Parliament’s Lawns burn while Mallard fiddles as the woke cheer – this is who NZ is now


This is NZ now

The middle class marxist have their vengeance, Trevor Mallard fiddles while Parliament’s lawns burn and the Government have shown the lumpenproletariat their pain will never be acknowledged.

3 things.

1 – This movement was dying on the Thursday morning Mallard ordered cops to clear the lawn and created a common enemy and 10 hour live stream recruitment video followed up with petty psy ops. That shouldnt have happened as it enflamed it into what is was. Mallard should be sacked.

2 – While the Government could not meet with protestors threatening violence to negotiate, a Government representative should hav e gone to hear their concerns, this would have de-escalated things

3 – Omicron and a clear date for lifting of mandates would have thinned this down and the thing would have puffed itself out.

If Key’s Government had overseen the Parliament Lawns violence today, the old left would be on the streets tomorrow screaming – because they are protestors we loath the middle class marxists cheer.

The damage to the reputation to the political Left today is immeasurable.

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53% of those at the protest were Labour/Green voters from the provinces and rural electorates Labour won in 2020. Labour will not win them in 2023.

Heavy handed Police action on Parliament’s lawns today will seed tomorrows domestic terrorism – watching the woke cheer the State bashing protestors reminds us how far the NZ Left has drifted into totalitarianism.

All that happened today is that the far right gained 50 000 recruits.

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  1. Don’t worry about the political left. Getting rid of the lovely Wellington gathering and the handling of Covid will see to them.

    When VisionNZ is in Parliament after the next election they’ll link up with the Nats and Act. As part of the coalition deal Tamaki will be able to screw some good deals out of the others. Like ‘Churches will be charitable entities and won’t have to pay taxes.’ Reckon the others will, be insane enough to give him that? What? It’s already on the books? Hell, lucky I didn’t bet my Harley on it.

    • The economic shitkicking coming will dwarf this sorry episode come winter. The protesters, the police and the PM all self shat themselves through this sorry 20-odd day.

      Uncle Fester wins by standing back and offering an all care no responsibility approach.

  2. They also support Donald Trump, the most racist, fascist, homophobic US president in recent history. No other president has tried to impose Old Testament biblical law in such a blatant way

    • and most of the mulletheadeed and dreadlocked numpy are high on the list of ‘undesirables’ in the rightard book of those to be delt with.

    • Yes all those Maori and left wing hippies waving their Tino rangatiratanga flags are clearly Trump supporters…

      • Those are Tamaki, Billy TK, Waititi and some hori tori natzact supporters. You would be suprised how many Maori are trump reporters – dont you have any Maori friends. Those hippies look like low class pakeha. They all are anti Labour and hate Jacinda.
        Jacinda 10 dirty politics manipulated right wingers ZERO

      • Just in case you haven’t noticed Mickey, freedom is a bad word and the world is upside down. Being Maori now days and failing to keep in line, aka, protesting means automatic Right-winger.

        Such is the world we live in now.

        • I would have thought acknowledging left and right within maoridom was a non racist position….but there is the question of the iwiocracies riches and urban/rural maoris poverty.

    • Millsy, he also broke the leftie snowflake brains and now lives on through them, ensuring they will repeat his name daily with all the ists and isms. Meanwhile the rest of us laugh at the sniffer in chief Biden (the current president), who gave a eulogy for a kkk member and Kamala who held prisoners beyond their incarceration as slave labour.

      Anyway, back to Aotearoa

  3. I suggest that, short of new party that caters to their concerns, that most of these people just won’t vote. I suppose, in a sense, that’s a win for the Right.

  4. Oh, for heaven’s sake, Martyn. They were too thick and too lazy to get vaccinated so they probably never voted in the first place. They’re just anti everything.

    • Fascist.
      I know one of them personally.
      Double vaxxed, earning over 200k annum.
      Stopped working for the duration of the protest because unlike you, he believes in basic human rights.
      Used to vote Labour. Never again I would think.

      Your hackneyed stereotypes are pathetic.

      • What basic human rights? Why dont they just get vaxxed? Not that hard.

        Unless he is a religious Trump supporter who thinks LGBT’s should be banned and women should be relegated to being baby machine.

      • anecdotes are not facts jays..

        I ‘know’ a hitler worshipping nazi who went there specifically to try to kill the jew-cops and burn down the beehive space laser HQ

        see how easy anecdotes are jays?

    • Gaby, Israel should just hand over Israel to the Palestinians and then we could have some peace. They have a choice.

  5. I was going to bet how many comments it would take till Donald Trump was mentioned.

    Quite impressed it was the first.

    He was a garbage moron but he understood the betrayl of the working class by the Left and the utter derision by the managerial class better than than politician has. And yes he exploited it ruthlessly but it was the Left’s descent into identity politics obsessed vacancy that enables this – and continues to enable it. The Left are angry to avoid facing their utter, craven self-destruction.

    Jacinda is basking in her righteous rhetoric, ecstatic at how worried she can be about the children.

    What we had was a political class crazy with self-righteousness, unable to see beyond their condescension to even talk to their people.

    Thousands of lives saved? And at what cost? I can say burning the forest to save the trees next door is great if all I point out is the trees next door, and not the burnt forest.

    Never have I been more ashamed to be a Kiwi as we piss on fellow Kiwis.

    • even if you support trump, what EXACTLY did he actually achive in concrete terms for his base?

      I’m waiting…………..

    • Trump went out of his way to ban unions collective bargaining and scrap regulations protecting workers. The guy wanted to open the factories and coal mines, but the jobs themselves would be minimum wage, no benefits, and no HSE protections. He also wanted to legally allow corporations to poison the air and water.

      Not to mention his viscous progroms against the LGBT community and his supporting of police brutality.

    • I agree, its strange how people are easily manipulated by the dirty politics brigade. This was exactly how I anticipated things would turn out one or two weeks ago. Get rid of the cowardly mothers using their babies and children as human shields. However I see there are still retarded woman with their babies in the middle of the lunatics. Move the cars, then let rip. I thought they would use higher pressure hoses but I suppose the tory/right wing/far right would complain about police brutality. Police need to pick out the 100 or so trouble makers and let the riot squad loose to pick them off. What a disgraceful and cowardly, lunatic mob we saw today. Time for police to pick up the trash and send them on their way. Top marks to Coster for the planning despite the surrender of Luxon, Seymore, Waititi, Tamaki and their lunatic parties.

  6. So Martin do you think the 53% from rural areas were responsible for this afternoon?

    I don’t disagree that MPs could have heard concerns but I think it’s a huge leap to say that would have de escalated things.

    Also agree that Mallard is a dick but if anything he is guilty of losing his rag and that is exactly what these people are doing this afternoon…., and it is equally inexcusable

  7. Those protesters/activists seem to be left leaning … not anymore! Good luck to Labour, and the Greens in 2023…they will need it

  8. Martyn
    Like a war zone! Mallard will be seething – his $500,000 playground, a desperately needed taxpayer investment, is on fire. Now kids can’t play on it anymore, which is terrible because it was used by 1000s of kids every day.

  9. If I may say something, listening to Jacinda live on TV, she has done herself no favours at all by not sending someone fairly high up in the ranks (hey, even herself!) to talk to these troublemakers – right in the beginning. Political mismanagement (or rules of engagement fail) of the highest order. I’ll take it one further – arrogance of the highest order. It will cost her dearly, nationwide Covid adoration will be forgotten – poof, gone, just like that. Ok, shoot me down now everyone.

    • TNK i think you are saying she should have ticked the box of listening then saying no anyway but surely you don’t think that would have made a good number of them go home?

      • Yes that’s what I’m saying. They would have felt/believed she cares even if she doesn’t really. The way it’s gone down is that they know she doesn’t care because they are not in her team of 5 million…and she showed it. Big difference.

    • I must say jacinda getting bricked by the numpties would have given her a moral authority she lacks…her PR crew dropped a bollock there.

  10. Tactical error JA !! Night time Welly is going to be interesting.
    Where is the sainted one ‘consoling all’ with big hugs ??
    …She could and should have TALKED .
    And listened.
    This is an ‘undoing.’ (Alongside the terrible numbers in from DoD and US Insurance/funeral sector and VAERS data and Wall Street shorting Moderna and Pfizer stocks on the failing VAX psyop.)

  11. Martyn I don’t usually agree with you 100% but on this you have read it as it is!
    Today Jacinda defined and sealed her legacy. She will never be able to walk from the day she turned the Police on her own people. For they are, as you define them, the people who gave her her absolute majority. Rather than be ‘nice’ to talk and listen to them with the empathy she likes to portray as her principal attribute she turned the police on them.This street battle is yet to end.
    What will the night bring?
    How many are on the road to reinforce tomorrow?
    The Police may have won this battle but is it the end I think not

    • If they got the damn shot, they wouldnt have anything to worry about. That is all they needed to do.

      National and ACT have turned the rich and middle classes against the workers and the poor for 30 years. No one bangs on about that.

      • Millsy you completely miss my point.
        Vaxed non vaxed is irrelevant here. My point is Jacinda has irrevocably defined her legacy today. She put the jack boots into her own people. That it how she will go down in history.

      • “No one bangs on about that” – You are correct no one ever talks regularly on the TDB in articles or comments about the neoliberal elites (of all parties) and how the middle class have been turned against the workers.
        Equally I’m glad to see no one in this comments section freely turns pejorative slurs (such as racist, homophobe, misogynistic, trump supporter) against groups that have a working class element. That would be buying into the elite discourse of cultural dichotomies.

  12. If you were a National/act voter (at the protest) and were asked who you voted for in the last election, what would you say to further your cause? Would you say Nat/act? Of course not, because your aim is to make it seem like they are a vote lost. That 53% is a joke. But handy to confuse the fools.
    Yes, We know you don’t like Mallard. That goes way beyond this protest response.
    What would have been the point of meeting them, Their issues are well known (well anti mandate/vax) and there is no way that the govt was going to do what they asked.
    Waiting for sickness to clear the protest would involve allowing many many children to get sick. Most without vaccinations.
    The cops have done the right thing. Their only mistake is they let it go on so long.

  13. Another landmark moment in Jacinda’s quest to sow discord and division. Bear in mind that those who went to parliament are only the tip of a massive iceberg of anger and resentment at this government’s policy of enriching the wealthy and impoverishing the poor. Chasing the embarrassing riff-raff away might tidy the lawn up but the underlying problems aren’t going away and the government doesn’t want to know. I no longer recognise this country as the one I grew up in.
    Keep up the good work, Martyn.

    • And you think Luxon will ‘fix’ everything? Or Seymour.
      Ill tell you what, National and ACT will freeze wages for the rest of the decade, scrap any and all protections for workers, get rid of state houses, and benefits and impose US style heath care.

      • Millsy – The world is obviously one big tribal divide of good people with good thoughts and bad people with bad thoughts isn’t it? Try breathing deeply, go for a walk, talk kindly to a stranger once in a while, you’ll feel better for it.

  14. So. I guess Herr Ardern will run a poll shortly!

    She’s on her way out. When you blow a 26pt lead and end up needing to manufacture crisis after crisis to stay in power. You’ve got problems. Comrade Herr Ardern has school up on over the years.

  15. I thought the whole thing was bloody awesome in many ways.
    I think it’s great that people get out and make a fuss.
    Throwing bricks at the cops was fucked though. Who ever did that should be dobbed in.
    If you must throw bricks, throw them at politicians.
    The cops are there to do their job. They’re cops so they must cop. Expecting them to turn up to then sing Auld Lang Syne is stupid. Throwing bricks at them is a deeper kind of stupid and the next time they see you lift a brick up they just might blow your dumb fucking head off and you’d deserve it.
    My personal opinion re the protest?
    At the center of it all were right wing stooges stirring up shit, I guarantee it.

    • when I went on demos in the dim distant past…people would complain about police behavior..I’d just say we’re here wearing ‘smash the state’ t-shirts, just how exactly do you expect the state to react…starting spoilt kid whining about unfairness is juvenile..
      revolution is not a tea a megalomaniac once said.

  16. The Righties (especially Neukraut – same as the Altkraut) have really waltzed in on this post, and think they re promoting despondency on the Left.

    • He hates Jacinda and Labour, every post is evidence. His posts are hysteria in written form and why he can never ever be taken seriously.

  17. I, and many of my friends and family, all long time Labour/Green voters will never vote for them after today. And no we won’t be voting right either.

    • They are sponge bullets not rubber.

      Why is it when the police do nothing it’s Coster who is weak but now police respond and the PM is in charge ( of the police) and Coster is not mentioned. It can’t be both

  18. Martyn. You and I are not aligned in our political opinions but I respect the fact that you have been a consistent voice in this debacle since the outset. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of this and the footage of an elderly man being knocked out cold by a feral cop who punched the man twice in the face is something that will never leave me. The police have made much of their “policing by consent” but they will have lost that to a great many people today. This is a sad day for NZ.

    • clearly your not a demo regular crumb it’s about par for the course, ask any lefty it’s a risk you take on demos.

  19. The protestors had a voice for freedom which the establishment duly noted. But torching the playground and destroying the place was too far. That’s CIA shit. Probably the end of protest in the grounds which will definitely make politicians think twice about meeting with movements in future.

    • ohhhh so the lefty false flag lie didn’t fly ethan, now it’s the CIA, what feeble excuse is next? putin or jewish space lasers..oh wait jacindas already used soros death ray secret weapons.

  20. Read your article now and the comments — so many fools. The anti- free-marketeers of the first 16 years knew what was what and how it mattered. Who are these Marxist middle-classers, and that you disapprove of also? Ideals are as clear as glass — don’t get warped by the years. I expect Bernie and Corbyn are singular, but we were brought up on the hopeless struggles of the anti-Soviets and others. Solzhynitsyn warped — if you want an ideal, Martyn. Become Russian Orthodox, m’man.

  21. Bomber: Where is this mythical hard left in NZ politics? Stuck in the wilderness, not even in parliament.

    How about the Greens? What, are they left wing? They look like the business as usual middle glass to me. Can the left even get out and vote. The centre is where the votes are in NZ until a party with focus, great coms and a willingness to sell more tax can persuade voters.

    I think we will be shooting each other over fresh water before that happens. The Freedom movement might bit a step ahead in their preparation.


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