AntiVaxx Police Splinter group supported by National Candidate – now we have something to worry about


A new splinter group of AntiVaxxers have formed inside the NZ Police and National candidate Matt King is promoting this on his Facebook page…

…these groups are far right and prone to radicalization thanks to Facebook hate algorithms, once again as we had with Harete Hipango yesterday, this is a case of National Party MPs supporting AntiVaxx lunatics.

If you think Jacinda is the anti-Christ, or the beginnings of Nazi Germany or raping Gaia, or is committing genocide, then any action is acceptable to stop that. The radicalization of the unvaccinated will reach fever pitch as the economic ramifications of being sacked from a job for refusing the vaccine starts to bite deeply.

My fear originally from the antivaxx radicalization we’ve seen was that political violence would be used against our politicians or academics or public health officials.

I think it’s worse now.

I think those antivaxxers will see everyone who has become vaccinated as the target.

Soft targets will be seen as legitimate.

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Expect children being vaccinated to be the flashpoint.

Anything symbolic will become a target.

Parliament opening, first debating day, Jacinda’s wedding – all become targets to the lone wolf Qanon lunatic quietly brewing with malice and deformed hate.

The NZ Intelligence apparatus can’t fail us again.

This splinter group within the Police must be immediately infiltrated by the SIS to monitor them because if there is a lone wolf domestic terror attack, former Police Officers sacked for not getting vaccinated is the first breeding pool to check out.

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  1. The police force doesn’t need anti vaxxers in its ranks. No vax, can’t serve. Cry me a River and fuck Off

  2. It’s not rocket science, the conditions of employment now are, no vax, no job. Policing is too risky with unplanned very close contacts to not be vaccinated.

    I suspect hard religious elements at play here plus pure social media backed conspiracy madness and or desk jockeys who haven’t got out in years.

  3. If the National Party is out to get Andy Coster, then Coster must be doing a good job. Let’s keep him. Or this could be another campaign tactic from the Simon L little blue book of strategy ideas. Expect it all to get dirtier.

    • No, Coster is a never ending gift from the woke political gods for National. They want him exactly where he is because he is easy pickings.

      Every gang funeral or piss up that takes over the streets, every shooting, every Brian Tamaki led protest that takes over a police station or Newmarket shopping district, every time the public hear, “we’re monitoring this” aka, “doing sweet FA”, from the police, National get stronger.

      • X-ray. The alternatives are construed as racism. His pc- ness is irritating, but don’t forget that he has an abysmal minister whose appointment is a bit of a mystery on a couple of counts. If he’s trying non-confrontational approaches, then there’s nothing wrong with that when trouble-makers are itching to cause trouble and to play the victim cards.

        But I pulled out my “ Dirty Politics “ to revisit how previous slimey Nat campaigns were successfully managed with destructive and not always honest attack politics. There’s a few familiar names featured there.

  4. It is clearly now incumbent on Christopher Luxon to quickly state National’s policy on this issue. Both Harete Hipango and Matt King’s support for these groups demands that Luxon state categorically if these MPs are reflecting the National Party’s policy.

  5. I’m not anti vaccination and indeed had my booster shot on Wednesday
    However I respect the right of people who do not wish to be vaccinated and will not stand in judgement of them.

    • Will you still be saying that when they start the inevitable escalation as a result of the majority ignoring them, or denigrating them? You do know that is their next logical step, don’t you? Considering the lack of real depth in the philosophy behind this childish stupidity, what other avenues will they choose to further the agenda behind this grandstanding? No insult intended, but your comment is a cop out, and will empower even more idiocy from this faction if they know they face an indifferent, or ambivalent reaction from the majority..
      I agree with the philosophy of live and let live, but these people would force their will upon you if they had the numbers…. That, I won’t tolerate..

      • The majority will act however they are influenced to act by the puppeteers of the public – the government. Right now, said government has forced its will upon all of us and those idiots, they are struggling to get in behind! The only will those idiots have, is the will to be left alone. But that’s not possible in today’s world. We all must do what government deems is in our best interests to do. They will not tolerate non-compliance.

        Get in behind….or there will be consequences.

        Three cheers for our new world folks. Yeah right!

    • Jeremy, certainly if they don’t want a jab that’s their right. But do you agree or not agree that certain occupations should be vaccinated for theirs, their colleagues, and the health of those they interact with?

      • If you believe the vaccine works, which I do then there is little to fear.
        I may be naive but I just cannot support forcing people into things they do not want to do and that cuts both ways.

        • Jeremy, I guess my question comes down to this – is it ok for unvaccinated teachers to be in classrooms with children who can’t get vaccinated, or medical staff treating vulnerable patients to be unvaccinated?

          • I thought this was a health crisis? If it’s all about health then shouldn’t we be checking people’s immunity rather than only checking their compliance?

        • Absoluely right Jeremy! I too support anti-vaxxers right to die of covid!

          Freedumb, freedumb, give me freedumb or death!

          • Are you serious Mr Veitch?
            You people have no idea what is really happening here, and you won’t until after the syop is complete. You’ll be jabbed to oblivion – good luck to you.

      • I think Coster has made statement (s) about nonvaxed cops being re-allocated, and don’t forget that neither he nor Poto Williams spoke up about giving police priority vaccination. Oldies came first, not the cops, mums and dads with families, actually already at risk on the job. It was the police union which spoke up on their behalf. I assumed at the time that the policy makers were the old men at National HQ, time removed from the realities of front line police work.

    • @jermey.
      Yeah…? I’m not so sure about that one.
      Laws, one would hope, are drafted to protect us from each other.
      ‘Freedom’ is an abstract word and can lead to abstract ideas and values. Just look at ‘merica?
      Is saying I can refuse a vaccine as being my right and if the answer is ‘yes’ then don’t I also then have the right to deliberately go out and about knowing I might make other people dangerously sick?
      It’s not someone’s ‘right’ to shoot someone else randomly and yet we can knowingly make someone sick by refusing to be vaccinated who then may die because it was our right to not be vaccinated?
      By that logic then surely we vaccinated can shoot the unvaccinated because it was our right to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Or hated ones, for that matter…
      If you don’t want to get vaccinated then great. I respect that. I also respect my right to not allow you to make me sick which is why I’m chucking you in jail, think of it as being for your own protection because you clearly don’t give a fuck about anyone else and one or two of the anyone-else’s might just take umbrage at that and fuck you up.
      Get vaccinated. It’s dead easy and doesn’t hurt much at all. All you’ll feel is a little prick. Better than feeling like a big prick if you kill someone by spreading the Big V.

      • In this country people who are infected with aids who have sex without telling their partner that they have aids and without using a condom, then infect that person, often a random pick up, those people have been jailed. In light of this I see spreading covid as no different. If you dont get vaccinated (similar to using a condom) then catch covid, then infect someone who gets sick and dies, isnt that manslaughter?

        • Stupid analogy. So you’d also prosecute those vaccinated whom pass on on Covid as well? Well they should have known they have Covid?

          Also should all fat bastards deserve to die a grisly death? Smokers?

          • I’m not sure Bg that Josephs analogy is stupid. How about if my stupid driving of a motor vehicle kills my passenger, or another road user, am I good to go, or do I face a manslaughter charge?
            I could or should have been a careful driver.
            Sometimes we all have to act responsibly. What do you think?

          • I’m not sure Bg that Josephs analogy is stupid. How about if my stupid driving of a motor vehicle kills my passenger, or another road user, am I good to go, or do I face a manslaughter charge?
            I could or should have been a careful driver.
            Sometimes we all have to act responsibly. What do you think?

          • Those who do get vaccinated and the very small number of those who do but still catch covid, thats like using a condom but unfortunately it breaks. At least they tried to protect others.

            As for fat people and smokers, yes an awful lot of them die a grisly death.

  6. Back in November Matt King was called out by the leader Collins as not speaking for the party on this matter . l hope Luxon speaks up loud and clear that vaxings mandates are a necessary evil at this time . The message has to be loud and strong condemning those that are against iether

  7. Haven’t we seen this before overseas? Police authorities quite happy to break heads of anti vaccine protesters suddenly becoming all blubbery when they are required to follow their own mandates.

    • Blubbery ? There’s only Matt King’s word that any sort of significant situation exists in the New Zealand Police Force. Wannabe pollies tend to be self-serving. So do the others.

      • I agree with you Snow White.
        If there is one thing in all of this that we can be 100% sure of it is Matt King being a totally self serving politician. He obviously doesn’t even consider what his stand is doing to the National Party, or its new Leader’s credibilty. Luxon needs to deal with this quickly or his claimed leadership ability is just another corporate myth.

    • To be fair our police did absolutely nothing but watch on from a distance and probably made the protestors cups of tea and scones at the conclusion.

      • X-ray. What do you want the police to do ? Laser them? Shoot them ? For protesting ?
        We don’t do that in New Zealand – you’re stuck in American blog space buddy.

        And what’s with all the scones ? The PM of this country makes them for Brit pop stars, and now you think that cops could make them for protestors ? Are you all nuts ? It’s muffins nowadays, and toast with avocado on top, but not scones. Even cup cakes would do, but scones are so yesterday. And miso, not tea, ok ?

        • If you read Urinalbushrats comment “Police authorities quite happy to break heads of anti vaccine protesters” it was plain wrong. Hence my comment. They didn’t chip the nail polished off anyone’s fingernails much less break any heads!

          But somehow the doing nothing option bordering on passive support in doing so failed too. Ask the poor retailers of Broadway!

  8. Be carefull what you wish for here.

    Members of Parliament are first and fore most representitives of the people in their electorates. The fact that most toe the party line regardless of the wishes of their electorates is lamentable, but seemingly what all commenting here believe is the prime responsibility of MP’S.
    Take this to its conclusion.
    The leader decides what ever and all fall in behind regardless of the sanity or otherwise of the decision.
    Remember Robert Muldoon?

    • Clifford J, excellent comment and warning. Also I would say if they all just repeated the party line we wouldn’t get to see who the idiots are.

  9. This shows you where the Left stands now days. When mandates threaten jobs, those workers turn to the Right for help. This is our new world. Ain’t it beautiful…..

    • AO, it also applies to the Right; when people felt threatened by the virus they turned to the Left, hence Labour’s win. Now, because we are frustrated by our confinement and also not understanding the suffering going on worldwide because of our success, people want freedom. With that freedom will come suffering, a total breakdown of the health system, and much of commerce (including food supply). There is no win/win with the virus.

      • When workers are threatened, they have traditionally turned to left-leaning organizations for support, not to the Right. This is no longer the case and an election that featured a right-leaning party with an unpopular leader offering nothing of substance, that has zero to do with this.

        My beloved Left, no longer supports the working class. This is an effin tough realization to have.

        As for freedom. I understand that most people now view this term as more akin to evil rather than to good. That’s the power of the press in shaping how we view the world.

  10. Martyn, pushing conspiracy theories while dehumanising minority groups and pro segregation. Good on ya. Still waiting on the other side of the story.

    • This thing is no where near Bombers level. When was the last time! Our said anything? You just walk around patting people on the back. The only reason you’re here is to contradict and you’ve got a pretty good woke following.

    • Off white,

      Different people can often view exactly the same thing in completely different ways.

      I for examples view Bombers approach to balanced transparency in these crazy PC times as refreshing. His input and that of other open minded intelligent contributors is the reason I’m here. Perhaps you’re looking at a much smaller picture than the one I’m seeing.

  11. THEY KNOW THE RULES are the police above the rest of us(well the answer is obvious) well they shouldn’t be…FFS the USMC has just discharged 200 (out of 180,000) for being PRO-COVID nutbars.

  12. The vax gives less than 5 months protection – are lifetime boosters going to be a requirement for the police? I don’t think even Pfizer CEO thinks this is plausible

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