5 things abut the ridiculous mess the Government allowed the RATs to become


Businesses warn of bare shelves after Government seizes Covid tests

The Government is seizing private supplies of rapid antigen tests to beef up its own stocks, according to multiple businesses.

Some are warning this will lead to supply chaos and empty shelves, as businesses will no longer be able to offer tests to staff. Others are now complaining they’re having to explain to staff why tests they’d been promised might not arrive.

1 – Government fucked up RATs & seizing them from private business is embarrassing

2 – Those screaming for RATs ignore they are unreliable and hopelessly false 20% of the time

3 – I’m all for Government seizing private property for the greater good, but this nonsense was avoidable.

4 – Both sides are wrong and I wish a plague on both houses

5 – hilariously one is coming.

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Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders are about to get very fucking sick! We need leadership from both National and Labour instead of bullshit politicking!


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    • yup it’s been atrocious and false claims of ‘we have them’ meaning ‘they’re on order’ is reminiscent of the good ‘ol NZ ‘bait and switch’ at sale time.

      at least govt controlled RATs will avoid the fuckin outright extreme gouging we’ve seen over in Oz…so a small comfort unless as usual they cave to the business lobby, then it’s open slather and reach for your wallet.

    • xray vision – you can see right through these pollies eh. But set your machine closer and finer so you actually get to see the organs and achievements of the government. They may seem slow in acting but they are attempting to plan ahead. You may never ever give them proper praise for anything they do. Hyperbole again.

      • We in Auckland were locked down for 4 months because forward planning to the inevitable Delta outbreak that finally arrived extended only to March 2020’s adhoc plan and it didn’t work. Hence 4 months. You may recall testing was swamped at various stages back then. No alternatives to the PCR test were deemed necessary.

        For the far more contagious Omicron we’ve now ordered x million RAT. That is not planning. They are reacting. Big difference!

        Slightly fewer ICU beds per 100,000 than in March 2020, and even then there were disgracefully too few. That is not planning, that is incompetence.

        And despite that, antiviral medication that can reduce hospital admissions by 89% and ordered last year are still unapproved for use. No urgency, no real plan. No idea.

        It’s not hyperbole when they literally make it up as they go, is it?

        • don’t forget the unmasked and anti vaxxers spreading covid at the behest of their evangelical, crystal healing, rightard leaders, .that didn’t help auck not even one tiny tiny teensy weenzy little bit.

          dumb and google are a bad mix

  1. Let’s be honest there are 2 things at play here:

    1). The government doesn’t have enough tests for it’s employees (i.e. public servants such as doctors, police etc)
    2). RAT tests sold via private business are untraceable in most respects therefore like what is happening in Australia atm is people are taking the test and ignoring the result because they need to continue to work to put food on the table and pay the mortgage.

    We’re all going to catch it and 99% (if it’s the son of megatron strain) are going to be fine. There seems to be smug attitude that somehow we are going to somehow defeat Omnishambles. We aren’t – get over it.
    Inflation, supply chain shortages and (likely) recession will have a much more damaging effect on this country in the next 12 months.

    • people in NZ if htey don’t want to be ‘positive’ simply don’t have to go get a test at a govt site. Simple as that.
      And with the daily changes to isolation times etc, i can see that be the norm. IF you don’t test positive you don’t have Covid.
      Well done Government, well done.!

    • Exactly right Frank. For the vast majority of us, an infection will be like a moderate head cold.
      Also I think the two week isolation period is ludicrous (it’s 5 days in the UK). If my wife then catches it we’re essentially stuck indoors for a month.
      So when I catch it, no way will I volunteer to be tested. I will just fly under radar and carry on pretty much as normal. A classic example of over zealous rules back firing.

      • responsable caring attitude toward your fellow citizens there andrew..and the UK is doooingg sooooooo well in the face of omicron innit?

  2. There are two points. Firstly the government didn’t order the tests when it was recommended to do so. Secondly those businesses who did think ahead are now having their kits taken so our incompetent government can hand them out to those it believes should have them. The government has to do this. But oh boy it shows them up to be the know it all, pathetic , inept useless collection of people I always suspected they were. Oh and by the way, why has Andrew Little still got a job.

  3. I’m sure a frowny face (which means I’m taking this seriously) with head tilted to the left explanation that St Jacinda will give is enough for our MSM/Journalists to agree and shrug shoulders….then follow up questions about how dissapointed is she at postponing her wedding…where she can explain that the team of 5 million are doing it hard and she will make sacrifices too!
    Awwww the women voters will lap it all up. (And Bert of course!)

    • Er…no they won’t lap up anything anymore! Inflation will deal to that. And guess who they will blame…correct, the Head Tilter!

      • and the nats are the answer to inflation kraut? oh do wake up to yourself…it’s the actual mechanism of a failed neo-lib capitalist system that’s generating inflation, the nats with their 3rd hand chicago school ‘passnotes’ won’t solve a thing…their ideology is as failed and dead as state capitalism..get used to it.

  4. We need leadership from Labour they are the current Government.
    But it will not happen because they simply do not know what to do.
    Andrew Little has he been shut down?He must have been because in the past he proclaimed to be an expert in everything.
    The Labour Government is made up of people who are expert in critiquing everyone else but incapable of achieving anything themselves.
    Look at their campaign promises and their delivery?Fail rate almost 100%.

  5. Isn’t the government buying up of the RATS capitalism at work as we are already seeing those with the deepest pockets buying up anything they can buy making them more millions.

    • It is capitalism at work. Its not greed It’s businesses, some important to you and me, thinking better than our government and not trying to make a profit just keeping working and keeping NZ moving and keeping their workers employed. They had the brains to plan ahead. Our government didn’t. Don’t dare talk about this government and business NZ in the same sentence. If it wasn’t for our incredibly talented business people we would be part of Australia by now. I’m not a business person.

  6. I’m done with COVID? RAT Tests, don’t bother, Omicron is no worse than the Common cold, its all a load of horseshit & fear mongering by the Govt! I’ve drunk the Kool aid & are double vaxxed, boosted up with a 3rd dose & yet we are being told all this bullshit that we are protected from Covid? Let’s follow the Science? The mRNA Vaccines don’t stop you getting the Virus or Transmitting it! A Booster is ineffective against Omicron but yet we are fed this ongoing bullshit & lies from Ardern that it stops this Variant? Why don’t these mRNA Vaccines WORK to stop Covid? Perhaps they have been designed not to cure this, but to have you hooked up to these Vaccines shots like a Drug Junkie needs endless fixes? Traffic Light settings, Mask & Vaccine Mandates & Vaccine Passports are a utter waste of time for the reasons I’ve given, being vaxxed & boosters don’t stop COVID or it’s Transmission, you can be dosed up with 20 doses of pfizer & still be a asymptomatic spreader! That is the reason why Countries & Govt’s around the World are abandoning all these Covid restrictions & mandates, Nations like Israel, England & the Nordic European Nations have come to the conclusion that Covid isn’t going away, it’s endemic & that everyone will eventually get it! Jacinda Ardern’s futile attempts to eliminate Covid is like King Canute trying too hold back the Tide? Give it time, this Govt will eventually come to that realisation but hopefully that dawning happens before the Economy & peoples mental health is completely destroyed!

    • You know the only science this govt follows is Political Science, that’s exactly why they keep telling us they’re following the science, no one ever asked “what science?”

    • On Wednesday (26th) they reported, as they do, on the vaccination status of the small number of hospitalised cases. All were “fully vaccinated” yesterday’s numbers giving vaccination status have been removed. What’s that all about?

      • The MOH have now clarified, they don’t give vaccination details if the number hospitalised is five or less. Quote:
        Cases in hospital: 4; North Shore: 2; Middlemore: 1, Rotorua: 1,
        Average age of current hospitalisations: 66
        Cases in ICU or HDU: 1 (Rotorua)
        As the number of total hospitalised cases is currently below five, we have removed the vaccination status for Northern Region hospitalisations, for privacy reasons.

  7. “I’m all for Government seizing private property for the greater good, but this nonsense was avoidable.”
    Until they turn up for yours I’m guessing.
    Governments should be neither the law nor the basic moralities and this at very least fails the latter.

  8. RATs have been the last resort test for all the the failed governments around the world where Covid and Omicron is raging out of control. Science indicates that Aotearoa does not need to use RATs, which is not reliable test, until Omicron has taken hold. Pity that the Tories and media don’t listen to the scientists and experts rather than YouTube or Qnon/Hosking. I heard Bloomfield say they haven’t commandeered the tests. Its all a Tory dirty politics beat-up.

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