Good morning NZ – today is the kind of democracy that tastes like pepper spray


Good morning NZ – today is the kind of democracy that tastes like pepper spray.

Rather than allow Omicron or the end of mandates to de-escalate this, the heavy hand of the State is smashing down the protestors this morning.

I love how the mainstream NZ media turned their live feeds off so the Police can bash away freely.


Todays State violence brought to you by kindness.

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Watching middle class Wellington Marxists cheer the filth for smashing smelly lumpenproletariat reminds us how far the NZ Left have drifted intellectually and philosophically.

Helmeted Riot Police are now being deployed.

Pepper spray is being used.


Oranga Tamariki have a long history of abusing children in their care – this is the State the Left are cheering this morning.

Heavy handed Police action on Parliament’s lawns today will seed tomorrows domestic terrorism.

Let’s be clear, the violence on Parliament’s lawns is a political decision by this Government.

Refusing to meet the protestors combined with Trevor Mallard’s childish tantrums has seeded this.

Everything that occurs this morning is on the Labour Government & Trevor Mallard

This is NZ today.

NEVER doubt the power of middle class Wellington or the Press Gallery to get the order their privilege demands.

All those Wellington Middle Class Marxists cheering todays violence against the protestors must never be allowed to wash their hands of that stain.

At any other time, the violence police are using against protestors would be rightfully decried up and down this country by the old left – today middle class marxists cheer State force because we hate the protestors.

We have lost our moral compass on the Left.

I passionately disagree with these protestors on every argument, but I defend their right to protest in a liberal progressive democracy.

Using State violence to crush this when Omicron & end of mandates would have de-escalated it is a political choice.

We lost something today.

The scars from todays violence on Parliaments lawns will politically never heal for those who experienced it.

All today did was radicalise things more than they already were.

There are no adults left in the room.


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  1. “the pigs are smashing down the protestors this morning.” Those “pigs” have endured way more than is acceptable. They have done brilliantly to keep disciplined and restrained in the face of this violent rabble.
    If this rabble has any sense they will walk out, otherwise they will get what they deserve.

    • Absolutely no evidence that police have “endured” anything from the protesters. No feces, no acid, no slashed tires (some have been let down). Yet you lap up the lies and ignore video evidence to the contrary. Also, no mention of police bashings that have been recorded and posted online.

      I can only hope that you never fall fowl of the police state you clearly want. Because first they came for the protesters

      • Normal people have had a sumpfull of fuckwits like you and that sewer of hate in Wellington. Go home and get the mental help you all need.

      • @ greenbus?
        So you know what the ‘rabble’ might deserve do you? You read like a fascist bully motivated by blind hateful ignorance. All you want to do is hurt people by giving them what they deserve which, as we all know, is the bash.
        In a neoliberal-capitalist infected democracy, which our democracy has become, we can be assured that if we rebel, we will get what we deserve ? Which will mean by your logic, to be beaten for expressing our democratic right to peacefully protest?
        I bet you’re a heap of fun around the barbi. Are you one of those quiet, creepy people who keep back in the shadows while glaring at everyone?
        If the cops turned up and gave out free joints and bags of lollies? What kind of bash could we then be deserving of ? Not much of a one I’d a thought.
        The ‘rabble’ you no doubt get a stiffy from at the thought of getting what they deserve are a bi-product of a corrupt oligarch of be-suited crooks in parliament and the big shiny buildings along the Auckland waterfront.
        Why don’t you and your little blue besties go down there and give them what they deserve instead?

        • If they want to fight the cops then that’s their funeral.
          Watching the livestream the cops are being as careful as possible.
          Not giving the bash as YOU say.
          Your ravings are increasingly incomprehensible so you might need to back off the drugs and fiddling with your diddle.

        • I would rather share a barbi with Greenbus than you if we were talking about the rabble at Parliment. I often agree with your sentiments on other topics but not this one sorry

      • but the cowards, and that’s what they are like using their own children, their OWN fucking children as meat shields….so don’t be painting them as plucky little settlers taking a last stand….

        they had foreign money and advisors and quite a sophisticated ‘playbook’ maybe the rank and file are just numpties but the ones behind it know exactly what they are doing….to them a few numpties getting broken heads is all good, so who’s the baddie the cops or the people behind ‘camp pestilence’

        • “they had foreign money and advisors”
          I’m sorry but you have no proof of this because it’s bullshit.
          We know the fundraiser for this protest and all they money is coming from NZ citizens and residents.

          • Nice try Jays Not only were the rent-a-crowd up to their ankles in excrement, they were up to their armpits in dirty politics money and foreign money. Steve Bannon FFS. Counterspin. Nuremberg NZ.

            This protest started out with Groundswell, morphed with Freedom and Rights coalition, then suddenly had Trumpers and Evangelists, Racists and other ne’er-do-wells who joined this convoy of the disaffected. Add in conspiracy theorists, tin-foil hat -wearers and a crowd of parents who were using their children as human shields. Arps was on his way to watch a ‘public execution’, a la “Hang Mike Pence’ moment of terror on Jan 6th.

            They absolutely had the right to protest, stupid as it was during a pandemic and health orders to protect New Zealanders. They have the right to wear tin-foil hats. Make your protest, then go home.

            You were not going to be listened to with an execution list of politicians, health experts, Maori and Polynesian leaders and media. They had no moral grounds to protest, when they were threatening to kill and execute.

            They do not have the right to throw faeces, rocks, at police.

            If these want to fight for freedom, go and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ukranians as they defend their freedom against the same right-wing thug Putin. Putin, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon’s BFF.

            We’ll soon find out where the money came from Jays.

      • So Glen, are the fires being lit real? These ‘decent folk’ are no doubt blameless for this too.

    • I never thought you of all people GB was a middle class nazi! FFS!
      What a fuckn sell out you are!
      It’s surprising when push comes to shove. You discover who the weasels are!

      • Yep, I think GB dwells in leafy Mt Eden and has a Delmain’s Fine Food Club membership. Shops for cake icing colorings at Farros and hangs out around the marbled top kitchen island at Cindy’s renoed villa.

    • @ greenbus?
      So you know what the ‘rabble’ might deserve do you? You read like a fascist bully motivated by blind hateful ignorance. All you want to do is hurt people by giving them what they deserve which, as we all know,is the bash.
      In a neoliberal-capitalist infected democracy, which our democracy has become, we can be assured that if we rebel, we will get what we deserve ? Which will mean by your logic, to be beaten for expressing our democratic right to peacefully protest?
      I bet you’re a heap of fun around the barbi. Are you one of those quiet, creepy people who keep back in the shadows while glaring at everyone?
      If the cops turned up and gave out free joints and bags of lollies? What kind of bash could we then be deserving of ? Not much of a one I’d a thought.
      The ‘rabble’ you no doubt get a stiffy from at the thought of getting what they deserve are a bi-product of a corrupt oligarch of be-suited crooks in parliament and the big shiny buildings along the Auckland waterfront.
      Why don’t you and your little blue besties go down there and give them what they deserve instead?

      • Greenbus and newview, you are both horribly wrong. You have been totally misinformed by the mainstream media. These peoples human rights have been trampled upon by the government. But I guess you’re ok with that.

          • Bert, where do it get information from? In this case from the muppets cheering on police brutality and seemingly wanting a police state. That’s what make them horribly wrong. If you want segregation and apartheid, then you’re horribly wrong.

            • Can you simply answer the question. What makes you right and them horribly wrong, your source of information, not theirs?
              Segregation and apartheid, really?

              • bert stop trying to evade and tell us your sources, you usually don’t wonder why…oh yeah they’re risible

                • Oh okay, so you read them from your tea leaves. If you believe this to be about segregation and apartheid then those “protesting” are simple terrorists.

                  Answering a question with another question is not an answer.

                  • bert, These two are just like my (ex)son Jeremy. I’ve had to throw him out of the basement. and disown him He told me he was going to go to Wellington and live in a tent. I think I saw him at the protest today. Good riddance!

  2. Protest ideally needs to be coherent, driven by class analysis (a left one imo) and focused on an outcome.

    I helped run a 10 week strike many years ago in South Auckland, we had a village, portaloos, good financial support and all the rest on a very prominent main road site. We reached out to locals, had reasonable relations with the cops who the boss called regularly to try and disrupt us, talked to university campuses, regular media liaison, and at the end all marched back in the gate together with a more than decent settlement. Part of the deal even involved two days on a Marae with Syd Jackson and others educating the racist management and building even more unity among the mainly Polynesian and Māori workforce.

    I did not majorly support the original Occupy movement because it was all over the road and ultimately ate itself over internal contradictions.

    The Wellington Convoy occupation has been the dogs proverbial and will achieve exactly nothing. The cops have been rainbow cops rather than robocops so far but their limit has obviously been reached. I have spent most of my life protesting, picketing, striking and occupying (land issues) so know what I am talking about when I say the fuckwits in Wellington bring shame on legitimate protest. And no, right wingers can of course protest too of course as they sometimes do.

    The state and cops are never the answer to anything substantial, but the occupation around Parliament is way too close in implication to the Jan 6 US attempted coup.

    • I think that you may have missed, that the left are main stream now.

      Academia, Main Stream Media, Local bodies, govt ministries and lastly now the police are embeded with the leftest ideological cabal now. Why does the left need to protest about anything anymore, they’re in control?

      • Er, a neo liberal state, and monetarist managerial culture is hardly left. Left in classic terms means funding a social wage and infrastructure and lowering inequality for the majority from taxing and controlling capital’s operation.

        Revolutionary left means retiring capitalism and private ownership of industry and finance capital for good.

    • I agree with Tiger Mountain.
      Moreover the camp should have been cleared on day one, it was and still remains a public health hazard. It should have been dealt with as such.
      The protesters would still have been free to assemble each day at the site but not to camp overnight.

  3. Given that my son –who is one of the working class that keeps the city going at night time, while all you middle-class twats in the commentariat are safe in your bed – has had two run-ins now with these arses simply because he was wearing a mask, and the freedom loving don’t think he should have the freedom to do so, all I can say is … good!

    • Guerilla surgeon. Well done, your son, he’s a son to be proud of, unlike Mrs Mallard’s boy Trevor. I know school children traumatised by the demonstrators and I don’t really care if their tinfoil hats don’t keep them well, but now that the virus is super spreading and RSV is back in the preschools, and the hospital system is creaking to the detriment of folk in undeserved pain, if Jacinda told Andy to go get’em, that’s not unreasonable really.

      Pity the pollies couldn’t have invited them in for a chat in the first place instead of setting ultimatums, but it’s the mum and dad coppers who are at risk now, not them in their well- feathered nests, so fingers crossed for everyone out on the grounds of Parliament.

      • Do you honestly think talking to these people would have made any difference. Do you think the government should be threatened by these people, do you think the PM should negotiate with thugs who threatened personal violence ( and please do not make excuses for both verbal and written threats that were clearly in view and heard if you chose to listen). Clearly these people have absolutely no idea what its like to live in a non democratic country. If this wasn’t a democracy they would never have made it to Wellington in the first place. These people only care for themselves which has been clearly evident for 23 days. Lastly these people blame everyone else but themselves they have absolutely no personal responsibility for their actions its always somebody else’s fault. So please give me a break stop making excuses for them and stop rewarding bad behavior by supporting these people.

    • G S you might have to provide Glen evidence otherwise he will say it can’t have happened (to your son)

  4. Hopefully the police have starved their dogs for at least 3 days, so can have a feeding frenzy on the protesters.

    These violent ferals / troublemakers need to be cleansed from society. They need to be sent to a detention camp, that has a sign above the entrance that reads Arbeit Macht Frei!

  5. This rabble has been given every opportunity to leave sensibly and the Police have been very restrained. Wellingtonians have been very patient. They deserve to have their city back.

    • Agree RoiseLee. Waiting for “Omicron or the end of mandates to de-escalate this” would surely mean weeks more not a matter days. If you are directly impacted by this situation it must have felt like a year already.

      • That’s how we feel in Christchurch, with the same sort of feral rabble in our beautiful Cranmer Square. Give the police a deserved week off, then send them down to Cranmer. There’s a few more skinhead and white power types here, so it will be a lot more violent and volatile I would think.

        Even when the mandates are lifted they won’t go home, there seems to be some serious financing behind all of these protests, throughout the country.

        We need to get to the bottom of that funding and bring it into the open. Starve the funding at its source. The western world did the same with the other right-wing destroyer of democracy, Putin.

        My grandfather used a funny term for when they were being shelled during the war.
        “Squeaky sphincter time Bill, squeaky sphincter time!” It will be squeaky sphincter time for all those funding these rabbles across the country.

        And it smells of dirty politics, no matter what the rumours are about ‘serious and heated discussions’ between Luxon and Collins.

    • Great, can the police move onto to Shelley Bay and the Raglan airfield once they’ve cleaned this job up?

      …or is that different?

      • You tell us BG. Other’s were trying to compare this situation to Ihumatao. Having grown up in the area I can assure you the Ihumatao situation was not closing businesses and preventing numerous people from going about their lives.

        • “totalitarian government ” Really?
          Put your tin-foil hat back on. Watch my favourite movie Idiocracy (2006)]

          If you think this government is totalitarian, you need to be put in a re-education camp to “reconsider”. But you won’t.

          We’ll listen to your protestors singing “Love and peace” while throwing faeces and rocks.

          You can protest, but you cannot threaten to kill politicians, Maori and Polynesian leaders, health experts and media.

          Russia is a totalitarian government that is invading Ukraine. If you believe so much in freedom, run a give-a-little page and go over and fight for freedom of Ukranians and against Russia, a totalitarian state. We’ll even have a whip-round here for you.

          New Zealanders fought and died in countless wars to give you freedoms. To defeat totalitarian states like Nazi Germany. We are free from thousands of deaths because of Covid health measures.

          You sound very like my ex-son Jeremy, you two should hook up. He’s up in Wellington atm, hopefully getting some perspective on what a totalitarian state isn’t.

      • BG Shelly Bay has been subject to discourse, and legal processes, and the occupiers of Shelly Bay have not harassed the locals, nor constituted a health threat. Everything here has been rather different.

    • Aucklanders have not missed any of the irony in this fiasco – whether it’s the MPs and urban Wellingtonians complaining about struggling businesses and their children unbeing able to go to school like normal, or the rural ferals having a big baby tantrum about their lost freedoms, despite having enough freedom to go pitch a tent at parliament for weeks on end.

      Schadenfreude would probably be a little phony to describe our amusement right now, so we just laugh. We’re still taking this crap on the nose while the provinces wring their hands and lose their minds about it all.

  6. Our government has finally got around to doing what the Australian and Canadian governments have been doing for quite some time now. Point being, they are all only following the orders of their corporate overlords….with Covid policy, arguably, being thee most important policies government have instituted since neoliberal policy came into being.

    • Really AO. Do you think that our COVID response over the last two years has been dictated by corporate overlords? This is the ‘smug hermit kingdom’ we are talking about right? I think our low death rates might have been the product of not bowing to corporate pressure

      • Correct, Wheel. We, like the rest of the world, simply instigated actions formulated by the big wigs upstairs, the World Economic Forum being one of the more well known string-pullers upstairs. The BIS being another. And these actions have allowed the necessary policy framework to be put in place and this is where we are currently at.

        • New World Order – QAnon WWG1WGA
          When is John F Kennedy turning up at the Wellington Train Station AO?
          At least they got rid of one of the baby-eating pedophiles and severely hampered at least one of the others. Just wait till Ghislaine Maxwell’s list of 8 prominent men is revealed!!
          Put the tin-foil back on AO!

        • Perfectly understandable response(s). I have skipped a step or two ahead, therefore this all looks crazy. A world wide coordinated response to a pandemic whereupon every country (certainly Western countries anyway) sang the same tune, implemented the same policies, all with the same end goal in mind – vaccination. Once upon a time it took, highly publicized global meetings to get this sort of worldwide, coordinated action into being, but now, now that we’ve got organizations like WHO and the UN sitting below the aforementioned string-pulling leaders, formulating policy to governments, such global-scale meetings are no longer needed.

          Otherwise, substitute New World Order for “Build Back Better” (there is a reason why this slogan is prominent) and watch our economies purposefully tank as the string pullers continue their merry dance to their beautiful control-centric new world. Conspiracy, as in coming our way soon, absolutely – turn to Canada for a sniff of things to come

  7. Subhuman rabble, euthanise them and replace them with grateful peasants from the Third World.. sell their land to foreign oligarchs… so clean, so well-behaved. White collar crime should not be punished, blue collar crime is for filthy peasants.

  8. Well said. Always stand with those being oppressed.

    And an easy way to tell who is being oppressed is to see who the police are spraying and beating. Poor Maori people are disproportionately represented

  9. This is the labor governments ”basket of deplorables’ moment. There will be a political price to pay at the next election. My disappointment in this action is deep and my faith in our PM has been lost. Beneath the protests is economic injustice and hardship which has been allowed to become a toxic division in the team of 5 million.

  10. The rabble deserve their jobs back and for Christ sake we need the teachers, midwives, nurses etc.
    This was getting embarrassing for the government – with 1000 countdown workers off, 800 off From one DHB alone, over 200 Navy personnel isolating, 648 cases in one university halls of residence and the protest reported as a superspreader event with 17 confirmed cases! (Surely it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated!) The government couldn’t let them destroy the narrative and justification for destroying lives, they had to move them on before they fully proved the vaccines and mandates were a waste of time for most. Vaccinate the vulnerable and everyone else get healthy and improve your immunity. This will also reduce the over 30000 people that die every year from preventable disease. Yes that’s right we accept that every year with government going fuK all to improve things. They even told the nurses there was no money left to give them a pay rise! Well today is a dark day and as you point out the government is to blame and Wellington may get its streets back but it’s a giant leap backwards for the country.

    • “The rabble deserve their jobs back and for Christ sake we need the teachers, midwives, nurses etc.”

      Piss off. We don’t need unvaxxed nurses dealing with sick and vulnerable. Nor have unvaxxed hidden in other occupations where those they interact with are both vulnerable and have no choice in their ability to avoid them.
      You people have it all arse backwards.

      • The mandates have surely worked to weed out those in the public service who are easily manipulated by social media and we are better off without them permanently . I do not want an unvaccinated teaching my grandchildren r looking after me in hospital.

        • Ummm read my comment 800 off work in one DHB? You are more likely to be cared for by a vaxxed person with COVID! The UK dropped mandates for health care and surprisingly it made no difference – how could that be? The government and followers like you have dropped the ball – protect the vulnerable vaxxed or unvaxxed as they will get fuked over by COVID! Every COVID death is preventable and not by having 100% vaxxed! The rest of us grow some balls and look after our own health. 8 people a day dying from preventable stomach cancers – WTF that’s an outrage! Get some placards and walk down the street before you get a caramel latte and a muffin cos that’s how we protest in NZ according to our “glorious leader”.!

          • kiwi..the research suggests that unvaxxed are more likely to pass it on than vaxxed….juz sayin loike.

  11. Maybe the Police could’ve gone home weeks ago. Then we would have had the real smell of real democracy.

    Now let’s see, following the storming of Parliament who would they have installed as the new Prime Minister (or whatever they’d decided to call the leader)? Brian Tamaki? Matt King? Lizz Gunn? Not Leighton Baker, he would likely have been “taken out.” Kelvyn Alp? I’m sure some would’ve wanted Philip Arps. That would’ve been fun, the folk of the Destiny Church led by the white supremacist.

    • oh peter don’t you realise that the loudmouthed minority forcing their views on the vast majority is democracy….silly you.

  12. Meanwhile …when everybody is looking at the MSM propaganda on Ukraine.
    NZ’s Autocratic leader Heir Ardern sends in the Nazi Police decision to bash protesters and kidnap kids, pepper-spray themselves, again and generally manhandle women to the ground while putting the boot in on her way down.

    Middle-class LINO members laugh whilst playing a game of ‘family’ twister with the curtains closed!

    • She needs help. Someone has to get her sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Save us from her!
      Next. She’ll be signing up NZ to join in with the US and Nato’s warmongering in the Ukraine for WWIII!

      • Weren’t you calling her “Stalinist” a while back, Denny?
        You really need to make up your mind.

  13. This was a leaderless rabble so which group would you have had the PM meet. It would have been wrong on so many levels to have given the false prophet Tamaki any respectablity by choosing him. I am sure there were some there with good intent and honestly held grips against mandates and what they stand for . In normal circumstances I am all for personnal choice and freedom but there are certain areas that the good of all has to be the greater need. The police have played a game of wait and see and gave those who wanted to a chance to leave with dignity u til it was only the hardcore left. They are to be congratulated as is could have been ugly.. All parties come out of this with respect except for Mallard he showed his bully boy style which only inflamed the situation. Jacinda has to remove him.

    • Trevor, the police have inflamed the situation since day one. Of course acting on behalf of our half wit politicians.

      • You’re going to get that – police inflaming situations when laws are being broken. They should just butt out.
        Maybe police could be restricted to activities like cleaning up after road accidents and knocking on doors telling people their loved ones have been killed.

      • bullshit OW they could have charged in mob handed on day one, then you’d have had something to cry about..instead they gave the numpties some rope which due to their behavior they duly hung themselves with.

    • Trevor Sennitt “ Jacinda has to remove him” indeed. If Mallard is such a hot shot, send him to Ukraine, along with John get-some-guts Key, and the dog man of Iraq, Crusher Collins, Davidson and the Greens, Brian and the Tamaki’s, plus a handful of media to gasp and adulate and if they all end up in Siberia it is stunningly beautiful, although I daresay that they could find a way to grubby it without even trying.

  14. What would the left be thinking if this was a climate demonstration? Or a Maori land occupation.

    There was a film here recently on the women of Grenham Common (hope I have spelt that right). Interestingly enough they were called ferel, dirty and righteous concern was expressed about their children. Oldest trick in th book is to smear and discredit your opposition. Happens against gender critical (or pro reality) feminists. We are terfs, bigots and transphobic. Who wants to listen to what we are saying now that we have been so demonised.

    I also hope when abusive anti social types camped on parliament grounds (some of them appear to be), that the MP’s were able to have an enlightened moment about State house anti social tenants who they have refused to evict. The poor having to endure their abuse and threats day and night were ignored.

    • the greenham women were demonstrating against the stupidity of nuclear weapons, the numpties are demonstrating for the stupidity of ‘the internet university of virology’

      • I think the protesters were demonstrating against the mandates. And many of them likely have weird ideas. But I don think it’s up to us to decide who can protest and who can’t based on our belief system.

    • Greenham common was about nuclear weapons and it was mainly women so obviously they would have their children there because probably their husbands couldn’t cope. They did a non violent sit in. Are you seriously comparing these brave women with the rabble we saw today.

  15. If “we have lost our moral compass on the left”, where’s it gone?
    For sure it’s not moved, ever or at all, towards the right or extreme right….
    Or was it there – anywhere – in the first place?
    Just hopeful, hollow semantics, perhaps?

  16. It seems that the government wants the clean lawns before they will have to declare the end of mandates and passports. How is it posible that we still have them after the court decision and after everybody can see their futility?

  17. They had their right to protest, now time (and should have been done earlier) to stop this super spreader event in the neighbourhoods surrounding parliament.

    Already the hospitals are at capacity.

    Imagine if instead of trying to prop up billionaire golf estates, prop up Air NZ (led by exWallMart that sacked their staff pretty quickly during Covid and are apparently self proclaimed well run NZ business that took nearly a billion in free government loans – corporate welfare NZ superstars), and prop up exploiter liquor mangers and poorly run, socially poor, small business since Covid, the government actually planned for more doctors and nurses.

    You know triple the numbers of doctors being trained in NZ, make it free to do nurse and teacher training like it used to be for NZ citizens two years ago, and spent the above billions in corporate welfare on the health system – in particular the human capital needed to cope with Covid.

    Imagine. Well looks like they didn’t do that, and now opening the borders for more Covid cases to hit NZ hospitals and health care!

    End New Zealand’s Covid mandates too quickly and the mistake could be measured in funerals

    ‘We feel unseen’: An Auckland ED doctor responds to calls to ditch Covid restrictions

    • Good to see that an OPED from a lawyer in support of the government has more value than he science and logic including MOH advice that mandates have nothing to do with health but were simply to coerce compliance.
      Now lets sit back and see the damage these drugs have done. The data is firming up everyday and some of us are going to be on the wrong side of history.
      Turns out we now have evidence that 5-11 jabs are 12% effective. Lets make that a plank of our covid response as it certainly will help our corporate masters with their profit objectives.

      Would any rationale individual think being on the side of BIG PHARMA is the right place to be. PS I would never get my health advice from the gubbermint or a drug company. I guess I am just part of the river of filth

      • Where do you get your health advice from?When you are requiring heart medication, whom would supply it, the herbal shop?

    • will we learn from this and be prepped for the inevitable future pandemic, no because it’s not ‘cost effective’ UNTIL IT HAPPENS….then it’s throw billions at it….but hey that’s neo-lib capitalism for you….sack the maintenance guys we’ll fix it when it’s broke….maybe, eventually.

    • 🙂
      And as one out-of-town protester tried to tell me, after trying to cut through the property where I live while berating me for wearing a mask said: [You need} a cup of Dandelion Tea
      I should have replied “Evidence please!”

  18. In my view Martyn is right that the left must have lost its moral compass if it celebrates this. Time for a new one.

    Those commenters who would celebrate violence on their fellow New Zealanders really need to pause. Would you say this in person to a representative section of the community, rather than being comfortable merely bashing your keyboards? Get a grip guys. The notion is appalling.

    More importantly, learn to disagree with a bit of grace. If for example many down there have been manipulated – as so many say – have some empathy for them. We all share a polluted info ecology.

    If you can’t, as TM, Gagarin etc – can’t seem to, do us a favour – go grab a joint, have a laugh with a mate, tell war-story-lies about your days on picket lines or whatever. But do get off the internet.

    • Thanks for your erudite remarks but I will keep commenting actually. I know three people at the Wellington occupation and one of them is a Hare Krishna cook who I have bought Samosas and bread from for years. The other two are raving 5G lunatics, sovereign citizens that have bludged on activity that others have organised for 15 odd years in the Far North. They turn up and try to create disunity where ever they go.

      I have much empathy for long distance protestors being one myself. I have experienced the whole deal from sourcing food and shelter and sanitation, to support and hatred from some, dealing with heavy handed cops and duplicitous media.

      Quite frankly I would not in my dreams have expected to spend even one night on Parliament’s lawn without getting a good kicking from the state forces.

  19. ‘I passionately disagree with these protestors on every argument‘

    So you disagree with their human rights?

    Martyn, to be fair you have been dog whistling for a long time in the direction of the authoritarian left. Just look at the comments by the nutters hoping for the blood of peaceful protesters at the hands of the state.

  20. As a self employed Wellington tradesman, I’m tired of looking over my shoulder after being abused by a group of protestors for wearing a mask while I was working in the city. My wife is a frontline health worker at Wgtn Hospital who is tired of wild eyed protestors demanding access to wards sans mask so they can visit protestors (with covid). My daughter works as a frontline health worker in Auckland and has been coughed on and spat at by people requiring treatment because they don’t want to wear a mask. My neighbour works at the afterhours and is greeting people with obvious covid symptoms from the protest site who refuse to wear a mask. Another neighbour in tears as her daughter is at the protest protecting herself from ‘futuristic electronic weaponry’ by deploying crystals in front of her tent. Some Police vehicles have been immobilised. Emergency services are unable to use certain roads. Private property has been overrun and occupied. School children have been verbally abused. Retailers have been verbally abused and damage done to their shop fronts. This has been ongoing for over 3 weeks now and I have tried to engage in a positive manner but just had utter bullshit shouted back at me. Yes, I have sympathy for those affected by the mandates but also believe in science and a public health response that protects the vulnerable. I’ve been told by a couple of protestors that 1000’s of people have died following a vaccine jab, that the Govt is a communist cell following a UN mandate to halve the worlds population, that the Jews and Bill Gates are behind it all, that the storm is here and Trump will be riding in on his white horse to save the virtuous, bring about military trials for the ‘guilty’, followed by televised executions, and that the world will be saved by the institution of a quasi military religious new order of one world govt specifically for the ‘pure’. But I guess me and my family are just middle class marxists for wishing these guys would just go away. The sad day for NZ was when we thought we could reason with them. Does anyone think that the protestors will just up and leave once the covid mandates come to an end? Or will they continue the occupation until the Govt meets all other demands (and a few new ones as well)? I’m no ‘rule of law’ supporter (unlike some on the right) but these buggers are starting to damage my mental health. Late at night, if I hear a car coming down our street, is it the protestors coming to write ‘scum’ on my house? Am I on their death list for engaging and not agreeing? Can I just go about my business and have an occasional latte without being judged as a white middle class marxist cheering on Police brutality? I find nothing to cheer about today but I am supporting the Police in moving these guys on. They have made their point and the majority have rolled their eyes. ‘Move or be arrested’. Gosh I got arrested when I didn’t move. Surprise! Either wear your conviction as a medal of honour or go away but don’t pull the ‘sovereign citizen’ excuse while shitting all over other New Zealanders ‘freedom’. Please just go home and go back to protesting online. My heart and mind is more occupied by the plight of the Ukrainians than this pack of sad buggers.

    • But, but Off White said what about the protesters rights, yours don’t count only anti vaccine and mandate rights count.
      Quite correct as you say , they could all pack up and live in Ukraine for something worthwhile to protest against.

    • ‘My heart and mind is more occupied by the plight of the Ukrainians than this pack of sad buggers.‘

      That’s the whole point big boy, a war to divert your government’s human rights abuses.

      And cry me a fucking river – there are people standing up to tyranny, Job losses, jab injuries, marginalisation, segregation, police brutality, their kids have become second class citizens.

      Oh yeah and it’s the vaxxed spreading the damn virus.

      • “That’s the whole point big boy, a war to divert your government’s human rights abuses.”

        So delusional I actually pity you.

      • “That’s the whole point big boy, a war to divert your government’s human rights abuses.”

        So delusional I actually pity you.

      • The people trying to be citizens in a working democracy have been let down by the Labour Party and Treasury getting together and overthrowing our style of democracy and the Nationals haven’t got an idea in what passes for their brains, strutting peacocks that hey are – look at me and my fine feathers and house. Just dress nice, look nice and have a nice house is their mantra for life.

        The people can choose most of what they study at school, have parents who don’t think much beyond practical skills and sentimentality, and remain uncivilised in a world that requires intelligent co-operation. Neither the men or women in the protests have been brought up in a responsible, democratic style. Now they fit most easily into a rabble demanding rights, brought about by philosophies that they have no idea about, have never thought about, and behave like spoilt children bringing up more of the same.

    • You can whine all you want.

      These are people protesting for the return of their human rights. They may not be perfect and I dislike a small minority behaviour (of course unlike all the trendy Left wing protestors are perfect) but they are real and human and it has been 2+ years of a never-ending emergency that has killed far less than many other major diseases.

      An indefinite emergency – or threat of one by Govt – is fundamentally incompatible with democracy. But this is what we’ve faced. A Government hellbent on division by using every lever of state power to demonise and control.

      What you’re seeing today is the COST of this.

      Karl Popper said NZ’s biggest danger to democracy is groupthink. This is NZ every day for 2+ years as neighbours narked and paid media controlled the conversation to a ridiculous degree.

      You can shove your shitting on freedom and personal theatrics.

      • @ Gordon. Gordon Bennett, this is a Dirty Politics 4.0, and other Right-Wing inspired attack on democracy.

        Steve Bannon’s influence? Trumpism and Trump flags? MAGA posters and hats.
        Groundswell farmers pissed off at 3 Waters, ute tax and climate change.
        Density Church pissed off at their tithe income being reduced by mandates.
        Karens diverting their sexual frustrations at govt, instead of in the pokies.
        Karens proud of their intellect because they made a portmanteau “Jabcinda” word for their Karen posters
        Racists pissed off at Maori History being taught in schools, and spoken in the media.
        Racists pissed off that the Mosque shooter is being unfairly treated.
        Teachers annoyed that school sport has been delayed, and library books are being disinfected.
        Conspiracy theorists annoyed that the third tower on 9/11 was deliberately demolished.
        Egged on by Counterspin and Telegram and BFD
        Harete and Maureen welcomed the protestors.
        Winston and David, who were very low on the execution list anyway, went walkabout.

        Did I miss any of the rent-a-hater-crowd?

        And there is progress.
        Nuremberg NZ site that threatened execution of politicians, media, Maori and Polynesians, health experts has been shut down for the last two nights.
        The protestors have been moved off the grounds of parliament and the seat of democracy.

        Next, the intelligence agencies forensically search for financial supporters, and organisers of this protest group and bring them to justice for their hate-speech.

        Then, well BEFORE the next election, publish the names of the backers and agitators so that voters can see the organisers and their political allegiances.

        National thought they were sidelining dirty politics when they benched Judith Collins. Little did they know that she is a formidable woman of colour, “I am a woman of colour – the colour white – and I fully support a ban on this mutilation inflicted on women.” (

        ‘Give them back double’ promised Judith, as she knelt and prayed before the last election.

        And when the Police have finished in Wellington, they have a Cranmer Square to clean out as well. Judith can come down and crush the cars, for parking on our beautiful square.

        Where is the Eden Park flour bombing airplane when you need it most?

        • Cranmer, you seemed to have gone down down ‘everything is Steve Bannon QAnon infiltration’ conspiracy tunnel.

          I suggest you come back out of the wormhole. 53% of the protestors were Labour and Green supporters.

          Labour has attacked every single foundation of democracy for the past 2 years – no protestors needed to do that – they were powerless and the state and sponsored media crushed them.

          It’s not healthy to bask in conspiracy and misinformation – I hope you will come up for some air in the real world.

          • ‘Squeaky sphincter Gordon, squeaky sphincter?’
            Time will tell how much the dirty politics operatives have had to do with this convoy of hatred.

          • Yes we get it you’re upset National lost the last election and the one before Gordon, your emotive claptrap shines through your ‘real world”.

  21. A dark day for New Zealand

    Ardern could have prevented all of this by just talking to the people

    • Or the protesters could have protested for the day, made their point and gone home allowing Wellington people the freedom to go about their lives.

    • So Glen, are the fires being lit real? These ‘decent folk’ are no doubt blameless for this too.

  22. Just an observation for what it’s worth. There’s been diminishing numbers or homeless folk ‘littering’ doorways along the so-called Golden Mile during the so-called protest.
    Most of them cottoned on to the fact that if they migrated to the village, they’d get free kai, Mother Earth & Crystal Karen medical treatment and counselling, interaction with other human beings and a bit of music to send them to sleep. And at off times, they could still do a bit of begging – enough to supply them with their bottle for the day.
    As soon as the helicopter passed overhead early this morning on its way to get fuelled up, I could tell something was up. 4 hours later, the homeless are back on the streets – simply begging for enough coin to
    score some P pot or piss.
    Does anybody else remember that movie/promo way back in the 70s or 80s (Japan I think) Called “This is New Zealand”.
    It needs an update.
    What’s more, a good many of the protesters wouldn’t know what FREEDOM was if it jumped up and bit them in the bum

  23. Too bad the Globalist Left dont have the courage and competency to run a weeks long outdoor political occupation these “Deplorables” have done. You are the Reactionaries now.

  24. Watched livestreams from inside the wire this morning, it seems misinformation is being made on the fly.
    When the vehicle with the bullhorn pulled up the livestreamer began telling everybody its a sound weapon and start wearing earplugs, a mad dash ensued with everybody looking around for earplugs and distributing them to the front line.
    No sign of the tinfoilers but Im sure if somebody went down in a van with a sky dish pointed at them Im sure some could appear.
    This lot are going to become the butt of everybodies jokes for awhile, how easily led and manipulated these people are, some form of re-education is required, just to teach them how to research beyond information that is provided to them. Social media has become the weapon.

  25. Our police response has been hands off for long enough.
    There are numerous breaches of the law, council by-laws and public health.
    Violence, intimidation and threats have been plentiful reason to remove protestors.
    Police have been extremely tolerant and have not tooled up until now.
    The rule of law that the majority of citizens are expected to obey is weakened when enforcement is not enacted.
    What is left now appear to be gang members, anarchists, insurrectunists and a rent a crowd.
    The end of mandates is in sight. Sticking around so you can claim illigitemate victory over a system you despise is laughable.

  26. Parliament belongs to everyone not just these people. Their occupation has meant no protest on housing climate mental health or even a peace vigil can be held at parliament cos they are bogarting the peoples house .

    As a min wage worker whose been off and on dole due to mental health issues and know how cruel the state can be and is by no means middle class, I say bullsh*t , the police tried for weeks and weeks to keep this as peaceful as possible. They stood by while war memorials were vandalized, while trash and human waste filled the streets, while people screamed for armed insurrections, assassinations and murder, threatened local businesses and scared the crap out of the public. My mate works min wage as a barista next door to parliament and has been intimidated, assaulted etc.

    These people aren’t working class they are entitled middle to upper class entitled brats. No working class people can afford this, no working class person is letting their car be towed. Working class people can’t even afford groceries let alone a fully stocked tent that’s better equipped than most homes.

    This isn’t on the government. The government was right not to meet with anyone calling for executions, insurrections, throwing poo and dumping excrement, assaulting police and threatening the locals for apparently giving them radiation poisoning. No.

    There are far more important, larger and righteous protests that govts have refused to meet setting a precedent that this behavior gets you what you want is dangerous.

    Not to mention the public would be disgusted if the government met with these people.

    As for OT. Everyone’s been telling the protesters that to keep your children in filth out in Wellington rain, wind and summer heat and to use them as human shields surrounded by lunatics, agitators in an environment in constant threat of stamped violence or riot is literally willful child endangerment.

    Genuine working class people have lost their kids over a lot less than this I have no sympathy. Neither do the voters.

    This has been tried for weeks to be settled peacefully. It’s been utterly highjacked by agitators,lunatics and bad actors. When they brought nooses and pitchforks and threatened to raid the building…

    The state is vindictive and vengeful. I wouldn’t be surprised if the protesters end up on no fly lists, intelligence watch lists and fail security checks when going for jobs and houses over this … some of them genuinely deserve it… A lot of them don’t and have been sucked in by con artists and charlatans.

    We need to learn how to talk to each other again so we’re not flung down rabbit holes

    There was only one way this was going to end. The state for weeks showed incredible restraint

    If people think this is extreme state violence it just shows how lucky this country is… In almost every other OECD nation they’d have been removed by force on day one and no attempt at letting them wear themselves out would have been made ..

    If you wanna see state violence go look at China and Russia disappearing their protesters.

    Now. That that’s over can we pressure the govt to do actual sane things like break up the supermarket duopoly, remove GST off food for atleast six months and a capital gains tax.

  27. Awwwwwe! terribull! terribull!
    What the fuck did the protester muppets at parliament think was going to happen. (That’s a question for you to answer too @Denny as you plunge down the conspiratorial rabbit hole)

    Next you’ll be expecting me to expend my finite emotional capital on feeling sorry – EMPATHISING even with them.
    You too @ CB – in that space, going forward. (Kick back, imbibe a few decent drugs and watch it happen, Really – it needs to just play out. What will be will be. Rest assured there are politicians and senior civil servants undertaking a number of pieces of work trying to understand the situation).

  28. Pepper spray! Some like it hot, chili and stuff. They might get takeaways they didn’t expect. And what did they expect?

  29. You utterly … and the rest is unspeakable.

    Have a good think. Take 5 as the Jazz song goes. You’re not helping the people with this wrong-headedness.

  30. If you think democracy came from peaceful negotiation you are absolutely insane. Our forefathers paved the way – some with their lives in various war efforts – for us to enjoy the freedoms we have. But make no mistake – democratic freedom did not come from being nice.

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