National MP Harete Hipango & her ‘Coven of Karens’


National MP Harete Hipango, out joining a group of anti-vaccine and anti-mandate Voices for Freedom protestors.

Every Kiwi has the right to protest, that’s a fundamental right, but these lunatics are getting dark money from far Right American lunatics and they become legitimised when MPs join their ranks!

We are going through a once in a century pandemic. It’s scary, it’s disruptive and it’s frightening.

The powers implemented to curtail our freedom are extreme and must be challenged every week – BUT the first responsibility of the State is to protect the people and thanks to Jacinda’s incredible leadership, we have some of the lowest death and hospitalisation rates in the Western World.

So while these mandates and restrictions must always be challenged these Voices for Freedom nutters are as rational as Qanon incels who serve only their own agendas and crazy theories!

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These are the Crystal Karens, the daughters of the first generation of feminist divorces in the 1970s who distrusted patriarchal science and fled to the new age Gaia womb.

When Liz Gunn cried out that Jacinda was (and I quote) ‘raping Gaia’ it was a clarion call to all Crystal Karen’s to rise up.

Thanks to the hate algorithms of Facebook, Qanon white supremacists managed to infiltrate the wellness pages of the Crystal Karens and spread their toxic yolk.

The collective noun for a group of Karens is a ‘Coven of Karens’, or a ‘Covid of Karens’.

If National was in power right now, we would be fucked!

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  1. We would be line racing the worst of Australian states right now for infection rates and death were National in.

    New Yorks health system is fairly much overwhelmed according this the New York Times; “As the Omicron variant of the coronavirus sweeps through New York, many hospitals are being pushed to their limits by twin challenges: spiking numbers of virus cases and growing shortages of nurses, doctors and technicians. Many workers are sick with Covid-19; others who quit amid the pandemic have not been replaced.”. This is not surprising, it’s the same in Australia.

    Harete Hipango only got back in thanks to Judith’s destructive grip on power but was seen by her own as a problem child. This proves it.

    Where’s Chris on this one? Now National policy?

  2. As a National voter I can assure you she does not speak for me or any of the people I know . She is embarrassing in so many ways . One of the only thinks Muller did right was to out her . She is not liked by many of party and her only friend was Collins surprise surprise. I see the Facebook pictures are a ready down and I hope a public kick up the are is next.

    • Trevor Sennett. The damage is done though, as the picture of Hipango posing with organised antivaxers will be permanently lodged in the minds of susceptible Maori, already at higher risk than other ethnicities. Being a member of the local health authority will add weight to her very public support for the coven.This is where leaders like her and Brian Tamaki are letting their own people down badly.

      • Agreed . Maori have been let down by their leaders too many times and both National,and Labour are guilty.

      • I should add like Tamaki she is supposedly pro choice but not when it comes to abortion or euthanasia

        • If she’s partial towards the funding which has come here before from far right US extremists, consistency isn’t an issue; likewise Luxon with his religious extremist connections – an imploding party can bring all sorts of debris to the surface.

        • once the little angels have dropped out of mummy they’re ‘economic units’ and can fend for themselves ‘right to life’ only applies in utero for rightards.

  3. You probably need to take a summer break…. 🙂
    Or lay off too many red wines.
    You are becoming a conspiracy theorist???

  4. This woman doesn’t always know what she’s doing. When she appeared at an anti-Covid protest in Whanganui in November 21, I think she said that she thought the protest was about something else. I gather that she helped to unseat Simon Bridges to replace him with Todd Muller, and she mightn’t have known quite what she was doing then either, as Muller didn’t last very long. It looks like she was also responsible for a wrong and vile abortion accusation against PM Ardern, which made it into the Australian Spectator, and as far as I know has never been recanted there.

    Those Karens’ placards are lies anyway, but if Hareke had half a brain, then as a professed Christian she’d be more circumspect about endorsing persons who claim to know a truth, with zero evidence to support their claim. As an MP, and a lawyer, she looks like decidedly flakey to me, and hopefully she will be booted out of Parliament before she causes too much social damage.

  5. At some point in time, this may dawn on you, we no longer have rights, we no longer have freedom. We only have privileges, handed down to us by a State more interested in serving power than the people.

    We now live in a narrative-driven rather than fact-driven world of never ending harm that affords the State full control over us under the guise of “protecting the people”. Never ending harm equals never ending control equals no more rights, freedoms and so forth, save for peanut privileges for those that fully comply with each and every State dictate.

    And given that we now live in a world of never ending harm – then in the name of protecting the people – (this phrase alone pacifies the Left) the State dictates everything we do. And with endless harm comes endless State control. What a beautiful world

    Oh, and if National were in power, they’d be doing the exact same thing because the real rulers of this world (those with the biggest pockets) run this show. Governments, of all persuasions, are simply implementing their dictates.

    Final point, for those who believe that the first responsibility of the State is to the people, then I’ve got bridges galore to sell to you. Who do these politicians interact with the most, huh…which way do they turn to once their political time is up, huh, towards the people or towards more of the same. C’mon, wake up folks, the system is broken so stop blindly accepting what this broken system is doing to us…..

  6. But, we a f#£ked right now with Labour in charge, so what would be different with National in charge?

  7. “Qanon white supremacists managed to infiltrate the wellness pages of the Crystal Karens and spread their toxic yolk”

    This has been happening for a number of years now. Not just QAnon types but also other extreme rightwing US political groups. A quick look at the history of “Natural News” internet wellness publication and its hijacking by Bannon associated operatives is illustrative.

  8. Interesting.

    Christopher Luxon has a very small caucus but remarkably, wasn’t aware of what Harete Hipango was up to and what her view on lockdowns, vaccines and mandates were. Really? Was he too busy putting a Warehouse BBQ together.

    He also stated that Hipango doesn’t represent the views of the National Party. That can’t be right? Harete Hipango is the MP for Whanganui and represents which Political Party? We know what colours are associated with the National Party. White lettering on a blue background. What colours were used on the placards at the Hipango Anti-Lockdown protest?

    Hipango can delete social media platforms until Jesus returns but you can’t unscramble a scrambled egg. Luxon can tell us night does not follow day but that won’t change the facts.

    A meaningful consequence for Hipango after undermining the efforts from “the team of 5 million” is well earned. Denials and or ignorance from Luxon falls well short of what’s required. Had Hipango been a Labour MP, I can emphatically guarantee Luxon and co would be screaming from the rooftops demanding the person be shot at dawn.

    • By choosing to be part of Rent-a-Karen and Rent-a-MAGA to NOT to be vaccinated, and encouraging others to join the throng of other unvaxxed, Hipango is doing a Collins-Cameron-Dirty-Politics stunt. It’s more sickening than watching Judith kneeling behind a pew, praying “Please God, let _ _ _ _ _ catch Covid and I will be a reformed person!”. It’s Tea-Party politics, which became the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6th last year.

      But, the Rent-a-Tamaki brigade are pushing and pushing Labour to do something about Brian Tamaki’s breaching bail conditions. It’s a ploy to further attack the ‘saviour of New Zealand’ and the team of 5 million. Where would we have been if NACT were in charge? Air BnB’s for the original Covid isolation? I agree with Thinking Man, that ” Had Hipango been a Labour MP, I can emphatically guarantee Luxon and co would be screaming from the rooftops demanding the person be shot at dawn.. Look at the “hang ‘im up! mouth-frothing about David Clark’s bike ride FFS!

      But, there’s financial and religious hypocrisy that riles my bile more than Collins behind a church pew. Surely, Tamaki Inc. is lowering the tithe-collection income that he gains each week? WTF (Where’s The Free-will?) As more and more unvaxxed tithers end up in hospital and then dead, won’t Tamaki Inc’s income reduce? A recruitment drive!! Rally the disaffected. Kaching!

      His rent-a-crowd protests in Christchurch seem to be upsetting some Cranmer locals:, but when your tithe-income is in a death-spiral elsewhere and reducing in one part of the country, then Tribe Tamaki needs to do more recruiting.

      All this Dirty and Religious Politics are a win-win for Luxon of the Nats, because there’s anti-govt sentiment, without Luxon putting down his Warehouse BBQ construction task. He won’t even have to interrupt counting his capital gains (which by now must be a 40 hour a week mission).

      Groundswell Tractors up the steps of Parliament, followed by Tamakis-on-Trikebikes, followed by Hipango and her Karens, followed by Seymour and the NZNRA, Muller leading a bunch of MAGA-wearing blue-mad-hatters, Billy TK, Jami-Lee Ross and Aaron Gilmour leading the “Don’t you know who I was?” flag-bearers!

      Did I miss anyone out of the rent-a-mob? Headshake and a muttering of “FFS!”

  9. Hipango can delete social media platforms until Jesus returns but you can’t unscramble a scrambled egg.

    Beautiful TM. You’ve made my day!!

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