Team NZ are disloyal corporate scumbags – screw them & their Billionaire’s boat race


After whipping up Kiwi’s nationalism, after devouring hundreds of millions in public dollars, after using that nationalism to gain those hundred of millions in public dollars, Team NZ reminded us this week that they were always going to dump us the second a better deal came around.

And they did…

America’s Cup: It’s Barcelona! Team New Zealand reveal new venue, dates for 2024 America’s Cup

Barcelona has officially been confirmed as the next venue of the America’s Cup, replacing Auckland of hosting duties for the 2024 event.

Emirates Team New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron made the announcement overnight, confirming the 37th running of the event to be held in September and October of 2024.

Team New Zealand successfully defended the Auld Mug last year with a 7-3 victory over Luna Rossa and then rejected a $99 million bid from the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council to host the next America’s Cup, meaning the event looked likely to be hosted abroad.

…like every NZ social climber with a dream to run away from the Kiwi accent that loves them so fiercely, Team NZ have done what every middle class kid does, dump their Kiwi boyfriend/girlfriend right after they’ve supported them through Uni and are out using Tinder by the time they land at the airport as part of their OE.

Team NZ were always going to dump us after they had used us to create their dream which they sold to us as our dream.

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That bitterness at being manipulated and used will fade away when in 10 years there’s another bullshit attempt by the same people to con you into supporting their attempt to win the America’s Cup and bring it home to Auckland.

Team NZ are disloyal corporate scumbags – screw them & their Billionaire’s boat race!

Don’t get conned again.

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  1. “Don’t get conned again.”

    NZ public will get conned by Big Sport again, it’s a dead certainty.

    • Make the Spanish Cup, Christchurch’s Cup and give us back Te Rehutai Grant!

      I believe we Kiwis, werewilling to Tātau Tātau our boat name, Te Rehutai to the Auckland Challenger, when we thought the America’s Cup was being sailed in Auckland. But, New Zealanders, including Auckland Maori, Auckland ratepayers and other NZ/AO supporters have been thrown overboard without a lifejacket Grant.

      Grant, we want our name back. Or we could sell it to you for $360 million?

      Imagine how many families could be moved from Auckland motels, to Wairoa or Aranui State Houses?

      According to TNZ:,just%20over%20100%20days'%20time.

      The boat was blessed by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and proudly christened ‘Te Rehutai’ by Lady Margaret Tindall in a ceremony in front of close to 900 friends, family, sponsors, suppliers and supporters of the team.

      Taiaha Hawke from Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei explained the significance of the name:
      “Te Rehutai: Where the essence of the ocean invigorates and energises our strength and determination.”

      “Te Rehutai: Where the essence of the ocean invigorates and energises our strength and determination.”

      Can Rich-lister Mark Dunphy and his rich mates please ‘energise the strength and determination to launch a Ngai Tahu, Diamond Harbour Challenge, to get the America’s Cup, back here to NZ – Te Wai Pounamu?

      This could be funded by Grant Dalton and the Emirates Pirates, paying back the $360 million “invested” for the loan of Te Rehuta name, and the Auckland ratepayers rates, rubbish bin, free waterfront rent and library fines!

      Otherwise, Grant Dalton, we’ll need the name of OUR New Zealand challenger, ‘Te Rehutai’, back?

      Bring back ‘Te Rehutai’, and invite Russell and Brad for a Christchurch-Diamond-Harbour-Challenge?

      Russell Coutts came back to Wellington, NZ, for the Occupy Beehive protest.
      But, was this a possible behind-the-scenes-discussion, about mounting a Christchurch Challenge for the America’s Cup?
      Did Russell and Brad know about the Spanish move during the Beehive-Occupation?
      Would the Taxpayers’ Union Support our Christchurch bid?
      It would give Russell and Brad a chance to redeem themselves for selling the America’s Cup to Switzerland!

      A Christchurch challenge would also bring welcome dollars to a city, stuffed by EQC, John Key and Gerry Brownlee, PLUS, it would bring boat-building and barista jobs back to Christchurch.

      Christchurch, used to be the Garden City, but we could easily change it to Otautahi – Te Rehutai city… a price….

      Leanne’s leaving, so, expect rates to go up, so why not blame the rate-rise on an America’s Cup Challenge?

      We could even name the whole of the South Island Christchurch Super City, to raise more funds for the challenge?

      We can do anything with “the essence of the ocean invigorat[ing] and energis[ing] our strength and determination!”

      I’m sure Christchurch can do better than the JAFACS did (Just another fucking America’s Cup (but) in SPAIN)

      🙁 Sailing away, seems so naïve, but prophetic now 🙁

  2. But the Jobs Martyn! It was said it created thousands of jobs!
    And billions of dollars trickled through the local and national economy! And heaps of JOBS to Martyn!

    Fuck the boat race! Auckland ratepayers got suckered into stumping up more than $180m in cash and gentrification works down at the waterfront!

    And that money came from the old ARC piggy bank of $352m that those little wankas from climate ‘Z’ero cracked open for it to be wasted on this rich man’s sport.

    Oh, and don’t forget the $1m house advertisement that sat on the waterfront too!

    Let’s hope some other fucker wins it and it’s lost for good!

  3. Caveat emptor! You and others are only unhappy because you bought into the Team NZ BS and got burned. Lesson learned?

    • As an active yachty I’d hazard a guess that half the yacht squadron couldn’t give a rats arse that it’s going offshore.

      Blake will be turning in his grave.

      But for most kiwi’s it’s a rich mans dickwagging minority sport that never meant anything to them and still doesn’t.

  4. I am guessing, had they stayed here Martin, you would be bitterly complaining that the government was putting good money into the event ( and you have a point). If not I apologise, but I think you will be stoked with this outcome

    I think it’s unfortunate for the hospitality sector but you can’t tell me that the success of Team NZ has not done a great job of promoting our marine industry and I don’t think that vanishes just because the cup won’t be defended here. Our marine prowess is now well established.

    So the government won’t be forking out for this event. Good. We have a waterfront base that can be used for other events such as Sail GP and others so the ARC money is not a complete waste at all. No one saw COVID coming so that left an overall loss for the last Cup. At the end of the day let’s just say goodbye and move on.

  5. Haha, rich greedy pricks destroying NZ and NOW getting wrecked….. DEVELOPER MORTGAGEE SALES HAVE STARTED ………. YEEEEEEEEEHARRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Imagine what they could have done with the 1.8 billion wasted by Andrew Little and the Dept of Health on achieving less than nothing. In the words of the immortal Martyn Bradbury “Don’t get conned again”…don’t vote Labour ever again.

    • Good article. NZ sadly is a nation of wannabees who chase the almighty dollar above all else. Chasing material wealth to fill a hole in their soul. Woefully lacking in knowledge and wisdom. Spiritually and morally bankrupt. Its all going to come crashing down around their ears soon anyway.. So what was it all for

  7. It was always only an Auckland thing, that the rest of us poor mugs elsewhere in NZ had to fund.

    If it ever comes back to NZ (and hoping not), it should go to Stewart Island.

  8. I’m glad it’s over. For the last gig, Auckland Council filled in some more of the Waitemata for billionaires to play on.

    For the rest of us we can’t even access what we paid for.

    But it is an amazing case study in how the wealthy manage to get Joe Average to pay entirely for their entertainment.

    Won’t be missed!

  9. ” But it is an amazing case study in how the wealthy manage to get Joe Average to pay entirely for their entertainment ”

    Yeah just another example of how this economy and country is run solely for vested interests and the top wealthy elite.
    The rest are just modern day slaves with a phone.

  10. number one THEY ARE NOT TEAM NZ they are team emirates, we only support them because of NZs continuing cultural cringe and puppy like desire to be ‘recognised’ by the big boys…puke making, NZers don’t need foreigners approval.

    the wonderful job boost is part time gig work in bars and hotels, largely foreign owned hotels so once again any profits are exported the only tangible benefit to NZers is few weeks part time work and work for a few NZ boat fitters….and that’s the sum total…..and don’t say x million goes into the ‘economy’ because most of it goes straight out the back door.

    it’s like new sports stadia etc.. they never ever deliver on the promised benefits but we still build ’em because it transfers public money into private hands.

    • Correct, They put the “Emirates” bit first, in other words, it’s a foreign corporate project with a few Kiwi lackeys on the payroll. Not “Team NZ” in any real sense, hasn’t been for decades

  11. Fuck the cup. Rich people’s ego based sports need to be financed by their corporate backers.

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