MEDIAWATCH: The Nation – Faafoi’s Hate Speech Law will end Labour


Fascinating interview with Chris Faafoi on The Nation about the Government’s next vote loser, the Hate Speech fiasco.

The advice when you are a Labour MP is that you appear on The Nation if you have bad news to break. Most people don’t watch The Nation and you can point to an interview on that show as evidence that you have opened yourself to critical journalistic critique when it’s just 10 people watching.

Chris is now drowning over the Hate Speech fiasco…

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi admits Government’s proposed hate speech laws are still not ready

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi says the Government’s hate speech laws are still not ready despite planning on introducing them to Parliament early this year.

…the reality is that Jacinda wants the harshest restraints on hate speech possible and the SIS and GCSB are now whispering in her ear that the lumpenproletariat Nazis are coming and the micro aggression policing middle class marxists scream hate speech leads to macro violence.

So the PM wants harsh hate speech laws, the intelligence apparatus wants new mass surveillance powers and the woke activist base can’t wait to start narking on anyone with an opinion that is different from theirs in the never ending Outrage Olympics of Twitter.

Unfortunately for Chris the 75% rest of NZ view Labour gaining Hate Speech powers as an Orwellian over reach and as the new infrastructure for the Police State being quietly redesigned in the back ground after the lumpenproletariat Nazi picnic gets revealed, that 75% will become even more enraged.

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Chris is caught between a woke rock and a cancellation hard place.

He wants to resign from Cabinet so badly and you can see why.

The Hate Speech fiasco where woke activists will demand a misuse of pronouns should be a criminal offence will freak the other 75% out.

This Hate Speech fiasco will be the last nail in Labour’s coffin.

Chris knows it.


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  1. And don’t forget the Maori Nark Hotline too are gagging for this bs!

    If you don’t agree with our revisionist theory of the Maori version of CRT. You’re not a real Maori!
    The new Woke Maori Mellinial Generation have spent too much time and money at getting an edewkashon at Waikato & Victoria uni in this shit.

    The dumbest generation on NZs educational history.

  2. Facebook have just gone against the principles of the government’s Christchurch Call and now allow hate speech on their platform: death threats and violence against Russian people is actually being encouraged. Facebook is now nothing better than a dark web forum pushing hate crime, racist tropes and extremism, the very thing Ardern campaigned personally about. It is time for the government to ban this social media company in New Zealand, they cannot seriously champion hate speech elimination and simultaneously endorse this.

  3. ‘Hate speech’, as Brits have noted, is too ill-defined a concept to be embodied in law. They need to flag it away – or they’ll be flagged away.

  4. he’s a very dim bulb in a drawer full of blunt knives…

    it’ll be complete fuck up, will have to be folded down the road having spent a fortune on an HQ, committees and a letterhead for ‘the dept of perpetual offence’

  5. Is Jacinda really that stupid? I mean she certainly is woefully out of touch lately but she’s such a politician that she has never struck me as having a bottom line, much less one that is political suicide!

    There are far far bigger things to worry about at this present time, silly things like a red hot housing crisis, running out of motels to dump the body’s from it and fuel and food prices going through the roof.

    Not to mention Labour’s sagging poll results. They are hardly endearing themselves to voters lately and another major intrusion into people’s lives, again, with a law like this won’t be tolerated!

    Few care about this, time has moved on!

    • X-ray The hate-speech dynamic looks like a knee-jerk response to the Christchurch Muslim murders, and perhaps understandable back in that context. That has passed. Security services, spies, the police, have been beefed up since then, and picking on one small piece of the picture, speech, is hopeless.

      Chances are politicians think that we are as thick as they are and believe that this ludicrous law will stop bad things from happening. It is much easier for them to pass third-rate legislation than to do the practical stuff like building houses and feeding the children of the poor. It will alienate everyone who sees it as government trying to silence its critics, or shut up persons who “ think outside the box”, as we were all being urged to do not so very long ago. The manner in which it is talked about is profoundly irritating.

  6. Just to be on the safe side, those who think differently from others, could be called “ rivers of hate. “ That should sort it. Its an awkward sort of metaphor, and it’s ugly, and it mightn’t be true, but everything’s about feelings nowadays, not truths. Marama Davidson’s hurt feelings predicated a vocabulary requirement for referencing cisgender females’ anatomy, but it failed to clarify the implications of the “c” word being applied to other genders. This needs to get sorted too, for reasons best not embarked upon.

    Tones of voice and facial expressions also need to be factored in. There’s a difference between saying, “Rivers of hate,” with a smile on one’s face – and ditto the “c” word – or bellowing it out like John Key in Parliament or a clergyman saving souls – aka collecting tithes- or somebody merely exasperated with bus drivers. Certain flowers’ names have long been used to express denigration and hatred of men, and these need to be listed.

    The “ rivers of hate” description could flow into trouble with its similarity to “ The Rivers of Babylon”, a rather lovely classic spiritual song which, out of respect for others’ feelings, shouldn’t have been appropriated in the way it was, which could have been more hurtful and offensive rathe than hateful, so differentiating between degrees of emotion needs to be factored into any legislation when hurt can trigger negative outcomes, social unrest, and personal injury to oneself or others.

    What if the hate speech persons sing their messages instead ? I’d be starting off by legislating against all the hateful and insidious pop songs rather than speeches with dubious impact, and unfortunately there are also some operas which ma have to be banned, but I daresay that this will also come if government is hell bent on meddling in and monitoring every aspect of its victims’ lives.

    • Apologies, error again. “ Rivers of hate “ should read, “rivers of filth” as per MP Wood’s example of acceptable comment.


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