For Christ’s sake NZ Police??? Why are you giving Slater a cross & why there must be an investigation!


You have no idea how much it pains me to write anything in support of Cameron fucking Slater, but the revelation yesterday that he is under Police surveillance for ‘anti-Government’ views is such a cluster fuck of stupid it gives me a brain aneurysm!

Look, Slater is a radioactive shit head who has done more to damage the body politic than almost anyone else in the game, he is a toxic sociopathic sadist who destroys all he touches and his list of dirty politics crimes are too long to list.

But let’s try…

Police illegally search Nick Hager and illegally take evidence: The cops illegally searched Hager’s house while deceiving the Judge when signing the warrant. What they did was a crime against journalism and the fourth estate. How dare National get the Police to investigate him for exposing their crimes!!!!

SIS illegally spied on Nicky Hager: The SIS also illegally spied on Hager. Just think about that, what the fuck was the SIS doing getting involved in a book that humiliates the Government???

Slater & Co humiliate and attack Matthew Blomfield : This is truly grim. Slater’s paid humiliation campaign leads to a death threat and attack on Blomfield in his house in front of his children. Blomfield had the last laugh when he took all of Whaleoil blog and shut it down as part of his defamation settlement.

Police breach my civil rights, destroy my credit rating: That’s right, the Police decided I was Rawshark and spied on me illegally and then when caught out, the Police tried to hold the entire case in a secret trial that I wasn’t allowed to hear the evidence from!

Allegation of Rodney Hide being blackmailed by Jordon Williams with sex texts – barely investigated.

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Hacking Labour’s computer and downloading the entire database – barely investigated.

The role of John Key’s office in dealing with Slater –  no NZ news media have managed to find Jason Ede.

Rigging candidate selections so Mark Mitchell wins – barely investigated.

Corporate hate merchants paying Slater for hate campaigns against public good organisations – barely investigated.

The relationship between Slater and most mainstream media outlets – NEVER investigated as this makes the mainstream media look terrible.

Slater’s role in helping attack the SFO because Judith was angry at them investigated, but whitewashed.

…want more? Lets have more…

…so in short, I despise Slater!


Regardless of his scumbag fuckwittery, the Police have no right to put him under surveillance because of ‘anti Government views’!

I HAVE ANTI GOVERNMENT VIEWS! I think this Government are doing a shit job of lifting 200000 kids out of poverty and are doing an even worse job housing the 24000 on emergency housing wait lists and are entrenching home ownership for the rich!

I think they are cowards on climate change and have not lived up to transformative promises.

Does that mean I’m under police surveillance?

I don’t want to make Slater a martyr here, he’s good enough doing that on his own, and we’ve known for decades the Police spy on Maori, Environmentalists, Unionists, John Minto, Nicky Hager, hell the pricks came after me too…

…so all Slater is getting is the same shitty treatment we on the Left have had to put up with for decades but to be under surveillance for simply holding anti Government views is Orwellian and alarming because if the Police have determined Slater should be under surveillance for anti Government views, what the fuck do you think they’ll do to us on the Left when National are in power?

Do we really want those precedents set?

The irony of all of this is that there now must be an inquiry – NOT into how the Police arrived at this stupid decision, but into how the fuck this was leaked out of the Intelligence Unit and given to Slater with such precision he knew how to word the OIA request!

This Unit deals with the highest levels of secret domestic intelligence – how the fuck was this leaked to Slater? This unit would also be doing surveillance on organized crime, if Slater can get info, those same leakers could be open to bribery to organized crime!

The leak inside the Unit must be found or the integrity of the unit is compromised.

The clown fucking cops are building Slater’s cross for him for his martyrdom.

What the bloody hell were they thinking?

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  1. Who knows what the police or the spooks know about Cameron Slater ? Anything is possible, as readers of “Dirty Politics “ know. Slater has/ had connections with rich and powerful Nats and Nat enablers and slime experts, and if something bad happened to the fading sad lad, there’d be more idiotic theories than anyone has the time or the appetite for any more. Pity the police having to watch him when they could be having fun reading telephone books. And if he thinks they’re watching him 24/7 he may be flattering himself.

  2. Historically cops enabled the rise of fascism, become fascists in uniform, because their jobs are to take orders from the ruling class state which is desperate to destroy any resistance to their failing, rotting, market system.

  3. This is outrageous because you have views contrary to the Government, there must be thousands of kiwis who have views contrary to the government, Like you I am one of them, their pathetic response to child poverty, housing!!!!, climate change and many other things.

    Robert Reid I just want this to be public, I know that lefties are surveilled, I live with one very active one. But if someone leaks this sort of information then we ‘the public’ should all know about it.

  4. NZ ‘intelligence services’ will pretty much scan (with software) any popular NZ website [especially with a comment section] and publicly accessible social-media-accounts.

    They will monitor those whom publicly go against the official narrative – see; Stuff, NewsHub, The-Podium-of-Truth and The Project for the official narrative.

    The upcoming “Hate Speech Laws” will allow for more vectors of attack on the unaccredited media/blogs.

    The question here is; to what extent is Cameron Slater and TheBFD being ‘monitored’? When people suspect they’re being watched it changes their behavior and therefore can have a chilling effect on journalism.. and journalism is already in short supply. Though a leftist, Martyn seems open to debate with people of many political world views.. it makes for good podcasts/radio/tv.

    It would seem there are radical leftist however whom have such nutty views they refuse to suffer debate and want to use shadowy agencies to bear down on those expressing alternative views – no matter how true, fact-based or logical those views may be.

    If you write enough or speak enough, everyone will make a mistake, the idea that the state might be sitting there, waiting to pounce is disturbing and no doubt frightening.

    • Radical leftist whom have such nutty views – Zack! You mean radical rightist conspiracy anti vax nutters! Who seem to just make stuff up with no fact.

  5. I’ve had my suspicions about cops surveillance.

    Funny thing is every week my rubbish bin is put out on the roadside and returned the following day, all by itself!?

    They really do have far to much time on their hands. How about they go out and catch some criminals?

    • Anarcho-Tyranny?

      Anarcho-Tyranny is a concept, where the state is argued to be more interested in controlling citizens so that they do not oppose the managerial class (tyranny) rather than controlling real criminals (causing anarchy). Laws are argued to be enforced only selectively, depending on what is perceived to be beneficial for the ruling elite.

  6. Welcome to the Americanization of our politics. This is no different than what we see in the House and the Senate and unfortunately Bomber is 100% correct. The right NEVER forget this type of shit. If Uncle Fester is PM/Deputy PM then you can be assured that there will be comeback on the left. Anyone that has been a part of corporate knows how nasty CEOs can be.

    This is an unfortunate outcome of the Chch Massacre. Little and his mates have used this as a smokescreen to pressurize their political opponents. You would think they would learn but alas Animal Farm yet again becomes the world’s most important parable.

    • Frank. You well know Key and National had the police on a string with their harassment of Nicky Hagar and ignoring the untold harm committed by Dirty Politics.

      You talk utter rubbish. As always. No facts.

  7. Zack I think that is exactly what we have! Or we are definitely going down the path on that journey.
    Either the PM has no idea what is happening or is endorsing every move. There is no in-between state of indifference that would not damn her so take your pick.

  8. It is indeed tempting to say “nothing to see here…” and let Slater face whatever comes his way…
    but even right wing filth peddlers assembled in some grotesque mockery of the human form, must have democratic rights and protection from NZ Police illegality and over reach.

    Mr Slater would be unlikely to extend support to others on anything, but I guess that is the very point Martyn is making when saying we should be concerned at Slateroil’s latest predicament.

    Always good to have a reminder of Dirty Politics too.

    • ‘Telescreen’ might be a more appropriate analogy..

      but of course that would have the PRO-COVID undertone would it, I see what you did there.

  9. The leak will have the desired effect. Police will learn you can’t get away with abusing the right wing without being dobbed in by their own internal fascists.
    The police will desist such efforts and surveillance of the left will continue as per usual.

    • Exactly my thoughts too–it seemed obviously a “back off our team old bean…” style leak–rather than promoting democratic rights for all. Going on COVID questions from journalists and the likes of Ms Boag’s privacy breach, the State Sector is full of professional snitches.

  10. This is how dictatorship start…divide, and conquer via the Health Act 2020 (Vaxx vs Anti – Vaxx), next step target your critics using the Security Services, next step after this is claim everything is Cool and Normal, and if anybody says different call in the Security Services…Bloody scary stuff.

    • Nathan – dictatorships start with ignoring science, fact and medicine. Deliberately siezing power and creating an other. Abusing minorities and self serving an elite. Like Trump. Or a number of the anti vaxxers anti science mob here. Is that what you’re referring to?

      • I understand that Dr Ashley Bloomfield Health/Science advise is getting ignored by the Government currently, especially his advise of getting Auckland out of lockdown…start of a dictatorship?

      • It does sounds to me like anti-vaxxer, QAnonner, aluminium hat-wearing claptrap.

        I agree with you Daryl and the prime example of this undermining of Science was Trump suggesting drinking bleach, or shining a strong light up the anus. Trump is closer to a potential dictator than Brian Tamaki (but only just). The Trump flags at the anti-vaxxer rallies are portents of the same crap happening here as happened at the Capital on January 6th 2021.

        Good to see the ant-vaxxer quack-doctors being struck off the medical register for their unicorn testicle powder, or Ivermectin snake-oil Covid treatments.

        Jimmy Carr’s Dark Material is the best medicine for Covid -deniers and anti-vaxxers trying their divide and die delusions.

  11. I’m guessing the ‘Cabal’ are characters from …

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

    The White Rabbit
    The Mouse
    The Dodo
    The Lory
    The Eaglet
    The Duck
    Bill the Lizard
    The Caterpillar
    The Duchess
    The Cheshire Cat
    The Hatter
    The March Hare
    The Dormouse
    The Queen of Hearts
    The King of Hearts
    The Knave of Hearts
    The Gryphon
    The Mock Turtle

    We can also add nearly 5 million people who are all suffering some kind of mental distress from Covid and lockdowns.

    That is a lot of people who’ve fallen down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ lately?

    The Spy Agencies are too suffering. So much so, they’re conjuring up enemies of the state now that their budgets have grown.

    This experiment will have to end at some time? The question will be then, what next?

    • I hope you and your wife are well now lurcher1948, nobody deserves to be bullied by the likes of Slater, or Judith Collins as a matter of fact.

      Slater had an unexpected hand in the demise of Judith Collins as National Leader. The “Dirty Politics” personal attacks she made on Siouxie Wiles, Ashley Bloomfield and others over recent years, as well as trying to kneecap Simon Bridges were classic hit-jobs. The parasitic, symbiotic nature of Collins with Slater also tied her umbilically to the worst excesses of Dirty Politics. Examples:

      And Slater’s wikipage reads like he’s the love-child of Steve Bannen and Judith Collins. The police should be investigating Collins as well as Slater. There’s more muck and filth where these two were concerned.

      The hit-job on Nicky Hager was instigated by National Party’s bully cabal. The sooner we clean this filth out of politics the better and Collins should resign forthwith, “to spend more time with family”. The picture of Collins kneeling, supplicant and praying before the last election, looked more like a “please God, don’t let anyone find out about what muck and mire I’m up to my armpits in!”.

      Good riddance to Collins and Slater and if there is a God, some jail-time for one or both of them would be better karma for New Zealand and for Mrs lurcher1948

  12. even if they are spying on the fat sweaty troll from mummys basement slater….why no similar moves on another threat to our democracy the US evangelical money flowing into our very own PRO-COVID movement….mind you if it gets them off the backs of ‘the peoples front of judea’


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