TWITTER WATCH: Mallard vs Rawiri vs our petty Omicron faith


Look, there are a billion good reasons to shit on Trevor Mallard but this fairly innocuous and good hearted tweet wasn’t one of them…

…punters were quick to point out that WINZ doesn’t give a fuck about poor people and won’t allow beneficiaries to stock up on anything and that’s a legitimate complaint to Trev’s middle class messaging but then in comes Rawiri with this clunker…

…I’m sorry what?

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Causing panic?

Rawiri’s issue with Trev is that he’s causing panic?

This is the same Rawiri who posted this?

Social media messaging from the Māori Party

The same Rawiri who had a person comment on that post literally believing that Labour had built a Squid Games murder Disneyland where Maori were butchered for the viewing pleasure of the Labour caucus, THAT Rawiri is complaining about Trev using fear to create panic??????


The same people screaming that Delta would lead to a ‘genocide’ are now screaming Omicron will lead to a genocide while the same antivaxx lunatics screaming it’s just the flu are still screaming it’s just the flu!

Truth is Jacinda’s 90% vaxx leadership has protected us & her strategy will continue to do that!

The real danger of our infantile attacks on Jacinda for carrying out one of the greatest public health achievements since soap, is that you end up despising the woke who see a social justice crime every time they blink and Qanon lunatics who regurgitate quack science they’ve seen on a Facebook hate algorithm!

Just like in Don’t Look Up, I’m cheering on the asteroid and Covid!

We are our own worst enemies!

Can Omicron just hurry up and launch in NZ so we can start doing the real work of blaming each other on Twitter already?

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  1. I’ve always had an earthquake cupboard/bugout kit…largely because they freak me right out not being used to quakes so always have at least 2 weeks canned/dried food in.
    I thought a fair few kiwis did this it only takes 1 can/bag of pasta a week, of course that’s a long term thing and we probably won’t have a long lead in til omnicron hits..

    to go to your main point the well off being able to afford cheap bulk buys whilst poor people can’t is nothing new and the usual suspects care not one whit.

  2. Martyn in my opinion you picked a couple of bright sparks to comment on there. Mallard ( aptly named) has had no trouble fitting his feet in his beak on numerous occasions and Rawiri shows us he’s only interested in outrageous statements designed to get him into print and to get noticed. I’m not normally into “cancel culture” but I’ll make an exception here. If these two happen to cancel each other out that’s fine by me.

    • New view. Trevor Mallard has always been community focused in a way that Rawiri can’t be, he’s too tribal, and he may never forgive Mallard for denying him the opportunity to grandstand about the colonial oppressiveness of wearing a necktie, pathetic fellow; his Parliamentary debut was poor by any standards so it’s not surprising to see that there’s a University of Waikato connection there – they produce a disproportionate number of space oddities. ( Maybe cancel them too. )

      One of my kids offered to shop for elderly neighbours during the first lockdown the way that Mallard has, so I suppose that makes him a bad white man too.

      • I didn’t say mallard wasn’t community focused, and that doesn’t make him a good politician and parliamentary speaker. In my opinion, as the speaker he has at times shown bias in favour of the Labour government and on several occasions shown poor judgment in his dealings with parliamentary discipline. I’m sure there will be many who think he’s wonderful. I’m not one of them.

  3. It’s not Rawiri saying this is his missus.
    Another CRT scholar of the ‘Reinventionist Mellinial Maori” kind.
    Another one of those fuck-ups from Waikato Uni.

    She is his media person.

      • Nicola. I just visited the Waikato University website, trying to figure out why it is generally held in low regard and not taken very seriously within academia. If there is anything there about the purpose and function and raision d’être of the university, then I missed it – and I don’t want to revisit. It’s focus seems to be local/historical race relations, plus skills training, and that’s it – lifetimes away from the vision and idealism and pursuit of knowledge and learning upon which our first University, Otago, was founded.

        When a politician or a public figure’s behaviour is under par, clearly unfairly I assume that they’re a product of the University of Waikato, although some do manage to be idiots all by themselves.

  4. Iwas bemused at this report:
    But Opposition parties are accusing the government of making up the plan as it goes along.

    It shows just how petty and vacuous the National Party is (and apparently whatever Party Rawiriri and his sidekick belong to).

    The need to have a master plan based on current knowledge and reasoned modelling of the near future is essential, and that may require some revision. (Note that word includes ‘vision’ which is a pre-requisite). To keep themselves informed of changes and new and revised data is also essential for the government, and they need to act with logic on that, including preparing people for the need to be wary and of changes that will be awkward at least and upsetting ordinary life – quite likely. Self control will be needed, something that can be difficult for those that hang loose.

    • It shows just how petty and vacuous the National Party is (and apparently whatever Party Rawiriri and his sidekick belong to).

      There may be some sort of ‘private understanding’ between the two already? Luxon would need TPM onside if he’s to get over the line in ’23, and he knows that. His words in reply to someone’s questions recently were very carefully phrased, as if something like that was in the works. It included his own ‘hope to learn Te Reo’, though that wasn’t the main bit.

  5. Priorities. That’s the ticket.
    Ignore the rich and the politicians the rich they have in their pockets and listen to the health professionals.
    The madness that’s house prices is a logical fallacy designed to entomb us in debt which is merely a means of control IF WE LET THE BANKS CONTROL US. There’s nothing financially advantageous about dying of a disease if you’re the one that’s dead or dying.
    Close our borders. What, about that, is difficult to comprehend?
    We were c-19/delta free until a greedy arrogant narcissist returned from Australia with the virus. Then, he toured about spreading it without bothering to get tested.
    Can I humbly suggest giving this guy a go?
    Russell Brand.
    So… The Lab Leak “Theory” Just Got VERY INTERESTING.
    Nothing is the same as it was. Overall change isn’t coming, it’s here.
    AO/NZ is perfectly able to weather out the storms coming but the greed of the few will fuck us up. Just like they have done in the past and do so daily. Aye Boys?

  6. So we can expect the Labour Party and its PM to instruct Winz to send a 400 NZD check to all beneficiaries to buy food and other essential items.
    Any day now?
    yeah, nah nah.

    • I’ve always found that making up things for no better reason than to have something to criticise is at best unhelpful, and at worst, can create totally unnecessary friction, and lead to a worsening situation when things are already tense… So this is either just shit stirring for it’s own sake, or you are attempting to get people to believe utter rubbish that will just make everything worse than it already is…
      Either way, you show us that you are a part of our problem….

      • So we should not then ask that beneficiaries get some food voucher or money to buy food and supplies? that should just be for those that can afford it, and the other can all just get covid waiting in a line for a food parcel from charity?

        But i am the shit stirrer. Right. You know what, i am good with that.

  7. Thanks, Trev. So, what time have you set for that meeting with the PM and Robbo to twist their arms about this? You know, to ensure the GST is REMOVED ASAP from all essential food, medical and hygiene products.

    Of course you are about to do that Trev, because without such action, your encouraging words are all but m-e-a-n-i-n-g-l-e-s-s for so many people.

  8. That’s a great tweet by Mallard. That’s what left-leasing politicians should be doing – thinking about, even helping, the people. The rest is rubbish.

  9. I’ve been planning for the inevitable Omicron storm since December and advising family and friends to do the same and avoid the panic buying that we all know will soon unfold. Panic buying has occurred every time restrictions are put in place and on every occasion Ardern and Supermarket spokespeople have advised the public not to do it and how there is enough stock for everyone…..then not long after we see empty supermarket shelves, ongoing supply issues and less freedom in and around supermarkets.

    Things will be even worse this time with many supermarket workers and people in the supply chain having to isolate after becoming a close contact.

    I’m not a Mallard supporter but his advice on this occasion was 100% sound and prudent.

    Rawiri Waititi unfortunately, is a divisive and entitled ignoramus with huge chips on both shoulders.

  10. Don’t tell me, Ardern got a phone call from that balloon head at Pfizer who was concerned NZ wasn’t shifting enough of his product? Time for another scare campaign to coerce citizens into getting more ineffective vaccines, including peddling them to children, WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION?

    • It is rude to shout but it seems bing rude and unpleasant comes easily to the unvaxed and those against it. The mandates have been great as it has weeded out many of those in public service roles who think they are better than the rest and are selfish .

    • Jody In the very old pre-television days people used to turn out in droves to watch hangings. People can have the darndest ideas when you step back and look at them. Trying to save children’s lives and prevent them from getting sick from a virus that can lead to long covid and hard to treat outcomes is a good thing. That is unless parents are overwhelmed by their roles and need a chat to someone friendly and helpful over a cup of tea, which is quite possible. Or maybe, they are obsessives suffering from Munchhausen syndrome.

      Someone who has MSP may purposely take action to make their child sick. They knowingly will expose the child to painful or risky medical procedures, even surgeries. They may deliberately create symptoms in a child. They can do this by withholding food, poisoning or suffocating the child, giving the child inappropriate medicines, or withholding prescribed medicines. Creating these situations can put the child at extreme risk.

      Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy | Michigan Medicine › health-library

    • “more ineffective vaccines,”

      Oh dear, any proof these vaccines are ineffective or just more “fairies are real” syndrome. Proof Jody, proof?

      • you won’t get it bert for the simple reason they don’t have it

        all they have is a spoilt freedumb numpties refusing to take their codliver oil….like spoilt children….. if only mummy had been a pit stricter with ken and karen…ohhh wel

    • Thanks for the replies, it is good to draw out the loonies captured by totalitarian capitalism. You have the gall to mock me you idiots, at the same time as big pharma and government are injecting adults and kids with experimental drugs, the same companies who have been convicted of serious offences in the past and who are trying to withhold their scientific data for a hundred years. If you support this lot you need your fucking head read.

      • You condemn big pharmac but there are millions of us alive today due to the work these companies do . They do it for profit but that is the way of this World and it keeps on turning. To a degree all advances are an experiment and some are great others not so much .Polio vaccine great therlidomide poor just like asbestos when it was invented it was hailed as a great break through now years later we discover it has pitfalls.
        I suppose you may be found to be correct but will you live long enough to find out .?

  11. This whole comment thread is an epic of bitching over a tweet, how bizzare. I have to support Rawiri’s p.o.v. if you live in Sth Auckland or Kawerau or Moerewa, for example, and you have ten kids in your house and there is no choice of supermarket (just a choice of liquor store) stocking up may not be that straightforward.

    • yup the disadvantaged are disadvantaged deliberately by successive govts..but 10 kids does set a path…the choice is for the individual but don’t try to use them later as a bargaining chips…
      you can’t afford a car, you don’t have a car…same with gods angelic gifts.

  12. I like Trev. Loved the way as an expert boxer he decked Tau Henare when he insulted his missus. even if it was most unparliamentary behaviour and caused Michael Cullen to hold his head in his arms and say something like.’oh no! WTF have you done now Trevor?’

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