After denying a cost of living crisis & saying she wouldn’t slash petrol taxes – Jacinda admits there is and does! Great, do Child Poverty & Housing next!


How long is a week in politics?

Last week Jacinda was denying any cost of living crisis and refused to lower petrol taxes.

PM Jacinda Ardern denies Government spending wasteful, pushes back on claim NZ in cost of living crisis

While the Prime Minister acknowledged it was a tough time for many Kiwis, she stopped short of calling it a crisis.

When asked by AM co-host Ryan Bridge whether she would look at removing or decreasing tax on fuel, the Prime Minister said increases are being driven by COVID, not the Government. 

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This week she admits there is a cost of living crisis and that she will lower petrol taxes!

Great. Do Child Poverty, Inequality and Housing next!

Isn’t it amazing how fast a Government will move when polls tank?

We need this same urgency on a whole raft of issues.

I applaud the Government’s decision to slash public transport fares in half as well, let’s go the whole hog and make it free because free public transport would be a serious offset to the tsunami of inflation we are about to face.

Lifting the pension by $40 a week is a smart political move as well.

Keep the boomers happy and they won’t vote National or NZ First.

Here’s the reality, Putin is in this for the long haul and the face saving measures Labour have scrambled together will inoculate us for about 2 weeks before more measures are required.

The speed of this action has been driven by the shock within Labour that they took such a hit in the latest Poll. The social media echo chamber Labour and their Middle Class Marxist cheerleaders live in tells them anyone who disagrees with them are fringe Nazis who are a tiny minority.

It has come as a surprise to them that their transfer of $1Trillion to the richest NZers has made the smelly lumpenproletariat ungrateful.

Watching Middle Class Marxist pretensions pop is glorious.


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  1. They won’t Bomber – it’s the middle that wins elections not the extremes. This is a cynical poll-driven response. The increases will do jack shit in reality and the 5 obese elephants of housing, organized crime, inflation, supply-chain disruptions and pover(d)y remain.

    In addition the middle are sick of masks, vaccine passes and restrictions.

    It is not out of the calculations that come mid August labour starts with a ‘2’ in the polls. Doubly so if our Glorious Leader hits the eject button.

    • By “organised crime” do you mean money laundering in the real estate market by foreign nationals?

      • Couls also mean the dairy industry poisoning all the rivers and lakes. Or forestry shipping all ofcthecwood offshore leaving none for Kiwis. Or the supermarkets running a cosy cartel so that a block of cheese is $18

        • Want to see how poor a country New Zimbabwe is without its primary exports. The whole country would fall apart in a matter of months.

          • Frank who said stop exporting primary produce? No one. It doesn’t mean you need to f*ck the country doing it. Primary produce does not mean just dairy in any case, but if you are going to scream the virtues or what dairy exports do for the country you probably want to factor in all the associated cost not just the top line revenue. Nitrates in the water table and f*cked rivers will cost us shit loads to attempt to rectify and I am curious where the bill for that goes. The taxpayer probably (the ones with huge bowel cancer rates). Of course you cant just single out primary industries when cutting out pollution but they shouldn’t be given a free pass

      • No gangs. The highway men lived up to their name by being modern day highwaymen and beating the shit out of an innocent individual and guess what NOTHING HAPPENED. More and more everyday people will realize that could have been them.

        This will be a huge election issue and a free hit for the opposition.

      • No, I think that Frank was referring to the well known tendency of gangs to arrange themselves alphabetically by suburb.
        Also the real crims are the Australian banksters stealing 6 billion dollars out of our economy…

        • so frank are the (mythical) middle ‘sick of masks’ or the robotic lockstep stormtroopers of woke compulsory transgenderism?

        • Who gave them the money – I’m pretty sure it was poor man’s Gordon Brown and Orr that sprayed them with money to kick the can down to the end of the cul-de-sac.

          It’s a truly poor argument to blame banks when they were gave money

          • Yes Frank, go back less than a year and half ago and tell me how many bankers, and financial this and that, were all predicting deflation and and an absolute cluster f*ck in terms of the economy and unemployment. We act like it would have been hunky dory if they had not done this. You of all people should not have an issue with the rich getting richer

    • Well if I was looking at the elephants I would really ask what have we seen from National that would help? Nothing they have said would reduce inflation ( because Fester when pushed said a lot of the big ticket spending was needed, just not cameras on boats), the bright line reduction and interest deduction will help to bake in crazy property prices and let’s not pretend poverty is their concern (they welcomed the com com report on the duopoly so food prices don’t look like changing shorter term either). Then we get to crime. What did National actually do? Shrugged shoulders on 501’s and apart from making ex cops loads of money in the war on p they didn’t slow it down ( but we did manage get a few evil grandmothers kicked out of their state houses) , and most of the Nats after-guard were hell bent on keeping weed as a revenue stream for the gangs because we all know keeping illegal really works…not. Let’s see what supply chain fixes they come up with, but masks in the middle class I think that’s a bit of a sweeping assumption.

    • Alrighty, lets do the old pile on and be done with perspective, or realism.. It’s bad enough we got a labour government that reflects the effects of the destruction of Nz’s health, education, and industrial infrastructure. Now we are back to just laying blame for everything ones imagination allows on this government.. While I haven’t been impressed with the takeover of what used to be “our” party, this unseemly scapegoating is actually doing just as much harm as anything they could do.. Why is it that every time we get an opportunity to rise above the “British Standard” reactionary name calling, we fail utterly to get out of the adolescent finger pointing phase? Are we really that immature a society that the true reflection of our maturity is running back to our colonial roots every time we get the chance to take back our dignity? When are we going to grow out of our “royalist” roots and stop investing magical powers to politicians? I know it looks like magic when the nats are in power, but, boys and girls, that is an illusion created by the barking dogs of reactionary capitalism in the colonial press that would have us believe that it is only the nats who can wave a magic wand, and everything becomes like brand new again… Until it becomes painfully obvious that it isn’t, but once again, too late to stop the long term damage that they do every time they get elected.. Why aren’t we making ourselves heard by our local mp’s over the fact that none of “us” are part of our own party in government? What is stopping us making clear that we expect a labour government to be more than in name only? And how long has it been now since we had any kind of idea how to properly defend ourselves?, or has the propaganda campaigns, and law changes made by the Colonial privilege party, and their lickspittles in the fourth estate, turned us into just a collection of individuals competing with our brothers and sisters in the labour force, for the crumbs of capitalist “generosity”… Are we a proper democracy, or just children to frightened to let go of mother Englands skirts? We let the nats turn us into a gaggle of whiney teenagers, and it’s up to us to change that.. not the government, US!! until that happens, we get the governments we deserve…

    • true enough because the middle claqss actually bother to vote and what’s more vote in their own self interest…personally I think the publics rightful distain for pollies has been a carefully nurtured 30yr project, oh well I expect nothing so am content withy nothing, being the end game we have now reached..a small voting base who have no mandate but still rule….and that goes for the lot of ’em lab, nat worrevva

  2. Credit where credits due, the government could have done nothing in relation to transport costs and used every excuse under the sun but they didn’t. They listened and they have done exactly what they ought to have done. And yes, a nasty little poll result certainly brought them to their senses, as has a far more on form opposition.

    Baby steps for our Jacinda who is infuriatingly timid to the point of frozen but it’s progress. 6 months ago this would not have happened so here’s hoping, as you say, they actually do something about the other burning issues quickly as well!

    • Yes, when the polls go bad enough the PM ‘listens’, but not a moment before. And that is their issue. No initiative, just cleaning up the mess when they can no longer refute the mess that is piling up in the living room.

      • Yes unfortunately that’s what they do Bratwurst. She is a populist just like John Key. That’s why she stupidly caved on CGT. Don’t tell me the proposed tax cuts by National are anything more than vote buying either ( although the Bright line and interest deductions have a personal touch when you own seven houses)

      • Note that Adern calls it the “Energy Crisis” a consistent theme in Left narrative. Temporary 3 month fuel tax reduction + big public transport discount to cut off oxygen to fire Nats are fanning and segues into May 2022 Budget where more spending/programs to solve long term “Energy Crisis” announced.

        Seems a good strategy actually.

  3. As a past Labour MP once said in parliament,”it’s time to look at my ‘erection’!” Richard Worthy.

    To translate, I think he meant ‘election’ but he had a bit of brain fade at the time. He was under some sort of pressure.

    They’re beyond redemption. They’re fuckn useless.

    Let’s see what the public want by having an early election.

    It’s the right thing to do.

  4. she saw a poll result and folded like a cheap suit…no thought of the consequences down the road, just slime through TODAYS press conference….

  5. How many brain cells will a half price bus ticket grow in a developing child, I wonder. My guess is, not many.
    How many strong and healthy teeth will a half price bus ticket grow in a young child, I wonder. Not too many, I suspect.
    How many strong bones and healthy muscles will a half price bus ticket grow in a small child, I wonder. Not too many, once again.
    Surprise!!! Children need FOOD to grow, – healthy food.

    But hey, “Let them eat half price bus tickets!”

    If the govt are sincerely concerned with caring for our poorer children, our tamariki, our mokopuna, – they will END THE GST on essential foods.

  6. Wife pointed something out – its only a crisis when it starts to affect the middle and upper classes which is why Labour reacted, if this were the poor Labour would just continue ignoring them, if we’re to take the lack of action on housing, supermarkets, fuel, electricity and poverty in general as anything to go by.

  7. indeed mark as soon as the bourgeoises kids can’t afford to rent never mind buy, see the govt jump into bionic action…until then.

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