Prime Minister – it’s not too late – apologise today!


I have no time for conspiracy theorists but I understand the anger and frustration which has been driving the Wellington protest, currently under attack from police, with the government’s broken promise on mandates.

From the outset the Prime Minister should have met with representatives of the group and apologised for the broken promise.

Here she is on Newshub’s AM show in September 2020:

On Tuesday (in September 2020) Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went a step further, saying not only will there be no forced vaccinations, but those who choose to opt-out won’t face any penalties at all. 

“No, and we haven’t for any vaccination in New Zealand applied penalties in that way,” Ardern told The AM Show, after being asked if there might be tax penalties or other sanctions for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine. 

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“But I would say for anyone who doesn’t take up an effective and tested and safe vaccine when it’s available, that will come at a risk to them.”

It doesn’t get any clearer than that. 

Prime Minister – It’s not too late to say sorry – do it now! Today!


  1. Agree. And in September we had Delta variant, now Omicron and everyone can see the difference.

  2. Oranga Tamariki, aka The kidnappers and Abusers of Children, have raided the village and traumatised a group of children this morning!

    Heir Ardern has also sent in the Riot Squad tooled up for a ‘Bashing Session!’

    Ardern has lost the plot! Someone needs to section her under the Health Act.

    • I am appalled at what is taking place but to be frank the police doing what they are is absolutely nothing to do with Ardern – The cops have been under pressure by the public and will have been for sometime considering how to disband it all. The fact is the mandate should be over now and the PM should announce that.

      Using pepper spray should not be happening at all.

      • She is solely responsible for Coster’s appointment. The minister is a token roll.
        Coster reports directly to Heir Ardern.

        It come about during the miners strikes in the early 1900’s because the Police wouldn’t go in to bash the miners. Since then, the appointment and orders for the Commissioner of the Police come from the PM directly.

      • Michael I reckon that if I were a cop being bombarded with bricks, sticks, pavement stones, and petrol-filled Molotov cocktails, then pepper spray and foam bullets could be a reasonable sort of response. Note that is a large number of police officers who have been admitted injured to Wellington Hospital, but not, as far as I know any protestors or politicians.

    • DP, I see you wish to make your sexual identity/title perfectly clear, so can I suggest (although heartily disagreeing with your insulting sentiment), you spell the title you have given the PM with? It’s not Heir, as at least two of your posts have it, but Herr. Even that is incorrect because that applies to a male! Get it right , if you must denigrate the woman. Words – and titles -matter, DP as you go on and on about it yourself!!

        • That’s why I wrote ‘incorrect because that (Herr) applies to a male’. Can’t you read and/or understand, LSL?

        • Nope not human rights breaches at all under the health and safety at work act they aren’t.
          It is you self centred anti mandate type people who the authorities threw into your houses and nailed the doors and windows shut during the 300 years of the black plaque.
          You anti mandate people just don’t give a damn about our collapsing health system or our over stressed overwhelmed health staff just so long as you can give a collective finger to the health compromised. Who in their 1000’s are having operations and appointments cancelled . Case in point all diabetes unit staff in Auckland have been re-prioritised to covid cases so diabetes appointments are being deferred but do you lot give a shit no you don’t.
          I hope you anti mandate lot get a decent dose of omnicron and long damn covid that drags on for years you all bloody deserve it.

      • VV
        What if Denny meant Heir Apparent, as in heir to the throne, as in Queen Jacinda??? Denny, I get your humour. All good. Yours, Herr Kraut (mann/male/tane).

    • Maybe you should be having words with the parents of these children about why they have put their kids in this situation, why their kids are not in school as they should be, and why they are indocrinating their kids with whacko, antisocial ideas. This rabble is not just about vaccines, they are about other garbage taken from dubious internet sources, Trumpisms, big money etc etc. Get the kids back home (?) and into school and out of this high risk environment. I hold no particular brief for Oranga Tamariki, but someone has to ensure these kids are safe, both physically and mentally.

    • As night falls the Police have drawn their guns and are shooting people with Rubber Bullets!

      This mismanaged manufactured Crisis by Herr Ardern is another failure of her leadership!

      By nighttime, Wellington could be engulfed by flames because of her ineptness and incompetence.

      This is further proof that she is no good in a ‘Crisis!”

      It’s time for her to go! We don’t need an autocratic bully and terrorist as the PM of NZ.

      • Sponge bullets. Not the same thing. A damn sight softer than concrete tiles.

        Regardless of the cause, this was mob rule for 23 days and that’s no good for anyone. It had to be stopped.

        Comparing the government’s temporary public health measures with Nazi Germany is highly offensive. NZ has had negative excess deaths for the last two years. The Nazis murdered untold millions. You are disrespecting their victims with this puerile comparison.

  3. Oh she’ll apologise alright. Everyday this continues more and more people are lining up to have their day in court. Clear human rights breaches.

  4. It was time for the Dumb Lives Matter shitshow to leave, they had made their point and a protest had become an unlawful occupation.

    • Says the fake leftie. Oh no! ‘Those,’ people aren’t allowed too because ‘we’ don’t like those people!

      Get a fuckn grip!

  5. I’m sure Ardern should also apologise for having lockdowns and closing the borders and MIQ. And using so much money on vaccines and advertising about them.

    • xsx Sounds like you – ‘so full of yourself you will not back down’. Together you be strong, I don’t think she will back down either. A woman to match you eh.

  6. Yeah nah, say sorry to the tools that threatened your life, family, work mates, spread vile propaganda and actively seek to overthrow a democratic govt. Cool and normal.

    • What nonsense seeking to overthrow a democratic government. You mean like the US has done numerous times. This was a tiny number of people expressing their concern, yes fractionated but tiny. There were after all vaccinated people amognst them. We should never ever have had a mandate. I am vaccinated.

      • Yes we damn well should have and damn well needed to.
        You are just another one that has his head in the sand over the state of our health system.

      • the actors behind them are the same foreign interest that attempted to subvert canada and were behind the attempted capitol coup, now our numpties may well be unknowing tools in the hands of these forces…but yes subversion of democracy is the aim.

        • Not a supporter of the protest, but since you mention Canada, don’t you think the bigger subversion of democracy is invoking emergency powers and financial un-personing, without legal recourse, of dozens (perhaps hundreds) of protestors who have not committed or been charged with any crime?

          Imagine all the mortgages, insurance, bills, family expenses etc that overnight cannot be met. This is a powerful coercive tool the Canadian government has granted itself (parts of which the deputy PM wants to make permanent). I’d imagine this tactic won’t just be applied to the protesters we disagree with.

          • tui – I do think the financial weapon used by canada is wrong, that’s why the cashless society is a very very bad idea….but it achieved it’s aim as a tactical move….the trouble is the precedent it sets

  7. I am no apoligist for Ardern but on this issue I am 100 percent behind her as are most right thinking NZ people. The whole pandemic has been a rapidly changing landscape . On some issues this government has latterly been slow to act but what was true in Sept changed as the virus changed. Most of these people are the out riders of society and selfish in their outlook.

    • Says the minority! FFS! TS!

      From a 26pt lead in 2020 at the general election to a 4pt gap in the last 9 polls says 60% of NZ’s are longer buying Heir Arderns BS anymore! So you’re factually wrong and ackshully wrong too TS!

      Stop believing the propaganda!

      Or else next minute you’ll be signing off on her sending NZ Troops to the Ukraine for a UN, US, NATO ‘Peace-Keeping Force!

      That’s on the cards too!

      • Many now see Ardern in her true light which believe me is not a knight in shining armour rescueing the poor children but that has nothing to do with the majority agreeing with the vaccine mandates..
        They are 2 different subjects and you would do well to understand that . Bridges made the mistake of trying to fight Jacinda on her covid policy and lost the crowd Luxon agrees with the policy but is popular with the people because he is highlighting the other failures which are many

        • if people didn’t use kids as meat shields the issue wouldn’t arise, would it?
          well would it trev?

    • Agree, Trevor. Her statements from September 2020 are before Covid vaccines were in use anywhere in the world, and almost one year before our elimination strategy was derailed by Delta. Instead of vaccinating the population in a zero-Covid environment, we were vaccinating during an outbreak with Delta in the community. Mandates were used to provide protections in an under-vaccinated population. The strategy is changing with Omicron and will continue to do so into the coming year.

    • The rapidly changing landscape with covid and the unknowns have been from day one.

      Fuckwits, led by chief fuckwits such as Mike Hosking wanted decisions made as if there were certainty and permanence. As the situation evolved and new decisions were made the government was lambasted for changing and adapting. All the while Hosking was changing his mind on a daily basis and finding something else to bitch about. His numbskull followers followed.

      Apparently Ardern and co. from Day One were to set up a Grand Plan and relentlessly implement it.

  8. I feel that the Prime Minister has worked very hard in her role and made some very tough decisions.

  9. 100% John

    It’s about more than just vaccines: All this woman has done since getting elected is denigrate and marginalize groups.

    • Andrew And what did Bill English do when he said that all our young guys are work shy druggies, so that he could bring in cheap exploitable off- shore labour and keep wages down ? Not only did English absurdly denigrate one demographic en masse and prejudice employers against them, he may have also added to the dreadful suicide stats of 19-24 year old males. For a man who fathered lots of boys, this was a real shocker – and it wasn’t even true.

    • Well we will see come the next election who else can put their hand up to do better for our country. And what party will look after all people and not neglect many as has been done for 180 years of colonization Andy but then you wouldn’t know cause you have never been marginalised nor have you had your culture and language denigrated.

  10. ( Sigh…)
    Dear @ MB.
    But it’s not up to the Prime Minister. She’s not the one in steerage of our AO/NZ.
    They are.
    Who are ‘They’, asked the not many, if any?
    Ok. Who are the BNZ, ANZ, ASB and Westpac? Who are they? Because they’re not ours yet they own your soul if you’ve got a mortgage with them.
    Who are the insurers? Without ‘insurers’ you won’t get a mortgage so having written that, who are they, the insurers?
    Who are the companies who own our basic infrastructure? Like electricity, road maintenance, public works etc. Who are they? Who’s SERCO? Who are the shareholders in the primary industry infrastructure? PGG/Wrightons, Elders, Wattie Group, Turner Group who the fuck are they? If you don’t know, then you don’t know who owns and operates our AO/NZ. Or rather THEIR AO/NZ.
    Poor old Adern’s in a terrible place right now. She has to navigate us idiots around a deadly virus, she has to appear to have steerage of our country in a general way as our PM and now this. An unruly, rowdy mob of fuck-sayers say fuck a lot while being circled by pumped cops wanting to kick some ass. “Boo yeah mutha fucka!”
    If I was Adern I’d renounce the farce that was the prime Ministership and go and lie on a tropical beach with a Martini, the nipper and my man.
    AO/NZ is like a dim witted blow fly who sat on the window sill far too long admiring the view while the spiders quietly wrapped it in a web. And now? When it really needs to gain a little altitude for a better view of things it starts to realise that it might be far too late.
    Here’s what I’d do. ( Dear God, I hope it never comes to that because I’d do a lot of poo. )
    Ban foreign bankers from operating here. I’d seize their assets and write off all mortgages.
    I’d reinstate all once were state owned enterprises to their former public owned status then double their funding. I’d engage the best investigators and journalists to go through our books like a dose of iffy curry going back to 15th February 1882 to when our first shipment of perishable goods left for AO/NZ to Europe. I’d request that every anus on every business person since then was probed, even if I had to dig them up to do it.
    I’d also request nuclear capable aircraft carriers in every major port in AO/NZ but wait ? There’s more, and you will laugh, I promise. Since peter thiel, larry page and no doubt others like elon musk are here and now, we can ask them to have a nuclear missile capable satellite system in a stationary orbit over our entire region. I’d give you thermobaric bomb threats Mr and Mrs Enemy.
    ( I was in Invercargill a few days ago when a very fancy little un marked Gulf Stream flew in to land… I wonder who was in it? )
    If you think Adern listens to us then acts accordingly then I have a big bridge in Auckland to sell you. Cheap too. $100 million NZ. Cash into my Cayman Islands account. I also have Panama and Cook Islands numbers too if it’s easier.

  11. John
    Hahahaha you are a funny man. The Saint never ever apologises for broken promises or fuckups caused er govt. Won’t happen.

    • John does the Saint disproportionately apologize for broken promises or fuckups caused by her government or is it disproportionately different to the massive fuckups and horrendous lies of the previous National government? It’s important for the debate.

    • I find it ironic that she (so full of fake remorse) apologized for the dawn raids, because in about 40 years (or sooner) the govt of the day will be apologising on behalf of this Ardern Govt.

      • Okay? That’s one right wing way of looking at it given the irony is right now there are only radicals and rioters left in Wellington.

  12. @ CB you’re right about the bankers etc. I want what you want, let’s boot them out. I’m so glad we can discuss this here but wish there was open discussion in MSM. People generally are so unaware…
    John is right, she said she wouldn’t do mandates. She knew then they were wrong or why did she say it? Why did she change her mind? She wants CONTROL. She is a well-trained Young Global Leader along with Macron, Trudeau etc. and they are on a mission.

  13. Refusing to talk with the protestors was the first mistake, even showing a little contrition over the use of mandates and it’s effect on those that chose not to be jabbed would have helped.

    Bizarrely we have the foreign minister telling the world New Zealand “is a proponent of peace and reconciliation……….Human rights embody universal values. But these values are at risk if we do not accept our collective responsibility to protect and uphold the dignity of all people, individually and collectively, irrespective of the context or situation in which they live.”.

    Empty words when you can’t even listen to, or make your case to, those you disagree with here.

    • Nuremberg NZ site had a list of politicians, Maori and Polynesian leaders, health experts and media to be executed.

      Arps was on his way up from Christchurch for the ‘public execution’.

      You don’t negotiate with those sort of racist feral fuckwits. They are domestic terrorists who threatened lives. Standard operating procedure: don’t negotiate with terrorists

      Links to Steve Bannon, MAGA nuts, QAnon, Counterspin, point to overseas fomenting of the mob all point to externally driven dismantling of democracies around the world. BFD, Groundswell, Karens with their mini-Karen human shields and Density Church’s involvement have all the hallmarks and the same old stench of a National Party Dirty Politics 4.0 operation.

      Sure, there were mistakes made, but with a rabid, disparate internally and externally fomented frothing mob, it was always going to be a lose-lose for the Labour Party that guided the team of 4.9 millions through a pandemic that worldwide had over 442million cases and nearly 6 million deaths. And its not over yet!

  14. On behalf of the overwhelming majority of New Zealand I congratulate the police for trying for as long as possible despite to resolve this protest peacefully.

    It’s not very long ago that this would have been handled much, much differently and far more ugly.

    As for Ardern, I’m glad she didn’t meet with people who wanted to murder her and throw poo, I don’t want an apology , I want a capital gains tax. If she can do a 180 on the vaccine which was always going to be mandatory initially, then she can damn well do a capital gains tax.

  15. Bugger Arden’s arrogant, globalist establishment mob, they’ve shown their true colours. I suspect that down the track, the response of those radicalized by this state overkill will violent & bloody. Anyone who still supports our media whore P.M. after this needs their head red.

    • Local man Josh described seeing an elderly bystander injured by a protester throwing a paver they tore from the street.
      “It’s no longer a protest, it’s a riot,” he said.

      Your whore rioters need psychiatric help LifeStyleLeftie

  16. Good sense from John Minto, as opposed to the Social Media style ranting, swearing and calling police pigs from Bradbury (who seems to me to need psychological counselling). However, this is no longer a mandate protest, and even from the start was only partially so. There are very dangerous people in that crowd – throwing gas bottles on a fire is complete madness. The police rightly decided to end the occupation. To do this with safety for police and protesters meant that the police had to use overwhelming force. Police actions are nothing like the attacks on the striking miners in the UK – including a cavalry charge at a picket, and lashing out on horseback with batons and feet. Our police have been forbearing to a courageous extent. I see Jacinda as being cowardly in dealing with the protest, and in leaving Bloomfield to take the flack for poor resource decisions.

    Parliament grounds are currently being cleared, finally. As someone else noted, it is weird watching a bunch of ‘protesters’ denying a disease they all currently have!

    • Yep. What was a bigger joke was the questions from her employee’s in the media.
      It sounded like a patsy from one of her own MP’s in question time.

      They wonder why they’re disliked and distrusted.

  18. c’mon nate she can’t be ‘the evil mastermind’ and a bad which is it? huh?

    • Gagarin, I have never stated Jacinda from announcements, is a evil mastermind…without a friendly, dumb down, lazy main stream media, Jacinda would be poked…she simply cannot handle ordinary Kiwis disagreeing with her, she pulls faces, calls them names, and walks off…

      • So true Nathan, Jacinda has proven a great communicator of what she has to say. She has proven a poor listener to anybody she disagrees with. Her performance this evening was contemptuous, arrogant and frankly disturbing. Her self belief in her own rectitude was breath taking. It was rather akin to being lectured by a bishop on holy doctrine. She is not kind.

        Maybe she could deliver houses to the masses, they might then stop parking tents on Parliament lawns.

        • “Maybe she could deliver houses to the masses, they might then stop parking tents on Parliament lawns.”

          But think of the business she drummed up for Torpedo 7

  19. Many of the comments on here are bullshit coming from people who are just anti government no matter what.
    No one has a problem with people protesting its part of our DNA. If you want to be listened to, swearing, threatening, intimidation and abusing people is not the way to go about it. I went on the foreshore and seabed march and we didn’t see any of this type of disregard and for others.

    • Yep, I agree 100% with your sentiments around the aggression, and it’s undoing of any chance of meaningful discourse.
      But the protest is about many issues. No point listing them here, you all know them.
      When the media and govt try to paint them ALL as anti-vaxers as they did; and still do. They just create mistrust. It’s simply dishonest, and all but the most gullible see it for that. And I can’t understand for the life of me why JA does it. The Jacinda Arden we knew before she was PM would never have behaved in such a way.

      The same when they say it’s funded by white supremacy groups in the US. I have no idea; first to admit.
      But I ask myself why would an American Redneck, White Supremacist or Trump lover, give a toss about a few protesters in NZ? Let alone give them money? 99% of Americans wouldn’t know about the protest, and 99.9% wouldn’t give a shit.
      And where’s the proof?
      I do know for a fact NZ journalist’s have been digging deep looking.
      If there’s no proof, those making such claims need to look in the mirror while banging on about all the conspiracy theorists at the protest. Stump up the proof or shut up.

      And don’t give me this bullshit about swearing, intimidation and aggression not being part of other protests.
      Just have a look at a few of the Waitangi Day protests. Are you suggesting Helen Clark stopped going to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions? She was having the time of her life, but sacrificed the glorious event for the planet.
      Didn’t someone physically attack John Key, or throw something?
      Is throwing a dildo at the head of an MP a sign of love in your book? Some kind of mating ritual before Tinder?
      Did you watch the protesters at the site of the new marina on Waiheke Is just recently?

      I would say you could very easily make a counter argument, given the number of people there over the length of time they’ve occupied the space, they’ve been fairly well behaved.

      Are there some shit heads there? Yes.
      Are there conspiracy nuts there? Of course.
      Are there scum with ties to alt right white supremacy organisations. Yes sir.
      But a handful of middle aged woman wearing tinfoil hats need to be seen for what are. It was a piss take… Humor, you know, taking the micky, done for a laugh to get themselves on tv. Task accomplished, although I doubt they realised how many gullible would be outraged.
      But looking at the people in what we can see in pictures online, and reading the statistics of the poll taken, these are surely a very small minority.

      • Agree with all that except “And I can’t understand for the life of me why JA does it. The Jacinda Arden we knew before she was PM would never have behaved in such a way.”
        This is the woman who worked Tony Blair “because” in her words “I needed a job”. She will do whatever she considers necessary to realize her career ambitions. The question is whether or not she has made the “right” call this time.

  20. My comments have disappeared from here too. I remeber I disagreed with Minto.


    Is that how it works?

    Seems to.

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