A revolution came to Parliament & it was middle class woke activists who were revolted


When Twitter Woke Lords are calling for the military to clear the lawn of smelly working class Nazis, you know we are through the looking glass of the political spectrum…

…a Jedi mind trick of the woke is the ability to paint anyone who disagrees with you as the worst monster in history. That justifies the sense of moral superiority and strict worship of woke Dogma with all the power of micro aggression policing Lynch mobs that social media feeds.

A revolution came to Parliament & it was middle class woke activists who were revolted.

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The modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered.

This spectrum of working class dispossessed, the ones who have bourne the yoke of vaccine mandates economically and socially. They have had their misery harvested by Far Right Steve Bannon inspired propaganda and Qanon mysticism.

Their pain may be self inflicted, but it’s beyond anti-vaxx cultness, it is the reality that they have been left behind economically, Bernard fucking Hickey pointed this out!

Wealthy nearly $1 trillion richer since Covid began – Hickey

An economic and political commentator says since the Covid-19 pandemic reached Aotearoa, the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer – in part due to the Government’s policies.

The middle class woke who have benefited from that refuse point blank to legitimise those working class pains on Parliaments lawns because it challenges their own privilege.

Oh the irony.

It is only these protestors lack of education that is connecting the facts of Bernard Hickey to the pain they are bearing, once that happens, expect tens of thousands more to join.


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  1. Yes the irony is blatant.
    Left wing wanting violence against the left wing.
    Have never trusted the academics that are now the Labour Party.

  2. What’s that saying from Ghandi?

    “First they ignore you.
    Then they ridicule you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then you Win!”

    Oh dear. All in 8 Days and she has created another Crisis.

    And her moronic sycophantic keyboard warrior club has just made it worse.

    Hope there’s another poll coming out!!

  3. Yeah but hang on a minute…?
    You make matters worse by referring to the woke left as being Left. They’re not Left. They’re a fascist Right faction wearing the Left moniker they hope you’ll to use when referring to them. Think of the term ‘Woke Left’ as camouflage because I’ve just described neoliberalism, do you not get that?
    Stop calling the fascist Zombie Right the Woke-Left. Please?
    Why, ( well, we know why. To steal our hard earned money.) or rather, how, do you suppose roger douglas and his cadre of cheap crooks in ugly suits managed to sequester ( Steal ) all our taxes paid for stuff and things right out from under our noses to then on-sell to their privateer mates? Easy ! They hid within Labour’s Left then pounced after roger and his traitorous cronies stabbed Lange in the front while bewildering we, the public, with their smoke and mirror lies and hollow promises. Trickle down. Heard of..? We HAD ‘trickle-down’ anyway. It was called taxation wisely spent. The problem with taxation trickling down was that it only built social infrastructure like hospitals, roading, rail, police, communications, electricity, public works, and ensured everyone had an education and a home . The problem with that is that our tax money never trickled up to create the Exploitation Class we can now plainly see as represented by millionaire and billionaire abusers and riche lazy money hoarders who neither produce nor create nothing yet try desperately to consume everything.
    What if the neoliberals could see a day coming where their gravy train sunk below their fat weighty ares? And how then, exactly, to forestall that.
    The old saying ” Hunting with the hounds while running with the Hares” springs to mind and in my humble opinion that’s precisely what AO/NZ’s particular version of Woke-ism does. It allows the far right to parasitise the traditional Left and in so doing generates a sense of dissatisfaction within Traditional Left which, if left un challenged will be Traditional Left’s undoing.
    Douglas and Seymour are not so much ‘politicians’ as the enemy. If we’re to live a harmonious life on our paradise AO/NZ we must regard the enemy as exactly that. The enemy.
    I think the protest is a neoliberal infected woke-left scam. I think ‘Groundswell’ and ‘Ag Action’ are too.
    douglas and his blood boy seymour will be pondering every trick in the book to prevent our primary industry from joining forces with the people of the towns and cities.

    • Neale Jones, Morgan Godfrey, Clint Smith and the rest of the woke, are lefties. Don’t try to justify there actions by saying they are actually of the right, they aren’t. The left are eating their own and always will. How dare these poor people make Jacinda and her mandates look inhumane, boo them! Booooooo.

    • There is historical precedent.
      The armed masses stopped WW1 by mutinying against the bosses’ war.
      They looked to the Russian Revolution as a way out and formed armed soviets.
      The ruling class went into panic mode.
      The leaders of Social Democracy formed a government with fascists, betraying the workers and killing their leaders.
      Then they unleased their fascist led military to smash the soviets and and launch the Weimar Republic as a great ‘democratic’ advance.
      The workers movement never went away because the Treaty of Versailles imposed a terrible punishment on Germany creating great suffering amongst the workers.
      The ever-growing threat of a revival of armed workers revolution in the ’20s appealed to the treacherous middle class to build a fascist movement under Hitler which won over sections of the impoverished working class and the rest is history.
      What was missing?
      A revolutionary party that could harness the workers to the struggle for revolution capable of defeating the ‘middle class’ pseudo-left in bed with the fascists.

      • misconception that versailles was a particularly harsh treaty by the standards of the times..look at those imposed by the prussians on the french or the west including germany on china.
        The germans were paying reparations and living standards were rising through the 20s what fucked the germans well and proper was the withdrawal of US investment in the wake of the utter failure of the capitalist market in 1929……4 years later uncle adolf.

      • “middle class’ pseudo-left in bed with the fascists.”

        That is exactly what the Mellinial GenZ Latte Left are!

        You nailed it comrade!

    • That argument doesn’t work. They vote Left, call themselves Left, hate the Right, etc.

      In many ways they hold recognisably Left positions. They support higher taxes,bigger spending, regulation, etc, etc.

      What you have here is a divorce between the policy of the Left, and the rationale for it. Once upon a time the Left existed to advocate for the poor and arguably to hate the rich.

      Now the Left exists to advocate for identity groups that were deemed Left at some point – ethnic minorities, Muslims (why, I don’t know), LGBTQ, etc, etc, and to hate straight white men and their families, even if they are poor and bona fide exploited. They still want redistribution…bug now it’s from the white working class to e.g. the Maori corporate elite, or the LGBTQ writers at the Spinoff, or environmental consultants, etc.

      This is the Left’s fault. It’s happened exclusively within the Left’s movements, the switch to wokeness was done by Left wing leaders and Left wing groups, and the only noticable opposition to wokeness has come from the populist Right, the so called liberal Left were utter cowards and sellouts.

      In the same way that the leaders of the USSR living in luxury didn’t actually make them part of the Right, the current woke fascists are the Left’s problem. Stop trying to rebadge the Left’s problems; you need to fix your horribly broken movement, not absolve it of blame.

    • You don’t like people self identifying? These people vote Labour and Greens. They want violence against the working class protesters.

      They vote who you vote for. Why are you voting with the fascists? Do you want what they want?

  4. It makes me sad to see so many New Zealanders attacking a minority of New Zealanders, who are only expressing their legal right to disagree with the government.

  5. ” The middle class woke who have benefited from that refuse point blank to legitimise those working class pains on Parliaments lawns because it challenges their own privilege ”

    As I keep pointing out the NZLP does not and will not represent the economic refugees and their numbers will continue to grow which is why we need a ” peoples assembly which is the UK’s answer to the misery of many of its people held captive by class and market slavery.

    Maybe being inspired by Golriz now she is waking up from her identity slumber the rest of her colleagues could might just remember why the joined the Green party in the first place or have they become just as like their LINO colleagues hoping it wall all just go away.



  6. The looney left forced to look at themselves as they truly are: snarling spitting threatening violence. Where’s the water cannons when you need them?

    • wooow ‘loony left’ now I haven’t heard that once since maggie got the boot.

      if you want to pretend the woke are leftists like vaxes make you magnetic that’s your right but on both counts you’re dead wrong.

  7. Bernard fucking Hickey (sic) told Kiwis not to buy a house as there was bound to be a housing crash…. that never happened, and like many woke commentators loved by right wing NZ media, he was oblivious to the 300,000 + new NZ residents per year bringing significant overseas money into NZ for a decade, some with an indifference to NZ law who money laundered and smuggled in contraband for cash and bought up property easily on the back of a student, work or investment visa….

    After destroying Auckland, eventually government gave residency points to those who lived outside of Auckland, and like Auckland faced with demand, NZ house prices in the provinces have risen, and they are apparently being bought up by owner occupiers not landlords so will not be rented out…. BOP housing just doubled in one month. I guess we will not have to listen to the huge shortage of fruit pickers then as so many workers want to live there. Sarcasm.

    Meanwhile many new construction seem to be scams with illegal workers being caught but fined tiny sums like $2500 and developers ability to make a killing from re-zoning without having to build anything or just spec houses for millionaires.

    Meanwhile the new millionaires in NZ combined with the recent Covid billionaires relentlessly demolish NZ housing while taking years and substantial building resources to build their new palatial mansions, many of which are seldom lived in as well as demanding more low wage staff to come to NZ to live, thus increasing the shortage of cheaper housing and creating more load on social services like health and education.

    In spite of right wing and woke propaganda that NZ (by being one of the highest immigration per capita in the world for a decade) would create more skills in NZ, the opposite seems to have happened. NZ got flooded with scammers and victims who have few skills and have high needs for NZ social security, health care and justice. NZ stagnated wages for decades while increasing the cost of everything. The brain drain increased as professionals had to leave NZ to get higher wages and better working conditions.

    There is nothing wrong with immigration but like anything it needs to be moderate, instead NZ now has issues it never used to have, that could have been avoided. Finland is very similar to NZ and does not take fools and scammers lightly https://www.helsinkitimes.fi/finland/finland-news/domestic/17335-finland-deported-unusually-many-foreigners-last-year-writes-yle.html. They don’t seem to have a mob at parliament of middle class folks with plenty of time on their hands to blame the government for saving them from getting Covid and wanting their holidays.

    Labour were popular when they closed the borders. As soon as they decided to open the borders and allow even more chaos into NZ, their popularity has decreased from the majority middle class not the minority mob in parliament.

    And for our worsening education system, the anti-vaxx shows how quickly a western country can be destabilised – already happened with the capitol riots in the USA.

    Critical thinking is a must in a democracy, so it’s a pity this has been absent in NZ for decades now, including our journalists who seem to be the least critical in the world.

  8. Re Clint Smith? and wot Canada done!
    NZs purported?, who spend all their time and thoughts looking at what other countries are doing and then using their actions as a basis for our own are lazy weaklings. I think that Tomorrows Schools supported by PM David Lange was from usa or Canada. Harsh boot camp treatment of single and lone mothers came fromthe usa – some unimaginative cow-state I think. Clint Smith and his ilk should not be first port of call for original, bespoke thought for NZ to go by.

  9. I hate the woke but this group doesn’t represent the working class. It’s too small. No working class person has the means to travel to wellington and camp out indefinitely.

    Working class people are out there working every single day working and were overwhelmingly supportive of COVID legislations and have gotten vaccinated because they have enough health problems without COVID. Most working class people wanted more restrictions.

    It was the upper middle class who wanted the borders opened not the working class.

    Working class people don’t have the money to get a tent, travel to parliament and sit outside indefinitely.

    This is not a working class protest it’s a coalition of upper middle class Karen’s, farmers, vegans, anti 1080 crack pots, tinfoil hats, Maori nationalists, the misinformed, the propagandized and anti labour, evangelicals the paranoid and increasingly a bunch of legitimately hard right people calling for the overthrow of the government.

    Working class people don’t have the means to do this and have bigger concerns. If this was the voice of the working class it’d be a lot bigger. The working class are interested in rents, wages costs of living.

    Don’t paint this as a working class struggle.

    Working class people are on the front lines and have a damn right to be protected from getting sick because of idiotic choices that coworkers made, the immunocompromised, the sick.

    Its a classist insult to the working class to paint this as representative of the insanely overwhelmed majority of working class who support COVID measures and just get on with it.

    How many working class people are gonna risk their vehicle getting impounded??

    This is not a working class protest. A working class protest would be an occupation of parliament for high rents or homelessness or inflation. This ain’t it.

    Most working class people are no jab no job lot and find this protest irritating and just get on with it.

    Again who has the money to do this?

    The working class haven’t abandoned the left, the left may be full of upper middle class wokies in leadership positions but by and large the working class supports left wing positions too bad the govt doesn’t bit that’s another story.

    This isn’t a left wing protest. This isn’t a working class protest. It’s a coalition of fruit loops and quite frankly looking at the money you’d need to travel, the risks of your property being towed, the access to tents money and food if anything…

    If anything it’s angry entitled middle class protest fulled with the types who usually call protesters bludgers having the shoe put on the other foot for the first time because working class people are used to being screwed over this entitlement screams middle class.

    Solidarity to the workers. Not this lot of cowards using their children as human shields and having Cameron Slater, tamaki and full on extremists speaking to the crowd calling for a right wing take over of govt and military coup.

    Working class people aren’t dumb, they aren’t bad parents and they know a bunch of wallet thieves when they see them.

    Solidarity to the working class workers not crystal Karen vegan middle class lunnies throwing a tantrum

    • Another good example of how out of touch most of the so-called Left are these days.
      When I read the latest pieces from mandate supporters like Chris Trotter and Gordon Campbell I’m appalled at how far the Left I remember from the 1960’s and 70’s has fallen.
      They remind me of the old commos who wouldn’t hear a bad word against Stalin, in their identification with Jacinda and this supposed Left government.
      If John Key had been promoting a dodgy vaccine from big pharma and mandating
      ‘no jab – no job’ they would have been all over him.
      Slandering the protestors for not being working class enough is nonsense.
      From what I have seen they are acting like the working class I grew up with.
      They see a problem, like Mallards sprinklers and do what Kiwi’s are renowned for – form a committee and sort it out.
      The women working the catering tables remind me of the ones who ran the stalls at school fairs not the entitled Karen’s they are being slandered as.
      Kiwi’s organising themselves without an overarching leadership. I suspect this is something that irritates some of these ideologues.
      It reminds me of an old Punch cartoon of two chin scratching professors
      – one saying to the other : ” Yes, I know it works in practice, but does it work in theory?”

    • I agree with every word. You know this is a right wing protest when the likes of David Seymour goes to speak to them, when articles in the NZHerald quietly support them, when Luxon wants an exact date to end the mandates, when the minority think they are better than the majority and when they the minority think they are the only ones entitled to free speech. Stuff follows their ever move, Newshub appears to champion their every move and TV 1 shallow Dallow almost wets his pants to report on them. These so called journalists should be ashamed because the rhetoric is a government attack under the guise of freedom. These people in Wellington who are calling for freedom and at the same time threatening violence are nothing but puppets of the right wing extremists who are calling the shots, who would have been vaccinated and who would not lower themselves to stay with these people currently camping out on parliament grounds in all weathers putting their children and the locals at risk. Leave them be don’t report just ignore them thats all they deserve they don’t care about us so why should we worry about them

    • This is not a working class protest it’s a coalition of upper middle class Karen’s, farmers, vegans, anti 1080 crack pots, tinfoil hats, Maori nationalists, the misinformed, the propagandized and anti labour, evangelicals the paranoid and increasingly a bunch of legitimately hard right people calling for the overthrow of the government.


  10. @CB I’m sympathetic with you point and I think the end game is likely a Corporatocracy, however the Woke, while not the traditional socio-economic left ARE the contemporary cultural left.

    Woke philosophical roots are in American academia, Critical Theory (nothing to do with critical thinking and not a theory) a version of neo-marxism co-opting post-modernist theories and tools (which is partly why they are hated by marxists and some post-modernists). This is ALL from the left, albeit the university educated, middle class, overwhelmingly white left.

    What you are seeing is the marriage of convenience between neoliberal corporatists and woke activists. The Woke version of ‘conflict theory’ leads to a narrowly defined identity based ‘equity’, so it’s incredibly easy to game the system. This leads to virtue theatre, an anti-politics where advancing anyone who is not male/cis/white/heterosexual feels highly progressive but the actual systems of neoliberal power are not challenged in any meaningful way. It is ideal cover for corporatists post-Occupy Wall Street (see https://www.vivekramaswamy.com/wokeinc)

    Wokeists get money to further their slacktivism (such as Kendi ‘How to be an anti-racist’, who has raked millions in while not being able to define ‘racism’ https://youtu.be/GyNBEM9NXO0?t=135) and Corporatists get a virtue shield, pretend they are socially responsible, deflect legitimate criticism, and keep the multiracial working class divided against each other.

    I know many woke people, they are well meaning and definitely leftist. They vote Labour and Green, very hip on identity politics and the environment but totally clueless on socio-economics, the useful idiot category.

  11. Twitter Woke Lords may well call for the army, which shows how out of touch they are. Do they know anyone in the army?

    A small army, which after 2 years of staffing MIQ is increasingly demoralised with a lot of resignations. Apparently people that are drawn to the outdoors and action don’t like standing around in hotel lobbies for months at a time – particularly when it seems pointless (guarding a few dozen cases in MIQ with 1000s of cases outside).

    If they can find some soldiers and send them into Wellington, I wouldn’t expect a ‘sense of urgency’.

  12. Tory Natzact coalition – HATE Jacinda, the poor, Maori, Pacifica, Indians, unemployed, homeless, gays, renters, pensioners, gangs, low class, livable wage, .

    But they LOVE or are supported by the COVID virus, property speculators, rich, gun lobby, Asian political donators, lunatic protestors, talkback hosts and their callers, old grumpy men, anti-vaxxers, rightwing groundswell, nazi white supremacists’, magas and other feral mobs. We dont want a country of trump-like hill billys in their SUVs with confederate flags. If Natz get into power watch then give $2b tax rebate for the rich, reinstate property speculators tax subsidies (& aussie banks make a killing), cut back on public services, increase super age to 65, etc.

    Aotearoa has been lucky – Lucky the Natz and Act werent in power. Luxon and his MPs are useless, retro joes, no solutions “going way back, way back in time.” – Brown David Bennett, Bridges, Woodhouse, Bishop, the nasty snarling Willis and Upston, Simpson, Doocey, Brown. . Imagine that lot making big decisions.

    Keep to your plan Jacinda and ignore the loser comments from the right and be aware of the dirty politics brigade. The latter are trying to use the nutters outside Parliament to turn against labour ie Muller. What’s the details on Seymore, Matt King , Rodney Hide – I told you first of Seymore talking to his people.

  13. IT does have to be said that ‘identity politics’ is a tactical mistake

    by all means fight for gay rights BECAUSE IT’S RIGHT but don’t expect their ‘gratitude’ at the ballot box as they become middle class home owners, nor the support of people from deeply traditional (usually mysoginistic) cultures to support leftist policies once they start their businesses here…..
    ‘identity’ is no guarantee of political support it’s energy that could be better expended elsewhere…

    I know this will be uncomfortable for long time lab supporters but deserting the poor who support you in order to curry favour from those who don’t is madness.

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