You know Brian Tamaki is going to call God as a witness

Brian Tamaki in custody explains to Jesus how hard its been of late and asks why bad things keep happening to him.

Brian Tamaki remanded in custody for alleged breach of bail conditions

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki – who was arrested this morning – has been remanded in custody.

Look, I enjoy the schadenfreude of Tamaki as much as the next atheist, but we are in brittle times – we shouldn’t be playing into his martyrdom because that’s what he wants & it just takes one religious lunatic convinced Jacinda is the Anti-christ & events can explode.

I fear we are giving him the wood and nails he wants and that we lack the nuance of action that doesn’t trigger a radicalized response.

Watching people gleefully demand his lynching for crimes against progress is NOT the response that will calm his followers.

Again, everything about Tamaki is awful, everything, but a liberal democracy isn’t threatened by his posturing, it’s tolerant of it.

Sure, punish him with fines, but don’t jail him. We are giving him the victimhood he wants and these are exceptionally fragile times.

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  1. 100% Martyn

    Notice how his ‘flock’ were all set up to make the biggest possible media splash as he went into jail?

    As PT Barnum once said “say anything you like about me, but spell my name right”

    • Djokovic’s expulsion from Australia, backed up by the justice system has finally given other leaders the spine to deal to threats to the whole population from a small group of nutters, Trump-rentacrowd and antivaxxers. The French Open for one, and the New Zealand Justice system for two; when self-ordained Bishop Tamaki repeatedly breached bail conditions. Plus Tamaki annoyed Cranmer Square residents in Christchurch, which is a fate worse than bail-breaking appearances, and disrupting cricket matches in the Auckland Domain

      It would not surprise me if Tamaki IS already vaxxed. Nothing reeks hypocrite more, than a televangelist being hauled off to the cop-shop from their tithe-sponsored,tax-exempt Televanga-mansion. Well, multimillionaire crying “Poor me” is a little more hypocritical! Except being vaxxed when you’re at a freedom rally.

      Tamaki was treated better than another rich hypocrite, namely Kim Dotcom. Kim Dotcom got helicoptered away from his ex-Chrisco mansion. The Tamakis were contacted and told to expect the police.

      Tamaki is a bit thick though. He can have the rallies, and all he needs to do is have someone else live-stream him for the multitude. He could even address the throng from inside the prison. He could call it “Sermon for the flock, from the Mount”. A one-time-tithe subscription should cover most of the costs, as well as help pay off the $14,000 fine from the Christchurch City Council.

      Upton Sinclair Quotes
      It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

      • Tell us what ya really think 🙂
        He’s the ultimate hypocrite as well – if only half his ‘flock’ knew. Him and Hannah – along with one or two of her ‘wee projects’

      • Cranmer Grandma.

        Your analogy using Dot Com as a great example, is when we became an undemocratic country. Jeremy you may wish to study our history.

      • ”Djokovic’s expulsion from Australia, backed up by the justice system has finally given other leaders the spine to deal to threats to the whole population”…

        Well, it has been shown that the Pifzer vaccine does appear to cause heart palpitations in otherwise healthy individuals, partially the young. And sterility issues. While Astra zeneca causes spinal cancers in some individuals. And now that omicron seems to be around as deadly as the common cold and displacing delta, this govt is encouraging yet another shot- the booster.

        ”It would not surprise me if Tamaki IS already vaxxed”…

        Conjecture and speculation, again , – citation needed.

        • “Well, it has been shown that the Pifzer vaccine does appear to cause heart palpitations in otherwise healthy individuals, partially the young. And sterility issues. While Astra zeneca causes spinal cancers in some individuals.”

          What exactly is the data? What does analysis of it’s significance tell us?

          ffs, why don’t you just throw out some cowardly insinuations using out of context data.

          Typical anti-vaxxer/konspiracy freak practice.

          • It has been shown that the Pifzer vaccine prevents serious illness/death from covid. Not sure how many per 100 suffer from what WK purports because he offers no data?

            • Rubbish, hasn’t been shown at all – otherwise – the peer reviewed science that supports your claim would be known and available to all of us.

          • In Martin van Beynen’s artcile, it appears that another Destiny pastor, called Derek Tait in Christchurch, chooses NOT to be vaccinated and therefore has no problem protesting about vaccination mandates. This man I have seen and heard from my balcony at his Cranmer Square Destiny meetings.

            “I personally am NOT getting COVID Vaccine,” he [Tait] wrote.
            “But that’s my choice/decision, no hate no judgement if you do get Vaccinated, each man (& women) have to make their own informed decision…. My faith in Christ & belief in the strength & health of my immune system means I don’t need it & if I did get it it would not harm me (sic).”

            However, in that same article, it appears that Pastor Derek Tait
            DOES in fact
            have a vaccination passport? But how?

            The owner of the outlet said Tait had entered his premises about midday on Tuesday. Tait, who wasn’t wearing a mask as apparently he has an exemption, showed the vaccine pass on his cellphone, holding it above the counter.

            “I said ‘I didn’t think you guys got vaccinated’. He [Tait] said ‘who told you that?’“ the business owner told Stuff.

            So, it appears that pastor Derek Tait either lied about not getting vaccinated. OR lied and had a vaccine passporton his cellphone.

            Time for Apostle Bishop Brian Tamaki to come out of his remand closet and ‘fess up, or castigate Derek Tait for lying, or stealing/faslifying someone else’s vaccine passport. At the same time, Apostle Brian Tamaki can state categorically whether he is vaccinated (or not) before the cock crows and he leaves remand prison.

            Otherwise, the QAnon overtones with Destiny are linked WWG1WGA – “where we go 1, we go all” ttps://

    • ”Notice how his ‘flock’ were all set up to make the biggest possible media splash as he went into jail”…

      Weeeeelllllll,… I guess they could have all sat back, had another beer and sausage on the barbie and stayed home,… tell me,… during the 1981 Springbok tour of NZ, many many church leaders were involved in the protests, inc Anglican ministers. Do they not have the right to protest govt policy as well? And if so [ and some of them were arrested] , does not Tamaki and his congregation?

      • The 1981 Springbok tour was not recognized as a worldwide health pandemic. Not sure how many died during the springbok tour?

    • he also said–(allegedly)

      no one ever lost a dollar by underestimating the intelligence of the american public

  2. Spot on Bomber. HOWEVER the corporate/institutional/governmental oligarchy we have on the moment is drunk on power and any threat however minor will be met by Jackboots. It’s symptomatic of the Western World ATM – look at the Tennis saga across the ditch. For the first time in about 35 years the majority (not vast majority) of people are looking for authority and we have developed systems (political, economic and social) that support and entrench this in the Western world.

    Tamaki is like an annoying little flea. Slap him with a couple of idiot fines and move on.

    This is the world we are living in. Sigh.

    • That drunkenness of power will not go on forever and will be met by public wrath eventually. There will be a group coming soon that stands up to this Jackboots power. Over the century this kind of power has always been overthrown read your history books people.

    • Agree with slap him a couple of idiot fines. And next time he does it, do that again. Trouble is, the way the system works, it’s not like the system we’ve read about in other parts of the world.

      Someone is killed, someone is arrested that day, the next day there’s a trial and that afternoon there’s an execution. Ideally, the first time Tamaki appeared he should not have got bail, the case should have been heard.

      If found guilty he should have been fined ten thousand or close to the maximum given the flagrancy. The second time round if found guilty $100,000. A third time? Jail. (Any monetary fine would be no problem, his supporters have deep pockets and it’d be God’s will for them to pay.)

    • Yep Frankie, a fine is suffice but make it a very large one and call it a “tithe” to the people who comply with New Zealand’s rules.

      • No disagreement from me. What is staggering is the slack and disorganized way we penalize non-compliance. Gayford’s DJ mate being a prime example. Across the ditch he would have been on the first plane home and given a DCM for 3 years.

    • the serb sportsman lied on his application frank, would you personally let people who lie on visa applications into NZ?

  3. There are very, very few things which a government must do to be considered legitimate. One of these is to allow peaceful protests.
    This goverment does allow peaceful protest during covid restrictions, but only for climate and BLM. If you want to protest AGAINST the government, you will be prosecuted.

    Welcome to the gulag

    • frankly glen you wouldn’t know ‘the camps’ (gulag is tha administration not the prison) if they bit you on the bum.

        • no WK we all know how people misuse it for effect..words are specificletters arranged in a specific way to convey a specific meaning(s), we call it language..
          inflation of meaning like ‘europian communist style socialist healthcare’ actually obscures meaning and defeats the propose of language..

          or as I suspect he doesn’t know the words meaning but just throws it around cos it’s what rightards do.

    • He wasn’t just protesting he was giving the middle finger to the justice system and repeatedly breaking his bail conditions. Glen, you need to read “Lord of the Flies” Glen, instead of “A day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch” (or it’s 2022 reprint “A day in the life of Novak Djokovic)”

      If you allow Facebook-inspired algorithms to take you down nutjob rabbitholes, that’s personal choice to be a fuckwit. If you allow a televangelist to build a huge mansion from a tax on the poor flock, that’s personal choice to be a hypocrite. If you allow Tamaki Inc. to break bail-conditions and get off without punishment, that’s anarchy. If you let him get away with it, then get rid of traffic lights, police, courts, laws and the 40-hour working week. His personal choice was to break his bail conditions and he would have been well-apprised of his legal responsibilities by his Tamaki Inc. lawyers

      We all know what Reductio ad Hitlerum means, thanks to Wkipedia breaking the monopoly on knowledge: Latin for “reduction to Hitler”), also known as playing the Nazi card, is an attempt to invalidate someone else’s position on the basis that the same view was held by Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party. One example would be that since Hitler was against smoking, this implies that someone who is against smoking is a Nazi.

      @Glen your Reductio ad Stalinum pretty much tries the same flawed argument. Turning the country into Stalinist Russia because Tamaki was arrested. But he broke bail conditions? Or “3 Waters is a communist plot” say the signs on the motorway out of Christchurch. But Cloud Ocean Water is bottling and selling drinking Christchurch aquifer water? We’ve seen the posters about communist Jacinda Ardern on ‘Groundswell’ tractors. When temperatures in New Zealand coastal waters are the highest on record?

      • ”If you allow Tamaki Inc. to break bail-conditions and get off without punishment, that’s anarchy. If you let him get away with it, then get rid of traffic lights, police, courts, laws and the 40-hour working week”…

        Welcome to 2022, the 40 hour working week no longer exists for the majority,…. which, BTW, – was a hard won privilege won not by the employers but by WORKERS in the TRADE UNIONS , – many of whom were beaten and imprisoned for daring to stand up for those rights. Like Tamaki’s bid for freedom to protest and have freedom of speech and oppose govt narratives.

  4. Arresting, and jailing a Male Maori leader for peaceful disagreement with the Government…who is next?

    • Exactly.
      Should there be one law for all those who break their bail conditions, and another law for Eftpostle Tamaki?

    • Terry. Yes, “ Kept breaking bail conditions “, and sooner or later he has to face some consequences. Jail won’t hurt him; if his pathetic hangers-on want to make a martyr of him, it will have less impact than the ripple of a trout stream. Who cares ?

    • Exactly!
      Give an inch to an idiot and they take a mile. Believe me I live in a body corporate. The scum rise to the top and stay there. For god sake I don’t want religious nuts rising to the top, he is trying to set up a witch hunt. He is just another sinister prick sneaking in behind religion, he is a predator. ‘ Give him a free ride and a job in government, he is sooo popular…..’ can’t anyone see a dangerous sneak when they see one anymore? Especially since a big fat book of bullshit has already been written for him to use. Again.
      I am sick of the same old rich boring farts ranting in this country, most have nothing to offer other than their status, no wonder no one can tell the difference anyone it’s wall to wall bullshit. Foghorns. Is it brainwashing or grooming that lets these people keep the attention?

    • Broke bail conditions?
      Why did he have bail conditions?
      Because he protested against the government.

      You support charges for people protesting the government? Or any protestors during a pandemic?
      BLM marched in a pandemic – No charges
      Climate protests in wellington in a pandemic- no charges.

      You have to look at your self and your beliefs. They are not conducive for a peaceful democratic society

      • If you get arrested for breaking a law then bail is often granted, there are also conditions for remaining in the community while on bail. He broke those conditions more than once so is reaping what he sowed. While I believe it is dangerous to let the majority decide on spiritual matters the bail issue is clear cut & he should have followed the advice to render to Caesar in the appropriate circumstances.
        There is nothing inherently wrong with protesting against the government however the way it is done makes all the difference. Using your logic someone could cause massive destruction & claim it is protesting against the government which would make it acceptable.
        A peaceful democratic society that you support needs rules that people obey to make it work.

        • Kinda hard to hold a demonstration or protest in lockdown. But I suppose you do it via skype. But somehow, that just doesn’t seem to cut the mustard regarding the courage of your convictions…

      • He wasn’t arrested for protesting. He was arrested for breaching covid rules by organising a mass gathering, when quantities of people gathering were restricted to curb the delta outbreak in Auckland. Quite different

      • Tamaki is/was, free to protest against the government. But there are “health & safety” requirements. Basically Tamaki is accused of breaking these.

        However let’s be honest, Tamaki is not protesting against the government, he is challenging the government. His whole manner and swagger is reminiscent of the events of a 100 years ago. The black shirts and brown shirts of Mussolini and Hitler. The bully boys, with their sunglasses and black shirts, designed to intimidate. Tamaki is a gangster, he runs an extortion racket disguised as a church. His place is in jail.

        And to top it off, he’s neither a Christian or a man if God.

        “…. He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”

        • “Health & Safety requirements” – you’ve hit the nail on the head. Government now has the excuse to do anything to its people, under the name of Health and Safety. This is real power, of the like that we haven’t even began to try and understand.

          As for Tamaki. He is nothing more than a convenient whipping boy. Nonetheless, the media can talk him up or pay him no heed whatsoever. It all depends on how government chooses to use him.

          • Okay so you could in theory hold a protest and drive cars on the road. All quiet legal, however as soon as you start driving dangerously/ recklessly/ carelessly etc one could say “health &safety”. Protesting doesn’t give you the right to endanger others

            • Fools errand, but I try again nonetheless. No one bar no one can point out someone who has been infected, therefore endangered, by a protest. No one! You have bought into an establishment-driven talking point here.

              Furthermore, we only have privileges now days, Terry. In the name of health and safety, rights have been kicked to the curb – most likely for good.

              • “In the name of health and safety, rights have been kicked to the curb – most likely for good.”

                Now whose been bought into an anti-establishment-driven talking point?

                • No mate, that’s everyday speak although I do get that just mentioning ‘rights’ can pigeon hole me. More importantly – the point itself – was not addressed….

                  • I agree, whose “right”, yours, mine, Tamaki’s? My right to attempt to be unaffected by covid or Tamaki’s right to protest against the right to become affected.
                    Has anyone on any given occasion of Tamaki’s protests been affected, who knows? Near misses are seldom calculated.

                    • In the name of health and safety, we now only have privileges, bert. Rights – in general – have been kicked to the curb.

        • I do not like the man.

          But, it appears you are allowed to protest in NZ if you are BLM or Climate protester. If you protest against the covid restrictions you will be prosecuted.

          Are you happy with this?

        • Well said Terry and he now proclaims to be N.Z’s first political prisoner. But as you say, he’s just another gangster and prison is their home.

          • Spot On Bert!
            Glen obviously attends Tamaki Inc church meetings (which is totally legal)
            Glen supports Tamaki Inc taking tithes from poor South Auckland folk (which is currently legal)
            Glen supports the tax-free status of Tamaki Inc. which is currently legal, but Britain amended this charitable tax loophole in the 1920s and ACT party leader David Seymour wants New Zealand to catch up and do the same. (,charitable%20purpose%20%E2%80%93%20they%20promote%20religion.&text=They%20would%20argue%20they%20do,in%20tax%2C%22%20Seymour%20said.)

            …. sorry I just dry-retched and had to go an compose myself, from having to agree with David Seymour

            Glen does not support BLM (which is a legal protest against kneeling on a black man’s neck for 9 minutes).
            Glen does not support Climate protests (which is legal protest against polluters raising carbon dioxide levels).

            Anything Glen agrees with is good, anything Glen disagrees with is bad

            Time to read “Animal Farm” again Squealer – Napoleon Glen!

            • Hardly. It is interesting to note that so many who claim to be on the ‘left’ suddenly roll out the traditional right wing ‘law and order’ card when it suits because their brand of government are now in control. Its called tribalism and is as blind as a bat.

              Worse, – displays the most blatant form of hypocrisy that Tamaki has now been accused of.

              The same crowd who once stood up for Dotcom, Snowden et all because their prosecutions to extradite occurred under john key are now the same crowd of self appointed prosecutors, judges and jury’s of Tamaki.

              I’m wondering where you all get off. Piling in on a guy you don’t like simply because its a Labour govt that’s in power yet you will conflate issues of ‘law and order’ when suits despite even if it threatens the very civil rights you purport to stand for.

              Hypocrites !!!

              You will post for civil rights for Nicky Hager and Martyn Bradbury but shit all over Tamaki, because you don’t like him and because your precious ‘left’ govt is in control. And anything they say is ‘Gospel’ in your eyes.

              What a joke.


      • Good call. No questioning of governmental pandemic measures allowed, henceforth, we will see nothing but pandemic after pandemic or emergency (climate emergency) after emergency from here on in. Unquestioned power is a hard, if not impossible position, to ever let go of.

        • Questioning of the government is allowed, what makes you think it isn’t? You just are not allowed to break the law without consequences.

          Tamaki can protest or demonstrate all he wants, but he must do so within the law.

          I like to wander around naked, & I have every right to do so, but the minute I leave my property I might just be in trouble…

          • Only official government Covid narratives are allowed. Anything outside of this, good luck trying to get that aired….

          • Can you please warn us when you are going to go around naked Terry!

            We’ll get Glen to organise a rent-a-crowd for you. Some will cheer your right to freedom. Some will cheer your bravery. Some will cheer and say what ‘fine clothes the Emperor Terry is wearing’. Some will be offended. Glen will support you because he’ll see a link to Tamaki Inc. You’ll get marriage offers. You’ll get people out there with telescopes and magnifying glasses. You’ll get pieces written about you on TDB.

            But, you won’t get 209 comments on the Daily Blog, which is probably in the Guinness Book of Records for most comments ever. Every right-whinger is out defending Bishop Tamaki’s right to do whatever he wants because God ordained him (with a little help from Tamaki Inc. Himself). Right now ‘the Bish’, is holding a sermon to himself and will be doing so for the next 40 days and 40 nights because he broke bail conditions.

            Glen and the rest here are defending Tamaki’s right to give the middle finger to the justice system for breaking bail conditions. The right, the Nats, ACT, Conservative Party, Billy TK and Groundswell MAGAs want anarchy and/or deaths from Covid, so they can attack Labour and the team of 5 million. I remember Judith Collins praying in church, on her knees, I dry-retched and wondered what she was praying for.

            Unfortunately Terry, I don’t think she was praying for you to get naked; but she’ll be smiling all the same that Tamaki is in jail. But, probably not smiling for the same reasons as I am. In Animal Farm, Moses the raven, sums up the Bish best:

            In the middle of the summer Moses the raven suddenly reappeared on the farm, after an absence of several years. He was quite unchanged, still did no work, and talked in the same strain as ever about Sugarcandy Mountain. He would perch on a stump, flap his black wings, and talk by the hour to anyone who would listen. “Up there, comrades,” he would say solemnly, pointing to the sky with his large beak–“up there, just on the other side of that dark cloud that you can see–there it lies, Sugarcandy Mountain, that happy country where we poor animals shall rest for ever from our labours!” He even claimed to have been there on one of his higher flights, and to have seen the everlasting fields of clover and the linseed cake and lump sugar growing on the hedges. Many of the animals believed him. Their lives now, they reasoned, were hungry and laborious; was it not right and just that a better world should exist somewhere else? A thing that was difficult to determine was the attitude of the pigs towards Moses. They all declared contemptuously that his stories about Sugarcandy Mountain were lies, and yet they allowed him to remain on the farm, not working, with an allowance of a gill of beer a day.

        • Many people have taken the government to court to protest the mandate and the governments pandemic handling and have lost. What you are advocating for is pure anarchy.
          Tauranga council put signs up to stop swimmers/surfers going into the water after the Tongan tsunami because of massive waves and sea surges. These signs were pulled down by the Tamaki’s of this world because it imposed on their freedoms. Even without an effect of a Tsunami we have had record drownings in N.Z. There is a reason for rules and regulations, you are just another who is clearly anti government or should I say pro rightwing!

          • Yeah well, the court system bends to government will, when needed. The first government lockdown measures showed us all this.

            Otherwise the issue here is the ability to question government. When we are not allowed to do this, then government is no longer working in our interests. Rampant censorship is a sign that something is wrong within the political sphere.

            Truth should never be afraid of examination…..

        • AO – questioning is allowed organising super spreader events that will kill kiwis isn’t…
          clear, good, now jog on….

  5. Agree. He’s playing to a script and unfortunately it’s going his way so far. Did anyone else hear the deluded eejit on the news claiming that he was “New Zealand’s first political prisoner”? Has he never heard of Rua Kenana? Te Whiti, Tohu and the Parihaka ploughmen?

    • Well he’s certainly no scholar but given the amount of people he’s duped and it seems a few on this site, he is simply a brilliant salesman.

  6. Lol, BT is a fool. They could have kept in jail on remand the first time he broke bail conditions, as would be the case for most offenders. Suck it up Brian

  7. No fan of Tamaki but locking him up for having a different view is a blight on democracy a larger blight on New Zealand and the so called Labour Government.
    Where is this country heading?

    • Is the country heading to where anyone can protest wherever they like, whenever they like, however they like regardless of others in the community?

      Is the country heading to where anyone who is placed on bail according to the judiciary applying the laws of the land as they are, can say “get stuffed, I will do as I like”?

      Is the country heading to where no-one is placed on bail? Arrested, charged, locked up until being dealt with in court? Because bail is meaningless.

        • “Did he kill someone?” No…but potentially he could have given the protests, thus making it an illegal action under the law. An intelligent man could have used a live social platform but alas his action has lead to him having a criminal record.

          My brother is a vehement anti mandate/Ardern person which is his right but he’s intelligent enough not to have a criminal record.

    • He can come on this site and have a different view and not be locked up. He broke the law, full stop. He believes he is not guilty and will get his chance to prove it. You’re clearly upset we have a Labour government, we get that. To answer your question this country is heading in the right direction, fixing 9 years of neglect.

      • ”He broke the law, full stop. He believes he is not guilty and will get his chance to prove it”…

        The same apparently, was leveled at Kim Dotcom under the john key govt. Esp on the Whaleoil site.

        • Er the govts first lockdown was deemed illegal, should the heavies come for Jacinda before or after the wedding?

          I’m amazed that lefties who normally cheer on those breaking the law, eg Greenpeace protests, the Waihopai Five are now suddenly are backing the government to become more authoritarian and to come down hard on protestors* (*caveat protestors they don’t like)

          Up is down, black is white…2 + 2 = 5

        • And my understanding is Dot Com’s case continues on, yet many have him convicted because JK said so, not the court.

  8. Wow, jail time for someone peacefully exercising their right to protest, this country really has been captured by big pharma. Ardern had the audacity yesterday to repeat her slogan “listen to the experts”, days after her partner had been caught not only impersonating an expert but making up government policy to advance his cause. Ardern further mocked those pushing back on her vaccination of children (if they haven’t become ill from Covid in two years then they probably aren’t going to) by suggesting information or opinions antithetical to her worldview are ‘alleged’. We should hold her partner and his alleged facts to the same standards, and fight those censoring scientific debate while destroying civil society, whose sins under God and law are far greater than Tamaki’s. Forgive them Brian, they know not what they do.

    • FFS Ethan
      “(if they haven’t become ill from Covid in two years then they probably aren’t going to)”

      The reason they haven’t become sick, you moron, is because we have a socially responsible government who looked at the Covid carnage what was happening overseas, they listened to advice from WHO and scientists and modelers and took action. Listening to experts isn’t a slogan, it’s a modus operandi to keep us all safe.
      Wake up, stop reading Facebook posts that take you down algorithmic rabid-holes and slap yourself. We won’t forgive you, because we know exactly who you work for, and your motives.

      Then watch and learn all you need to know about protesting against Covid.

  9. Yeah..?Nah…?
    I’m not sure I’m comfortable with Tamaki’s imprisonment either.
    Ok, he raises rabbles, he insights bible bashers into fits of feverish prayer but imprisoning him effectively turns him a martyr and lets face it. God bothers love a good martyr.
    And what happened to freedom of expression? And the right to protest? And you can’t tell me that those kinds of things don’t come without the risk of harm, mayhem, murder, burning cars, wailing sirens and great photo ops.
    Despite my thinking he’s a money fetishist using God/s to turn over ‘good coin’ I still have a shadow of a doubt lurking in the back of my mind.
    The photograph above, however, is beyond fabulous. That hair? How? Why? ‘The Faith Tones’ ! OMG. That, has made my day.
    Seen ‘Mars Attacks’?

  10. When I see Tamaki saying with a straight face the devastating Kaikoura earthquakes were God showing his displeasure at homosexuality I smile. In these more enlightened days it’s staggering and perhaps even humourous to see such blatant homophobia and Neanderthalic numbskullery being expressed to mainstream NZ Media. Even Hitler knew when to STFU with his outrageous Antisemitism.

    That’s where the smiling ends however. I sincerely believe Tamaki is a very dangerous individual in the same mould as Jim Jones and David Koresh.

    It’s no coincidence to see the type of toothless followers he has that were the perfect candidates to be manipulated, brainwashed and mind fucked by an ego manic that will happily oblige and convince them it’s snowing outside when it’s a 30 degree sunny day.

    The “Man up” programme was the perfect recruiting ground for Tamaki. Almost all of the recruits have a long history of drug addiction and violence. Must of us understand Tamaki “protects” himself with fairly intimidating men and only allows himself to be spoken to or even arrested when it suits him. He clearly believes he is well above the law and has batshit crazy followers who will happily lay down in traffic for him. That fellow daily bloggers is a very dangerous combination.

    It is zero surprise to see him now riding a Harley Davidson and wearing the black leathers displaying patches. This obviously adds to his feeling of immense power and being untouchable while attempting to intimidate his targets.

    The NZ Government have added to his power by legitimizing him as a charity at the very same time he amasses great wealth, undermines our democracy and takes the piss out of every sacrifice the majority of Kiwi’s have made during this pandemic. His charity status must be the biggest piss take of them all.

    No wonder Tamaki was aghast when Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis had the audacity to refuse gifting more funding to him to run the Man Up recruiting programme in NZ Prisons.

    The Destiny Church founder has been vocal about what he says is the success of the 15-week programme to help “dysfunctional” men with a record of violent offending and addiction.

    Most of not all of the men involved also used intimidation to gain control over their targets. That same dynamic is being encouraged by Tamaki who now leads them.

    Tamaki has repeatedly criticised the Government for not funding him to deliver his programme in New Zealand prisons, despite never making a formal application as part of the Corrections tender process.

    Davis said there was no verified, independent research showing the programme has achieved success, and lashed out at Tamaki, calling his claims duplicitous.

    I feel to best understand the alleged concern of Tamaki about “Freedom” etc we need context. There is hypocrisy on display by Tamaki at every turn. He uses the system for his own enormous gain all day every day and then ridicules and undermines that exact same system also for his own gains and motivations.

    Imagine an ego maniac standing in front of adoring worshippers and how that feeds his ego and perceived power. Then imagine a dynamic unfolding during a pandemic where the Government had the audacity to restrict large gatherings to prevent the transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Tamaki would have suffered horrendous withdrawals. An enormously entitled egomaniac would be desperate to change that dynamic but how? FREEDOM….haha yea right. The man couldn’t possibly care less about the freedom. His taking the piss protests during the lockdowns not only laughed in the face of the sacrifices we were all making but would have undoubtedly contributed to the further spread of a highly transmissible disease. That would ensure an even longer lockdown. How does that assist New Zealanders freedom? I choose the freedom of not ending up in Hospital or dead due to a potentially deadly virus. I choose that freedom for my family also. Tamaki is remarkably now an expert on Covid and the Vaccine. What a shock that his perspective exactly mirrors his need for “freedom” and ignores the needs of everyone else. How many people has Tamaki influenced against vaccination and all-important compliance of restrictions?

    Any of you remember the Kenyan musician Peter Mwai in the 1990’s? He was confirmed as having HIV in May 1993 yet continued having unprotected sex with numerous Auckland women. Peter Mwai also valued his freedom regardless of the cost to others. He caused horrendous harm and was sentenced to 7 years Prison. He was then deported. I draw a parallel as it is still illegal in 2022 to knowingly act in a manner that will cause illness and potential death to others.

    Tamaki’s “Freedom Protests’ are a mixture of feeding his ego, taking the piss and feeding his quest to be the new “Messiah”. He is now a martyr to his mind fucked toothless supporters. He would have been 20 ft tall seeing his followers doing a haka yesterday. That haka was not only for him. Those involved obviously wanted others to see. People such as the Police, the courts, the Government and the rest of us. It was an enormous fuck you!

    We can celebrate the cockroach being held in custody which he had to be after relentlessly mocking strict bail conditions. Many of us would also celebrate him being “educated” in the big house but it won’t happen. People in jail know only too well that if Tamaki gets toweled up they will have a big target on their head. Bad arses outside of jail always have bad arse contacts in jail. Tamaki will be very safe there and a protected species. I’m certain it is win win for him. He gets to sign up more recruits with a mostly toothless lot who understand freedom better than most. His followers on the outside will happily play their roles in showing NZ their Messiah is super human.

    The NZ Government must stop being kind and empowering Tamaki. With Omicron already in the community or very close to it they must put a stop to this dangerous nonsense. Having the NZ Police standing by while these eggplants do whatever they fucking like must stop. Apart from the obvious risks posed Tamaki and co are continuing to make a complete mockery of all the sacrifices made by so many of us. Imagine being prevented from being with your dying father due to the risks despite being fully vaccinated and having multiple recent negative test results. Then imagine hundreds of unvaccinated expert-novices protesting shoulder to shoulder while wearing no face masks yet the Police just standing by and watching. Our “democracy” becomes a sick joke worthy of contempt only. Hello Poto Williams.

    The Police know exactly when and where the protests are. Set up a detention centre nearby and gather as many sworn police officers as possible in the area.

    The charity status of Tamaki must be immediately reviewed and revoked.

    Fight fire with fire.

    “An eye for an eye”

    Exodus 21:23–27 expressing the principle of reciprocal justice measure for measure.

    • “The Police know exactly when and where the protests are. Set up a detention centre nearby and gather as many sworn police officers as possible in the area.”

      Detention camps = Gulags, Re-eduction Centres, Concentration Camps. I guess you want them some where on the Auckland Islands in the deep SOuther Ocean?

      Will they do the same for ALL protests? Or only those that the State disagrees with?

      That is probably the most scariest post ever. Tamaki is being processed according to the rule of law. Lets see how that comes out before you ask for the Gulags, Re-Education Centre and Concentration Camps to be set up.

      As for Police? Hahaha, they are 1200 strong. Currently their numbers will be reduced by 20% who are going to be stood down due to no vax. Police are short staffed by around 1000 front line enforcers. (compared with Australian population to police figures)

      I guess your next call will be the recruitment of “Special Constables” to deal with any malingerant.

      Wonder if they will go after gangs as hard as they are going after Tamaki? Nah, too hard, too risky, too racist.

      The other question to be asked from the Big Man is when will the inmates be released from State care? After how many years and after what “education”? Or will they be humbled by over work and underfed, just like North Korean camps?

      • detention centre ie holding before charging, gerrit…not detention camp thus the rest of your fevered rant falls apart….

        thank you for your custom, please try again.

    • Are you really comparing people protesting (or even 100 people spaced out in a park having a picnic while discussing government mandated discrimination) with the deliberate spreading of HIV?

      Let me guess, you vote Green?

      One more thing, what do you think of Russia or China when they round up protesters? Why does it only appear to be protesters who protest the government, and not for any other issue?

      Maybe take the eye patch off and realise even a stopped clock is right twice a day

      • Glen,

        I guess you didn’t see my previous input where I described the Green Party is utterly irrelevant and the quintessential chocolate fireguard?

        Experience has taught me that debating with anti vax / anti mandate / anti lockdown brigade is absolutely futile. They are expert- novices that get their “knowledge” from Google , YouTube and even expert-novice Brian Tamaki.

        Protesting is a right I strongly endorse under normal circumstances. I strongly support the nurses strike for example. I spoke with Jonathan Coleman early in 2016 when he was the National Party Minister of Health. He could have lived 5 lifetimes and would never have budged on his stance on pay rates and working conditions for nurses. Striking was always going to get the job done but only when you had a Government that gave a fuck about something other than the illusion of a rock star economy.

        Lockdowns were the most effective weapon at the time against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Anyone who protests against the lockdown was an eggplant with their head stuck up their arse. Covid was killing people in their millions around the planet and in ghastly circumstances most wouldn’t wish upon their worst enemy. Protesting against a lockdown under those circumstances during a pandemic is akin to protesting against having your life potentially saved and the life of your friends and family.

        Another vitally important aspect of such protests are they become spreader events. If a protestor wants to protest then do so in a way and place that won’t result in the freedom of others being flushed down the shitter. That is the epitome of selfishness.

        The big problem started when the vaccine arrived. Mandates are essential when you have a small minority deciding for whatever reason they don’t want the vaccine. It’s been proven scientifically that the viral load in an unvaccinated person carrying the disease is significantly more than in a vaccinated person carrying the virus. As a result, the unvaccinated are not just a danger to themselves but to others including the vaccinated. That is especially so now when we need a third jab to give us 70% protection against Omicron.

        People not getting vaccinated is fine with me as long as they agree to certain things. Don’t enter premises where you can cause serious health issues for those that have been vaccinated for the greater good and have earned their freedom during a pandemic and the right to enjoy a drink or a meal without being infected by an unvaccinated person.

        Agree not to travel on an aircraft where the risk of exposure is greatly increased.

        Agree not to seek hospital treatment when they get sick as they risk overwhelming our health system. I want the freedom of my vaccinated loved ones to be treated promptly when they become ill rather than have to wait longer while the unvaccinated who chose their freedom are treated.

        Bottom line is we are in a pandemic and we are a community. Common sense must apply. It’s just not going to work having a bunch of unvaccinated people demanding they have the same choices and freedoms as the vaccinated. The freedom of the unvaccinated comes with a price tag that they are demanding is paid for by the vaccinated. When the unvaccinated hold their finger up and tell the system to fuck off, they are also telling everyone who got vaccinated to fuck off.

        Where do you stand on smoking in vehicles while non smokers are in the same vehicle? Is it reasonable for smokers to blab on about their freedom of choice and smoke anyway?

        • I asked about protesting and got your fear porn.

          I hear covid cant get you if you hide under the bed. Maybe stay there and let those who aren’t living in fear make rational decisions on your behalf

            • Can you please stop for 1 second and reflect on the fact you support jailing peaceful protesters. Just like china, russia, turkmenistan, afganistan and all the other places where fundamentalists like you are giving the power to remove other peoples rights.

              Please call me stupid, because you can’t argue the facts and we all know that name calling makes your argument stronger………

    • Thinking-Man. Thanks. It’s a while since I’ve been in Cranmer Square, but it was a quiet peaceful place, with ordinary people living quiet lives, and they had the freedom to do so, until Brian and his bunch of hoons denied them that freedom by disturbing their peace, and making them martyrs, through no fault of their own.

      Now it’s the podgy leather Bish’s turn to be a martyr, and why not ? Brian can proclaim any belief he wants, but when his actions impact unfairly on others, and when he flouts the rule of law, enough is enough.

      • And surely if Tamkai has the “right” to break the law, the police have the “right” to arrest him. Seems fair to me.

    • Well, that was a tirade.

      ”I sincerely believe Tamaki is a very dangerous individual in the same mould as Jim Jones and David Koresh”…

      You do realize that in the USA Anton Le Vey formed the first Satanic church, and, law enforcement were/are interested in offshoots from that church conducting criminal activity’s. From child molestations to tax fraud. And that’s only one famous example, -as for Koresh and Jones they are a poor comparison as both stated their intentions long before they led their people into oblivion. Tamaki has done none of the above.

      Tamaki’s church has many Maori, many of whom come from broken homes, gangs, addictions and by and large, have provided a supportive environment for healing and family living. Perhaps that’s why you have in your minds eye ‘intimidating men’. I would also posit that not all in his congregations are ‘ numbskulls’ or believe every thing he says. Preachers make mistakes, – as do politicians.

      ”Imagine an ego maniac standing in front of adoring worshippers and how that feeds his ego and perceived power. Then imagine a dynamic unfolding during a pandemic where the Government had the audacity to restrict large gatherings”

      You can’t have it both ways. Many church leaders have found it difficult , – as have businesses. In fact, Businesses have been the most vocal on lockdowns but because they are a ‘safe’ group, – receive positive media coverage. Whereas Tamaki is a soft target for any and all who dislike his Christian brand. I’m not so keen on him myself, – but why the double standard? Because he and thousands of others disagree with draconian measures, a late vaccine roll out then an unceremonious back pedaling when it was found lockdowns had become untenable? And I would say a million frustrated Aucklanders is sufficient to illustrate my point. Tamaki and his followers were simply more vocal because they had a foundation from which to work from. Individual Aucklanders less so.

      ”the sacrifices we were all making but would have undoubtedly contributed to the further spread of a highly transmissible disease. I choose the freedom of not ending up in Hospital or dead due to a potentially deadly virus. I choose that freedom for my family also”…

      And you also choose the govt narrative. And you also fear any govt consequences. Be honest. And yet the vaccine is proven to not stop the spread of the covid virus. Thus the 3 month booster shot,[ which wont be effective against omicron apparently so your back to square one]. As for omicron , it seems that is about as ‘deadly’ as the common cold. Children in South Africa presented at hospitals with unrelated illness and injury and were found to have omicron yet it didn’t bother them. All they had was a runny nose, some,… a sore throat.

      ”mind fucked toothless supporters”

      Are you really that sure some are not more intelligent than you?

      ”We can celebrate the ‘cockroach’ being held in custody which he had to be after relentlessly mocking strict bail conditions”

      And by simply attending some gatherings in which he didn’t speak he deserved to be prosecuted then locked up? My oh my, … that seems to be a very thin grip on democracy and civil rights you seem to have. Echo’s of jonh key and Kim Dotcom???

      ”That haka was not only for him. Those involved obviously wanted others to see. People such as the Police, the courts, the Government and the rest of us. It was an enormous fuck you!”

      And so would you attribute the haka’s performed at the foreshore and seabed protests during Helen Clarkes tenure or any of the many other haka’s performed in protest such as Don Brash’s Orewa speech et al as simply done for the protest leaders ego’s?

      ”People in jail know only too well that if Tamaki gets toweled up they will have a big target on their head. Bad arses outside of jail always have bad arse contacts in jail. Tamaki will be very safe there and a protected species”…

      And you would prefer ???

      Kate Sheppard , Scots born, NZ suffragette, taught Sunday school and attended Trinity Congregational Church. I wonder what she would think of this. I’m sure Kate had her fair share of detractors and rotten egg throwers as well. Was she a rabble rousing egomaniac too? Or did she stand up against an oppressive patriarchal society that denied women the vote and paid them less for the same job as men? Perhaps you too, would have been one of her detractors back in day?

      ”Our “democracy” becomes a sick joke worthy of contempt only”

      Exactly. And this precisely what this is all about. Freedom to choose and freedom to have a different opinion and exercise that right.

      I also note that when Lauren Southern came here with her fellow racist spokesman, I advocated banning them come here. Because of the virus of racism and the damage it would do and the mess we would have to clean up after they left. However, those on the Left insisted that we could ‘debate them’ and they should have been allowed to come. In retrospect I suppose they were right. Citing ‘freedom of speech’, they convinced me perhaps that was best. So now if people just as informed but with another set of information that challenges the official narrative speak their mind, – are they to be labeled ‘numskulls’, ‘manipulated, brainwashed and mind fucked’, ‘batshit crazy’, ‘mind fucked toothless lot’ , ‘eggplants’?

      Is that your definition of a ‘democracy’? Smear campaigning someone you don’t like and disagree with? I can only say its a brave new world we are heading into. East meet West, Fascism meet Communism. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,… just don’t disagree because the gulags are filling up fast.

      • wild katipo

        “”mind fucked toothless supporters”

        “Are you really that sure some are not more intelligent than you? ”

        I’ve seen the banners these dropkicks carry. I’ve seen them interviewed. I’m sure there are some amongst then that have a higher intelligence quotient than myself but collectively they are eggplants. No face mask, no vaccination and walking shoulder to shoulder with similar folk. Have they not seen what’s been happening around the world to millions of people? Experts believe the true number of Covid deaths now exceeds 21 million. The answer given by this chap with multiple teeth missing who looked like he left school at age eleven was that GOD will save him. If he gets Covid GOD will cure him. Really? Where was GOD while all the other tooth fairy believers were dying?

        Next toothless protestor was adamant Vitamin C would protect him from ever getting Covid. Really? I wonder why the scientific and medical world are not advocating that as a primary protection / cure.

        Perhaps he’s not aware that Vitamin C can only be stored in small amounts by the human body, is water soluble and is excreted via urine.

        A little bit of knowledge can be very dangerous especially with fuckwits that would happily follow their pied piper off a cliff. Yes, I have contempt for the whole fucking lot of them that arrogantly believe they know more than the scientific world because their leader has filled their empty heads with bullshit. There is no coincidence about the caliber of many Tamaki supporters.

        They completely undermine all the sacrifices most of us have made for the greater good. Do you think they give a flying fuck about the “freedom” of the fully vaccinated while protesting? These protestors are worthy of contempt only.

        I’d be interested to hear what Messiah Brian believes caused Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai to erupt and the resulting carnage? Was it the same cause as the devastating Kaikoura earthquakes? God apparently angry at homosexuals. Is there anything Tamaki could say that would result in his followers thinking WTAF?

        Meanwhile, Messiah Brian laps up the attention and basks in it. The nauseating Kardashians have more mana than look at me look at me!!! Brian Tamaki.

        • “A little bit of knowledge can be very dangerous especially with fuckwits that would happily follow their pied piper off a cliff. Yes, I have contempt for the whole fucking lot of them that arrogantly believe they know more than the scientific world because their leader has filled their empty heads with bullshit. There is no coincidence about the caliber of many Tamaki supporters.”

          This has to be one of the greatest and most accurate comments on this site!

  11. Tamaki is an opportunist hack who thinks it is okay to flout the law when it suits him – no better than the gangsters he recruits to his ‘flock of seagulls’. His feeble minded supporters diligently follow his every word without any filter – critical and evidence-based thinking be damned, instead flock for your latest ‘booster’ of the Destiny verbal vaccine.

    Tamaki was arrested for ongoing breaches of bail – just like any citizen. Why should he have rights above anyone else? Certainly can’t be merit based – of course, Tamaki’s popularity is faith based on a ‘true’ story.

    • ”Tamaki was arrested for ongoing breaches of bail – just like any citizen”…

      Indeed, – just like Michael Joseph Savage and many leaders of the early Labour party were. Are you still glad of the legacy those criminal law breakers left NZ such as hospital, schools, dams and state houses?,… Or would you have preferred the poverty and destitution on offer from the other lot?

  12. Good comments and thanks Thinking Man.
    Now that the ‘arrogantistocrats’ like Novak, Brian, Andrew and hopefully Boris are getting their come-uppance I’m running out of schadenfreude sandwiches and popcorn. They’re all very naughty boys.

    • Don’t you think the arrogance is coming from the vaxed towards these people?

      They appear to think its Brian Tamaki that is stopping them from seeing their family in hospital.

      No. That is government policy that is doing that.

      You can never comply your way out of tyranny. But i see you are still trying.

      • Government policy is trying to keep you alive, do you deny this? Tamaki is protesting pro life and arrogantly dismisses the law.

        Tell me Glen what do you think of Tamaki’s statement that ” the devastating Kaikoura earthquakes were God showing his displeasure at homosexuality”?

        • i disagree with Tamaki an virtually everything, except that protesting is a human right. Any government that removes that right is illegitimate.

          • I agree but in this case the Government has the right to pass law to keep people alive, his protests are therefore anti life.

      • ozzys full with unvaxxed is what we see across the world glen unvaxxed who’s sometimes serious self inflicted illness denies hospital beds to others who need them…contend that assertion…no you can’t
        and yes govts especially the nats have continually grossly underfunded health.

  13. So, he was jailed for organising peaceful events which could have been super-spreader event, BUT, the Government super Saturday vaxx events could have been super-spreader events as well.
    Jailing him is sending a message to all NZers, the message is: Agree with us, or else!

    • ”So, he was jailed for organizing peaceful events which could have been super-spreader event, BUT, the Government super Saturday vaxx events could have been super-spreader events as well”…

      Very, very , very astute observations!

      • A very fuckwitted observation! Have you or Nathan bothered to assess how the management of the two events is significantly different? Thought not.

        • AOM, I saw both events in Auckland, BT organised, and super Saturday vaxx government organised.
          BT event had fewer masks, but some masks…it seemed social.
          Government event had more masks, loud music, heaps of red balloons, red t-shirts…it seemed political

  14. tamiki is a politician and a cheap 3rd rate grifter, tax his business(it’s not a church) like any other, if he want’s to dabblr in politics then let him pay….

    …. though in fairness he’ll just raise tithes on the poor and ignorant who form his ‘ministry’ because hey

    ‘god and his only son the lord jesus christ came to me his humble servant brian in a vision and he did say unto me,,yes brian you deserve another harley whilst your congregation lives in poverty ‘HALLELUJAH’

  15. ”Sure, punish him with fines, but don’t jail him”.

    Exactly, but I say for different reasons. I know of a couple who are un- vaxxed, – one, – as a teacher lost her job over it. She taught special needs students. Loved them. They went to church, one with a mezzanine floor. Vaxxed upstairs, un vaxxed downstairs. After the service, a middle aged woman from the vaxxed quarters took it upon herself to spray with disinfectant and armed with a cloth to clean up where the un vaxxed sat. She felt she had to clean up where the lepers sat. I guess she felt that any potential Ebola carriers must be neutralized. And after 2 years of propaganda in every sphere of mass comms who could blame her?

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud as he only had radio and mass gatherings at Nuremburg and pamphlets to deliver his message. These days we are far less crude. Well, my point is not all those who choose not to take the jab are poorly informed. Whether one hates or loves Tamaki is up to you.

    The danger I speak of is that when you imprison, harass, pass laws against and deny a sector of society and deny them the rights and privileges of other members of society , you effectively create a second class citizenry. Like Hitler did. One aspect of all this, is that Brian Tamaki has been imprisoned for exercising his [ alleged] right to protest in a so called democracy. Like Hitler did. And , in a way, has been met with similar treatment to strikers under Prime Minister William Massey and his mounted constabulary. Without the meter long Manuka batons his ‘Cossacks’ used.

    Tamaki turned up at some gatherings yet didn’t speak yet was still singled out. It also seems that like Novak Djokovic, that both the Australian and NZ govts are afraid of any opinion that may challenge their narrative. Covid is hardly the Spanish Flu. And has killed far less than the annual seasonal flu in this country. And that, – was even BEFORE any vaccines were rolled out. It would appear there are many health difficulty’s with these poorly tested and rushed vaccines, heart issues and sterility issues for the Pfizer, spinal issues for Astra Zeneca to name a few. Those who are old enough recall the Thalidomide vaccines which country’s were assured was totally safe, yet proved to be horrific to so many young children.

    It may be a difficult ‘pill to swallow’ and I care tuppence for your political tribalism, yet we all love to pile in on neo liberalism, which globally and in this country has caused the deaths of millions through poverty, lack of affordable medical treatment etc as it is an acceptable topic,- yet why the censorship on dialogue on covid? One red flag for me was the statistics whereby govts in pushing the covid narrative was the constant omission of comorbidity’s. Such as preexisting conditions like age, heart disease, cancer and its immune lowering treatments, pneumonias, malnutrition – a myriad of mitigating circumstances and whereby covid was simply ‘tacked on the end’ and treated as a ‘covid statistic’.

    Apart from all that, – there are 29,000 registered businesses that have folded because of lockdowns. That is not including unregistered such as sole traders etc. That’s a lot of unemployed people, lost mortgages and family homes…not to mention massive social upheaval.

    If these vaccinations are truly effective, then you have nothing to fear. But why the need for 3 month booster shots? We know the virus is a rapidly mutating thing, – yet omicron for all its fear inducing political posturing is reported as a very, very mild variant that seems to be displacing delta. Not much more than the common cold. And which could, …be the answer we are looking for regards natural immunity rather than costly and inefficient booster shots that don’t really seem to do much at all and puts us all on an eternal treadmill of constant booster shots.

    The world has undergone far more deadly pandemics than covid. The Spanish flu death toll for example was around 50,000,000 by comparison. Covid is a joke compared to the Spanish influenza of 1918-20. Interestingly, the Spanish flu lasted for 2 years, then morphed into many of the variants we have today, – which are far less lethal.

    So,… imprisoning people because they protested and may have had valid reasons to do so in a modern democracy , seems a tad draconian to me, whether they are Brian Tamaki or not. We just may rue the day and look back in shame at how we meted out our legal and social judgements on our fellow New Zealanders.

      • Not exactly so.

        ”Thalidomide is a drug that was developed in the 1950s by the West German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal GmbH. It was originally intended as a sedative or tranquiliser, but was soon used for treating a wide range of other conditions, including colds, flu, nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women”…

        • not a vaccine WK you show that ‘do your own research’ consists of a youtube video by american doctor of theology running a grift on the gullible..hey ‘blue men’ wanna buy some yummy colloidal silver…… you a glossy coat and a wet nose too.

    • Bravo WP

      If this is a health crisis, then why is it that we don’t need to show any documentation of being healthy, only documentation of being compliant.

    • So are you suggesting a worldwide pandemic is no more than a seasonal flu? Do you know we vaccinate against the seasonal flu. ?
      If so, what is your medical degree?

  16. Has Tamaki yet come out and said that the terrible events in Tonga were some sort of omen from God about what was to happen to him?

    • Its not that. Its the manner in which those who choose to exercise freedom of speech and the peaceful right to protest are being closed down, arrested and imprisoned under the auspices of the state apparatus. And the sheep who always lag far behind the issues pile in and say hear, hear ! They tell me it happened in Germany some 70-80 years ago too.

      Now!,… Back to the beer, steaks and barbie.

      ” Please pass the tomato sauce”.

      • For heaven’s sake – get off your disingenuous bandwagon. How many times does it have to be spelled out that Tamaki’s current situation is of his own making. He knew full well what the consequences would be if he continued to breach Court Orders. That he decided the consequences were worth making the statement, that is his right too. If you are prepared to follow Tamaki’s lead and ready to make a similar sacrifice for the cause, then do so. However, don’t try to lay the blame on the Government because of your crusade. The overwhelming majority are more likely to subscribe to the path the Government is treading to minimise the effects of the virus that is causing so much damage internationally. If not, there is the next election to overturn the the Government and its current public health induced restrictions.

      • I went and got a loaf of bread under armed guard at Pak N Save yesterday, so Germany like, bahahahahahaha! Drinking Koolaid anyone?

  17. oh excuse me…I thought this was a copyright dispute over who owns the ka mate haka….must be on the wrong page..

    • Ya,- its not the TTPA protests with recognized leaders and droopy nosed john key being responsible for sparking it off. Its dahling Jacinda this time round with her ” I feel for you but I wont do anything” looks into the camera. Neo liberals ‘soft cop’ routine.

    • Nope it’s not, but it made the daily mail and featured his supporters doing their haka (sorry, te Rauparaha’s haka) which raised more woke ire than the thought of small children being vaccinated with untested cocktail.

    • Get that sneaky Covid to show its face and we WILL fight it. In the meantime its guerilla attacks require an alert defensive posture. Keep well and be ready to fight another day with neoliberal callousness and climate change;’s harshness. Callousness and harshness – getting vaccinated is accepting a gift from the government so you can stay strong and deal with our continuing problems goindg into our futures.

  18. is BT and his family vaxxed?
    he won’t say,
    claims vax hesitance…
    bet he is vaxxed up the whazzo.. that’s why he won’t say..

    let his followers die while he rakes it in is his motto, he saw a bandwagon and jumped on it for personal profit.

  19. It’s great how some are exercising their right to free speech and protest peacefully. Let’s see if we can get thousands roused to protest at vaccine centres at those exercising their right to get vaccinated or are taking their kids to get vaccinated. We could scare the crap out of the kids and learn them really good that having medical stuff put in your body is bad.

  20. The wannabe Pope & fake Bishop, Brian Tamati, should count his lucky stars he’s not in the lucky Country of Australia? Because if he had of been, his dumb, stupid, moronic ass would have immediately been thrown in a Detention Centre for a indefinite jail term! Look at how Australia treated Djokovic, the World’s #1 Tennis Player? He was deported from Australia, not because of his Vax status but because the Govt accusation that he committed Thoughtcrimes (Google it if your want to know what it means)? NZ is a soft touch compared to Australia, at least Tamaki has rights in NZ, something Australian’s don’t have because they have been stripped of their free will & free choice due to their mad Govt’s Totalitarian Covid response & authoritarian overreach!

    • And the only reason we don’t do that here yet, enforce this mandate by sending uniformed boots on the street is because our government is gutless.

      Vote Labour 2023, no guts, no glory.

    • The problem could be in framing laws.

      Should we have ,”You can protest about anything, anywhere, anytime, in any way” or the other end of the line, “No protests are allowed”?

      Does it have to be only one of the extremes or is there an in-between? If there is an in-between where is that, what defines that?

      I can agree with heads needing checking for cheering as the state locks people up for protesting. Maybe the judge(s) who dealt with Brian Tamaki’s initial case thought “Hell, you can’t lock people up for protesting, you’d need your head read to do that.” So he allowed bail. And the second judge the same. The third judge? What specifically did that judge have to consider? “Mr Brian Tamaki is charged with protesting”?
      And ponder chucking him in jail for that?

      Being pedantic? Certainly, but necessarily. Not being pedantic and appreciating nuances is the stuff of appeals.

      • Peter, it’s like having a battle of wits with unarmed opponents.

        Even holding Glen’s, Andy’s, XstraightXedgeX’s by collective ears, and using monosyllables, the nuance between legal right to protest, breaching Covid Health Orders and wilful breaching of bail conditions is lost in the vapid eyes, selective hearing and deliberate obfuscation

        It’s impossible to get anything through the brains [sic.] & spinning fog of Facebook algorithms, or the evil religious brain-washing by the grifting cult, or inspired by the myopic Dirty Politics rentacrowd on here, on Magic Talk and on Groundswell posters.

    • Don’t obfuscate – you are not so fucked in the head that you have to maintain the pretense that Tamaki has been imprisoned for protesting. He has been remanded in custody for breaching Court orders. In his place, how many firm warnings would you expect?

    • Used simple words like I do with my dogs..
      For breach of bail for the third time.
      Not for protest

    • I hope that the MOH is checking its records to see if Tait’s pass is legitimate and if not taking the appropiate action.

  21. This gets you 265 comments. Easy target over reality.

    Do you want to be a pot-boiler? Like the tiresome Yank Left blogs? Earning. Can’t see the sense in your daily rustling up of interest. Once a week or when you have a genuine call is what the people and the species requires.

    Far too much bubbles from our champagne times and the least about this most important point in the species’ history.

    Or the gap between Trotter’s ‘art of the possible’ and the necessary.

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