The weird Green Party woke struggle session and public flogging of Dr Elizabeth Kerekere


Green MP Elizabeth Kerekere upset with media release apology over breaking Covid-19 rules

Green MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere was upset over a statement issued by the Green Party apologising for her breach of Covid-19 rules, Stuff understands.

She complained about the matter on a call with many staff present on Wednesday morning and threatened to go to the media with her side of the story, according to a source with knowledge of the call.

Kerekere is said to have complained that a line had been removed from the statement and felt that she had been misled by the party.

The statement was issued by the party on Tuesday afternoon confirming Kerekere’s resignation from her Covid-19 portfolio following a breach of the Covid rules.

Kerekere had flown to Wellington from Gisborne despite being a household contact. The rules currently mean that those who are household contacts are required to isolate – although some can go to work with a negative Rapid Antigen Test.

Was this weird to anyone else?

I read the original release and it was so damning of Kerekere which was such an odd tone.

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I don’t think she purposely screwed up, I just think she did so accidentally like many people because the rule changes are confusing.

What I think Kerekere ran foul of was the weird culture that permeates amongst the new woke hypochondriac Green Party membership who hold the Party ransom on Twitter whenever they feel triggered.

In woke green culture one can’t simply disagree or be wrong, one must be purged and cancelled and deplatformed so when Kerekere screwed up, especially over something as cultish as hypochondriac pandemic protocols, she couldn’t just apologise, she needed to be punished and publicly flogged.

Clearly Kerekere didn’t take kindly to that and has threatened the leadership with ‘going to the media’.

This has gloriously given us insight into the new merciless standards of the puritanical woke.

They would eat their own if they weren’t all vegan.


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  1. Oh and it looks like Jimmy doesn’t want to give up his BMW and travel related perks by saying positive things about uncle Fester. And this is the alternative on the left. LOL. It’s like being upset with Countdown’s prices and going next door to Pack N Save and saving 3 cents on a can of baked beans………..

    • This is a girl thing Frank and Jimmy ain’t one of them – even smart Gareth Hughes fled to the middle of Otago Harbour to escape the Green girls. When Putin invaded Ukraine the flappy Green mouth suggested New Zealand utilise its trade ties to advise the republic of China how to respond at the UNO. Sometimes Green means green.

    • saving 3 cents on a can of baked beans………..

      I’d put money on your not having been really, really hungry in your entire life. As in, not knowing where else to turn, and seeing your body wasting away. Certainly you have not been a mum wondering how many more days your children can survive without food. Smug, arrogant mr frank.

      • Kheala. He’s just a man. You and I both know that it has long been the women who carry the burden of worry managing households and feeding and clothing children. If the so-called men weren’t so damn careless and clueless, child poverty, and hunger, and homelessness, would not exist in this country, and nor would women be affected for the rest of their natural lives by the emotional scars caused by the making of stone soup.

          • Keepcalmcarryon – Statistically women have always outlived men. I don’t know whether this applies only biological/cisgender women. Who knows ? Sexism has nothing to do with this.

            The suicide stats in this country for males aged 18 -25 have been tragic for some years and I have noted that here, more than once; during this period suicide rates for other groups, such as working male farmers has increased alarmingly, whereas in the early 20thC rural women constitute the biggest number of suicides. Sexism has nothing to do with this.

            There may have been recent improvement in the youth suicide rates and I hope so.

            Males have long controlled the political landscape, including government, and where a non-poor country like New Zealand has such debilitating social problems as homelessness and poverty, with all their concomitant damaging issues, I don’t think unreasonable to say that the men have not been good at government and that is not sexism.

            Obviously there are exceptions to everything, like Jenny Shipley, Ruth Richardson, Margaret Thatcher – and not always with edifying intentions or motivations either, hence I’ve omitted Boadicea from that gaggle.

            • in the last 30/40 years women have amply demonstrated THEY ARE NO BETTER ladybosses…no worse that’s for sure but certainly no better…..the days when women were confined to the kitchen are over…
              now if you want to contend we need more members of the working class men and women in influential positions, no argument there but how to stop them being corrupted by the bourgeoisie as ‘token’ diversity has been.

              • gagarin It could be that ‘token’ diversity is part of the problem here; anyone who’s worked in a government dept – and some other places – is aware that the best candidate does’t always get the job, but that management can be hamstrung by the necessity to be diverse, or facing the very real risk of racist, homophobic, misogynistic etc accusations.

                Further, it is basically a sound idea to give voices to all sections of society, but it can mean not necessarily having the best voices or the best minds acting for the common good.

      • Young Suffragette There is nothing splendid about having to budget and feed a family in a low income and nor should economising be mocked.

      • It puzzles me why you persist in misspelling “ suffragette “. Cultural appropriation is not a mortal sin, and it can be complimentary, but bastardising it is a different ball game.

    • Frank what he said was that Fester had done good work on climate change while in private but the fundamental problem was the rest of National had not changed and their ideology still remained take from the poor to give to the rich. That’s hardly a ringing endorsement. Under Cruella Collins climate change didn’t exist.

      • Jimmy would work with Don Brash if it meant keeping his ministerial perks. You know it, I know it. Anyone that has worked in corporate knows similar toadies

    • one flaw panzerboi..beans are going up in all branches of our regulated(by the duopoly) restricted and uncompetitive (allegedly a ‘sin’ to all right thinking capitalists) market….we have no alternative vendors of any note.
      but you’re fully aware of that aren’t you son? what financial skin do you have in the duopoly game?

  2. I think the most depressing point is that somehow in the political realm the “greens” are still the most associated with our natural environment (I guess the name gives it away!). This might be changing but nowhere near fast enough. As we completely f*ck our country/planet environmental issues are way too critical to be tainted with a wacky woke bunch that makes it all too easy to dismiss the problems as fringe ravings rather than what should be as mainstream as inflation, employment, and housing (the issues that supposed adults deal with)

    • Wheel The Greens aren’t really associated with environment now, more with gender and sex variations and varieties. They should rebrand as The Purples, and make way for a genuine climate change and social justice party.

  3. I thought there was something very discomforting in the way which Davidson publicly castigated her colleague Elizabeth Kerekere. It was also very disrespectful and inappropriately patronising towards an older woman. Not nice behaviour at all, but was Marama Davidson ever nice ?

  4. Woke versus woke.

    Maybe Dr Kerekere will appreciate what it feels like now to be cancelled.

    I hope she heads to the media right way.

    Surely her treatment has shown racism in the Green Party (sarc)

    • Anker Anker Anker. I rarely disagree with your wise words, but this may be a mere lack of class on wee Davidson’s part, and I am sure ( I lie I lie ) that Kerekere knows there are infinitely worse things happening right here and abroad, than Green girls bitching about each other.

      • The Green Party women (adult human females) can at any moment be replaced by a green man self identifying as a women. As for the purple clad gender fairy, she is the Covid spokesperson for the greens if she can’t understand the covid rules then no one can and then the greens should be speaking up about that. But then the whole lot is useless so let them fight in public. Both the ‘C’ word Lady and the Gender Woo lady are insufferable, and hopefully go into the wilderness come next election.

        • Reactionary B. The lady in purple may have understood the Covid rules, but she may have decided that the rules did not apply to her. Such happens to Parliamentarians, in which case they are not suited to represent those who agree to abide by the rules and do so.

  5. I knew Dr Kerekere when she was a child. She has always made a lot of noise and had a lot to say about about essentially meaningless drivel. I really do not give a fuck about her point of view on anything. She has nothing of value to offer the NZ electorate and neither do the present line up of halfwit Green MP’s.

  6. Not only are woke above the law, they believe that they are always the victim and like in the book ‘Animal farm; All animals are equal becomes “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”

    Obviously Kerekere is more equal than others and above the rules.

  7. Compare Kerekere with the treatment of the Wanaka Wankas who were publicly humiliated and arrested and taken to court, but politicians breaking the rules are above the rules apparently.

    Not even remorseful are the woke.

  8. Rubbish Martyn….if it were an ACT or National MP (female or male) you would have written a post crying out for their head on a plate, not only losing their associate portfolio (if had one) but their job as well.
    Why such a light brush on this MP?
    Green party/Maori/Female….all?
    You say the ‘rules change’ and it’s confusing. Bollocks…self isolation when having contact with a family member/associate who has Covid has been around since almost the start.
    She thought she would get away with it because of who she is…or more importantly who she thought she is and above the rules.

  9. The woke greens and the woke in Labour – which is most of them that I can see, strike me as socially and emotionally immature and naive.

    Literally they present as a bunch of high school age children with their crucially important but viciously cruel social hierarchy and the casting out of “the other” from their chosen in-group.

    Their understanding of how actual grown ups have real jobs and families and what constitutes every day life for most people also seems utterly lacking.

    These politicians who are so far from “normal” have become the ones lecturing us what is right and wrong.

    So am I surprised a member of the government thinks they are above their own rules?
    No, no I’m not, these people are our self apportioned betters, just ask lady pink hair or clown on a bike MP in Dunedin.
    Am I surprised the green MPs turned on the current culprit and “cast her out”? No it’s normal in any group of socially immature school kids.

    Do not vote for these people,

    • Do not vote for these people,

      One of the Greens, Ricardo Menendez, often seems to be the only MP across the board who speaks out on behalf of the poor. …Without regard for whichever cultural, ethnic or geographical group those poor are from. I wish there were more MPs like that. For that reason, I would not hesitate to vote for him if he was representing my electorate, – except that I have Kiri Allan, and I’m very happy that she is there.

  10. A ‘political’ hit job! On one of their own.
    Davidson paranoia? A internal dispute? Kerekere dropped the ball on her weekly tree-hugging quota?

    This confirms their polling numbers are fake and are probably much worse than what they are.

    There’s a split in the party again!

  11. You are totally wrong Martyn about the Green Party. I have been in ValueParty New Labour and the Greens for decades and they don’t do the sort of thing you mentioned. Oh. I’ve just read it more closely – is my face red!

    Rambling on. Red and green mixed make the colour brown I thought. Then I thought that might seem a racist statement so looked up google and under Quora there is a long explanation of why we might perceive the mixture as yellow – but I think that some business has trademarked that. So I retire in confusion. How hard it is to go on being human when there is a strong move in our materialistic culture, to treat us as if we are humanoid algorithms, additions to a computer brand – as in film Short Circuit where the robot says ‘ Nice software’.

  12. I know three Green voters.
    One is a narcissist sociopath and the other two are intellectually challenged. OK it’s only a straw poll but it’s a fair indication that the party is full of the deranged and stupid.

    • What a nasty piece you are Shona you sound like some of those nasty people on facebook commenting on stealing of cultural icons. Is it not enough to steal our land now the Pakeha are stealing and using for monetary gains our cultural.

      • Covid is pa. If Shona has been stealing your land tell the police, ditto cultural icons. The organised crime people probably keep an eye on Facebook, but if you’ve got knowledge about Shona which they mightn’t have, grab a support person and go and tell it before she gets any worse; tell the IRD too, they take everything seriously; she grows her own vegetables and seems very self-sustained and that could be dodgy too, it’s hard work.

  13. I know 10 Tories and they are just greedy buggers, only think about themselves and are a bit above their station – they are more low class than middle. They are anti left (green, labour, Maori party, NZF) and Hate Jacinda. They are probably anti-Maori when I’m not around. But good dudes otherwise.


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