Chris Bishop is a dick for lying over pill testing & what the real issue with them is


Chris Bishop says sorry after Chlöe Swarbrick again accuses Opposition of ‘lies’ about drug testing

Chris Bishop has apologised for apparently getting his facts wrong about drug testing at music festivals after being called out on Twitter by Chlöe Swarbrick.

The National Party MP claimed on the social media platform that attendees at this year’s Rhythm & Alps (R&A) festival would be able to test their recreational drugs but not be able to test themselves for COVID-19.

But the Green Party MP pointed out that isn’t the case.

“At (R&A) this summer there will not, in fact, be drug checking services. National fought it every step of the way (and continued to spread falsity like this) and while I’m over the moon Labour Ministers finally signed off some funding, it came too little too late,” Swarbrick said.

Bishop replied: “Sorry. I thought there would be at R&A. My point is not about that specific festival but is about antigen testing more generally.”

Big Bish took a Twitter hot-take dump and got schooled by Chloe.


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But the real issue with pill testing gets lost by Bishop’s bungling attempt to conflate a progressive harm minimisation approach to party drugs with his pet hobby horse of self testing for Covid.

National are so desperate that their supposedly liberal crusader will shit on good drug policy to make petty points against a pandemic that Labour’s handling of leaves National with little more than stone throwing as a childish response.

The real issue here is that middle class children named Apple and Bruschetta can party safely at their expensive summer festivals while working class stoners have their rights going backwards!

The obscene farce Labour have allowed with medicinal cannabis to become dominated by corporate pharmaceuticals and Billionaires is the antithesis of what we should be building and things are worse now than when Labour started!

Look, I’m pro pro pro pro pro Drugs! Seriously, if you know a guy who knows a guy, get in touch because ‘my guy’ can’t find jack shit!

I’m all for Apple and Bruschetta getting their kicks safely at their expensive middle class summer festivals but the long suffering working class stoners are getting sweet fuck all.

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  1. Little Apple and Bruschetta 1st years (still tied to their senior public servant parents apron strings ) seem to be doing OK in this neck of the woods @ Martyn, although I do notice a bit of a drop off in bleeding bloody obvious early morning drop offs. But when I do, the parties involved seem to be driving expensive bleeding bloody obvious cars rather than the unwarranted and unregistered.
    My take on that – as I lay my stereotypical prejudices on the table – is that pot is scarce while P and other useless shit is still readily available. At a price.
    The answer is probably DYI and keep it quiet or there’ll be a 501 around to tax (or even execute) you.

  2. Chris Bishop is a slow learner, obviously learning nothing from Judith Collins’ own goal; for goodness sake Chris when you have arrived at rock bottom stop digging.
    What exactly would be achieved with rapid anti-gen testing other than heaps more rubbish? If anyone there has any symptons they must follow public health advice – Isolate and get a PCR test – that’s the message Chris Bishop should be pushing loud and clear.

    • he read something in the rightwing bubble, quoted it without checking and made a right arse of himself….par for pollies on all sides….re – ‘day today – cake’ real pollies pontificate on non-existent drug…nowt changes in the world of rent-a-gob politicos.

  3. Very good summation of the situation Martyn! Soo hypocritical of the govt not to support law reform on the green…rushed through, ill informed and dumbed down to prevent it passing… not to mention unsupported by the PM. Also let’s not forget how alcohol fuels these festivals…you could say it’s all about the alcohol cos that is where ALL the profits are made for promoters of these festivals, so it is well encouraged, and why impossible to smuggle it in. The drug testing tent is just PC nodding bullshit in my opinion, even if it didn’t happen. A tip of the hat to a pretty much meaningless requirement when the whole lot are reeling drunk on expensive alcohol they are encouraged to buy. The ambos no doubt take care of the few who overdo it on crap drugs.

    Good luck! Happy New Year.

  4. Whoops sorry! Wrong end of stick, pill testing is a good idea…but still the bullshit around drugs is very annoying.

    • If Luxon wants to show some leadership now is his chance – ditch the dick and put Reti in the role……

      • Time form the National Party to formally merge with ACT, become NACT and put David Seymour in charge of the National Party Twitter account.

        • I object to the implication in your pseudonym that David [Seymour] is more popular than Bishop Brian Tamaki. This is blasphemy.
          It’s a worse insult than when John Lennon claimed the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.
          Brian is way more popular than the Beatles and John Lennon combined.
          Bishop Tamaki even runs the most popular church in New Zealand.
          David Seymour is a nobody compared with me oops typo Brian Tamaki!

  5. We do not have enough money for a multitude of government depts to function better but have money in the bottom draw to test illegal drugs. This government as strange priorities.

    • Yes because the money spent on drug checking saves the health system more than the drug checking costs too fund, much like the needle exchange programme does.

  6. Bishop is lining himself up to be the next National leader once the John Key Puppet that is Chris Luxon loses ‘flavour of the month’ in the eyes of the mainstream NZ media(who are deeply into the NZ National Party pocket to no longer see daylight).
    Bishop is a Has-been Tobacco Lobbyist. The very same sort of low-life that existed in America during the time when those sort of characters denied a link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer.
    Bishop, when all things considered, is nothing short of a bully. Just the ideal sort of person that National would be attracted to. And so birds of a feather flock together because for some reason that perhaps ONLY National seems to know is they attract bullies into their fold.
    No amount of Christian pampering by Chris Luxon will change what National is and has become through-out its all too numerous bullying style leaders.

  7. Another day, another foot in the mouth moment and why?, more political point scoring, go on holiday Chris for fucks sake, your better than this.

    • Sounds like the blogger Slater has had to switch allegiances from Judith Who, to Chris Bishop.
      Same old Dirty Politics from National, who can’t get any traction with four-letter words like idea, nice, kind, fair, true.
      So, they resort to their core values with other four-letter words like spin, muck, rake, crap, shit, lies.
      No matter how much bald spin you put on it Luxon, you can’t sprinkle your John Key fairy-dust Teflon glitter on Chris Bishop’s dirty politics.
      A turd is a turd is a turd, no matter how much it sparkles with glib smile, lies and deflection.
      National should change its colours from blue and white, to brown and sparkly!

  8. Is Chris Bishop a dick or is he a cunning natzo fucker sucking on the public tit to the tune of $ix figures plus entitlements, and all at our expense to push privateer agendas?
    And in who’s interests is it to dissuade the use of [recreational] drug testing at venues etc? Could it be the hugely rich and consequently politically influential alcohol barons plus a complex, down-stream industry feeding off the harm that alcohol does to our society? No one’s testing that shit yet we can buy enough booze at supermarkets to kill us from OD. Open the news, ( If you dare.) and you can see the damage alcohol does in our homes, streets and pubs and yet no one makes a fuss about that compared to the spectre of a bunch of people sitting in a park smoking pot.
    It’s dangerous and wrong to think bishop’s a ‘dick’. It’s right to think he’s a cunning natzo bastard and far more intelligent than he looks, which wouldn’t be difficult, the poor lamb.
    Chris Bishop.
    “He graduated Victoria University of Wellington with first-class honours in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics.[4]”

  9. Lefties eargely pounce on only bit of maaaaaassssive scandal to be found. Hardly scandal but desperate Lefties need something to cling on. Go on holiday Lefties for fuck sake, you’re better than this. You want real scandal? Explain why Labour ministries spent 1 biiiiiiiillion on ‘consultants and contractors’. You want the answer? They don’t know how to do the jobs themselves. Underqualified and inept ministries. There…that’s a real scandal.

    • TK, 1. It was Chris Bishop who pounced trying to score political points. 2. They are not ‘Labour Ministries’ , they are ‘Government Departments’ which are supposedly a-political.
      National’s 9 year sinking-lid book balancing exercise stripped many Departments of their internal expertise.

        • I thought they cancelled the two old muppets, but it looks like Bert got another season on the show. What about your mate Ernie…did he get another season Bert?

          • And here I thought Hitler died long ago,seems he left behind one of his illegitimate sons to carry on his work. Seems your dad couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery!

            • Bert
              Don’t mind a good ribbing mate, I get heaps here, but the hitler stuff has to stop. I get it. Kraut..German…hitler… yeah yeah awesome logic well done, IQ 180. it’s your go to joke, but it shows immaturity and lack of imagination and extreme desperation to land a punch, but worst of all…less humour than any German. and it’s hate speech come to think of it. I didn’t kill Jews ok cause that’s what you are inferring. I bet Martyn won’t like it as it’s not a good look on TDB. So come up with something better from now on. Try something funny Bert. In your own words…for fuck sake you’re better than that.

              • I suggest you try growing up a little. If you wish to insult/ rib with name calling , echoing others comments sarcastically, then cry like a baby when someone responds in kind, don’t throw the insults around pal. Or even better still, don’t post at all . And personally attacking the PM because she is having a wedding is the lowest post I’ve ever read on this site. Pull your head in.

      • Sorry, I forgot to include with National’s sinking lid policy damage, Roger Douglas’ wholesale desemation of the Public Service; and all these people got knighthoods!

    • They don’t know how to do the job themselves? Yeah, why isn’t Grant Robertson, Minister of Infrastructure, up in Transmission Gully driving a ‘dozer and painting the lines on the road?

      And getting all this outside ‘experts’ in for Covid related stuff? Pshaw!

    • they spend vast amounts on contractors because right wing neo-lib, chicago school, shrink the public sector ideology says outsourcing is good and more efficient than govt depts actually having full time expert employees…pick the bones out of that kraut…..your lot insist that contractors are more efficient.

      • Totally agree gagarin. Corporations have been doing it for decades – modern management by proxy. Management hides behind endless consultant reports. The sick joke is consultants just regurgitate what management want to hear – ensuring they will be invited back!

    • Explain why Labour spends hundreds of millions of dollars using motels to chuck the victims of the housing crisis into to maintain the status quo that caused the housing crisis, rather than putting those hundreds of millions of dollars into actual housing and fixing the housing crisis!

      That’s a scandal!

      • XRAY, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just conjure up 1000’s of affordable houses instantly, and pay wages so families could afford to buy them. The housing crisis is the result of the ‘market’ not being a solution but being the problem – out of control price rises and a low wage economy. Remember State Advances? Then along came the private sector claiming they could do it better! Now we are in catch-up mode but still believing the ‘market’ will solve the problem. All the ‘market’ is interested in is profits, mostly for foreign owned banks. What we need is affordable family homes – until then emergency housing is the order of the day; a scheme started under National I believe, when they didn’t believe (admit) there was a housing problem.

  10. The 48.8% of Kiwis who had their wishes ignored in the Cannabis Referendum by the Labour Government will remember that in the up coming election.

    • I wonder if the 51.2 % of Kiwis who had their wishes acknowledged in the Cannabis Referendum by the Labour Government, would have remembered fondly a Government going against the results of an open and fair referendum?

      Do you think the outcome should not have been determined on a simple majority, a 50/50 split, but on say, a 40/60 split wth the minority ruling?

      How about the General Election?

    • The 48.8% will also remember that the rightwing media and parties led a very successful misinformation operation, and still call for harsher sentencing and punitive measures.

  11. NK, ‘wishes’ in a democracy are just ‘wishes’, 49% is not 51%.
    I voted for the change simply because of the hypocrisy between cannibis and alcohol rules.

    • gin hag, yes a few raised very frustrated eyebrows; but shouting from the sidelines is easy. Pragmatism is essential when your decisions have on-going consequences. Personally I prefer the hands off approach our Police adopted to the Auckland Domain protest to the Melbourne Police response to the protests there.

      • Yes imagine the NZ of today if the police went in all guns blazing. I don’t want to see another springbok tour scenario. And how do you disperse 100+ gang members going to a funeral, bring in the army? No thanks.

  12. Well, the kids had better learn a few things about drugs.
    1. Know your dealer
    2. Buy quality not quantity
    3. Don’t do drugs if in doubt
    4. Let someone else drop them first and wait 20 mins
    5. Buy them from your local dealer before you go!

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