

We know there were embassy cables warning Trump that the Wuhan Lab was a safety risk.

We know US Intelligence picks up a pandemic in November.

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We know the lab was experimenting on the virus and that scientists have now cast suspicion on the virus having been tampered with.

Because of the prevalence of these types of labs and with human error factored in, there is an 80 percent chance of a a dangerous pathogen escape every 12.8 years.

We know lab staff suffered symptoms exactly like Covid a month before the first case in December.

The lack of a definitive answer however is politically dangerous and cultural damaging.

The NZ mainstream media have righteously hated on Trump and his disinformation campaigns but the irony that he might have been right all along about the real possibility of the Wuhan Lab leaking the virus is a body blow to establishment media credibility.

Watch Trump use this in his 2024 campaign.

The Vanity Fair expose clearly points to funding Fauci green lighted For EcoHealth Alliance to research the very Covid virus that is then released near a lab at the centre of the outbreak.

That at the very least demands some examination and not the usual screams of xenophobia from the usual and predictable defenders of China.

UPDATE: The dangerous Chinese Lickspittle quislings over at the openly treasonous WSW have given their usual ideologically dense nonsense to justify their ongoing treason against the working classes of Aotearoa in favour of their paymasters in the Chinese Communist Party! Their lies and smears against the great Daily Blog will not stand and their brothers and sisters in the The People’s Front of Judea are nothing but splitters! The SIS must investigate all these traitors and their pets! 


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  1. The ‘feltch’ will be very, very lucky to avoid jail time if the house and the Senate flip in November. After the old coot’s son he is public enemy no 2.

  2. ‘I don’t like website lets ban it’

    and you dare to snipe at the wellington bourgeoise ‘woke’

    if the SIS investigate as well as they clearly don’t into seditious rightwing money, good luck with any investigation…. though they do have 2 words ‘socialist’ and ‘equality’ guaranteed to trigger any spook worth his salt so you might be lucky

  3. China – “the largest human rights abusing regime on the face of the Planet,” – really Bomber? Check out the abuse of the human rights of the people of every sovereign nation which, since WW2, has had the US or its proxies come a-visiting. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Iraq, Serbia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chile. Check out the US’ Guantanamo Bay torture facility and the whole array of supporting “renditioning” facilities it has scattered around the globe. And check out the rate of civil imprisonment which the US has turned into a multi-million dollar industry incarcerating its most poor. Check out the misery caused to the World’s sovereign nations by the arbitrary impositions of sanction and the illegal seizure of their wealth, not to even mention the terrible toll taken on the world by the proliferation of its Capitalist culture, and then tell me who is the largest human rights abusing regime on the planet.

  4. Six months ago I watched a piece from reputable experts in their field about the true number of deaths from Covid. They believe the true number was well north of 20 million. Here we are now six months later and the official toll is 6.2 million. It would be entirely reasonable to believe the real number is now in excess of 25 million.

    If there was a plane crash with 200 deaths we’d have a comprehensive investigation as to the cause and with resulting conclusions. This was respectful to the deceased and their loved ones. Accountability resulted and changes put in place to ensure a repeat didn’t occur. Why has that not occurred with Covid-19 despite the horrendous and diabolical carnage ?

    1) The carnage is still unfolding.

    2) China’s extremely determined efforts to attack anyone that has the audacity to seek answers and accountability. Also known as bullying.

    3) The world has been so busy attacking themselves for their own Government’s Covid management plan.

    As a result of the above, China has so far ensured they have a free pass. They will be determined to see that continue.

    When Covid calm’s down and some type of new long-term normal arrives, attention will shift from their own Government to China who of course are acutely aware of this. Compensation will be sought that China will avoid at any and all cost.

    I sincerely believe we are only months away from China invading Taiwan. 100% before this year is out. They have been very keen observers of the Russian-Ukraine conflict and more importantly, the way the US has continued slipping on banana skins every step of the way thanks to an elderly President in steep cognitive decline and his agenda etc. There is now less deterrent to China invading Taiwan than at any time in decades. What better way of killing two birds with one stone could there be for China than achieving their long held goal with Taiwan and taking Covid accountability off the table with an epic distraction?

    Putin says WWIII has already started. He’s wrong. That moment arrives when China invades Taiwan. I very much doubt it will be a blitzkrieg type attack at first. China will likely land their forces nearby and watch how the world reacts prior to the full on attack commencing.

    Watch this space.

    • Think again TM, we are watching this space and Putin is right.
      The USA is determined to smash Russia ,then China ,then claim the whole world as theirs. If the BRICS countries can fastforward their unity and take on the USA together then maybe the USA can be beaten?

      • One lives in hope. And that does not mean supporting the other imperialist powers Govt’s and military.

        I do support the working class of each of them getting organised, which is why Starbucks and Amazon union drives and some long running US strikes are so significant. Russian and Chinese workers urgently need genuine unions.

        A mate of mine works for an International union federation in Europe and they have terrible issues in Russia with anti union attacks, but the answer is to keep on trucking and show international solidarity.

        • but just hang on one goddam minute….isn’t china communist…..oh no that’s just fevered right wingers cheese nightmares…carry on pal.

  5. It’s almost impossible to deny the lab leak hypothesis – if anyone has any doubt google Bret Weinstein + Lab Leak and consider all the evidence he puts forward.

    The whole thing stinks and Fauci is right in the thick of it.

  6. We also know that Peter Daszak was instrumental in pushing the wet market theory while failing to declare any conflicts of interest.
    Also anyone who wanted to publish a lab leak theory had to jump through hoops repeatedly whilst wet market theory promoters could get their opinions published in a couple of weeks

  7. Good for you Martyn! You’re doing what a good journalist should do: Speaking truth to power.

    The lab leak theory has gone from a banned conspiracy theory to the most likely scenario, although we’ll unlikely ever have definite proof because of the cover up. Consider:
    1. They were in fact doing gain of function research in that lab complex
    2. Those labs had a history of leaks and failed audits
    3. A Chinese scientist who reported on this was ‘disappeared’
    4. There is no evidence of intermediate forms of the virus in the natural environment, which would be the case if it naturally evolved
    5. There were no initial cases linked to the wet market
    So if it waddles and quacks….

    Where I think you’re slightly mistaken is in thinking this will be used in a Trump re-election campaign. The Republicans are on track to win in the midterms, at which point they will initiate a series of investigations in Congress. Topics could and should include:
    > Biden family graft
    > Joe Biden’s mental competence
    > Anthony Fauci funding research that was banned by the US government
    > Democrat weaponizing of the judicial process against political opponents
    > The failure of the administration to uphold immigration laws (against the President’s oath of office)
    > The Pelosi family share dealings
    > Jennifer Granholm’s share dealings
    > And much much more!
    This will lead to a drumbeat of show trials, charges and arrests in the lead up to the Presidential elections.
    On and don’t be so down on The Donald! LOL He was right about Wuhan, he was right about NATO/Gazprom/Putin…so what else was he right about? 😉

    • I’m going to make your head spin Tiger:
      China *needs* those American bases and its massive blue water navy. The reason this is, is because China doesn’t have secure shipping lanes both for its raw material imports (oil, coal, iron, food etc) and its export of products to the West. China is not competition to the USA and is not a superpower.
      If it wasn’t for Pax Americana, China would be beholden to a list of minor states that could be bases for pirates or demand tribute for allowing its ships to pass. China’s strategic geographic position is such that it is in an inherently weak position and always will be. In addition it has managed to piss off all its neighbours so is now ringed by potential enemies too. An own goal.
      Furthermore, China is totally dependent on the West for trade. At a stroke of a pen an American President could impose a simple % trade tariff that would shut the place down tomorrow. In the long term China needs the West but the West doesn’t need China. Oh sure they make a lot of stuff for us, but its nothing we could shift to somewhere else within the space of 5-10 years. With an aging demographic in China we may indeed need to slowly shift manufacturing out of there and into places with a younger populace: India, Indonesia, the Philippines and South America.

  8. remind me again who was paying for the virus to be potentiated again nathan? the same people who had no bio labs in the ukraine perchance?

      • the yanks financed making a nasty bug worse and there’s an accident(allegedly) who’s responsable the lab tech or the git who paid for the work to be done in an (allegedly) unsafe lab…

        as always nate follow the money,,just follow the money.

  9. Does the following investigative article prove definitively that Covid escaped from a lab in Wuhan? Certainly not. Does it show that the Chinese government has a lot of questions to answer about the origins of the pandemic? Heck yes! A rudimentary understanding of biochemistry would be helpful for its comprehension:

    Cue Mark to run interference for the CCP in 5…4…3…2…1…

    • Mark is late because the CCP censors are under so much pressure now domestically, they can’t keep up with international propaganda recruits turned NZ citizens, at their usual lightening speed.

      Shanghai’s lockdown protests reveal tensions over zero-Covid

      Seriously in NZ, we don’t realise how lucky we were with Covid and how well Labour government dealt with it.

      Tired on the beat up of Labour, Covid is the few things Labour did right!!!! The majority of Kiwis enjoyed a very good standard of living during Covid compared to other nations who have bigger resources and pockets!

  10. “The deep suspicion of China is legitimate”. The deep suspicion of the USA fostering biological warfare is even more legitimate.

  11. Mark is late because the CCP censors are under so much pressure now domestically, they can’t keep up with international propaganda recruits turned NZ citizens, at their usual lightening speed.

    Shanghai’s lockdown protests reveal tensions over zero-Covid

    Seriously in NZ, we don’t realise how lucky we were with Covid and how well Labour government dealt with it.

    Tired on the beat up of Labour, Covid is the few things Labour did right!!!! The majority of Kiwis enjoyed a very good standard of living during Covid compared to other nations who have bigger resources and pockets!

  12. NZ hospital meals.

    A proposal to truck frozen hospital meals from Auckland and reheat them in Northland has been rejected by the health board.

    Then they wonder why our roads are full, people are in poverty and there are not enough jobs in Northland! NZ beancounters are full of proposals that claim to save small sums, but have unintended consequences.

    Bet the salaries of those that work on these types of proposals are higher than the potential money saved by their proposals.

    • “Cook/chill” meals have been around for years in commercial catering, and they can result in barely edible “slops” style offerings for vulnerable patients-as publicised in other DHBs over the years.

      • So the savings was supposed to be at a maximum 2million over 15 years. (May be less) so that is only saving $2564 per week for an entire hospital to have an extremely stupid and risky proposal for food implemented. Then there is all the costs to heat it up. You can see that any rise in petrol, road user charges, truck driver fees and so forth would eat up the money and probably make it more expensive in the long run.

        Would not be surprised if they paid more than 2 million in fees for the consultant ‘task force’ who thought up these ideas that might seem workable on a bureaucrats spreadsheet but less so when a patient stays in hospital longer easting the slops costing thousands or when there is a pandemic and you don’t want to be having movement or the holiday highway trucks gets closed/delayed with slips and congestion.

  13. but james your very comment demonstrates it’s effectiveness as a rhetorical tool to underline a point…

    anything to say on the issue in hand

    tell you what just fer shits n’giggles…give an example of any service outsourced that is cheaper and/or more efficient…


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