Michael ‘Nazi Hunter’ Wood , Neale ‘send in the cops’ Jones & Clint ‘Martial Law’ Smith – Why Woke Middle Class Marxism will kill Labour

Nazi Hunter Michael Woods will save the day!
“Let the ruling classes tremble at Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite! Except in Wellington. Those Lumpenproletariat Nazis can go fuck themselves”

Middle Class Marx 2022

So Minister Michael Wood moonlights as a Nazi hunter when he’s not pushing for $750million dollar bike bridges?

Woke Lord Clint Smith wants to roll in the military…

…and Woke General Neale Jones just wants to send in the cops, there oughta be cops!

So everyone protesting at Parliament is a Nazi?

Anyone who challenges that narrative is a Nazi?

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And anyone who questions that is also a Nazi?

That is a lot of Nazis!

Play the game everyone is playing in Wellington –

Where’s Wally The Nazi?

A working class revolution came to Wellington and it was the middle class marxists who were revolted!

The Twitter Woke don’t just want the protestors removed, they want the protestors beaten & punished for being Nazis

This is what we is now.

The Woke must paint out any disagreement as persecution and the winner of Woke Olympics is the one who can be the most offended by the worst monster.

Labour’s argument is, “Nazi’s threatening to kill politicians and health officials are the worst monster! I win”.

This is all fine and dandy if you are just cancelling people from the Twitter conclave, this woke dogma fantasy stuff doesn’t work in the real world.

If these protestors are all monsters with no legitimate argument against Labour’s policies that are enriching the wealthy, then Michael, Neale, Clint and all the other apologists for State force against protestors MUST NEVER allow Mallard to negotiate any deal with them because they are all Nazi Monsters.

How can you negotiate with Nazi monsters?

This is the terrible blind spot in woke culture. If you exist to cancel the other, how can you walk that back intellectually when you actually have to engage?

The Woke Left have to paint these protestors out to be Nazi monsters to justify extreme State force in their removal, negotiating with those Nazi monsters would be worse than bashing them off Parliament’s lawns.

There are no adults left to de-escalate this, the woke have too much social capital and likes on Twitter at stake to do anything other than denounce Nazi monsters and claim anyone not denouncing the protestors as Nazi monsters are themselves Nazi monsters.

The modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered.


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  1. Once again, well said. Your underlying principles are shining through. Really takes me back to listening to you as a 13 year old on Channel Z every Sunday. Now i’m a right winger, but with liberty for all individuals as my main political belief.

    Here is a relevant Malcolm X quote, which the left should be well aware of:
    “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”

  2. 100% Martyn. That ’empathy’ displayed by Ardern was all along just performative art.


    To end the protest, all they have to do is relax the vaccine mandate, which really doesn’t make much sense in a society with over 90% vaccinated, where only the very old and vulnerable are at serious risk of hospitalization and where vaccination doesn’t prevent transmission anyway!

    But hey, I’m happy to watch this government die in a ditch over this.

    • Its all over now.
      Russell Coutts is joining the protest and saying all the things that anybody with a brain said all along about the mask and vaccine mandates.
      They might try to tar him with the racist brush but good luck with the crazy brush.
      But then you have past Maori Party leaders coming out again Cinders and her bunch of arseholes and well….

      The only thing that will see this Government make it to the next election is an absolute majority and even then I’m not sure they will be able to.

      All they had to do is follow the actual science rather than political science and they would have been just fine.
      This is a no win situation for them. Back down and they are toast. Keep at it and they will be mowed into the political turf.

      I hope they all resign so maybe just maybe we can get an honest to goodness left party that actually gives a damn about us “little people”.

        • Nah, they followed China and did hard lockdowns, they followed a totalitarian genocidal dictatorship.

          The WHO process never recommended lockdowns in their pandemic response plan did they?

          NZ had a pandemic response plan before Covid-19, that was based on science. Most of hat plan went straight out the window when our government saw that they coukd be heroes and save us all, oh and distract us totally from real working person problems like housing, rent, education, hospitals, homeless,…
          Too bad if lockdowns meant more kids not at school, and all the other social problems that lockdowns and border controls and huge borrowing / money printing and blocking returning Kiwis brings.

          I’ve read several clear examples of where our government has diverged greatly from what science has recommended, during the pandemic.
          Sorry I don’t have time to find them to reference.

    • To end the protest, tha vaccination free riders just need to man up get a little prick in the arm and go back to work.

      • Joseph, the protests are anti mandate. So if you get the jabs against your will (like i did) you then have to live in a world where you present a vaccine card to anyone who asks. This is inconsistent with a free society.

        Please explain to me how an unvaxed person is more of a threat to you than a vaxed person when omicron is in the community?

        • sorry glen just grow up. in ww2 everyone in the uk had an id card(dunno about nz) after the war they were scrapped
          ….and anyway in NZ we have a defacto id card it’s called a driving licence(try to get ANYTHING done without one) in the end as a non driver I had to get one of those ‘over 18 cards’ the kids have, it’s usually that or a passport….so don’t fret your little head over a temporary inconvenience, the id card horse has well and truly bolted.

        • Okay. Why are they anti mandate? What information are they basing their decision on? What are their sources?

          How many are anti vax? How many don’t believe in covid?

          How much money is funding this protest and where is it coming from?

    • So who’s the very vulnerable Andrew. Do those under 12 count. US figures say 10% of omicron hospitalisations are children. I know we are vaccinated but you shoot your mouth off with generalisations. It’s not just the aged getting sick. I’ve just finished reading an article about a 15 y/o fully vaxxed who died within a day of going to hospital. I guarantee those in hospitals currently in NZ are not predominantly old. It will be all ages. I haven’t got those figures but by your post you must have. In January nearly 900 children a day were being hospitalised in the US. 10% of the total number

    • Is it causing you a bit of hassle? Maybe less hassle than a lockdown? Maybe a bit less hassle than a vaccine mandate preventing you from working?
      Maybe even vaccinated people like me want our privacy and oppose vaccine ID’s?

      If the government wanted the cars moved, they could end the mandates today

    • Oh, poor Wellington is inconvenienced? On boy. Try running a business during Code Red of the Jacinda Reign and come back to us – without support, without Rat’s, while the woksters yell, die business die. So go for a walk if you must leave the house. I hear its good for the body. Or better even, stay home, keep yourself safe f rom all the unwashed masses that have had the guts full of usless eaters that consider themselves to be the educated and political leadership of this country. If you need something you can call an essential worker to deliver you what you need to be safe in your four walls – should you have four walls.

      • Ramen brother.
        My wife and I have donated food and money to this protest and will continue to do so.
        I’ve never supported any protest before and am vaxxed,but this is about basic human rights.
        If some wowser is too scared to leave their house with the great unwashed about, then stay home. The world won’t miss you and will likely be a better place for your absence.

      • Exactly, live in a cave on a mountain if you don’t want to be exposed to people and their germs.
        We always used to avoid sick people or not visit people if one of us was sick anyway.

    • Molesworth is my way home – I can go Bowen Tinakori. Sometimes I go from Kelbs to Thorndon for dropoff, all I need to do is hit Stout. It’s actually better than trying cut across Murphy.

  3. Nazi hunting gives their lives more meaning, beyond that of the ordinary people they look down on.

    You can’t be a hero without having an enemy to slay.

    • Um, they are humans. Many have been prevented from working due to government mandates.

      Care to explain how an unvaxed person is more of a risk to you than a vaxed person?

      omicron has changed the game!

      • Yes Glen they are humans and to call them bludgers and all the other insults thrown at them is childish and not helpful.
        The cycle bridge,train set man hurled abuse at them yesterday which is not becoming of a Government Minister.

    • thanks Kerry. All the working class folks I know are WORKING or if they have lost their jobs due to Covid( not because of vax mandates but because their boss went broke!) they are about to take up study or are house sitting or using their skill sets to to survive not whine about shit they can’t change even if they don’t like or agree with it. No one wants to be barcoded . But a deadly virus made it so. And the vaccines do work!

    • Nah I work my guts out jobbing, self employed, driving all over Auckland, all my money goes on petrol, food, house, kids.
      I would be down there in a flash if I didn’t have to work…
      Oh wait, that’s your point isn’t it.. Hehehe.

      Actually, I work my guts out all day everyday, but maybe I can take Tuesday and Wednesday off to get down there…

  4. You are dead right on this one Martyn.
    I am so surprised at the intransigence of our “caring “govt and the rapid digging of a hole which they are not going to emerge from.
    I’m picking the polls will soon be in favour of dropping the mandate now that omicron is rampant.
    Interesting times.

    • No, in part he’s illustrating how the Woke are actively pushing people into the arms of the right. That is what gives credence to the right wing elite.

  5. Missing Peters now aren’t they.

    This is the same trick and narrative that Trudeau and Macron are using as well.

    I’s argue that of the 60% that remain a good score of this is soft as well whereas 100% of the 30% is rock solid.

    This is spiraling out of control. Wait till the beloved has a MASKLESS trip to the States in a couple of months as well. Perhaps she could sink some Tequilas on a Florida Beach with AOC on her way to Harvard.

    • True this, how can the PM feel safe travelling to a country with no mandate, unjabbed people everywhere. Oh but then they must start circulating their CV, cause their gig here in Middle Management of a small island nation is coming to halt soon. And Labour will never ever be able to win an election on the promise that they will not be as bad as the others as they are undistinguishable from N/A.

  6. If there are soooo many Nazi here and around the world. Hugo Boss would be the richest man in the world!

    I would say, this Woke Hissyfit is due to the fact that the Labour Nazi-Fascist Camp has lost the argument and control of the narrative know it!

    Even the shitty MSM dabble with a bit of empathy for a sentence or two in some of their reportage.
    A bit like the Americans predicting when Russia is to invade Ukraine, again? And again! And again!
    They just can’t help themselves because their widdle brainy wainys just can’t handle the truth. They’ve lost.

    • Hold on a minute!

      Where does all this violent rhetoric fit within the ‘hate-speech’ legislation?

      Will we finally get the Woke Fascist Nazi Labourites locked up!

      Someone should report them to the Police and then we’ll see this legislation in action!! Hehehe!

      • Denny mate, don’t you know that 30% of New Zealanders are Nazis, because in the Neales en tal theory of the world if you support the protesters you’re a far right Nazi.

        Oops…Stuff’s (yes Stuff!) Poll show that 30% now support the protesters. Oh and Tariana Turia must be a Nazi too.

        Let’s face it The Trudeau of the South Pacific has lost the room.

          • Daryl – This is NOT a pro-ivermectin-in-the-treatment-of-COVID comment, but notice the footnote:

            “Footnote: The second paragraph of this column has been amended to make clear Ivermectin is a horse dewormer, not tranquiliser.”

            No Ivermectin in the context of human medicine is an anti-parasitic drug, which won William Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
            Recently some have claimed it is also effective in COVID treatment.

            HOWEVER the superior intellects of the left use ‘horse de-wormer’ as a lazy derogatory term in political tribalism. The correct answer is Ivermectin is probably NOT effective against COVID BUT let’s wait till the double-blind clinical trails are done before making it part of the culture war.

            So this writer cannot even get their culture war references right (tranquiliser???), and Stuff need to update their Footnote (horse dewormer) with another Footnote (human anti-parasitic drug). How can I trust this writer’s or Stuff’s characterisation of the complexities of a protest when culture war brain-rot prevents them from accurately characterising even a simple bloody pharmaceutical?

            • You are so right. Precise example why the general population are realising MSM are often, or usually, pushers of stories that support lying steel/oil/arms supported politicians or murdering steel/oil/arms big business.

              For example, there are many examples of medicines that can be used on animals, and humans.
              Is morphine one? I’m no vet.
              But the MSM headline would be ‘this person uses animal pain killer to treat covid!’
              Because – Pfizer.

              Look how many news channels and news reports are ‘brought to you by – pfizer’ (USA MSM)

        • naw Turia is just a numpty norra nazi….though she does have some ‘interesting’ thoughts on how to get her hands in any passing pork barrel

        • Oh dear BG. Where did you find that poll result? Horizon?

          Oh. I’m signed up for that.
          I got 2 separate emails from them to participate. It said it was a 20 question poll. But when I answered just 3 questions with ‘Neither Agree or Disagree”. The poll ended. Twice this happened.

          So my conclusion is, that these Horizon polls are rigged!

    • Since you mention Ukraine fun fact, the US is supporting ACTUAL neo-nazis there. The Azov Battalion featured recently on NBC in a report by Richard Engel. Of course Engel omitted to mention this. As the Taliban show, funding extremists groups never leads to blowback.
      I guess the MSM is so used to crying wolf over nazis they can no longer see real ones.

      • yeahhhh tui but as the US brought the current ukrainian dictator to power are you surprised…it’s a poor turnup when an ex KGB officer and rabid nationalist is better than a neo-nazi revisionist.

        • You could be onto something, let’s put a poor turnip in charge, cannot do any worse than the current crop of vegetables. 😛

  7. The government needs to use Tiananmen Square as inspiration on how to deal with protesters. They need to send in the army, backup with tanks to remove the unwashed ferals. These political dissidents are enemies of the state.

    • We don’t have that sort of Army. Most of the soldiers would see some of their relatives amongst the crowd.

      And we don’t have tanks.

    • All the comments above? All of them? Is that the best we can expect? We’ve become an Idiocracy ! We’re fucked.
      @ anna You can write, which is and of itself surprising: ” These political dissidents are enemies of the state.”
      But those political dissidents ARE the state. Are you writing that YOU are more of The State than political dissidents are? You do realise, don’t you, that without political dissidents we’d have no state . The political dissidents you write about may well be politically dissident, and rightly so, in my opinion, but you dear are simply simple. And perhaps even just a little bit dangerous.
      We’ve endured nearly forty years of neoliberal-capitalist exploitation. Prior to that, we endured decades of lies and misinformation with regard to our economy by National who hunted with the bankster hounds then ran with our debt ridden farmer hares.
      No wonder many people don’t believe what they hear, read and see.
      Regardless of what you believe, the gubbinmint that’s cowering behind the lawns brought this upon themselves. It serves them right.
      I’d suggest the gubbimint put on a barbi and a piss up for the ‘dissidents’. Not sprinklers, Barry and an old, angry, garden gnome.

  8. I have lost my job due to the vaccine mandate and I’m not even against the vaccine! I simply want to wait for the Novavax but the government agency I work for would not accept this. How verty kind of you.

    Labour can kiss my voting card goodbye, for good

  9. I think there is a lot more to this than some nutter ‘vaccine come mandate come anti-vax’ people. I think this protest is finding favour with all kiwis who ‘are sick of being told what to do by Jacinda and her govt’. And now they can’t even get an audience with our PM. Why? Simple, volcanoes and massacres and floods don’t throw curve-ball questions at you and hold you accountable. She hates that, having to answer difficult questions. Let’s face it, this govt are control freaks of the highest order and they are starting to control all aspects of our lives like we are children that don’t know what to do. Meanwhile they know fuck all in most cases! Example:the bank regulations…as if the banks can’t assess their own mortgage risks? But no, Labour had to fuck with that aspect of life too, under the guise of ‘protecting the people who get done in by loan sharks’. Just ban loan sharks FFS if that’s where you think you’ll get more votes! This protest thing is going to get massive, now that Sir Coutts is in, more prominent faces will join. The media will love it, it’s a big story and will turn on Labour like dogs.

    • It’s the conservatives that want to tell people what to do. It’s happening in the USA, with Karen’s telling people what they can and cannot read.

      This government is delivering high wages, better working conditions, free healthcare, decent schools and a better safety net. People like you want to go back to the days of Richardson and Shipley

    • What a tired, hopeless case you are.Throwing stones is all your capable of. The protest is not MASSIVE! It’s an alternative community of mixed theories.
      “Tell the truth” on what?
      “Epstein did not commit suicide” WTf!
      ” The earth is flat” seriously time for your meds
      ” Hang Jacinda” . Nice message
      ” The third of the twin towers came down by itself” Jesus h christ.

      You know fuck all about anything dumb Kraut.
      And if Coutts is your model citizen then your also deranged!

    • What a tired, hopeless case you are.Throwing stones is all your capable of. The protest is not MASSIVE! It’s an alternative community of mixed theories.
      “Tell the truth” on what?
      “Epstein did not commit suicide” WTf!
      ” The earth is flat” seriously time for your meds
      ” Hang Jacinda” . Nice message
      ” The third of the twin towers came down by itself” Jesus h christ.

      You know fuck all about anything dumb Kraut.
      And if Coutts is your model citizen then your also deranged!

    • And the job tax of employment insurance?
      Employment insurance is readily available to anyone who wants it, just ask the nearest insurance company.

      And outlawing cigarettes /tobacco?
      I thought ‘prohibition doesn’t work’ was the message.

      Why make more rules and laws that people will try their darndest to get around?
      Do they want more control?
      Do they want more income and more government dependent employees?

  10. can we please, please, please stop calling these geezers ‘the modern left’ or ‘the woke left’

    they are authoritarian right wingers, just not very capable ones.

    • Social liberalism is part of the working class, whether bible bashers like you like it or now.

      It was working class movements that got abortion legalized, homosexuality decriminalized, etc.

      I’m guessing you would all oppose that now

    • Sorry Syd, I wish what you say were true but the Woke, while not the traditional socio-economic left ARE the contemporary cultural left.

      Woke philosophical roots are in American academia, Critical Theory (nothing to do with critical thinking and not a theory) a version of neo-marxism co-opting post-modernist theories and tools (which is partly why they are hated by marxists and some post-modernists). This is ALL from the left, albeit the university educated, middle class, overwhelmingly white left.

      Where they may appear to skew right is the marriage of convenience between neoliberal corporatists and woke activists. The Woke version of ‘conflict theory’ leads to a narrowly defined identity based ‘equity’ politics, so it’s incredibly easy to game the system. Virtue theatre, an anti-politics where advancing anyone who is not male/cis/white/heterosexual feels highly progressive but the actual systems of neoliberal power are not challenged but strengthened. Woke is the ideal cover for corporatists post-Occupy Wall Street.

  11. These protesters are racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic old Testament supporting Christians who oppose tax, high wages, unions, welfare and public services.

        • I’m building half of auckland. Some of my former employees are there.

          One particular Maori guy whom refused the vaccine. I told him when he left that i wish i had his strength of character to stand by my principles, but unfortunately i have a wife and mortgage.

          Happy wife happy life

    • Ah Millsy.
      Yours should be an amusing tongue in cheek post to make us chuckle.
      More amusingly though, your record suggests you actually think like this, in fact you copped a ban at the Standard for posting something similarly untrue.
      The woke left and your hatred of the working classes.

      I’ll chuck a couple of names out there:
      Sir Russell Coutts
      Marama Fox
      Dame Tariana Turia

      Which category do you fit each of the above in? Bring your wallet, slander can be expensive.

      • Russell Coutts is a traitor, who sold out his country. He took a multi million dollar salary to sail for a syndicate that beat Team NZ. He has no right to talk about loyalty and patriotism.

        Tariana Turia supports dismantling the welfare system and state housing and having it all done by her iwi mates, who will pick and choose who they help

        Marama Fox is on record as being opposed to abortion and homosexuality.

        • So just one of the three people is just one of the things you accused all the protesters. (Fox homophobic according to you,) no evidence given.
          Making your first statement obviously wrong.
          Have you realized that not liking something doesn’t mean everyone associated with it is bad?
          It seems not.

      • I don’t hate the working class. I just think that don’t think that being anti-vax, anti gay/trans, evangelical Christian, mysognistic, racist or creationist has any place in the working class. People that opposes wage increase, welfare, unions, and public healthcare have no place in the working class.

      • Quick! Someone report him to NetSafe! Or the Police!

        He’s promoting violence and possibly a terrorist event!


          • Your a funny fucka. Christian! My arse. Another pakeha myth about some mysterious being in the sky.
            If you’re referring to ole baldylox luxon et tel you’ve definitely got it, me wrong.

            Working class always.

            Just don’t by into the Woke Nazi Fascist Neoliberal Labour brand. That tribe is mental and in need of medication and a long lie down.


    There is no news coming out of Wellington and that’s the breaking news.

    Apart from that, I’m sure you will all join me and expressing my delight in the fact a Wellington protestor has now started a herb garden next to their tent. Last week we were told about human excrement seen on the ground in the protest area so there will be no shortage of compost available so great news. Not sure anyone other than a protestor will be wanting to eat those herbs. Maybe Russell Coutts can sprinkle some on his crayfish and caviar. I do hope he doesn’t develop gastric issues.

  13. Wonder how long before the New Zealand state goes down the rabbit hole even further by following the Canadians.


    “The government’s new directive, called the “emergency economic measures order,” goes beyond asking banks to simply stop transferring funds to protest organizers. The government wants banks to stop doing business with some people altogether.

    The order says that banks and other financial entities (like credit unions, co-ops, loan companies, trusts and cryptocurrency platforms) must stop “providing any financial or related services” to people associated with the protests — a move that will result in frozen accounts, stranded money and cancelled credit cards.”

    Bring in an emergency act to lock private citizens bank accounts. Will Labour go down this road.

    You have to ask, if they can freeze protestors bank accounts (held by private institutions), how safe is a non protesters bank account? How long before the Chinese “social credit” score populace control is introduced?


    Sounds utterly draconian and authoritarian.

    • Spot on, characterising the whole protest by it’s worst supporters rather then by engaging with it’s best gives cover for bureaucratic slide into authoritarian policies. (Not a surprise from Trudeau
      The woke-left cheer for digital un-personing (although arguably modern ‘cancelling’ took off with the right). It was inevitable that they would eventually get round to financial un-personing.

      Who needs a physical gulag when someone can be literally blocked from any meaningful participation in society.

  14. We might as well just have one question on the next census.

    Are you Nazi or not a Nazi.

    Then there could be a list describing what Jacinda’s definition of a Nazi is.

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