MEDIAWATCH: I am the Eggstein, you are the Transmission Gully Walrus – Goo goo g’joob


I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are all together
See how they run like pigs from a gun
See how they fly
I’m crying
Sitting on a corn flake
Waiting for the van to come
Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday
Man you’ve been a naughty boy
You let your face grow long
I am the egg man
They are the egg men
I am the walrus
Goo goo g’joob

‘I am Eggstein’: Young Nat Jessee MacKenzie admits trolling female politicians, resigns from National Party

A Young Nat has outed himself as the person responsible for mysoginistic trolling of female politicians, saying his community board hopeful flatmate had nothing to do with it.

Jessee MacKenzie made the admission after the courts unmasked his Christchurch flatmate, fellow Young Nat Bryce Beattie, as the owner of the computer IP address linked to the harassment.

The pair have since resigned from the National Party and Beattie is also no longer running for a seat on a Christchurch community board.

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In a culture of aggressively policing micro aggressions, this is big news. It’s like Sara Templeton is channeling Will Smith, but in a righteous Action Station approved way.

This story of dickhead Young Nats making rude anonymous comments on Twitter pf all places has dominated Stuff headlines alongside unhappy Wellingtonians who got their car windows cracked from loose gravel!

Transmission Gully: Motorists complain of chipped and cracked windscreens on new motorway

Motorists have been left with cracked and chipped windscreens after driving on Transmission Gully less than 24 hours after the motorway opened.

After hundreds of millions in overspending, and waiting almost a century to be built, the issue is cracked windscreens?

I’m not saying we are a small petty people with all the cultural maturity of a can of day old Coke Cola, but
















well that’s exactly what I am saying.

Middle Class White women unmasking anonymous online trolls and new motorway cracked windscreens – this is us now.

25 000 are on emergency housing wait lists, there is a war raging in the Ukraine, the climate is in actual full scale meltdown in Antarctica, there is an economic reckoning looming that makes wide spread conflict highly likely, 50 000 NZ homes live in poverty, 200 000 kids live in poverty, renters live in poverty and we have a gang war about to explode.

But sure, online Trolls and chipped windscreens, that’s where the real issues at!

We are so involved in News that only involves us now as social media algorithms tell advertisers what triggers our attention, and in a world of micro aggression uber alas, online Trolls are a bigger social issue than anything else.

“But that person said a mean thing about me’ – we are a culture of easily triggered perpetual adolescents with no adults left in the room.

This is why we can’t have nice things like a functioning public broadcasting service, our demand to be fed ideas and thoughts that are completely self absorbed has robbed us of intellectual curiosity that doesn’t directly attach to ME!

French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once said ‘Hell is other people’, I think Hell is other people’s social media feeds and commuting to work stories.

Sitting on a corn flake
Waiting for the van to come
Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday
Man you’ve been a naughty boy
You let your face grow long



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  1. I guess that could be looked at as, despite going over budget by hundreds of millions, the contractor hasn’t provided a road that you can drive on without chipping your windscreen. This is supposed to be a brand new road, not some existing road that been re sealed while still in use. There’s quality for you. Speaks volumes

  2. You are NZ’s equivalent to Bill Maher and you are right of course but you missed the scoop of the day on the Horrid regarding an air controller having an affair.

    What is not being said is along with the bitchiness associated with the Will Smith meme this is how the left and their enablers think they are going to get back the 15% of people that have deserted labour over the last 6 months.

    Of course we know they are wrong

    • Come on Frankie, shifting the narrative doesn’t make what this entitled young Nat do right. It’s just a continuation of what we all know to be true. Dirty Politics still continues and if anything Nationals polling has increased because of it, not because they are competent, quite the opposite in fact.

  3. Well, I beg to differ, in that yes, cracked windscreens is petty, unless it happens to you, but the nasty culture of some young nats that is exposed by being caught misbehaving AGAIN is yet another flag that there is a very deep flaw, probably many, somewhere in the heart of the National party

    • Steve King. Yep, being trolled or harassed is actually very debilitating and horrible, but dirty-minded Young Nat’ activities should be a cause of great consternation, that some very sick persons see politics as an enticing career option, and see the National Party as a place to call home.

    • Steve King I’m pretty sure it was Winston Peters who said that the Nats were sex maniacs. They seem to be a bunch of serial adulterers, witch hunters, religious weirdos, puppy finders, and Lazarus’d poor little match girls, who should just bugger off to some more chaotic sort of country ( like India [two for the price of one]) and drive around in black limos to their heartless content without anyone noticing them very much at all.

  4. Eggstein! Lmao – who on earth would dream up a name like that.

    I’ll admit the pork crackling hit on Megan Woods “crackled” me up, but the “menstrual products” sledge is definitely below the belt.

    • Pope P 11. Nah, The pork crackling bit was cruel, and it was meant to be. The kid’s not exactly a bean pole himself, and this is likely transference, some sort of self-loathing.

      The menstrual reference made me feel rather sorry for his mother having such a creepy sort of son and I hope she’s ok. I thought that that National Jordan creep who featured in Dirty Politics had quite a repugnant attitude towards girls, and I think he’s the product of a solo mum and it just goes to show the importance of having decent male role models in children’s lives no matter how unfashionable it now is.

    • Yes Kheala, the mainly male, online-hatred continues unabated, because of the tacit, unwritten code of Dirty Politics, associated with the National Party. No matter what Luxon and Goodfellow (sic.) claim, or “publically” want, the impression is that it’s “don’t get caught out doing what we do!”.

      It is getting worse, with many high-profile examples of these National Party INCELS, hiding behind false profiles and attacking mainly women, but the the case of alt-right Nuremberg NZ, it’s anyone who is a public figure being “fair game”.

      Nuremberg NZ actually threatens to execute them? It is un-fucking-believable, that Nuremberg NZ is NOT defined as a hate site, or someone hasn’t reported it as a hate site in terms of Principles 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10:
      under the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015

      It is heartening for women like us, that Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015, was used to catch these creepy little Nat Politician fuckers in training.

      We also see it here on The Daily Blog, with the likes of Sour Kraut and Gagarin, refusing to denounce the threatening websites like Nuremburg NZ, then openly and tacitly refusing to denounce the actions of Jessee MacKenzie and fellow Young Nat Bryce Beattie.

      Sour Kraut and Gagarin will not call out these pimply, adolescent, spineless psychopaths, because they share the same [lack of] values. Because Sour Kraut and Gagarin hide behind their pseudonyms, they have “carte bleu” to continue with their National Party racism and misogyny. Sour Kraut offered up a positive definition of “potato”, to justify their racist misogynism against Poto Williams?

      Broken windscreens can be fixed quite easily and they are insurance-covered. My friends in Christchurch tell me, that the northern bypass is causing the same issues as the tarmac and surface gravel consolidates. So, once the seal is fixed, the problem is fixed.

      However, the harm from misogynist and racist, one-hand-typing bullies is long-term and perpetually regenerating. Time to add a bit of sting into the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015, by giving it the power to award damages, similar to libel.

      My belief is, because National refuses to sack Judith Collins and remove her from the National Party. She is the shiny-faced, wrinkle-free poster girl for Dirty Politics, and, until someone with some political testosterone sacks her and gives the reason that she is the living, breathing figurehead and embodiment of Dirty Politics, then it’s “National Party – Dirty Politics as Usual”

      The Labour Party and Green Party should be praying that Judith doesn’t retire for “personal and family reasons” and Lab and GP are thanking their lucky stars for Dirty Politics onanists like Jessee MacKenzie and fellow Young Nat Bryce Beattie, for keeping the dirty politics message, in the forefront of the 2023 voters. For Labour and Greens, Dirty Politics is the gift that keeps on giving!

      Broken windscreens heal. Souland-spirit-destroying racist and misogynist hatred doesn’t.

      A slap on the wrist of losing National Party High 5 for their “woman-burn”, is a short term ego deflation.

      The harm done by online trolls like Jessee MacKenzie and fellow Young Nat Bryce Beattie, Sour Kraut and Gagarin scars, lingers, festers and and hurts for years.

      • Agree with the sentiment, but Gagarin HAS expressed disgust with the Nuremberg crap.
        You’ve misread him for some reason.

        • These “judge, jury, sheriff and executioner people are feral and unhinged.
          The fact that they are women is doubly disturbing, but not unexpected.
          It reminded me I had watched a news video of a group of similar feral women protest Jacinda at a Canterbury school:

          “PM heckled in Christchurch. Protesters lined up outside and screamed “shame on you” and “murderer”. Police were called to the scene and tried to disperse the crowd.

          They yelled at police and chanted at media to “tell the truth”. Young children could be seen among the crowd…… Tuahiwi School principal Melanie Tait-Pitama said she did not see much of the protest, instead she was keeping the pupils inside the school. “What I do know is, it wasn’t our school whānau up the front, they were able to get through, but it was protesters with no link to our kura.”

          It mimics what happened and still is happening with the alt-right groups in the USA, so Cam Slater and National Party’s Dirty Politics handlers obviously have links with Steve Bannon’s methodology

          It’s disgusting and deeply disturbing, how these New Zealanders have been manipulated into rabid ‘cult’ followers by Facebook’s algorithms and alt-right Dirty Politics operatives.

      • “It is un-fucking-believable, that Nuremberg NZ is NOT defined as a hate site, or someone hasn’t reported it as a hate site in terms of Principles 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10:
        under the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015″

        Yes. I too do NOT understand that.
        Why the go slow?
        Why the failure to take action – when it is showing every sign of growing out of control, and when it unquestionably is spreading hatred and incitement to violence.

        (And they wonder why we have mental health problems in NZ – That is a recruitment site for the mentally disturbed and unbalanced, to encourage them to cultivate and grow their illness, IMO.)

      • Michelle, One more thing:
        It is not a good thing to get people to click on that link, – whether to give an opinion on the site or for any other reason. I went there about a month ago – and wished I hadn’t. By requiring that people give an opinion on it, you are spreading it around. It is as if you had Covid Delta and were asking people to get close and try it to see that it was real! Apart from the deranged, vile content, once you click on it, they “have you” in a sense – their cookies are onto you, let alone any ‘Net viruses the site may carry. Again, this is NOT a good thing to do.

        Also, whether someone chooses to give an opinion on a site or not, does not tell you what they are really thinking or feeling – too many errors along the way.

        Finally, I had thought Gagarin had given an opinion on it, however I was mistaking another comment he’d made (about Young Nats). But his or anyone else’s choice to NOT give an opinion, should be respected, as the site you’re asking about is too alien, too disgusting. ANY response can be inadequate and unbalanced, when something is so far “out there”. It’s really a job for SIS or whichever relevant branch of the dozens of “security services” NZ is paying for.

      • tell you what michelle..copy and paste my rightwing trolling, along with thread subject…you won’t, because you can’t ….don’t put your lies in my mouth.

    • Kheala. All these men. All these men here who have never been a natural born woman, presuming to comment on the experience of being a woman harassed or bullied or trolled or degraded by beings like them, are more examples of why the patriarchy is so socially and morally damaging.

      I’d never thought to use the word “ patriarchy “ again either, but they’re shining $2.00 shop torches on themselves eager to diminish women by trivialising something which should not be trivialised, and is done by persons like them, and done for a purpose, and they’re idiots buying into it.

  5. Agreed.

    But having said that, when you picture a stereotypical Young Nat, that chap is exactly what comes to mind.

  6. Nicely put.
    Is it surprising that the young Nats are a bunch of wombats? Or young Labour for that matter- kids who are in to politics young are a lot of things but “normal” they are not.
    Someone trolled someone on the internet! Stop the press.
    What is surprising though is that the media think we give a shit or that we need to know someone got a windscreen broken!
    Who knew that there are always loose rocks on a new piece of road? Not them clearly.
    NZTA is going to have to hire another extra PR firm to fix this issue.

  7. NZ media have been rather quiet and why is that ? is it because they are bias when National affiliates do something really bad

    • Covid is pa. “ NZ media have been rather quiet and why is that ?” It could be because they don’t see Nats playing dirty as bad. It may be their norm also. I seem to recall that they weren’t particularly perturbed by the odious National Party antics chronicled in Nicky Hager’s “ Dirty Politics” either. Nor was it the msm who forced an inquiry into the revelations in Hager and Stephenson’s “Hit &Run”, about what the NZDF did in Afghanistan, it was non-media persons, persons with integrity. The media frequently try to control the narrative, and they don’t even do that very well. They probably need to be seen as entertainers now.

  8. Probably a few extra dollars from the rich, in anticipation of Luxon changing the tax codes @bert.

    Plus a few extra spare dollars from the rich now that Team (Espanol) New Zealand is having their rich boys toy boat competition in Barthelona. @ bert.

    Shame about the boat race and all my Auckland Super City rates subsidising the America’s Cup, because I was looking forward to a morning coffee looking out at ‘Te Rehutai’ out on the harbour.

    According to TNZ:,just%20over%20100%20days'%20time.

    The boat was blessed by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and proudly christened ‘Te Rehutai’ by Lady Margaret Tindall in a ceremony in front of close to 900 friends, family, sponsors, suppliers and supporters of the team.

    Taiaha Hawke from Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei explained the significance of the name:
    “Te Rehutai: Where the essence of the ocean invigorates and energises our strength and determination.”

    @bert. …. Can Rich-lister Mark Dunphy’s his rich mates launch a Diamond Harbour Challenge to get the cup back here. In which case, Grant Dalton, we’ll need the name of OUR New Zealand challenger back?

    I’ll go and stay with my friends in Christchurch and watch future America’s Cup Challenges in Lyttleton Harbour

    • You know it’s disgusting @ Mike Judge when Paula Bennett blames the Government for letting the Americas cup go…perhaps she could have done a donations fundraiser to keep the Americas cup here. It would have been a far better investment than money for another National party dirty politics election campaign.

  9. “It wasn’t meeeee…you can’t prove it…it was my flatmates…”–just sod off you young Natzo wanker–oh you have…

    On Trans Gully the issue is PPPs and the penetration of private capital into public infrastructure projects and maintenance. Up North near Whangārei a similar problem has er, “surfaced” regarding techniques and materials that has kicked out a simple enough roundabout for another two years!

    The Trans Gully Review a while back pulled its punches but still alluded to inflated quoting, under delivery, lack of accountability and technical battles of surface layers.

    The solution is a fully publicly owned reconstituted Ministry of Works type operation.

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