MEDIAWATCH: The Spin-off’s oil propaganda leaves sour taste


NZ Climate Change activists are angry at the Spin-off’s latest propaganda puff piece for Big Oil…

…The Spin-off takes enormous money from the taxpayer for woke social engineering so why do they need to take money from Big Oil as well as constantly asking for a handout?

If you are donating money to the Spin-off, stop and throw some the Daily Blog’s way!

We received zero money from NZ on Air or Big Oil and we are far funnier!


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  1. ‘Spinonit’ is similar to the ‘Gamestop’ fad where the geeky wokster kids hate on a brand and then cause as much damage to the stock market only to be censored by the grown-up for fucking about on their turf and get a smackdown.

    The Grifter generation.

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