Louisa Wall didn’t leave Labour, Labour left Louisa Wall


Labour MP Louisa Wall resigns from Parliament

Labour MP Louisa Wall has announced she’s retiring from politics after 14 years in Parliament.

Louisa Wall didn’t leave Labour, Labour left Louisa Wall.

The Left don’t reward talent, they reward unquestioning loyalty and subservience.

Louisa Wall was never subservient.

She came into politics with a strong Left wing belief system and a desire to do actual change.

That had her offside with Labour mandarins, MPs who think for themselves are considered dangerous on the Left.

The exact same dynamics have been at play over the amount of time it took for Labour to finally endorse Efeso Collins for Mayor.

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The Left hates talent and rewards subservience, Wall’s refusal to shut up on issues that mattered meant she was always doomed to be pushed out until a better drone could be found to replace her with.

I think Labour will be very nervous at her valedictory speech.

Don’t hold back Louisa.

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  1. “Don’t hold back Louisa!”

    Give them both barrels!

    LINO are not even a shadow of themselves. Probably because they’re scared of their own shadow?

    What can they do?

    They should all start to consider following LW’s lead. It may be the smartest thing that they ever do in politics as an MP.

    By the way. I can only name about 10 or 15 of LINOs 65 MPs.

    Who can do better?

  2. Louisa Wall has done well to carve out a career for herself as a Labour politician. She is, in a sense, the last of the Mohicans. Controversial at times, with a strong head on her shoulders, it is rather unfortunate timing being in the middle of a global pandemic but my unreserved best wishes for Louisa’s future.

  3. Your politics are not mine Martyn but I could not agree with you more on this post. Louisa actually made a difference unlike most of the seat warmers who are in Parliament

  4. The first off the sinking ship.
    A few Labour MPs reading the list rankings will be donning life jackets and edging to the exits.

  5. Ben what a dumb comment. I liked Louisa and wished she had contributed more in parliament in her 14 years especially her last 3 years. She had plenty of opportunities in those 14 years and did a lot to recognise the LGBGTQ movement. She wont be a big loss to Labour in that the replacement list member may be better – unlike Bridges and the other 20 Tories who were thrown out of parliament in last 5 years. The NATZ dirty politics brigade is trying to beat up this event and mobilise the right wing – Ben and Tene Paoa the hori tory seems to have responded accordingly.

  6. A number of years back as a select committee member deciding whether there should be a review into PHARMAC I thought she was disappointing at best.

  7. they don’t hate talent, the lack of talent in labour is a side effect, they hate people who have convictions because they won’t turn on dime depending on what the focus group(a spurious advertising industry practise so that tells you what they’re worth) this week…this atmosphere encourages mediocrity and like scum the mediocre rise.

  8. ( Some of you will laugh at this. Or not care. I’d prefer to be laughed at, just saying.)
    You write @ MB.
    “The Left don’t reward talent, they reward unquestioning loyalty and subservience.”
    And that’s because Labour is the exact same ‘thing’ as national, act and the greens.
    Just like the others, labour is still neoliberal which means it’s money first, during, and after and they don’t care how they get it, so long as they get it. ” Them people? Them humans? Fuck them. Let them die of poverty.”
    (Can I Segway here for a sec? Isn’t it incredible, flabbergasting and mind boggling that dirty little dickless douglas IS STILL IN THE WINGS? I find that, again, incredible. Fawning seyour-smithers is surely calling him daily with reports. I mean, everybody hates the bastard too. ” That rogernominc’s has fucked the country.” I hear that a lot. And yet, there he is, His slit eyes and smug sneer. No wonder, really, because the bastard surely still has his little trotters in the trough. A-mazing. )
    Now’s here’s the hilarious bit. Are you ready? Ok. Here goes. Who’s money is it? I’m writing broadly here btw. So, who’s money is it? What primary industry that totals around 52 thousand people, makes that which we then export in order to get ‘money’ back from them damn foreigners? Is it tourism? No. Is it selling Meth? No. Is it exporting fashionable Ponsonby latte sippers? No, but I wish. Is it exporting skid marks on back country roads? Almost, but no.
    Here’s a clue. Did you eat today? You did !? Then you’re nearly there. Oh my God! You’re doing great!
    Roger Douglas’ own version of milton friedman’s brain fart that copped regan and thatcher is still alive and kicking in the far flung islands of Aotearoa New Zealand. Neoliberalism. Any enterprise, so long as it makes money for those who don’t earn nor deserve it. In AO/NZ’s case, it’s a simple swindle between the farm gate and those who pay for it. Now a days, it’s the Chinese, but oh look? The Brits are trying to get back into the party but the Aussies won’t let them.
    What did ol’ Al Einstein say about madness?
    “ ‘Madness’ can be defined as doing the same thing while expecting a different result.”
    Louisa Wall didn’t leave Labour because there was no Labour to leave. She must wonder what the fuck she’s been doing for the last 14 years. Well, I can tell you @ Louisa Wall. You been banking six figures plus entitlements girl. That’s what.

  9. I was waiting for the explanation.

    Grant’s sudden huge enterprises we don’t expect or comprehend entirely. And the undermining of the children’s commissioner ? What’s up?

    If the last is a response to the CC’s pointing out ‘poverty first Jacinda’s’ hypocrisy then these neoliberals can …

    Despise’m if that’s so.

  10. I am confused when any commentor describes The Zealand Labour Party as the left. The NZLP parted ways with the left in the early ’80s. Surely? The Labour Party also left Jim Anderson. I am sure it is habit and lazyness that leads pundits to describe NZLP left. Politics isn’t a game of opposites anymore.


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