MEDIAWATCH: Neale Jones smackdown – when RNZ have left you Labour, you know you are in trouble


I tend not to listen to RNZ, if I wanted to be talked down to in a condescendingly smug manner, I’d just fly direct to Wellington! But it’s important now and then to dip ones toe into the rarified air of the plush velvet studios that is the elitist of elite identity politics opinion to see how the big events are being rounded down for cosmopolitan dinner party virtue signals.

The Neale Jones smack down on Nine to Noon was glorious.

It’s almost 30 minutes of Kathryn and Brigitte highlighting the lethal arrogance of Neale and by extension the entire Woke Left Twitter argument that everyone protesting at Parliament is a Nazi.

The Woke must paint out any disagreement as persecution and the winner of Woke Olympics is the one who can be the most offended by the worst monster.

Neale’s argument was, “Nazi’s threatening to kill politicians and health officials are the worst monster! I win”.

Unfortunately for Neale and the Wellington woke, Bridgette and Kathryn were having none of that. The RNZ highest of the highs are intersecctionist enough to know their privilege is a problem when covering the protests and so demanded how de-escalation occurs for working class protestors who fall foul of middle class dinner party etiquette.

Neale only had ‘but they are Nazis’ as an argument which of course justifies why the Police need to be sent in swinging batons.

A revolution came to Parliament but it was middle class woke activists like Neale who were revolted!

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The modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered.

This spectrum of working class dispossessed, the ones who have borne the harshest yoke of vaccine mandates economically and socially, they have had their misery harvested by Far Right Steve Bannon inspired propaganda and Qanon mysticism, of that there can be no doubt.

While their pain may be self inflicted and emotionally manipulated by the Far Right, it is the reality that they have been left behind economically, Bernard fucking Hickey pointed this out!

Wealthy nearly $1 trillion richer since Covid began – Hickey

An economic and political commentator says since the Covid-19 pandemic reached Aotearoa, the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer – in part due to the Government’s policies.

The middle class woke like Neale who have benefited from this refuse point blank to legitimise those working class pains on Parliament’s lawns because it challenges their own privilege.

Oh the irony.

It is only these protestors lack of education that isn’t connecting the facts of Bernard Hickey to the pain they are bearing. Once that happens, expect tens of thousands more to join. Bridgette and Kathryn understood that threat in their ivory tower broadcasting booth, Neale not so much.
“Let the ruling classes tremble at Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite! Except in Wellington. Those Lumpenproletariat Nazis can go fuck themselves”

Middle Class Marx 2022

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  1. It was glorious wasn’t it, although the apparent disconnect from reality that Neale seemed to display was a little worrisome.

    I always try to filter anything that either sides pundit blathers on nine to noon through a filter of knowing that they will often just spout their respective teams talking points (Stephan Mills is particularly bad at this). Neale’s effort on Monday left me thinking that not only has he got the notes, he’s also drunk so deeply the cool-aid that he’s left planet earth

  2. Still just a bit bitter about being “banned ” from RNZ Bomber?
    Still it was great to hear Neale not being allowed to present his spin lines.

    • Listening to Neale Jones in that interview he’s the one that should be banned from RNZ.

      It’s amazing how the left are starting to sound like right wing radicals and have no idea about it.

      • Actually just re read your comment Ma. Don’t agree about the banning of Neale. Don’t support cancel culture.
        But agree about the left sounding like the right. Oh the irony

        • Yeah I didn’t really mean he should be banned, I was more amazed at how loopy such a high profile consultant could be, esp one that has worked at the highest advisory levels.

          The guy is a liability.

      • Absolutely. The things some strong leftys are saying last couple of years, sound very… is the description, very extreme right?
        Probably it’s just that extreme left and extreme right are almost the same thing.

  3. “Oh the irony”.
    RNZ is a typical dumbed down example of the outcome of neoliberalism. I find their foreign reporters spewing forth Western propaganda continuously without being contested more than ironic…. it is tedious and boring and too predictable. Our Public Broadcaster has been progressively and deliberately dumbed down. Kim Hill is probably the only capable interviewer left, and she has been conveniently “rested” to chatty Saturday mornings.

    • Are but the wonderful Kin Hill by her own words won’t interview terfs and speaks of them disparagingly.

      So she has many interviews with proponents of for want of a better phrase gender ideology, but never a counter view. She is failing in her ethics as a journalist to present all sides…..

  4. Don’t forget the elephant in the newsroom, RNZ have consistently taken an antigovernment stance throughout the pandemic. Chris Bishop on speed dial combined with ‘the sky is falling’ interviews greeting every attempt to save lives is not what this (ex)listener expects from a state broadcaster.

  5. Finally! The realisation!

    It’s Class War!

    Now the game is on!

    The bourgeoisie middle-class MP parasites have to go!

    • With a Housing Crisis,
      a Homeless Crisis,
      a Health Crisis,
      a Terrorism Crisis,
      an Education Crisis,
      a Poverty Crisis,
      a Child Poverty Crisis and now a Fuel/Energy Crisis
      and a Democracy in Crisis.
      What can she do? Create another 5 by 2023?✊

  6. Must admit listening to RNZ these days is like listening to someone who has a permanent head cold and a sniffle. Maybe RNZ has Covid?

  7. Radio New Zealand National radio was always boring but their news reports were always professional and it could be relied upon to give a factual background of the events so the public was informed without the hype , spin and bias we get now.

    I stuck with them even after Joyce filled the organisation with right wing sympathisers to break what was always ridiculed as ” red radio ” and got that nickname because they didn’t spout endless pro National party propaganda like ZB and others yet it was perfectly acceptable to have to listen to a right wing one sided opinion if you wanted your news from another source other than the National programme.

    But once Thomson and others got to work the focus and content changed to what we have now. Its either National party friendly ( neo liberal ) or stops getting funded , and after years of this people are now talking about free speech !

    I stopped listening to RNZ precisely because of the points made by garibaldi and of course Keith they have taken a anti government view but the actual irony is they have to have a enemy to fight and agitate against but the current Labour party is as right economically as they are in other words they support the two tier class system of neo liberalism.

  8. oh come on chaps, we need more middle class people on RNZ the bourgeoise are so under represented it’s criminal, I mean look at the panel I’m sure they could wedge in another ‘nice person’ please give them credit for consistently pushing the ‘correct’ talking points.

  9. The protesters are not working class they are low class. The dirty politics brigade are very clever and have captured lefties like Marty and Chris. If this translates into Tory support the left could be dogtucker and we’ll have a hard right greedy government who will make the low class and working class pay.
    I am confident that the nutty protesters, talk back radio, granny herald, and other right wing commentators are grumpy old men (and women) like me who get their news from these platforms and are a dying race. The young voters never listen to talkback or read granny herald they get their news via the digital network.
    18 months is a long time which we will see Luxon unable to take the heat or debate the real issues instead of the do nothing retro joe line. i cant see Bridges lasting long in finance portfolio – he’s as useless as Goldsmith, Bailey and (homeless man) Woodhouse.

  10. Along with all the other “5 Eyes” public broadcasters RNZ is now reduced to establishment protection both domestically and globally.
    After the tragic lie of WMD’s in Iraq, fed to us by a MIC led intelligence apparatus, RNZ still use the same correspondents as reliable sources of news.
    When I do tune in the level of geopolitical propaganda is chilling.
    RIP RNZ.

  11. So interesting: ‘It is only these protestors lack of education that isn’t connecting the facts of Bernard Hickey to the pain they are bearing’, in fact it is only the protestors capacity for self-control that enables them to suppress commenting on this rather obvious fact. After all, the blue collar tradies spend a lot of time enhancing the homes of the wealthy, and they are well aware of increasing economic disparity, but I suspect they choose not to bring it up in these times for the sake of the stop-the-mandate cause. I am an RNZ listener, and I texted through several times to offer my citizen journalism on Convoy Day of Monday prior. I never find them condescending, I find them humane, so it was a tad upsetting (but seems they are turning the ship around). My husband and I spent a week talking to all at the protest ground, and all were ready to talk – of any stripe, status and ethnicity, plenty of well-educated amongst them. And we chatted to not a few open hearted Wellingtonians who wandered in from the surrounding streets – nurses, photographers, street people, oh but it was interesting! The chief difference between ourselves and the protestors was (as you point out) we had comfortable beds and a pleasant home calling us away. Actually, we slept at a camping ground, to our shame, and knocked off protesting at happy hour, and had the option of coming home after a week. Those who are poor have largely been made poor – one fine person had the contract for replacing the water pipes of the Raglan region, another was responsible for substantial sections of the engineering plant at a Fonterra factory. Without a jab they are excluded from their contracts. Teachers, police, mid-wives, nurses, business owners, all tertiary educated. Take off the virtue signalling mask (or don’t, it’s entirely your choice, they don’t mind), get down there and chat. It’s amazing. We have one quite wealthy friend, he was formerly responsible for large sections of the North Auckland council hard-landscaping, he flew down, stayed a couple of nights five-star, respectfully mingled and engaged with the participants then flew home. Have you got a spare day or two? I might see you down there when we return.

    • Interesting Pen. So did you get a sense of how many of the people you spoke to lost their jobs because of “private” mandates? In other words nothing to do with government mandates but the company chose to go that way?


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