Parliament Lawn Protests: Winners, Losers & what happens next?


This figurative shit fight became a literal one this week as the feral lunatics of the Parliament Lawn flung faeces at cops while cops piled on the bollard pressure to cauterise this weeping wound of a protest.

Pushing became shoving and shoving became the new normal.

Winston grinned his most manipulative grin.

The Police looked impotent and the Government by refusing to meet looked arrogant.

Winston kept grinning.

The feral lunatic protestors above decided that it wasn’t Omicron making them sick, but secret Government mind lasers that they need tinfoil hats to protect them from.



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David Seymour: He has ended up being the only adult in the room trying to de-escalate this madness. Has shown Luxon how to be a Statesman.


Omicron: It can’t believe its luck that anti-mandate protestors are so stupid in providing it with a bullet train to a super spreader event.


Public Health: The stats speak for themselves, Labour’s Covid response has been a public health victory of unparalleled success.


You want me to do what now?

Andrew Coster: By refusing to be the agent of woke vengeance, Coster has saved NZ from an event that would have overshadowed Bastion Point and the Springbok Tour in terms of State violence.  All patriots owe him a debt of gratitude.


Less silver fox, more rusted vulture

Winston Peters: If Winston was a Superhero, his super power would be opportunism. The breakdown of those at the protest shows the reason why he is there fishing in such a toxic pool…

The picture painted by Curia Research is of a protest crowd drawn overwhelmingly from rural and provincial New Zealand: Fully 67.6 percent of the persons questioned came from somewhere other than Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Rural dwellers made up 7.7 percent of the crowd; those living in provincial towns 18.9 percent; and provincial city-dwellers the remaining 41 percent. This latter figure is almost double the actual number of New Zealanders living in provincial cities.

This skewed provincial representation is significant. What it tells us is that the people participating in this protest have a great deal in common with the Americans who supported Donald Trump. They, too, hailed from places seldom visited by the metropolitan elites. Cities and towns that once boasted thriving industries and buoyant economies, but which, over the past 35 years, have seen far too many factories – along with the small businesses that serviced them – shut down and fail. Communities that once boasted public hospitals, polytechnics, post-offices and banks – not to mention their own proudly independent newspapers – have been stripped of key infrastructure and left to rot.

For many years, however, the primary victims of this neglect continued to vote for the parties of change: Labour, the Alliance, the Greens and NZ First; in hopes that their lives would be made better. Curia Research reveals that very close to 50 percent of the protesters occupying Parliament Grounds voted for one of Labour, the Greens and NZ First in 2020. This finding is powerfully reminiscent of the significant number of 2016 Trump voters who had backed Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Hell hath no fury, it would seem, like a voter scorned, disappointed and betrayed.

…Winnie is there hoping to catch political resentment vote which he can manipulate closer to the 2023 election.


“I don’t” – I now pronounce you crazy

Anti-Mandate Activists: The extraordinary win in Court by the NZDF and Police against mandatory vaccinations gives Anti-mandate activists an enormous moral boost for their cause and provides justification for their protest. It’s an insane justification because huddling together during a pandemic is insanity, but there was a wedding at this lunacy today so we are just so far past sanity it doesn’t matter.


Not all Hero’s wear capes

NZ Far Right & disinformation: They have won the propaganda war by pretending their war isn’t propaganda. They will realise their power lasts until the Government drops the mandates so expect them to attempt to manufacture a conflict for their recruitment purposes.



Feral Lunatic Protestors: These protestors are like a contagious mental illness! I don’t think the protestors are Nazi’s, I believe their economic pain has been manipulated by the far right & I defend their right to protest, but sweet Jesus they are  lunatics! This is actual madness now – we are being held hostage by feral lunatics – yet I still support their right to protest, because that’s what tolerance in a liberal progressive democracy is supposed to be about – not agreeing with your madness, but accepting your right to believe it!


Middle Class Marxists: A working class revolution came to Wellington and it was the middle class marxists who were revolted! The Middle Class Marxists want a revolution that knows its pronouns! They don’t want the smelly lumpenproletariat spoiling the aesthetics of their dinner party activism and see Nazis everywhere. There are no adults left to de-escalate this, the woke have too much social capital and likes on Twitter at stake to do anything other than denounce Nazi monsters and claim anyone not denouncing the protestors as Nazi monsters are themselves Nazi monsters.


The Wider Left: The modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered. The way many middle class NZ twitter cry out for military intervention in this protest is extraordinary and I don’t think they appreciate how this will stain them or the wider Left forever.


Actual Green Party Caucus meeting

Greens: Totally missing in action. For a Party that is built on protest this is shameful.


Jacinda & Labour: The Government can’t negotiate with protestors promising violence, but by refusing to engage in any way meaningful the Government can be accused of not listening and it starts looking arrogant, especially in light of the devastating Mandatory Vaccine legal case.


National: Luxon’s problem is that graph. He can complain and attempt to harvest Covid impatience, but the reality is National wouldn’t have done anything differently or nearly as competently. Luxon can’t win votes here because Labour’s Covid response has been one of the best in the world.


Upside down, the CTU logo is the Chinese character for ‘Failure’

CTU, ETU & PSA: PSA & ETU embarrassingly back CTU in denouncing protests for Lumpenproletariat If you wanted a clearer picture of the Cognitive dissonance that is plaguing the Middle Class Woke Marxists, it’s the CTU, E Tu and PSA, organisations built by protest, organisations that actively uses protest, attacking another protest because it’s not the right kind of protest.


Dumb Lives Matter

The Lumpenproletariat: I have zero truck with these feral lunatic’s arguments, hell I was attempting to goad them into voting me in their Nuremberg hanging list a fortnight ago, but they have a right to protest and their rage has been manufactured by the Left’s lack of transformative change. This protest may not be working class politics, but it is working class misery that is being manipulated by the far right on the lawns of Parliament! This is the Left’s fault! Imagine if Labour and the Greens had done something meaningful over the last 4 years for the lumpenproletariat so that there wasn’t this rage to exploit by the far right in the first place? What did Labour do? Pour billions into the pockets of property speculators and is now trying to pour billions more into an unemployment insurance scam that empowers white collar union workers the most! If we don’t want so many angry, frightened and hurt working class people turning to the Nazi’s, maybe do something meaningful about their anger, hurt and fear first?



Middle Class Marxist back-pedal: When Woke Lord Morgan Godfrey, (the man with the most pretentious selfie in modern human history),  can climb down from ‘Everyone’s a Nazi’, then any Middle Class Marxist can. They are only just now appreciating how their calls to bring in the military to bash the dirty smelly lumpenproletariat has damaged their brand, and suggests a terrible future ahead if they should ever gain hate speech laws. The attempt to have Dr Bryce Edwards sacked from his University job for challenging the woke mantra is chilling.


Antifa facing off against Nazi’s in 2017

Wellington ANTIFA: Back in 2017, Wellington Antifa clashed with Nazi’s outside Parliament, and my guess is that they very well might step up where Police won’t. I can see the angry Wellington middle class rhetoric about every protestor being a Nazi exploding this weekend or next with an Antifa attack to smash cars and attack Convoy vehicles. The problem when a Community is under threat is that the under threat Community strikes back even if the cops won’t.


Omicron: Ultimately this fiasco will die out as Omicron sweeps the protest village. No need to send in the riot police when ambulances will work.




The most appalling realisation is that there is a chunk of our population utterly disconnected from reality who have had their misery manipulated by bad faith actors. It’s time to ask why the Left have lost so many of the Lumpenproletariat in the first place.

Imagine if we on the Left had actually been transformational on housing, poverty and inequality over the last 4 years.

Would there be anyone to be manipulated by the far right if we had been half as successful as we pretend to have been?

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  1. Wellington Antifa ain’t going to do shit, reason one you cant smack a Maori and post a great pic on Twitter of you beating a Nazi… reason 2 they’d get dealt to, the protest contains a fair number of tough working class people with nothing to lose.

  2. Yup. They have squandered a 26pt lead and opened the door to another Winston Peters come back!

    The look on her face come 2023 election night when Winston is again put in the position of being King Maker will be priceless!!

    Can’t wait!

    • Well Hone Carter (aka Danny Boy), opportunists like Peters and Seymour will reap what they sow.
      The more that right-wing shills like yourself poke the opportunist ‘bears’, the more oxygen is taken away from your preferred party.

      • Winston, seymore and Luxon will be fighting over the right wing/far right votes especially those at the protest. Only right wing losers would put up the white flag and surrender to that feral lot wallowing in the filth and stench of the site. The protesters are anti labour and hate jacinda so no left wingers there. Those Maori belong to Tamaki, Winstone, Waititi and Billy TK plus a few tory horis. I note the cowards still have babies and childen there to use as human shields from police. Why doesnt Luxon and Seymore grow some balls and tell their nutter followers its time to go home and jump in their rabbit holes.

  3. Ah God. You can’t use the word ‘Winners’ and show a picture of fucking awful little people like The Dead Duck Walking and I-Seemoreofyourmoneythatcouldandshouldbeminesogimmeitnowfuckoff.Don’tbothermewithyourlackofmoneyproblems?
    Jesus man!
    But fuck it. It’s the weekend.
    Here’s my movie fav’s for you’s.
    ‘Reservation Dogs’
    “Aho!” Genius film making. Taika? You need to have many, many, many babies. No pressure. The Coen Bro’s, Jim Jarmusch, Taika Waititi. And not necessarily in that order either.
    ‘The French Dispatch…’
    Stunningly beautiful. Don’t blink because it’s too gorgeous to miss.
    Seen ‘Delicatessen’ ? City of Lost Children’?
    ‘Free Guy’
    Think ‘The Truman Show’ but without the show and with Ryan Gosling. C’mon. It’s great fun.
    Series; ‘The Orville’
    You’re not meant to tell yolk jokes to a freaky looking alien.
    Try to forget, for a moment, the fools who’re squandering the wondrous experience known as ‘Life’.
    Petty, short sighted simpletons with their big guns and small cocks jizzing away. I’ve met flies fresh off shit with more class and decorum.

    • indeed country ‘reservation dogs’ is a slow burner but VG, like the Canadian thing Letterkenny, check it out rural/smalltown canadian comedy.

    • Not correct. The number of people who accessed the health system is used to represent the population size, but tends to give a lower count than the actual population. All people who received a vaccination are counted and this will include people not included in the health database. This means it is possible to have more people vaccinated than the health system’s population figure, or a rate exceeding 100%. This can be seen with the Asian 12+ demographic, where the health data has a population count of 598,618, but the amount of people who have received one dose of the vaccine is higher at 638,058.

  4. The new lefts preferred form of protest is now a lone #hashtag post combined with a massive virtue signal. How embarrassing and ineffectual in manipulating the wheels of power away from their constant fuckery.

    I can’t help but think of Zelenskyy saying “Hey guys, these Russians are bombing and shooting right here, right now…”
    And the West et al. go #westandbyUkraine
    And don’t worry we will sanction the shit out of him after you’re dead ok.

  5. Seymour has tried to straddle tge fence and ended up skewering himself somewhat painfully. His clandestine efforts in a back alley made him look shifty, and he wouldn’t even say who he met with. That’s not statesman like, it’s being a weird loser.

  6. “Andrew Coster: By refusing to be the agent of woke vengeance, Coster has saved NZ from an event that would have overshadowed Bastion Point and the Springbok Tour in terms of State violence. All patriots owe him a debt of gratitude.”

    How’s that working out for you Jezza?

    • Those whose businesses are closing, the girls who can’t get to school, the public who are spat on and abused, the needless spread of Covid. All those people may not share your opinion Bert. But hey it’s for the greater good aye.

      • So do you put that on one man or the hundreds selfishly not allowing the girls who can’t get to school, the public who are spat on and abused and the needless spread of Covid. What do you recommend he do, go in all guns blazing? But hey would that be for the greater good?

        • It could have been cleaned up after three days of LEGAL protest. Just like Auckland had to put up with protesters closing bridge lanes and those just trying to get on with their life forced to take the long way round. It’s BS. Why couldn’t the protesters be made to walk the long way round. Mustn’t upset the protesters that could be politically damaging. This isn’t a land issue like Bastion Point Bert. It’s a health issue that’s affecting not only Wellington but now also the rest of NZ.

    • @ Bert. Has Jeremy changed names?
      Does that mean he is not coming home to the basement?
      Last time he came up from the basement to talk to me, he said he might be giving up his name Jeremy, so he wouldn’t have to denounce the threatening of media, politicians and health experts at the Nuremberg NZ site
      Is he now Judge Holden bert?
      Good to know, so I can send his electricity bill.
      Will Judge Holden denounce for its threats against prominent New Zealanders?

    • They seriously believed the tin foil would stop the radio waves giving them covid.
      Seeing them says it all about this ‘protest’ with the bunch of different messages bundled loosely together and call it ‘anti mandate’ yet it seemed to have attracted every nut job in NZ.

    • That group is make or break for me over the whole protest.
      If they’re taking the piss, which they must be. (Little artistic twists at the top of the tin foils & it’s just too stupid to believe otherwise) then it shows there is a bit more to the protest than the initial media-govt narrative which started as they’re all anti-vaxer’s nazi’s and far right US funded stirrers.

      But if those woman truly believe the radiation bullshit, let alone believe a ridiculous piece of tin foil wrapped around their empty skulls will protect them. Then I’ve lost all hope.
      For once I’ll support the govt funded media, beg them to completely ignore the protest. Zero media coverage, let them fade away into oblivion.

      But come on, it’s a piss take..

  7. Tinfoil hats. Just shows how creative women are, how fertile, how they can believe in symbolic things and concentrate on lemming group psychology. I don’t know why feminists tried to better women’s lives and standing. I heard one thoughtful middle class woman older feminist say ‘What did we achieve? It got us nowhere.’ She was just feeling down, but the outcomes are far below what was hoped for, and beginning to disappear because women haven’t kept on learning, achieving and taking responsibility for themselves and building solidarity with local women of all classes.

    • the fact is 3rd wave feminism(or whatever wave we’re up to now) didn’t improve male behavior it lowered women’s behavior to male standards..the real and great legacy of 70’s feminism pissed up the wall by sav blanc swilling opportunists.
      ie–‘lady bosses’ in all fields no worse but certainly no better than men and equally venal

      • not to mention the middle class office worker crystal karens with a worthless MBA and rack filled with cheap nasty sav blanc

      • Now CGhost If those are the feminists you meet, it says more about your choice of social milieu than about feminists. As for gagariin’s example, it is true that some thought that was as far as women needed to move, to getting university degrees and better incomes and fine wining but many got stuck on whining! They have decided on the male model but with high heels and earrings. But hell now the blokes are trying to wipe out those gains by nicking in ahead of the queue when they see a fine chance.

  8. Winners

    Aluminium foil manufacturers and their shareholders.
    The hard core protestors who have been given a licence by the police commissioner to stay there as long as they want.
    Rats, as in the furry grey ones with those awful pink tails, who’ve never had it so good.
    The homeless, finally somewhere to call home and in a nice part of town! I mean waiting on Megan Woods to do her job was like the odds of a combo winning Lotto, Jesus’s second coming and Elvis taking to the stage! Thanks to the protestors, it’s all good in the hood!


    Andrew Coster and the NZ Police as a law enforcement organisation. He looked clueless from the outset and insipid, still does, has no plan apart from praying the protestors are wiped out by Covid or old age, whichever comes first. Plus draining all his countries police resources, ad infinitum

    Jacinda. With no backing from the guy she picked for the top police job, she may have to totally capitulate! And give total credibility that tinfoil hats do actually work! And lose the next election, just based on that!

    Commuters in Wellington. Their bus terminal and link to the rail network gone for however long the protestors decide they are staying.

    Sundry others;
    Wellington High Court
    Court of Appeal
    Victoria University School of Law
    Some girls school.
    Various businesses
    Local residents who really did live around that area.

    On a knife edge to go either way:

    Winston, now close to 80, health issues, life long smoker and wandering around in a cloud of Covid, maskless. Will be testament to the effectiveness of vaccine or…it’s really wasn’t a disease after all!

  9. Im thinking the judge that just dropped mandates for the police and defense force should consider his job a short term position.
    The dick just empowered all these nutters to continue this BS at parliament.
    I have found this protest very useful to clean out my friends lists on several social media platforms to weed out the dumb ones.
    Just thinking, maybe the cops should put a sky dish on top of a van and point it at protesters so we get so see them all wearing tin foil hats. Then it truly will represent a conspiracy theorists convention.

    • Yes! They could get some Gyro Gearloose to construct a couple of weird contraptions/sculpture/models which are placed on the top of police vans in different quarters of the area. Have them turning around, up and down in different directions with whirring or beeping.
      God the loonies would go loony! Oops, too late. The hysteria would be great to behold.

  10. Marie. “ Only those who have used medical services in the last 12 months are counted in vaccine statistics. “
    This could explain why I have never had any sort of communication from my long standing medical practice about the virus. I assumed it was because now they only text, which I don’t, and that it was a policy decision by the money grubbers at Compass Health who manage this and a number of other medical practices. But if specific groups are being excluded from official stats, then this has to be a Ministry of Health decision. What it means is that the statistics are skewed and are therefore unreliable. Like you, I wonder why, and at whose direction, and what other government departments are presenting misleading facts, and why. Generally it’s to protect themselves, but that’s just another possibly wrong assumption on my part.

  11. Great article and analysis. As a card carrying middle class woke Marxist I did feel a little picked on. In my defense – from the moment the first lumpen foot landed on the tender lawns outside Parliament I have expressed the need for empathy, kindness and tolerance. I’ve been very disappointed in the government non response – demonstrating an incomprehensible lack of kindness for people who desperately need it. For our PM this is a moment where great leadership is separated from competent leadership.
    Coster is a NZ hero and people who haven’t experienced police violence just don’t get it. (I was there in 81). The reality of asking young men and woman to don helmet, shield, draw baton and inflict serious injury on unarmed civilians is deeply damaging to all those involved and society as whole.
    Coster (and upset Wellingtonians) are being hung out to dry by the complete lack of political leadership and engagement in the situation. Politicians avoiding swallowing their pride. rolling up their sleeves and doing some hard, dirty work.

  12. How do we get Trevor Mallard sacked and his political career ended? – I rarely have feelings of deep personal dislike when it comes to politicians because it’s policy that matters. However, the sprinkler and loud music school yard bullying has changed me into a person that experiences hatred for someone I don’t know. That’s actually sad. I will – at some point – examine these feelings in more depth and practice forgiveness but in the meantime does any one what it would take to get this revolting individual removed from any level of civil office where he has responsibility for the welfare of fellow NZers?

    • Peter Bradley – Few people are worth hating, and Mallard isn’t worth wasting emotional energy on, he’s just a little playground scrapper doing his party’s bidding, and then watching from the balcony – a human obscenity, and still his message gets broadcast daily, showing just how out of touch this government is with the dynamics of what’s going on.

      The Saturday night following his Friday (I think) edict to sprinkle protestors and blast them with music was a very cold wet windy night in Wellington, and on the Sunday morning I wakened concerned about the impact of all this on the kiddies in the tents, but I doubt that any of our elected representatives were concerned , not the PM, not Kelvin Davis the Minister for Children, not the Commissioner for Children, although the latter has since expressed concern for the children down there. I know that the police, aghast when Mallard turned the water on, tried to get it turned off, but he wouldn’t – he just watched from the balcony, and I gather that he appealed on social media for members of the public to nominate their worst music for him to have played. This is gutter politics, with the Speaker trying to drag us down into the gutter with him, and like you, I think that such a weasel is not fit to hold high office.

      The fact that children shouldn’t even be there is a separate issue, they are there, and this should have tempered Trevor’s temper, but it didn’t, and he’s probably a good example of why so many people think that politicians are disgusting. A big man would admit that he was wrong, and a decent man would not have done it in the first place; the police in the front line cop all the flack and get vilified for the cumulative actions of inept politicians, with toadies like Heather du Plissis Whatshername opining that nothing that the police say can be verified. She should get down there for herself and see the reality, and talk with protestors able to actually engage rationally, but it’s much easier to stay at a safe distance, like Trevor, and shit stir.

      Where you may err is in thinking that politicians regard themselves as responsible for the welfare of fellow New Zealanders, this may not be so.

  13. When I saw a media image yesterday of protestors wearing tin foil hats I laughed. I thought at least some of the protestors understood ironic humour. I joked about it with friends who told me this was not ironic humour. The toothless and brainless protestors have convinced each other the tin foil hats are a legitimate defence against the diabolical “tactics” of our Government against them.

    When you’re dealing with this type of mindset, what realistic hope do we have of having sensible dialogue with protestors about severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the vaccine and the need for it?

    I saw another clip showing a protestor from Wellington signaling alarm to other protestors that many were now getting very sick which proves the Government are trying to poison them. WTAF?

    Another prominent protestor adamantly claiming there is no Covid. It’s all a Government conspiracy to allow them to impose restrictions etc on everyone as part of their plan to control you. Really? Honestly folks, how can our fellow kiwi’s be that fucking stupid?

    • C’mon its not necessarily believed, stuff about tinfoil hats. But then it might be true. The present lifestyle is to embroider everything, and to change things regularly and not always announce it as you are supposed to know or can read the instructions on the internet whether you have a device or a computer or not. It’s de-vice that is killing us off.

      It’s a finger up at the conservatives and those who are law and convention followers and those who wish to thrust unwanted science on everyone and that’s apart from Covid which is just the sour icing on the cake. It’s additives in everything, preservatives going in everywhere including me. It’s making fun of people who can’t cope with natural, and want to chop down anything that detracts from their view; it’s OTT at people who are drowning in science and keen to drown us all and say it is inevitable There Is No Alternative.

      And the people who don’t want to live like the uptight middle class but don’t want to be left on the sidelines either by the eager beavers always looking for advantage. There you are, a different view in the kaleidoscope of life. The more that the k-scope gets shook up, the more that people do too, get shifted around, and feel shitted onand distrust things that politicians tell them. Anyone can see that they don’t put all the citizens best interests as a priority.

  14. This has clearly turned into the world’s biggest outdoor lunatic asylum complete with tin hat wearers, faeces throwers and covid spitters. I’ve come to the conclusion the only answer to this is a health intervention not a police one.

  15. The wedding. It’s a point of publicity, as weddings have always been special rituals. But now we want to know more, what is their gender, and if someone has changed how is that going?

    Can we have official stats on how many change gender during their lives, during their marriages, how the two genders are getting on if at all; a longitudinal study on the effects of this craze where people are trying to play god. Getting married in the middle of the pandemic, the epi-centre, will give this two something to sell to women’s magazines in another ten years or such – how it has affected them and their children, if they have the right genes to have them. Who knows who is a man or woman now, one can’t make premature observations.

    Can we have more pics of the factions please. Tinfoil hats, biggest beard, most scantily clad, dirtiest, most messy, most well dressed, most like an art work. There are opportunities here, were there any nude body painters there? I guess the weather wasn’t right but keep iin mind the possibilities, all you freedom-loving exhibitionists. Look at what they did in the 1960s for ideas, it’s a repeat of that upthrusting of ennui with desire for change with a prod from having to face the unpleasant real world. Then it was Vietnam War as the catalyst, now illness and death in untimely fashion. Out damn spot, it’s the end of the golden weather!

  16. The only winners here are the Media. This going to be an ongoing Cha-ching payday for them.

    Everyone else loses to different degrees.

    • standalonecomplex. Yes, there are no winners, and media “ winning” in these circumstances is not exactly high end journalism.

      We all lose, and we have learned things about others that we may have preferred not to have known, and the time may yet come when the police have to use different measures, and if so, it will be after giving the protestors every opportunity to behave in a socially responsible way, and they having declined to do so. One can only hope that Mallard isn’t a loose cannon again, that good people do not get hurt, and the politicians reflect on their own contributions, or lack thereof, which helped bring about the current ongoing mess.

    • standalonecomplex. Yes, there are no winners, and media “ winning” in these circumstances is not exactly high end journalism.

      We all lose, and we have learned things about others that we may have preferred not to have known, and the time may yet come when the police have to use different measures, and if so, it will be after giving the protestors every opportunity to behave in a socially responsible way, and they having declined to do so. One can only hope that Mallard isn’t a loose cannon again, that good people do not get hurt, and the politicians reflect on their own contributions, or lack thereof, which helped bring about the current ongoing mess.

  17. There is one thing really bothering me about this protest – the use of children as meat shields. Its cowardly behavior but goes along with just how deranged and delinquent they all are.

  18. Yes your right on the button Nikorima. I am sadden to see our Maori people takahia on our Mana whenua (local tribes) they obviously do not know tikanga.

  19. A few facts about VFF.
    Founded by Claire Deeks in Feb 2020 when the vaccine was but a twinkle in DrFaucis eye.
    Prior to that Deeks was a doTerra Wellness Advocate of 7 years. Doterra is a MLM (pyramid scheme) based in Utah and headed by a high level Mormon. The doterra website talks of illumination. Any self respecting conspiracy theorist would do well to steer clear of Claire.
    DoTerra advoctes do not sell to public but rather share with friend and family and try to onboard them.
    DoTerra oils are placed under the tongue, which is unheard of with essential oils, in fact is a big no-no. Users say these oils are special and make them high. The oils are extremely expensive, much more than other essential oils.
    DoTerra oils are made in labs by Chinese and US scientists.
    VFF has attracted many supporters who felt vulnerable and lost, and have simply replaced one charasmatic leader with another (replaced Jacinda with Deeks)
    Deeks appears to be unnaturally elated in her webinars.
    Devout VFF members have a narrow focus of interest, vaccines and masks. They are especially obsessed with masks and who is wearing one. The non wearing of masks is their virtue signal. As an unvaxxed person I have tried to engage with devout VFF members on matters such as geo politics, ww3 and economy, but they are simply uninterested. I have attended a protest and was viewed with suspicion and contempt for wearing a cotton mask
    I have tried discouraging VFF from sacrificing their children at the Beehive protest and explained that oranga are gearing up to take their children but it goes in one ear and out the other

  20. Members of VFF and other fake freedom fighter groups do not realise they are being set up. To have their children removed and jabbed and to be possibly committed to a mental ward. They do not realise they have been brainwashed. They do not realise the fake freedom leaders/closet communists get together daily to plot a coup and plan ways to trash the parliament grounds, a communist tactic to destroy culture. This is the purpose also of the yellow peril covid brainwash propaganda seen everywhere. Not only to brainwash but to delete kiwi culture. The unite against covid propaganda and QR is now our cultural identity instead of kiwis and silver FERNS. Kiwis love their own enslavement and don’t care about freedom. Kiwis are put to sleep by the satelite dish to funeral music just as the kiwi in goodnight kiwi tv2. Made in the early 80s when the 40 year plan to take NZ was initiated and almost to fruition. That is why the state funded media is focused on Russia and radio silent on Taiwan and China. When bombs or fighter jets come into play kiwis will think its the russians

  21. I read these comments and the collective lack of intelligent commentary is sad. Get a life the lot of you…..

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