Mainstream media finally catch up to TDB on Auckland Mayoralty meltdown


High profile councillor Efeso Collins standing for Auckland Mayoralty

Labour councillor Efeso Collins says he is running for the Auckland mayoralty, creating a potential problem for the left at October’s local body elections.

Talk is mounting in left circles that Auckland Mayor Phil Goff will not seek a third term at October’s local body elections and endorse a rising star on council, North Shore councillor Richard Hills, to stand as his successor.

A potential contest between Manukau councillor Collins and Hills would split the left vote that has bedded in
Len Brown and Phil Goff as the only two mayors since the Super City was formed in 2010 – and give the centre-right a sniff of victory.

Goff and Hills have both said they will be announcing their plans in the “coming weeks”. Goff, a former Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, could be in line for a diplomatic posting.

Isn’t it great to see the mainstream media finally catch up to where TDB has been on the Auckland Mayoralty since August of last year?

TDB was the first to call for a primary, so it’s good to see everyone else catching up to us.

As TDB has been pointing out since August of last year, the Auckland Left worship loyalty above talent and as such they are refusing to endorse Efeso over Richard bloody Hills!

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Richard Hills is a woke fart in a unisex elevator who is as electable as a vegan sex toy at a meatlovers BBQ festival.

To endorse a candidate as weak as Hills because Efeso won’t toe the line is such a disgrace, the Auckland Left deserve to lose!

The state of play is Goff has been requested as the Ambassador to America by the Americans because they want a slavish thrall to Pax Americana as they start a new Cold War with China in the Pacific and no one sucks up to America more than Phil.

Shearer was going to run but then chickened out because he heard Paula Bennett was running and Mark Mitchell pulled out when he was offered something better from the coup movers against Judith.

Without Shearer to back, the Auckland Left have bypassed Efeso for Richard Hills.

Watching the Auckland Left slit Efeso Collins throat for the glass jaw that is Richard Hills as their Mayoralty Candidate is a blunder so colossal that I will spend a month laughing after we on the left lose.

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  1. I am praying Richard Hills comes a distant 4th.

    He’s Greater Aucklands tinfoil hat contributors second coming and be that the case, he will be guaranteed to have the reverse midas touch for Auckland, like all of their idiotic dreams that have been realized.

    Leo Moloy is it by this time around.

      • And if you ‘lose Auckland. You’ll lose the next general election in 2023.

      • I’m not saying he is Jesus revisited by any means but compared to the rest of the field he is the best.

        At least he has skin in the game in Auckland in a practical non political sense and not tied lobbies like the anti car brigade. Nor is he woke!

  2. This is a despicable hit that I am sure Efeso Collins would not endorse. My advice Martyn, is you are not doing any favours for your preferred candidate. Hits on Richard Hills like yours are so disgusting. Have you ever even met the guy? Stop pretending you know what’s going on in Labour. There are no stitch ups or anointments. We live in a democracy ; both are free to put their shingles out. But your kind of dirty politics will not help Efeso and I hope he distances himself from you and your vitriol.

    • @Darien
      I don’t think there are many or any politicians who would publicly endorse anything written here. Just because you disagree with Martyn’s view does not make it invalid.

    • Jesus you are tedious Darien. I’ve been pointing out the lunacy of the Auckland Left’s decision to screw over Efeso since August of last year so you are once again late to the game. Remember when you said I’d never worked in a union and I pointed out how wrong you were? I’ve been arguing for a primary in Auckland since last year and I’ve never rated Hills as a serious candidate. Efeso doesn’t have to distance himself because there’s no space between us.

    • Ah…? Darien.Fenton ? Are you can Earthling? Serious question. Because you write like you’ve just arrived.
      We do live ‘in’ a democracy, I agree, but the trouble with that is that our democracy is a neoliberal-capitalist democracy so has nothing at all to do with anything human and everything to do with that most absurdist addiction; money. It’s all about the money baby and Auckland’s soon to run out of it and in a biggish kind of “OH FUCK!” sort of way.
      Our reality’s like having an escapee lab experiment Chimpanzee still high as fuck and poo’s itself reliably running Auckland as its Mayor.
      It’s the deep state underlings whom we should be very afraid of. Many don’t know who ‘They’ are or where they’re from. ( Go back to the cadre of crooks circling over AO/NZ at the terrible dawn of neoliberalism and to our recent arrivals; Thiel, Page and no doubt Musk.
      We never voted them in and so they can’t be voted out and yet they’re very, very powerful sociopaths using their all bought and paid for msm to tell us ” It’s ok everything’s under control, we have this. We’ve got you, team of 5 million. ‘Lets do this’ , but we’ll do it to you first and when you wake up in terror as your job looks perilous while your mortgage eats your soul we’ll have you so buried in a life times worth of debt you’ll live your life in your beautiful Paradise AO/NZ in enduring debt. In short. You’re fucked and we’ll soon own your country, we’ll start with Auckland first. The fish, it’s said, rots from the head down.
      “This proverb is of ancient origin but precisely which of the ancients coined it is probably beyond our ken at this distant remove.
      “Fish rot from the head down” Many countries lay claim to it. I’ve seen sources that place it in China, Russia, Poland, England, Greece and so on, but usually with no evidence to substantiate those claims. A correspondent of mine has asserted that it was written in a Greek text by Erasmus, who died in 1546. ”
      Some of you will laugh at what I’m about to write. I’m already laughing my head off.
      The RBNZ should be closed pending a royal commission of inquiry.
      The four foreign owned retail banksters ( Australian who are in turn run by the Americans who are in turn run by the Fed Reserve who is in turn run by a dubious cadre of old rich white guys so nothing to worry about there. )
      An autonomous Farmers Bank of AO/NZ must be established through which all funds earned by the export of agrarian goods must pass.
      ( Hear that big slosh-gurgle sound? That, was all the crooks in Auckland’s leafy suburbs spontaneously shitting themselves in fright. )
      Begin a public inquiry into all and every relationship between Australia/AO/NZ politicians and Big Business spanning the last one hundred years.
      Then, come back and try to convince me that we have cash flow issues?

  3. “Richard Hills is a woke fart in a unisex elevator who is as electable as a vegan sex toy at a meatlovers BBQ festival.” Likely to win then?

        • Because you’re a right-wing foreigner. I think deportation would be a happu outcome for you, considering other potential outcomes. But don’t worry, there will NEVER be No Zealand Wars II, because No Zealand Wars I never happened, eh 😉 Haere ra

  4. Darien …. I dont know Hills but Effso has the creditability and good sense to serve all of Auckland well and not just the Labour elite. MB expressed an opinion and look out in come Labours elite backing their man. We need politicians who are there for the people and not to promote a conservative Labour party that has been found wanting in so many key areas, housing, child poverty, climate to name a few.
    Effso is that man.

  5. To avoid another white coot in a suit as Super city Mayor, Mr Collins needs a massive voter enrolment Campaign, and a good South Auckland turnout like that which saw Len Brown wipe the floor with Banksie.

    The long typical sub 40% Auck. local govt. voter turnout shows even a number of middle class Tories can’t be arsed voting.

  6. ” the Auckland Left ” is is just a emotional memory.

    Efesso Collins is a strong , courageous principled man and he and his family has been subject to threatening violence and intimidation yet he and his family are determined to face the danger and stand for office and that has taken strength , bravery and courage that is missing from those who pretend that because they are paid up members of LINO that eases their conscience while they collect their massive salaries and perks at parliament and pretend to represent the people their once glorious party was formed to protect.

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