Oh happy day! Auckland Establishment Left forced to back Efeso Collins as Mayor


Labour endorses Efeso Collins’ independent campaign for Auckland mayoralty

The Labour Party has announced it is endorsing Efeso Collins’ independent campaign for the mayoralty of Auckland.




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The holy day when actual talent will be rewarded by the Auckland Labour Establishment Left!

After disrespecting Efeso by not even including him as the Deputy in favour of the glass jawed Richard Hills, after begging Phil Goff to stay when Hills smashed his own glass jaw in and after they begged David Shearer to come back after he chickened out – AFTER ALL THAT, the Auckland establishment left have been forced to back Efeso Collins as Mayor!

OH HOLY DAY! OH HAPPY DAY! Labour have finally allowed someone with actual talent to be a candidate rather than blind tribal subservience!



Efeso’s intelligence and working class mana are a threat to the establishment Left’s demand for total subservience and his strong moral faith runs counter to woke identitarianism.

His desire to put the poor first is a Bernie Sander’s populism when all the establishment Auckland Left wants is a Technocratic, socially liberal management candidate who ensures correct pronoun use and Guyon Espiner level te Reo pronunciation.

The jealousy the establishment Auckland Left feel towards Efeso has been building for years and by throwing his hat into the ring he committed the most cardinal sin one can on the Left, self belief.

Unfortunately for the Auckland Establishment Left , Fes is a far smarter player of the game and strategically out foxed Jacinda’s own order from Wellington.

A beautiful day. A holy day.

Mark this in the calendar as a reminder that meritocracy on the Left can win!

A beautiful day. A holy day.


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  1. What were the conditions put on Efeso for them to give him a shot?

    Will he reel in Panuku?

    Will he return Public Service to the Public Service of Aucklanders?

    Will he remove unelected members from boards and appointed roles from local government positions?

    Will he remove electric vehicles from Auckland council & it’s procurement plan?

    What will do with dysfunctional representative bodies?

    And, what will he do about Auckland massive debt problem?

      • Well if it is, they’re in for a rude surprise – is my reckons in this space, going forward.
        I say @Bert-ie-boi – since you’re a mover and shaker, what are your reckons old chap?

        • I’d say it’s about the devil you know in this case, however not a big mover nowadays sorry. As a chance to muzzle him, well, you really don’t know Efesco. Which makes for an interesting contest, Molloy whom we know also won’t be muzzled and Efesco, bring it on!

                • Dick Head troll, oh sorry wrong spelling, I meant MickeyBoyle, that’s much better eh troll?
                  Now can you actually post something on any of the topics on this site that contribute to society, or does your Narcissistic Personality Disorder restrict you from doing so? What a complete fuck wit you are.

                  • And just to add, of all the issues we have in N.Z. and the world right now, my spelling is MickeyBoyle’s biggest concern. Perhaps addressing the theme of the post is beyond his comprehension but I guess as long as he’s trolling me he’s leaving everyone else alone.

  2. Lucky Auckland – someone with compassion for the poor and the street smarts to take on the ruling woke class. Still some hope for Labour and the peoples on struggle street.
    Now to get rid of the woke wankers from the Labour elite in Wellington and to take back the high jacked workers party and to not apoligise for doing so.

  3. I hope he’s not tainted now. Why would he want to be a Labour puppet?
    Luckily he has enough mana and talent to rise above Party politics but why does he need them?
    I suppose it means someone else NOT getting the Party nod.
    Best wishes Efeso.

  4. Excellent result and I like to think TDB played a part here with a number of us using our networks to get in certain peoples ears and faces!

    The word is from my contacts that there will likely be voting poling boths in Libraries and maybe even churches and workplaces leading up to polling day.

    A community organising campaign and even outreach to the middle classes if there is time, will see him over the line. Go Efeso!

  5. Magit et al
    Tainted doesn’t even come near it. He’s Labour washed now. I wish the political parties would stay the fuck out of these council/mayor affairs. Because now, Collins is just another ‘Labour’ guy. And who wants yet another ‘Labour mayor’? That’s like having bloody central govt all over Auckland. I was really enthusiastic about him, he’s good!, but now I am really put off. The Labour thing fucked it up for me. I mean, already he’s pulling put the same empty slogan as Ardern did in 2017:…he’ll be a mayor for ‘all Aucklanders’ he says”. Yeah right, as long as he does what Labour wants him to.

    • I hope you win Efeso but I can hear the pakeha and the right wingers salivating about their chances and will be lining up and rootin for Molloy. Im sure the labour and green parties will support Efeso so you cant discount his chances. Kia kaha Efeso.

  6. Nope. That’s not it.
    The olde guard, the old crooks. It’s the Boys. Aye Boys?
    They’re done for. But they’ve made their billions and they’re fucking gone.
    What they’ve left behind in their rapacious wake is a dead city walking, I’m talking about Auckland btw, and it’ll turn into a quite big ghetto. Goof the Goff didn’t run while squealing like a pig because he was over sucking on the mayoral titty. He, like jonky, ran for it when the writing they wrote on the wall started to make sense to them. Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington will soon follow
    AO/NZ’s heading back to it’s agrarian roots, pardon the pun, and it’ll flourish. After decades of rorting greed by fat lazy old traitor ex farmers, mostly, Aye jimbo bolger, piggy douglas, and that fucking dip shit english etc etc. AO/NZ will go off like a skyrocket. Except Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington. You’re fucked I’m afraid.
    The new wealth will be in Christchurch and Dunedin but particularly Invercargill. Invercargill will boom.
    Look at where Invercargill is, study its history and be mindful of a starving first world coming at us like a freight train would if a freight train could be hungry…
    On a personal note @ MB.
    You have no idea, do you? I’m not trying to be mean but it’s true, isn’t it?
    You really have no idea just how entirely dependent we are on agriculture. I don’t mean in a general sort of way as in “Oh look? A spud! And a spud farmer guy…!? Wow ! They look just like us only dustier!
    Oooh Loook!? OMG ! There’s another one! There’s a sheep guy! Look!? It has a sheep and it’s peeling it of its clothes! Should I call the police!? Oh. My. Ghod! I feel feint…I feel feint… A peeled sheep! They look just like Sarah Jesica Parker naked and on all fours!!!”
    We AO/NZ’ers don’t produce anything else except foods and sundry other agrarian goods to export. That’s all we’ve done, and that’s all we do. You honestly don’t comprehend that…! Wow! I mean, wow!
    How do you think Invercargill, Dunedin, ( Largest city in AO/NZ for awhile. Cheers wool, mutton, beef and gold.) Christchurch and to a lessor degree some of the North Island cities ‘came about’? They didn’t simply appear after the mid 1980’s did they? No, they did not.
    Have you not noticed that The weird, Invisible MP Man, damien o’conner, materialised out of thin air to literally save our entire economy with a deal eagerly, and I’d say desperately signed by the UK. Where the fuck do you think that came from? Out a fairy’s bum? No. Well, I don’t think so at any rate.
    Look? How can I put this in plain English?
    AO/NZ, right? Look out your window, there it is.
    The economy. Can you see it? No, you can’t. Does that worry you? What you’ll see are streets and buildings. They do nothing to support our economy, again , not trying to be mean. The people in them are living a weird confluence of lies and myths spread by a corrupt MSM mechanism and I’d say that’s now evaporated with that deal just struck. If I were you dear @ MB? I’d run like fuck with whatever you can carry and head to Invercargill. Buy an old Mini!? You could call it art?

    • Nice try CB, but people whose best chance of a date is their cousin or has four legs, are not necessarily economic wizards.

      Horticulture is big, and should be bigger-plant based food is where it is at.

  7. The real reason the middle class whites in Labour don’t like him is because he’s not one of the them. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He didn’t go to a nice school. He didn’t do gender studies at Vic Uni and (shock/horror) He’s brown.

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