NZ Antifa Swatting tactics against Islamophobic Paster generates counterproductive propaganda


Police seize rifle, ammo from Christchurch pastor Carl Bromley’s house in New Year’s Eve raid

A conservative Christchurch pastor has lashed out at what he calls the “totalitarian state” of New Zealand after police raided his house on New Year’s Eve, seizing a rifle, gun parts and ammunition.

I’ve hunted down and outed actual online white supremacists who ran an Australian neoNazi website and back in 1997 on TV3 I tracked down West Auckland NeoNazis Unit88.

So I make the following criticisms as someone who has fought at the coalface of NZ fascism well before it was fashionable.

Snowflake millennials perceive a difference of opinion as persecution so their easily triggered low thresholds for hate speech becomes quickly swamped and desensitised.

Woke activists are using loopholes in the Firearms Act by calling in the Police as part of a ‘swatting’ tactic popularised by white supremacist thugs in America calling in false reports of shots fired to addresses of BLM activists in the hope that the over zealous Police will shot first and ask questions later.

The NZ woke version is of course a lot less violent. They manufacture statements made by the target as threatening and dangerous so the the Police roll up using warrantless searches to break into the targets house, take their property.

They did that to Rachel Stewart last year and they are extending it to this dickhead Paster.

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He had a .22 rifle with less than 10 rounds meaning he might kill more people with a knife, that’s not exactly the tool for a religious inspired mass slaughter.

The problem is that these types of swatting tactics are counter productive because it creates propaganda for the far right.

Police bursting into your home without warrant to ransack it and smash through their space of worship to seize a .22 riffle is a fucking recruitment drive for these nutters!

At a time of perverse radicalisation, woke activists are adding fuel to the fire while handing ammunition to our enemies.

If this is what the woke can do under the Firearms laws, wait till they get the hate speech powers.

What do you all think happens to these immense state powers with a change of government? Do you think the state powers magically disappear or do you think the Right would start doing bad things with those powers?

Stop using the State to smite your personal nemesis, once the State gets a taste for blood and civil liberties there’s no stopping it!


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  1. We’d certainly be interested in the details of the complaint and the name of who made it. This incident highlights the fact that licenced firearms owners have less rights than criminals.

    The Police have to take complaints like these seriously, but there is definitely a risk that someone will end up getting accidentally killed, especially as Police will be armed when they know firearms are present.

    Prosecution of the complainant should follow if it was deemed a malicious, false complaint. Of course if you are SWATting someone, it’s generally best to do it anonymously.

  2. This attack on Carl’s property is outrageous.
    I saw his video he posted on Jan 1 and thought it was some kind of setup, and that the police wouldn’t actually do this.
    They ransacked his house and turned cupboards inside out. There is no justification for this at all, regardless of whether you think of Carl as a “nutter” or not.

  3. The Press said 500 rounds of ammo and he has been known to preach hate . The police did the right thing to take this gun from this religious nutter but it is funny they are not as strong on getting the guns off the gangs.

    • “Has been known to preach hate”.
      I have seen no evidence for this – maybe you could offer some insight here.

      Anyway, this is a rather subjective assessment and I have seen no evidence of any threats of gun violence from Carl or any of his acquaintances.
      For the record, I also condemn the attack on Nicky Hagar’s property.

      • Andy, a quick internet search will find plenty of hate from Carl Bromley and his neo nazi mates. However, to cite one specific incident, Bromley has publicly called on the Police and Army to rise up against NZ democracy. He did so in the Otautahi Justice Precinct, ironically, only metres away from where the Mosque terrorist was sentenced.

        • “A quick internet search” finds nothing of the sort, and referring to his friends as “neo nazi” also yields zip.

          Nothing, zip, nada, you re making stuff up in order to justify the fascist behaviour of our cops.

    • That’s because criminals have a legitimate right to own & use firearms in any way they like. Law abiding folk need reasons to own, vetting, licences, security & restrictions to be granted the privilege to possess firearms, otherwise chaos & mayhem will ensue.

      • no they don’t but yes it makes a good slogan for the hard of thinking..that’s you DICK
        ….and you can hunt/target shoot etc with the appropriate firearm, what you can’t do is run around pretending to be a sojer with a parkerised penis extension….got it? good.

        • Criminals can do whatever they like, that’s what makes them criminals. They have little likelihood of facing any real penalties for illegal firearms use. Shoot at a Police officer to evade capture, any firearms charges are free (or time served concurrently), especially if you get away & aren’t subsequently arrested.

          Two cases in the past couple of years where the offenders received less than 12 months home detention for killing someone with illegal firearms, whereas licenced firearms owners were threatened with 5 years in prison for mere possession of guns they previously owned lawfully. Seem fair? Would you be happy if your killer just got home detention?

          As to your other point, actually I can if I choose to, though I’m not sure what a parkerised penis extension is, I’m just happy with my K98.

          • and why a k98? cuz brave defenders of europian culture used ’em? why not support our boys and get a lee-enfield?

            • I baited you with the K98 for a chuckle, to see if you’d bite. I also have a number of Lee Enfields & uniforms to match if that makes you happier.

              It is easier to play the part of the friendly, cheerful ANZAC, than to try and put a human face on the Third Reich, to try to remind people that the atrocities committed by that regime were carried out by ordinary people, not monsters or the cartoon like characters often portrayed in movies.

  4. A bit of a typo there M. It should be ‘Antifarta’.

    There are no Fascists in NZ. Most of them are retired superannuants or part of Kyle Chapmans Dad’s Army of lost sheep.

    If there are Nazi’s in NZ you have to include the NZ Government because only a few weeks ago at the UN, NZ stood with the 50 Nazi States in support of Nazism, Hate and Racism and Nazi Propaganda.
    How does this correlate with a PM of kindness and someone who claims to be opposed to racism?

    if you think 2022 is going to be better than the last two, you better have another think about it.

  5. If what I’m reading in the comments sections on the political blogsites in NZ is a true reflection of the level of “informed” comment, then this country is fucked… Well and truly fucked..
    All I’m seeing is self serving, ignorant, and narrow self absorbed bleating about nothing that exists in the real world as a rule… At this point, having lived in both countries for years, Nzers are making the Aussies look smart… You sat on your hands and whinged like spoilt brats while the Key admin was selling your sovereignty to China, and Joe Bidens corporate cronies by an American import who shouldn’t, by law, have been able to have the job he was gifted, let alone stitch NZ up so that it would be near on impossible to do anything meaningful to correct our position of servitude forced upon us.. Now, you are whining about nothing much while displaying no sense of rational perspective as to how it is that our labour party was able to be infiltrated so completely by management twonks, to the point that the only reason i continue to vote for them is because they are, by a long way, the lesser of two evils…
    How utterly demoralising… How easy it was to bribe enough kiwis to sell out their ow country, and people with nothing more than the illusion of wealth… NZ is the most unbalanced, and ridiculously expensive country in the world to live in, and we cheered the man on who had already had a defining hand in the bankrupting of Ireland, and indeed, the rest of the world with the subprime mortgage debacle that enriched the oligarchies exponentially while leaving the rest of us with the never ending costs for that grand theft… And now, instead of laughing at the laughable stupidity people are engaging in, we are adding to that with ill informed, and bigoted rants that say more about what we lack than anything useful.. NZ, on the evidence before our eyes, a case can be made that you don’t actually deserve good government, which is why you couldn’t even maintain a credible alternative to colonial exploitation economics, because there’s far to many of us with their heads far to deep up their own arses to be able to see past the shit they are forced to eat..

    • Stefan: Anything to say about Ms Clark’s govt rubbing their hands in glee and crowing to the nation over their newly signed “free” trade agreement with China? That helped no end to elevate many into a modestly well-off bracket and enabled Michael Cullen to subsequently and hypocritically condemn them as “rich pricks.” Sounds like you would be in agreement. And if you think our sovereignty has been sold only to China, mind telling me why NZ meatworks force domestic consumers to eat meat killed in the name of an Arabic god? I’m not surprised a Christian pastor might get a little upset about that; there’s many atheists and secularists that get a tad troppo over it as well.

      • Ever thought how small the domestic market for meat is compared to the export market? It is not conceding sovereignty, but pragmatic capitalism that means NZ beef, lamb and chicken has a growing halal component. The markets dictate what we produce. Maybe we could be “principled” and forgo the export opportunities. But then you’d probably blame the current government when the meat prices go up.

        • The meat prices, milk prices, dairy prices, cheese prices, house prices, rent prices etc have all gone up under this current government.
          Fact is that the Clark, Key and Ardern government have helped the very rich very much and the rest as always is holding the bag. The only difference between Clark, Key, Ardern is that Key is still in the country, Clark never came back and Ardern probably can’t wait to go on to shinier shores once she is done here, and her being done here can’t come soon enough.

  6. Snowflake mellenials are pathetic in my opinion too woke and need to get out in the real world. Why are they allowed more rights than the rest of us???

  7. I’ve looked into this guy too, it seems that the ‘hate preaching’ consists of being a bit cautious about any prospect of bringing in huge numbers of Islamic migrants without any form of acceptance of NZ cultural norms. This attitude is possibly not too surprising from a conservative Christian pastor. And to be fair many of us consider that radically differeing cultures may well not get along with each other in perfect brotherly love without a lot of compromise on both sides. His other ‘hate’ elements seem to be opposition to the 2019 firearms law changes (I agree with him on this one!) and a dislike of the currrent Government polices (I agree with him on this one too!).

    I have firearms also and think the current Govt is destroying the social fabric of our country (in the full knowledge that any other current party would probably be at least as bad if not worse), so no doubt I will soon be raided by politically-oriented armed police officers seeking to suppress anyone even thinking along the lines of political opposition. If anyone thinks this is a good outcome for NZ democracy then we’re all in real trouble.

  8. I’m going to read like the biggest nutter here but I’ll comfort myself with the knowledge that I bet I’ll make the most sense.
    The Guardian.
    “Truth about ecstacy’s unlikely trip from lab to dance floor.”
    Did the cops take that gun and leave a wee bindle of pot and 10 E?
    I bet they fucking didn’t.
    NZ Police? You want more cuddles given to you than bottles thrown at you?
    You do! Then you know what to do.
    Politicians? You just want people to drink more alcohol don’t you? After all. That’s what the booze baron lobbyists grease your soft, sticky, little palms for isn’t it?
    Counter arguments invited?
    If we want haters to stop hating? Get the fuckers E-high then give them lots of cuddles. It’s that simple. They’ll be crying and repenting while arranging marriages to fence posts.
    New Scientist:
    “A real fMRI high: My ecstasy brain scan
    Our reporter experience the highs, lows and psychedelic purple doors involved in taking MDMA while having his brain scanned”

  9. This shit is from this current government, and thanks to the Hate bill and the Males are Women and Non Males need to shut the fuck up bill courtesy of our current Labour Led, Non Male Led, Ueber Progressive, very regressive government. Just remember that when you are again being told to be afraid of all the other parties as they would be worse. Just remember it.

  10. Mr Bromley’s cheese slid off the cracker a while back going by his own statements-“raping my right to worship” etc.

    He may need mental health support more than the type of solidarity our esteemed Editor is offering.

    Coppers act regularly on info received from unnamed “members of the public”, I have put up with that fact on so many Union pickets and activist events. The plods arrive looking to rattle your cage because “someone” complained-or didn’t-in which case they are bull shitting and acting for their own political reasons.

  11. indeed any cop will tell you tip offs are the most effective investigative police tool. all the CSI stuff is merely confirmation a lot of the time.

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