How far right is ACT? David Seymour demands race war – that’s how far right


ACT’s David Seymour mocks ‘Red Queen’ Jacinda Ardern in state-of-nation speech

ACT party leader David Seymour has mocked “Red Queen” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a state of the nation speech, and is promising to do away with government agencies and remove the Treaty of Waitangi from the country’s laws.

If you honestly think Labour are as bad as the Taliban you have mental health issues and an inability to respond rationally.

Look at their policies…

  • Cut and freeze the Minimum wage
  • Interest back on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel winter energy payment
  • Dump all climate crisis legislation
  • no more best start payments for families with new borns
  • cut welfare payments
  • no tax credits for research and development
  • cuts to working for families
  • $7b a year cut in public services
  • Abolish Maori seats
  • Abolish Human Rights Commission

Let’s be very clear, ACTs call to strip the Treaty out of every law would start a race war.

Game it out:

  • David Seymour cuts a deal with National in 2023 and launches its purge of every Maori political win since the Treaty was signed.
  • Shutting down every co-governance arrangement would provoke absolute outrage within Māoridom and spark a vast number of immediate legal cases which would jam down any legislative process as every single decision made after Parliament passed  the law ending co-governance would become challenged. Political protests would erupt around the country and local councils would find local resistance as Māori groups universally set up occupations of shared governance assets.
  • Likewise, abolishing Māori seats would ignite enormous protests, many of which would quickly escalate into violence. The UN would criticise NZ snuffing out indigenous voting rights and we would face global condemnation.
  • The New Government would then attempt to find anyone within Maoridom who would willingly negotiate new Treaty ‘provisions’ with them. No one within Māoridom would willingly negotiate these and so the New Government, while dealing with increasingly violent weekly protests in the street, would announce that they are universally negotiating these new provisions on behalf of Māoridom. The news that not only has the New Government ended co-governance and abolished the Maori seats but are also now redefining the entire Treaty by themselves inspires all out violent protest and the New Government respond with increasing use of special terror laws and paramilitary Police to keep a lid on the escalating fury within Māoridom at the loss of their political rights.
  • Increasingly global media attention is scathing towards the New Government.
  • Donald Trump calls the New Government ‘wise’.
  • While ending co-governance, abolishing Maori seats AND renegotiating the entire Treaty on their own, the New Government then announces that the Waitangi Tribunal is being ended. This causes an eruption of anger within Maoridom that manages to eclipse the current rage and entire regions are now in open revolt.
  • Before the New Government are even in a position to remove consultation processes, Maori customary rights and any Māori funding, the country is plunged into a full blown race war which the New Government are not able to control.
  • Vast chunks of the military refuse to open fire on a public demonstration after the New Conservative Government order them to.

David can be as much of a smug intellectual as he likes, but selling raw meat racism to angry white males with policy promises that would lead to a race war isn’t clever politics, it’s fucking dangerous and it’s fucking ugly.

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    • @Ngungukai. “ACT getting wackier by the day” One of the two “c” letters in this quote of yours, should be a letter “n”, and then I would agree whole heartedly.

  1. Seymour is simply playing to his strengths and playing to the gallery.

    He knows the country is thick with racists and the ignorant. He wants them aboard. He could say he was going to have Te Reo banned and there’d be many who’d jump on his bandwagon.

  2. Seymour is a joke, the party is a joke and he is extreme right Martyn.
    ACT’s policies will completely divide our country whilst he lives in his smug little Kingdom.

    $7b a year cut in public services… says it all really.

    How many covid deaths, had Seymour been in charge at the border?

    • Tens of thousands, probably. But most would be the 10%, give or take, who would vote ACT as they are among the minority of NZers who could afford overseas trips for pleasure/business in the Covid era.
      Had that happened, the ACT vote would be quickly (and forever, hopefully) euthanised.
      Not a very smart suggestion, David! Thankfully wiser heads thought otherwise.

    • “David can be as much of a smug intellectual as he likes, but selling raw meat racism to angry white males with policy promises that would lead to a race war isn’t clever politics, it’s fucking dangerous and it’s fucking ugly.”
      This has the stink of foreign intervention in our politics about it. So, no surprises there. seymour, like his butt-boy roger douglas, would ( and did. ) sell out AO/NZ in a heart beat to anyone for the right price.

  3. Yet unmandated co governance forced upon us leads to violence reading Mr Trotters well written piece this morning.
    Either we remove the fallacy of “partnership” and wear the consequences, or we enforce co governance that was never in the treaty and wear those consequences.
    This is where our politicians have brought us.

  4. Having sat on a labour appointed conservation board which reflects their co-governance policy I’d argue that labour is the most raciest party NZ has ever seen. Act are saying that we need to have a government that focuses on ‘we’ rather than labours ‘them and us’. All countries who’s governments have become obsessed with race have become failed states (think Rwanda, Germany, South Africa) at least for a while.
    The problem with labour is the maori MP’s are governing for maori only. The resulting policies so often discriminate on race. When you have experienced discrimination based on the fact that you have the wrong colour skin then Act starts to look attractive… Thats the problem. Both sides are becoming more extreme by the day and the short term future for NZ looks bleak.

  5. Who said this:
    “Labour forgets that New Zealand is not just Māori and Pakeha. There are now as many Asians as Māori and half as many Pacific Islanders calling New Zealand home. We need to reinvent the Kiwi identity as an outward looking, multi-ethnic nation state committed to liberal democracy above all else.

    No society where people have different political rights based on birth has ever succeeded. Actually, all the good political movements of the past 400 years have been about equality. This pervasive drift to division has to stop.

    That involves a blunt reality. Nobody is born special in New Zealand. There cannot be two types of people, Tangata Whenua, here by right, and Tangata Tiriti, here by the grace of the Treaty. All people born in this country, and who immigrate here, have a right to one five millionth of the opportunity it has to offer.” ?

    The evil Mr Seymour of course.
    The left has forgotten itself and what actual inclusion and diversity mean.
    Race based voting rights are the road to hell, anyone who knows history knows this.

  6. Good thing the proportion of foreigners with voting rights is higher than any other country on the planet. Genius.

  7. I will never the great private ponzi scheme of charter schools. ” oh but look how great it was for children who wouldn’t have succeeded in mainstream schools” people will argue? No problem with that. Problem is profits for private schools give a return to investors. Seymour used government money for Charter schools and the returns for government? Zero.,and%20regulations%20than%20public%20schools.

  8. Problem is either way you are going to have race “wars”. Maori co-governace will lead to war. Ditching the Treaty of Waitangi will lead to war.

    If co-governace becomes entrenched Chris Trotter has it right

    “But, as co-governance becomes entrenched constitutionally, in the same way the ideas of the British settlers concerning the nature of the New Zealand state became entrenched in the 1850s, then its proponents need to be very clear about what is likely to happen next. The descendants of the settlers, and the inheritors of their colonial institutions – which includes the democratic political system itself – will, like the Māori before them, do all within their power to preserve the material and cultural properties by which they and their ancestors were, and are, uplifted and sustained.

    In other words, they will fight.

    There really is no other way the co-governance story can end.”

    So basically New Zealand/Aotearoa is between a rock and a hard place.

    Pick you side wisely.

    • The democratic principle of one person/one vote immediately makes the outcome unfair because the majority dominates totally over everything, consigning minority groups to make do with the crumbs. It is a fundamental flaw in the system. How can you “pick your side wisely” when we are so divided over so many issues?

      • At what point does the tyranny of the majority turn into the tyranny of the minority?

        Democracy does not mean a 50/50 split.

        If we follow the ethno-nationalist route we end up with the tyranny of the minority. If we follow democracy we end up with the tyranny of the majority.

        As I said, between a rock and a hard place.

        Choose is quite clear. Tyranny of the majority or tyranny of the minority.

        I suggest no taxation without representation and one equal vote for each.

      • so the minority should get special rights…
        .let’s just forget democracy and have gladiatorial games featuring party leaders..would that be fairer….

        PRep was supposed to deliver better outcomes for minority interests all it has produced(except for the current wasters they’re motionless by their own volition) is paralysis, no decisions and inertia heading for entropy….I used to enthusiastically support PR until I saw it in action…compromised coalitions up the wazhoo.

        • Nothing is fair . There is no fair representative system. Totally agree proportional representation has produced paralysis. That is due totally to party politics and an inability of career politicians to work from a position of reciprocity.

          The people and politicians in political parties are still (after all these years) working in a first past the post system.

          What that has produced is a type of politician without life skills. Super abundant in Labour and the Greens. These politicians, when they get their bottoms on the treasury benches are totally unable to make a decision. They have no idea how to compromise, see another perspective, listen to alternatives, and move position to satisfy the needs of those not in their party.

          They simply cannot see common sense.

          That is why parliamentary terms must be limited to 3×3 years. We absolutely must weed out the professional career politician and the political parties that do not know the meaning of reciprocity.

          I want more of the likes of Kiri Allan and Nicola Willis. With real life experience and an ability to offer compromises after seeing alternative options.

          Ardern is sadly a good example of a career politician unable to see the wider picture outside of her narrow focus that is the Labour party machine. She is ill advised by a similar cohort of career politicians who too are blinkered by their narrow focus.

          She simply cannot see the wider picture. Nor is she able to rid herself of the yoke that separate factions within Labour are saddling her with.

          Mainly this is the Maori caucus that makes up 30% of Labour representatives in parliament. A Maori caucus that similarly cannot see the wider picture. Their focus is on ethno- nationalism, and Ardern (as well as the Labour party) is unable to compromise in any way to take account of the thoughts and wishes of the 83% non Maori in the populace nor the 70% “others” in the Labour caucus itself.

          So Labour will tear itself to pieces over backing a position where reciprocity is not possible.

  9. See- more has to come up with his racist backward rhetoric thinking bullshit as National under Luxon are slowly but surely regaining some of their voters.

  10. Maori should have the same rights as every other New Zealander, not more or less, the same. Anything else is complete nonsense

  11. The ignorant racists and misogynists in NZ will be salivating at the thought of ACT becoming part of a right wing government with National. ACT’s policies is their wet dream.
    Even worse, Luxon7 will welcome Seymour & Co with open arms! Very scary. And the msm is working hard to make this possible, by denigrating the PM and the Labour government at every turn.

    • Yes you are right Mary the MSM is trashing Jacinda but many of us know better. We know who we will be better of with in power and it ain’t either National or Act.

  12. in other words a ‘mini me’ USA, cos the US is a shining example in all metrics…yup vote act
    vote poverty, homelessness, police state, high tax(yes take in local/sales taxes and health insurance yanks are taxed up the wahzoo) no health care…andddd a society spiralling into the abyss


  13. A lesson in Propaganda. How to cut across the other boring political party broadcasts.

    I’m gunna vote for ACT because they have the same core values as Labour have.

    Roger Douglas must be piss’n himself with laughter!

  14. The treaty is extremely dated and has run it’s course… perhaps we should move forwards rather than continuously looking back to the past? Maybe, just maybe Seymour’s right on this one?

  15. ACT makes one think fondly of the guillotine. Seymour isn’t the Messiah, he is just a very naughty boy. And like little Rodney Hide, good at self promotion, He produced and mentored a new design that resulted in the Super Shitty. David Seymour wants to aim higher for the biggie with a smile and a merry laugh on his cheery cheeky little face.

  16. Yes you are right Mary the MSM is trashing Jacinda but many of us know better. We know who we will be better of with in power and it ain’t either National or Act.

  17. Sadly i think Martyn is correct.
    That blue A is beginning to remind me of the symbol of a far right party.
    (maybe the Coriolis effect?)
    Poglavnik David Seeyoumourn quietly backed by Pope(ish) Lius X0N would be would be the worst outcome.

  18. The old mutli cultural argument rolled out by keep calm and carry on used to water down our Treaty of Waitangi and our rights as the indigenous peoples and as the TOW partner. We have a right to our culture, language and beliefs. Many of those new here value their own language and culture and still travel to their homeland but we have many older mostly racist Pakeha like yourself here still crapping on anything distinctly Maori.

    • The treaty doesn’t mention partnership or co governance, such things actually directly contradict the document giving Maori equal citizenship rights.

      Maori arent asking for equal rights, they are asking for special rights.
      When that is going to come at the cost of everyone else, that needs to be put to the country, not forced on us.
      I understand the radical fringe don’t believe in democracy but you should understand the majority of the country do.
      Did you read Mr Trotters piece this morning?
      What is the peaceful way forward?

    • and the way to fight anti-maori feeling is to deploy your own anti boomer bigotry.
      …oh you’re just too tooo precious dearheart

      ‘lazy feckless maori’ is from EXACTLY the same stable as ‘boomer racists’ ie nowt but bigotry.

    • No one is suggesting you should not keep your culture language or beliefs are they? Apart from cultural activities that do not comply with contemporary law. Where doe co- governance fit into these?
      D J S

    • Yes Maori have the right to their own culture, language and beliefs.
      As does everyone in Aotearoa.
      It is allowed and protected by law.

  19. It would be simpler if all those Iwi businesses just paid tax like the rest of us – imagine how many ICU beds, nurse pay rises etc could then be funded instead of watching all the money just fade away!

  20. Seymour knows the Yank-fed idiots are out there. Don’t think he can bring it off. We’ve retained our social democratic qualities through Roger Douglas and don’t rely on coal and other extractives like Oz.

    What a doodle.

  21. I’m glad Seymour is challenging the dominant treaty narrative. During the last 40 years or so, politicians have read many things into the treaty that aren’t actually there in print.

    How likely is it that the leading economic and military power of the 19th century would go into “partnership” with a few hundred thousand neolithic indigenes?

  22. Instead of a race war what about one fought on the economic ramifications of ACT’s austerity programme.

    That will hurt more of us than Seymour’s deliberate naked grab for political power and to harness more votes.

    The old argument about the Maori seats gets run out every 15 or so years but no one has the balls to actually push it through parliament along with threats about the treaty , its all smoke and mirrors and a deliberate attempt to agitate and give the old race argument a good stir. National’s donors , wealthy class and the propertied affluent middle class will not want any of their status and position threatened in any unnecessary nastiness.

    Seymour I don’t think has the mongrel to see it through should National indulge him , not once the intense pressure and threats begin to affect him and his hidden MP’s who will suffer the immediate scrutiny of their parties policy on race.

    The Maori people and the rest of New Zealand not mentioned above have more to be worried and angry about should ACT and the Nasty Natz implement some or all their Neo liberal austerity programme.

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