The Maori Party finally stop making it all about their dramas and actually suggest a good idea



After screaming the Government’s response to vaccination of Maori was a genocide (two kinds, a ‘modern’ genocide and a ‘bureaucratic genocide’) after screaming racist shoes and racist ties, the Maori Party have suddenly remembered them being in Parliament isn’t about their dramas and they are actually in Parliament to serve the people…

Te Pāti Māori Launch Policy To Remove GST From All Food

Te Pāti Māori have today announced their policy to remove GST from kai as Aotearoa experiences the worst cost of living crisis in generations.

…removing GST off fresh fruit and vegetables would allow people to purchase good food cheaply, the Maori Party are going further than that and allowing sugar drenched and fat drenched mass produced shit masquerading as food to also be allowed in a huge win for big sugar, but it’s so rare to get the Maori Party talking about issues rather than themselves, let’s take the wins where we can.

We need to get GST off fresh and healthy food so people have real pathways to better quality and better priced food, it isn’t the great difficulty that critics claim it will be, Australia already does this and they own half our Supermarket Duopoly so it isn’t impossible.

We need new ideas because the war in Ukraine combined with China’s zero tolerance of Covid means supply chains will increasingly become fraught and stretched beyond snapping and things won’t get better this year.

Good to see the Maori Party talking about issues that actually have a material impact on people’s lives rather than endless micro aggression policing.

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    • We must take all GST off fresh fruit and vegetables, off frozen fruit and veges that have no additives, and off unadulterated nuts, grains, and lentils.
      And we should balance that by levying taxes on the sugar and salt content of all processed foods and drinks.
      Our economy depends on it: the hospital and social welfare cost of metabolic diseases is becoming enormous.

      • levying taxes on the sugar and salt content of all processed foods and drinks.

        They are already taxed, 15% applied multiple times during production – is massive.
        And, any ‘balancing out’ needs to be from some completely different area than food, imo.

        Our economy depends on it: the hospital and social welfare cost of metabolic diseases is becoming enormous.


      • Removing GST off fresh fruit and vegetables and essential food items is critical to make the lower socio economic groups make better decisions on food purchases. Also the application of a sugar tax of 2.5-5.0% on products with a high sugar content will result in better health outcomes across our population. These recommendations have come from the Heart Foundation and other leading Medical Organizations here in NZ.

        • We already HAVE the 15% ++++++++ taxes on sugar products and on all foods.

          Those taxes are rendered invisible by the equal and unjustifiable taxes on real/ healthy foods!!

          When the multiple taxes are removed from fruit and veggies in particular, and a few other basic healthy staples, then the gross taxes that we ALREAY HAVE will become very much apparent.

    • From that Newshub link:
      “This will mean that vegetables – a healthy, staple food – could be priced off the table for many New Zealand households,” O’Neal says. [Ummm – they already are, right now, for some families!]

      “O’Neal is calling on the Government to safeguard food security by reducing the growing costs of vegetables so Kiwis can afford to continue to eat nutritious vegetables.” Note: “reducing the growing costs”
      The multiple taxes presently placed onto the cost of growing veggies and fruit need to be REMOVED!!

      “Ultimately our health system – under immense pressure from COVID – would benefit from any cost reduction because it will enable all New Zealanders to continue eating nutritious vegetables, safeguarding their health and wellbeing.”

      When will the govt hear this??
      When will they even listen??
      Will they EVER take action??
      What happened to “Let’s Do This!”

  1. I believe that the Farmers and Growers will also get on board with this – It is the bridge that was needed between the two groups.

  2. GST remove from food, free entry to public pools for all kids and free public transport and improve our public transport through more investment and more incentives to get people of benefits and into sustainable work.

  3. isn’t that a topper she’s wearing? a distinctly europian dress item? and an american cowboy hat?


  4. …removing GST off fresh fruit and vegetables would allow people to purchase good food cheaply, the Maori Party are going further than that and allowing sugar drenched and fat drenched mass produced shit masquerading as food to also be allowed

    An answer would be to remove the GST across the board on all essential foods, at wholesale and outlet/ supermarket levels, but with fresh fruit and veggies to go further and deeper, removing the gst from all stages of growing, harvesting, packing, storage and transport of NZ grown fruit and veggies.

  5. How’s about we just take less income tax on the lower paid? It would be a whole lot easier. GST works because it’s simple to apply.

    • how about we tax the rich at an appropriate rate and close the glaring tax loopholes that allow the laundry of vast amounts of black money here(including but not exclusively russian oligarchs) that’d provide many more spondulicks…..of course we could do both use upper bracket tax to pay for those at the bottom to have lower rate….will that happen? no they’ll just cut it from expenditure, social expenditure being first in line…as always

  6. Does it really matter what they wear as long as they are wearing clothes and what’s more important is what they say and try to do. If yo look back in history many of our elderly Kuia and Kaumatua loved to wear hats including myself I have at least twenty hats myself.

  7. Can we tackle the sugar and salt content in some processed foods being too high. I’m addicted to chocolate biscuits which have far too much sugar in them,; the makers of foods should take responsibility and while they are at it limit the high-sweetness corn syrup.

    • Cookies from the supermarket have high sugar content to keep long shelf life. It is actually simple, make your own or eat less.

  8. While they are remembering why they are in parliament what about some action on the supermarket duopoly and make it a bottom line in any support arrangement with the two major parties.

  9. Thinking about it…..what self respecting Governnent actually makes their people pay MORE for FOOD let alone one of a country known to have high food prices anyway?

  10. dave…you answered your own question ‘self respecting’ they’d all crawl on hands and knees through a tank of pig shit for a buck.

  11. Dentists have apparently come out and said they are “shocked and appalled” that Wellington water went without sodium fluoride for some time:

    So, WHY their silence on the inability of families to buy veggies and fruit for their children? And cheese and dairy? WHY their silence when children cannot get the basic building blocks for those healthy teeth??

    Why are they not advocating for the cost of veggies, fruit, cheese and other dairy and other HEALTHY foods to be brought down NOW???

    Why are they silent on the fact that those healthy foods are being taxed and taxed and taxed before children can ever eat them? …Before our children’s teeth have a chance of ever becoming strong and healthy?

      • There was supreme arrogance in Mr Key’s slapping up the gst to 15%.
        And arrogance is equally evident throughout the govt, in their unwillingness to address this – the fact that we are now lumbered with a 15% gst tax on all our most essential foods and medicines!! Even during a time that is acknowledged as one of “crisis” around the cost of living. Shameful.

  12. TV1 came out and covered it briefly this evening – Kudos to them!
    There needs to be more of a public discussion, however, and a much less dismissive approach. Those well-fed “economists” are NOT the main numbers of people who are being adversely affected by this thieving tax on the poor. Their children are not the hungry ones, not the ones struggling to grow without life’s most basic building blocks.


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