The Working Group 1 hour Economy Special with Bernard Hickey, Simon Bridges & Damien Grant


New Zealand’s greatest and bestest weekly Political Podcast that is NOT funded by NZ on Air returns because it just seemed wrong to leave you with the Spinoff’s awful podcast and Stuffs even worse podcast.

This week the Economy in 2022! How has Covid warped capitalism, will the climate crisis cripple free markets and how much do we all love Adrien Orr? How will inflation become political and should Grant Robertson get a knighthood for services to property speculators?

To debate these and so many more issues, we have the greatest public economist, Bernard Hickey vs National Party Finance spokesperson Simon Bridges vs Stuff Columnist and casual Libertarian Damien Grant.

The podcast broadcasts live at 7.30pm Mondays from the Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & Youtube.

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Editor of The Daily Blog: Mr Martyn Bradbury


    • I think everyone should watch don’t look up and realise that we have to first fight the oligarchies security (The New Zealand Police) in the streets. Things have to change and the government, bureaucracy and police are not on our side.

  1. Poor U.S jobs data released Saturday/Friday has to cemented fears of rising interest rates. Inflation is out the gate.

    • This is an unusual set of circumstances around the world Covid has destroyed the just in time supply chains that the world’s economies have adapted to cut Cost’s of warehousing and stockpiling.
      Now it will take years to reestablish these finely tuned delivery systems.
      Then printing/QE has gone mainly to the banks who in these uncertain times are only lending to safe investments ie land,housing,art,collectors items,and shares.
      This has caused runaway inflation and only benefited the 1%.
      The old ways of cutting govt spending and raising interest rates will be popular again tax cuts for the well off crumbs for the poor.Stagflation will be the result.

  2. The strangest thing that many people are yet to get their heads around is that our greatest fear isn’t that of running out of money, it’s more the very real fear that it’ll be revealed by rude and brute market forces plus diseases and a burning planet that we’ve had far more money than was let on.
    AO/NZ humanoids!? We’re loaded ! Why would anyone think otherwise?
    We number only 5 million. Our sole export industry is food and other agrarian produce. And, we have a market advantage in that we can send our produce to a winter bound northern hemisphere.
    If we appear to have no money then appearances are deceiving you. They, the urban riche and the crooked old post war industrial fucks of yore are lying to you and were lying to you then.
    There are tons of money for us all and you were lied to. The Reserve Bank is a washing machine cranked up to launder farmer money which is re lent to urban schmucks to spend ( read re-launder) once the dirt’s washed off the dollars. A pointless job? A nice house? A car and a holiday? It’s all part of the scam.
    Now, that sounds mad doesn’t it? Even though I wrote it,it all sounds nuts. But it isn’t.
    AO/NZ desperately needs a commission of inquiry spanning more than one hundred years.
    Politicians and Kiwi urban business needs a proper public probing.

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